Happy National Dog Week and Thanks to Frankie!

Happy Monday, everybuddy! Did you have the Best Weekend That Ever Was? I sure hope so!

Okay, since I was gone…and then since I posted our vacation slides last week…I got lotsa stuff to gets caught up on.


I guess that whole National Dog Day thing went over so well, they decided to gives us an entire week! Yippee!

Tomorrow, I’m gonna celebrate by doing something really fun that my furend, Shady, told me about. Like I said, you can read about it on my bloggie tomorrow. But if you just can’t wait, and you wanna get in on the fun TODAY, you can go read all about it at her bloggie. It’s another chance for us all to do something really special to helps all those doggies and kittehs who don’t have their Most Perfect Homes That Ever Were yet.

Okay, now, before we left, I gots a package in the mail but mom told me we had too much going on and I needed to wait until we got back to open it. Can you imagine?? And THEN she made me wait a whole OTHER week before I was finally allowed to open it. I luvs her but sometimes she can be very much mean to little brindle doggies.

Finally! The day has arrived!

It's to me from Frankie Furter! What are you waiting for, Mom? Puts those opposable thumbs to good use!

While you're doing that, I'll read the card.

Awww...it's a very much nice "thank you" for helping to host his wives' bachelorette pawty.

Whoa! He sent me a ball (heehee...get it? cuz everybuddy had a "ball"?) with a neat cardboard handle! No, really, I'm pretty sure you're not s'posed to take the cardboard off.

Okay, fine. Can I play with it now?

What do you MEAN we have to take another picture cuz you could see the pillows from our unmade bed in the background of the other picture? GAH! The torture! Somebuddy call the ASPCA!

Yippee! Finally!


mmmmff...dis is a gweat baww.

Nom, nom, nom!

I luvs my ball a lot, Frankie. Thank you very much!

Oh, shoot! I furgot! He might still be having troubles with his internet and it might be hard for him to hear me.




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30 responses to “Happy National Dog Week and Thanks to Frankie!

  1. Ohhh Mayzie I could squidge you for ages you look so adorable and thatis one pawesome ball that Fabulous Frankie sent you. It was sucha good pawty Molly had a wonderful time and said she had never had so much fun with just girls. Thank You for showing her such friendship and fun
    Lots Of Love
    Mollys Momma Tea
    x x x x x

  2. Teddy Bear

    What a great surprise. That looks like a fun toy!:)

  3. Frankie is very thoughtful to send you that great pressie. I like your photo with your little eyes shut. Kind of sleeping with your head up (I do that all the time).


  4. Frankie is such a gentleman. Never forgets his manners. I’m sure glad you finally got to play with that excellent ball.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. Heeehhhee!!! I thinks he might have heard you in dat last piktur!!!

    Heeheeee….you crack me up!


  6. Morning Mayzie…we just cracked up when you said Mom was very much mean to brindle doggies. Oh sweet girl you are hilarious…you my friend were lucky enough to fall in the lap of luxury and love when you found your forever home.

    Great pictures and Mr. Frankie is the Emily Post of the K9 world he has very good manners.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Tell your mom that she is a great picture taker! And have a ball!

    gussie n teka

  8. frankie furter

    Yippppeeeee you FINALLY got to play with YOUR new ball. These crazy peeps just make our lives… well you know what THEY are like.. hehehe
    I am glad you liked it!!

  9. Oh he heard you Mayzie…hehehe!
    Don’t you just loves a new ball? I likes balls too…I gots one too but mum is lame and hasn’t posted bout it yet. I mean, her ain’t lame but her is slooooooooow to get things done.
    What is up withs an unmade mad? Oh da horror! Ummmm, yea like our beds are ever made…hehehe!


  10. uhh yah Mayzie~~Moms are like that with seeing stuff in the background, me I saw who cares!! but……anyways it looks like a really coo land fun ball. Have loads of fun today and maybe she will throw it really far for ya, thats a fun game too!!


  11. Such patience you have for the Mom and the flashy beast and such cute poses too!!! We love that multi-colored ball – have lots of fun with it AND thanks for all the work you did to make the Girls’ Pawty so much fun.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. Mayzie, your restraint and patience is absolutely amazing! happy national Dog Week back at you!

  13. I just love the expression in your eyes as you’re waiting to open the package!

  14. Looks like a ball. hahahah get it?! You are a lucky girl, we looove getting mail.

    Fred and Haylie

  15. Happy National Dog Week to YOU!! Enjoy that super fun new toy!

  16. BOL, Mayzie, you are very funny. What a good brindle dog you are to have such patience. That mean Mom needs to give you stuff sooner. But finally you did get the ball. Great pictures. We are looking forward to tomorrow. Have a great day.

  17. What a way to kikhk off and roll through into the week!


  18. Do you mean to tell me that your mom makes your bed every day?? The help around here is really lacking.

    Love your new toy and those pictures. I bet he heard you, it about blew my speakers out and I’m even further from you than Frankie!! Can’t wait until tomorrow’s post!


  19. What a snazzy ball, Mayzie! Frankie has excellent taste!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  20. phoerauf

    Mayzie! How did you keep from essploding, having to wait all of that time?

    You are a very pretty little brindle girl!

    Have a ball, BOL


  21. Happy National Dog week to you!
    Wow, you always get cool presents in the mail. Balls are great! 🙂

  22. You sure deserve presents for that great party! Lilac is still hoarding green papers, hoping for another one! Alien better look out. I can’t believe your mom made you wait all that time to open your present!

    Lilac says thank you for the birthday well wishes! She’s just amazed by how many people came by to wish her a happy birthday!


  23. AC

    Mayzie, that was so nice of Frankie to send you a ball. And, it was so nice of you to be so patient with your mom even though she didn’t realize she was suppose to keep the cardboard on the ball and that the ball for suppose to be played with immediately, not after pictures. Humans get things backwards sometimes.

  24. Hi, Mayzie!
    Frankie sent you a pawesome present!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. happy national doggie week to you, too, miss mayzie! 🙂
    what a grrreat ball from mr. frankie! he sure has super duper good tastes, huh? i need to add way most patient to your gigantoid list of wonderific traits cuz i don’t know if i could wait 2 whole long weeks for my mama to let me open a surprise pressie. you are almost too good of a girlfriend to be true! i am a lucky labradude for sures. 🙂
    i like how you made extra sure that mr. frankie could hear you woofin’ thankies. that was like the cutest picture evarrr. teehee.

    the booker man

  26. Mayzie you sure are thoughtful to thank frankie by sending him a shout out!!! I thinks that last picture really sent the message!!!! You sure have a great prezzie there!! Enjoy!!!

    Hugs & smoochie! XOXO

  27. Hello Mayzie, I must say I think you are most photogenic and attractive! PS I agree with you, I think Newark is right around the corner form Collie Rado!! xoxo

  28. Maureen & HoneyBuzz

    Mayzie – You is just da’ best!

    Slurp, HoneyBuzz

  29. That was sweet of Frankie, and we’ll bet you have fun for a long time with that BEAUTIFULLY colorful ball!

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