What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part 3

Okay, so are you all getting bored with my vacation adventures? Cuz if you are, you can tell me. Mom said a long time ago, people used to have these things called “slides.” And they would invite furends over and make ’em watch slides of their vacation and I guess there was a big joke about how boring it was watching other peoples’ vacation slides.

So if you’re bored looking at our vacation pictures, you just tell me. Okay?

But until you tell me not to, I’ll just keep showing ’em.

Alrighty, so…Ridgway is close to a couple of really neat little towns. And the day after our big adventure in the State Wildlife Area, we decided to go visit a couple of ’em.

The first place we went was called Ouray (you-RAY). Brudder Ranger said that, like lots of places in Colorado, it started out as a mining town. But now it pretty much just mines for tourist’s green papers – haha!

Be sure and look both ways, dad.

All clear. Let's go!

Brudder Ranger was all impressed with this “exquisite Art Nouveau mural,” but as for me…

What's down that way?

There were lotsa stores with their doors open and I thought that meant I could go inside and visit but mom said I couldn’t go in. Isn’t that the craziest thing you ever heard?

Are you SURE I can't go in, mom?

They also had a pretty little park in town and we COULD go there, so we stopped for a bit to admire the view. (See that thing behind us? It’s a water park and all the water comes from natural hot springs!)

You're not gonna make us go to the hot springs, are you, dad?

Well, we were getting a little hot so we decided to head back to the car. On the way, I tried to talk dad into stopping for a beer. No luck. Sigh.

Yep...a beer suuure would taste good right about now.

But we did get to say hi to this cute little kitteh who was keeping a watch over her town.

After we left Ouray, we went back to our house and mom and dad changed clothes cuz they were hot. And then we drove on to the next place which was called Telluride.

The day before we were there, they had something called the “Telluride Film Festival” and so mom said there had been lotsa rich and famous peoples there. And we gots to check out the pee-mail of their rich and famous doggies.

Brudder Ranger! Did you know that Lindsay Lohan's dog is back in stuffie rehab??

And Brudder Ranger tooks the opportunity to leaves some blue collar, terrier pee-mail of his own.

Heh heh...wait til they get a load of THIS!

Mom wasn’t terribly amused and threatened to put Brudder Ranger to work in the mines if he didn’t behave himself.

Mother, you can be such a kill-joy.

And THEN you’ll never believe what we found! Something super duper top-secret that the government peoples have most obviously been keeping from us. Well, of course we had to takes this picture just for Khyra, even at the risk of being arrested. Cuz…

We found where they keep all the snow!

Um, did I just hear the Xterra starting up?

Okay, so after that, we got back in the truck and drove to this place just outside of town called Bridal Veil Falls.

Can you see the house waaaaay at the top? Look closer.

(Click to biggify.)

Brudder Ranger said that he had seen a teevee show about it one time. He said that it was originally used to power something called the Smuggler-Union Mine. After they stopped using it, it kinda started falling apart. And then this man named Eric Jacobson came along and restored it and its  generator. The generator now provides about 25 percent of Telluride’s electricity. Mr. Jacobsen is married and he has two little human pups and in the wintertime the only way they can get back home is by riding on something called an “aerial tramway.” Isn’t that the craziest?

So that concludes today’s vacation slides. Haha! Thank you, thank you for looking at ’em. Oh, before we go, I’ll leave you with one last picture that we didn’t know where to put it but we thoughts it was kinda funny. Happy Wednesday, everybuddy!



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23 responses to “What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part 3

  1. Oh now dat was just wonderfuls! You said Telluride and I immediately knew dat was da town ofs da Rich and Fascinating.
    Those are some of da purtiest towns evers. I bets it would be neat and expensive to lives there. I wonders how much da beer sells there.
    Khyra will be overjoyed to learn of dis snow situation..I bet dis whole time her thought it has sumptin to do withs global warming.


  2. We’re never bored with your vacation pix, Mayzie. Or with most of our blogging friends’ photos either. Blog Mom says it’s a lot different than being herded down to a dark and stuffy basement to be forced to watch Uncle Frank have trouble with the slide machine. I don’t know. I wasn’t around for that. Anyway, we like it. Life has decided that we have to do our exploring right here for the time being and Blog Mom says her plans to spend retirement in an RV driving around the country have been permanently shelved. No retirement, for one thing. And Daddy’s tendency to have medical emergencies is another. So she’s very much enjoying seeing some of the places she’s not going through the eyes of doggies she knows. My human brother has been almost all over the country lots of times, but he never took pictures, and all the photos other people took of him are onstage in theaters and clubs – which all look the same, or at music festivals – which also all look the same. So, we’re really happy to see all our friends’ photos.

    lotsa licks, Lola

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. gusdagger wft

    Maizie and Brudder Ranger…we are enjoying your vacation Vi Care Eeously. We have been to Colorado only one time, and we stayed in a place called Breckenridge, which I enjoyed, because it snowed in June, but Teka has never been there, so she likes the pictures a lot and of course she kind of has a crush on Brudder Ranger too so you know whenever he shows up she is very happy.


