What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part 4

Okay, well, nobuddy said to quit showing pictures of our vacation. So we’re just gonna keep telling you about it. (But don’t worry. It’s almost over. We’ve only got one more day after this.)

Well, we had just the Most Beautifulest weather for every day except one. And the day after we went to Ouray and Telluride, it rained and rained.

So we did a lotta this…

And this…

And this…

And this…

But that was okay, cuz we really liked the house we stayed in. (Okay, it kinda skeered me at first cuz it has this weird floor called purr-go and everytime I walked on it, it made a really loud noise. But cuz I’m really brave, I finally got used to it. Sort of.) Anyway, the lady who owns it is named Lee Allison and she’s super duper nice. AND she luvs dogs! So if you’re ever in Ridgway, Collie-rado – you should most definitely look her up.

So we had a real nice day relaxing and then…THEN…our Auntie K and Uncle C showed up! Oh, gosh! That made us sooooo happy! We just LUVS our Auntie K and Uncle C!

But guess what? Cuzin Bridger didn’t come with them! We were kinda sad about this but Auntie K said that he’d sent along this picture…

And wrote us a letter. The letter was kinda scribbled up but here’s what it said, as best as I can figure out:

Dear Cousin Mayzie and Cousin Ranger,

Help! Greetings! I am being held prisoner enjoying my stay in a dungeon delightful doggie spa. There are many other dogs here who seem to be brainwashed by our captors having a marvelous time. I have mentioned escape what a great time I’m having and they look at me blankly in agreement. I get a paltry abundant amount of food and lots of forced fun exercise. No doubt my captors hosts will censor mail my letter and I implore you to read between the lines not worry about me and send help as soon as possible have a great time on your vacation.

Your desperate happy-as-a-clam cousin,

Well, that was a BIG relief that Cuzin Bridger was happy and so right away we set about making Uncle C feel right at home by letting him pet both of us at the same time. (Doesn’t he look happy??)

Gosh, we had just the Most Luvly evening with Uncle C and Auntie K and then the next morning we got up and Uncle C – who’s something called a chef – made us this Most DEE-lish breakfast…

French toast with fresh peaches and homemade whipped cream! YUM!

And then we were off on our next adventure!



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27 responses to “What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part 4

  1. Thank dogness cousin Briger was OK! We did enjoy his letter! that breakfast looks super yummy and has made us hungry.
    We are going to have to read backwards for your holiday pics Mayzie. We have our human on a Final Warning – she will need to go if things don’t pick up.
    love you lots
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  2. That looks like a lovely place to stay and also some very nice breakfast, even if I don’t see any cheese there. I am confused about one thing. It was nice to know that Cuzin Bridger was having such a nice time and all, but how did his people manage without him? They must have been so sad behind their brave and well fed smiles!

    Oh, and speaking of brave – good for you about those floors. You have to show them who’s boss.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. Ohhhh my Ma made me french toast yesterday it is seriously nommy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Mayzie
    Sorry you didnt get to see Bridger. Hope he is ok. Yep, he looks nice and happy right between the 2 of you and bout that french toast….I am droolinh all over the place here!! Gotta grab a towel before Mom finds out!!


  5. gusdagger wft

    MMMMMM…that breakfast looks yummy. If cuzzin Bridger eats that way every day, then we know why he is unhappy at the dog spa.

    Gussie n teka

  6. frankie furter

    Sorry Bridger is in jailcamp. BUTT… you got the decicious frenchfry toast with…. Whipped Cream. Why did they whip the stuff?? Was it bad?

  7. I wouldn’t think visiting a doggy blog before breakfast would make my stomach growl, but Uncle C’s french toast looks delicious!

    What a fun time … even when just hanging at the house!

  8. Look at that yummy breakfast!!! Next time you go away, Mayzie, we have an idea. Instead of showing us all these pics of your fun, we think we should come along too:) OK?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. I’m not sure, but I think there may be some sort of hidden message in that letter …

  10. Nothing the matter with having an easy day and it looks like you got some good naps in. And then you had visitors too which is always fun. We loved the letter from cousin Bridger. Another good chapter in the vacation tale. We are loving it.
    Have a great day.

  11. Hmmm, we’re with Dennis here. We’re not PI’s or anything but we’re pretty sure Cousin Bridger was crying out for help from inside the prison walls while everyone was blissfully enjoying their French toast. Not that we’re trying to make anyone feel guilty or anything. . . Can you pass us some more whipped cream? MMmmm….
    The Road Dogs

  12. Dear Mayzie –

    My mom is drooling on my laptop –

    Please send her some of that breakfast so she’ll stop!

    PeeEssWoo: Poor Khousin Bridger!

  13. give us that toast !

    El’bow & Hauwii

  14. Is cousin Bridger still locked up in the pokey? I can’t believe you couldn’t hear his cry for help in that letter… on the other paw, if somebody gave me a breakfast like that, I’m pretty sure I would ignore a squirrel standing on my head.

    BTW, you totally cracked me up with your reference to Tonya Harding. Wish I had thought of it:)

  15. mayzie–that last picture really got me–NUM NUMMY~!!


  16. I’d have gone on that trip for the breakfast alone! Yummo! I feel rather bad for Cousin Bridger, though! I wish he could have come, too.


  17. Looks like a great time!

  18. Hi Mayzie! We are super behind, so we are just catching up on your summer vacation posts – it sounds like it has been a pretty good one so far – other than that weird floor and a little bad weather. We have a floor kinda like that so we know what you mean by loud – Lola wouldn’t even walk on it for the first day or so!

    And it is too bad that Cousin Bridger couldn’t meet up with you – but it sounds like, well, he was having an interesting time.

    And oh, that breakfast – you are so lucky because it looks super yummy!!

  19. love Cuzin Bridger’s up close and personal piktur of his nose!!! heehee

    Also, it is a relief to know that he was okie dokey with being left at home, and didn’t mind his stay at da spa.


    Pees I be loving all your vacation pikturs…….butt I still ain’t seen one single Collie in all da pikturs?!?!?! Ain’t that where you went??

  20. Love Cuzin Bridger’s nose picture! And that breakfast… yum!!! That was so nice of him to whip that up for you! Did the two-leggers have oatmeal or someting?


  21. That sounds like the pawfect vacation! I kinda feel bad for Bridger though!

  22. Sam

    Uncle C let you guys eat that?

    Marge wants to know where *she* can get an Uncle!

    Great to hear from you, and glad you’re back!

  23. Hi, Mayzie!
    Lots of naps! I love that kind of vacation!
    Sorry you coud not see Bridger!
    Yummylicious french toast!
    Kisses and hugs

  24. That does look like a great place to stay. I like how relaxed you look all stretched out on the couch.

  25. Could you send Uncle C to our house, Mayzie? That breakie looks sensational!
    Bummer that Bridger couldn’t come along too!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  26. Some of those pictures were high up & made my mom person’s tummy feel funny. She’s a fraidy cat.

    We loved sharing your trip with you.

    By the way, we have a chipmunk (or 10) that we’d love to send you!

    Nubbin wiggles,

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