Important Message about Frankie – Pls read


Yippee! Frankie’s back online so you can go leave him a message if you want!


Hi everyone!

I just got a message from Frankie‘s cuzin, Sarge. He said that last night a tornado went through about 1 1/2 miles from Frankie’s house. His family is okay and his house is okay. But I guess there’s lots of damage all around where he lives and he is gonna be without the internet until at least Wednesday.

So Frankie – being the kinda dog he is – just didn’t want anybuddy to worry about him and asked if I would put out the word. I promise I’ll let you know if I hear anything more from him, okay?

(Don’t furget to reads my Saturday Smiley postie below, okay?)



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25 responses to “Important Message about Frankie – Pls read

  1. Ohhh Poor Frankie that must have been so scary, Thank you for letting us know Mayzie you know me so well I would have worried numpty that I am.

    Hugs n Love
    Mollys Momma Tea

  2. Pip

    Thanks Mayzie! I read this over on Sarge’s blog. I am glad everyone is OK.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Thanks fur the PSA!


  4. Thats horrible bout the tornado but good that Frankie and his family and house are ok. Being the guy he is, I am sure he is helping out in whatever way he can to others around the area. That must have been very scary!!


  5. Oh, I’m so glad that they’re OK and it’s just like him not to want us to worry. Which we probably would have. Do you know, someone was just killed here in what might have been a tornado. The weather service is still deciding if that’s what it was, but it took down trees and roofs and lots of other things in Brooklyn and Queens and lots of cars got shmushed. But one young woman was killed, I think when a tree fell on her car. It was awful. So, it’s very good to know that Frankie and his pack are OK. We’ll just wait for them to get back. Thank you for posting this.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  6. Hi, Mayzie!
    Thanks for telling us he and his mom and dad are ok!
    Sure it was scary!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Thanks for getting the word out! Glad that everyone is okay!

    Sam and Pippen

  8. We got the same message and request. Those tornadoes are bad things. We are so glad that Frankie and his family are all OK.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. How very skeery. I read about it on Sarge’s bloggie and am so grateful everyone is okay. Your mom lived in Tornado Alley??? Yipes! We had a rouge tornado a few years ago when a hurricane blew through and my mom got this terrible beep in the middle of the night machine. It shouts out any weather warnings at the most undogly hour. 😦

    Glad Frankie and family are okay!!


  10. Oh no but thank god the family is safe.. HUgs GJ xx

  11. Oh gosh, that’s scary news. We’re just glad that everyone is okay. That Frankie sure is a brave and cool dude. We’re so glad everyone is okay. We’ll be waiting with baited breath for Frankie’s next post just to double check that he’s okay – well, we know he is ‘cos of your post but we just want to see him him the fur now, you know???

    Thanks for the woof-out about this Miss Mayzie – you’re the best! 🙂

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  12. That is scary…glad Frankie and family are a okay! Thats fur the update.


  13. I’m so glad Frankie and his family didn’t have to go to OZ!

    We pet blogger rock, huh? Things like this and Shelby’s Auction make us special my mom says!

    Nubbin’ wiggles,

  14. frankie furter

    Dear Sweet GOOOOOOOOD Furend, THANK you for taking Sarge’s Email and fur putting this up. I always worry about my furends when.. they just disappear. It is grrrreat to know that if we can get word to One… they will put the word out to everybuddy. THANKS THANKS
    There are sooooo many power trucks and Tree trimming trucks on our roads right now.. that we can hardly get around…. BUTT that is GOOOD beclaws they got the power going again… WAAAAAAY faster than expected.. Even though they have cautioned that .. it might go out AGAIN beclaws… this is just a temporary Fix.

  15. We are so relieved Frankie is OK! We know tornadoes can be awfully scary.

  16. Bless you for passing the word, Mayzie! We’re sure glad that Frankie is okay!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

    oh pretty please don’t be full of the forlornments anymore cuz i’m baaaack! there was a big bucket full of excitements at my house this past week, so mama was too busy to help me get back to bloggin’. i missed you so super duper ridiculously much, and i just couldn’t stand it anymore, so i made mama turn on the compy as soon as we got home today so i could zoom on over to your bloggie and catch up on all your stuff ‘n thingies! anywho, it looks like you and brudder ranger and your mama and daddy had tons of funsies on your vaca!! your pictures totally rock! here’s a couple of my thoughts:
    (1) i’m so proud of you for puttin’ your toesies in the water! teehee.
    (2) too bad about the bear poop. was it like a hooge pile, and what did it smell like?
    (3) did you see any good doggie films at that telluride film fest?
    (4) that french toast with peaches ‘n cream looks sooo yummy yummers!
    (5) there’s somethingie a little fishy about cousin bridger’s note, but i just can’t put my paw on it.
    oh, and thankies for postin’ about mr. frankie! i’ll head over there now. i’m way glad that he and his family and their house are okie dokie. i’m also glad they’ve got the interwebs back for the moment!

    the booker man

  18. Hi Mayzie
    That was super scary to hear about Frankie. WOw. And I saw that Harvey video.. mom’s working on trading me in now. Silly..

  19. Teddy Bear

    We’ll be keeping our paws crossed for all of Frankie’s neighbors.

    Teddy Bear

  20. Great news about Frankie and family!!!!!
    This has been a year of very unpredictable weather and in many places weather they’ve never had before. Raleigh broke a record for the number of days above 90 degrees. I believe the last count was 85 days of above 90.
    Madi and Mom

  21. Wow, a tornado must have been so scary. Our friends house was just hit by one as well. 😦

  22. Tell Frankie that I hope all is well and I’m glad he’s ok!

  23. Hi Miss Mayzie, us again! 🙂

    We’ve just had a wonderful catch-up with all your holiday posts. Wow, you sure did go on some amazing walks – we felt giddy at the height of some of them – yikes! We have to say though our most favourite photo of all the holiday snaps is brother Ranger asleep on the bed and you Mayzie tucked up all snug under the blankie – too cute!!!

    Gosh, we’re SO glad you had a great time but we’re even gladder you’re back!! 🙂 😀

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  24. We’re here after your update, but we still wanted to say we think you sure are a GREAT friend to help get the word out when Frankie couldn’t! The CCC

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