    I miss muzzer and her punctuations.


  4. We love seeing all the cool places you went on your vacation. The humans here have been to Colorado but not the pups. Mom says it is a beautiful state but she hasn’t really seen very much of it. Too bad you missed meeting all those celebpups.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Bored? How could we be bored of your vacation pictures when you are in most of them? We are having lots of vicarious fun!

    Sam and Pippen

  6. OMC, that bit about watching slides brings back so many memories.My parents used to make us look at slides of their trips or our trips. It was horrible and very boring. I still have a few of the slides of the horse that I had when I was a child back in the dark ages.
    Those pictures of your tip Mayzie are wonderful and we enjoyed everyone of them. Can’t blame you for wanting to go in those open doors. You and your family sure did see a lot of sights and what great humans you have to take you on that trip.
    Hope there is more.

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  8. I am SNOW there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom says her furamily took lots of those slide things – especially on their big trip in 1968 from suburban Philadelphia to KholWOOrado via Iowa, Nebraska, and then bakhk via WY ND SD WI MN MI OH and bakhk – they did Pikes Peak, the Air Force Akhademy, the North Pole, and saw lots of stuffs along their return route –

  9. Mayziegal
    I totally loooved youw “slides ” of youw vacations wif bwuffew Wangew and youw pawents..I only wish I could have come along..I think youwe mowe famoos than those wich doggies and luckiew too..i bet they don’t have as many fwiends who love them, plus they have cwazy pawents.
    I think if a doow is open , you awe invited in..so thewe, hehehe
    smoochie kisses

  10. littlemissjackie

    Boy, Miss Mayzie, what a lot of fun! Our family doesn’t get to go a lot of places, so Dillon and I sure enjoy reading about your and Brudder Ranger’s vacation adventures! Thanks for sharing them with us!

    Barks & Wiggles,


  11. Um, open door policy is for all, isn’t it. i would’ve gone in.

    woof – Tucker

  12. Mayzie
    Mom and I thank you all for your kind wishes for Papa…update tomorrow.

    Ok Sweetie we are having a hard time deciding which pictures are the most beautiful….the ones of the mountains or the ones of you and brudder with your Mom and Dad…ok we’re know the ones of you and Ranger and the peeps they are the most precious!!!
    Madi and Mom

  13. My mom person & I are really enjoying your vacation pics, so keep ’em coming.

    We laughed about Lindsay Lohan’s poor doggie! Stuffie addiction is no laughing matter, though. Very serious 12 program I understand.

    Nubbin’ wiggles,

  14. Mayzie, your vacation slides are great! I’m confused why you couldn’t go inside those stores though. You live in a beautiful state!! Maybe we can take the moveable house out there one of these days. I saw a camping sign in one of your photos…..


  15. We’re loving hearing about your vacation, mayzie! So much to see and do in Colorado!

  16. So that’s where snow is stored! We bet Khyra is having a hard time wiping the smile off her face just knowing this!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. Luv your vacation “slides”! The mountains in the background are amazing. So glad that it looks to be a pup-friendly town.

  18. Tee hee! Mom says she remembers Grandpaw making them watch lots of slides when she was little. He seemed to enjoy torturing Mom and Aunt Julie with them a lot, trying to make sure they didn’t forget a lot of old relatives.

    Mom says she’s been to Telluride, actually, once before it was a hot destination of the rich and famous, and she’s been to Bridal Veil Falls, too! She says it’s really pretty and Morgan and I would love exploring there, but it’s pretty far from our house. Darn it! Your pictures are great!


  19. frankie furter

    Wooooie that was a grrrreat set of pics… butt I do have some bad news. Ruby and Penny don’t like for us to be Bear Poop Soulmates. They are kinda all Green with Jellyness about that..
    Butt I still want fur you to KEEP the Pics… of other stuffs comin’ OK??
    I’m Lovin’ the pics. Thanks fur sharing with us!!!
    Your FUREND who also nose about bear poops. Frankie (Who LOVES his WIVES to be their Normal colors) Furter

  20. That was so fun for us to see; we’ve never been there before. I liked seeing the pictures of you both in the town. Miss M always tries to walk into those open doors too.

  21. What a cool vacation place. Colorado is a very pretty place to go and the mountains are just awesome. Thanks for sharing the pictures, we dont get tired of them.


  22. Colorado is amazing – we just wrote a comment which disappeared asking if you knew Jake and Fergie AKA Two Special Wires, on our sidebar. They live in Colorado!!!
    We always think of John Denver songs………..well we would if we had a clue what the typist was on about – she is very old!!!

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