Flashback Favorites: In Which I Am Rescued

Happy Thursday, everybuddy! Here’s another of our favorite posties. Well, this one might be my second favorite postie ever cuz it’s how I got rescued! If you’ve already read it, you don’t have to read it again. Unless you just luv the story as much as I do!

(Originally posted March 18, 2010.)

Guess what happens in 10 days from today? GUESS! Oh, okay. I’ll just tell you. I celebrate my Gotcha Day Birthday!

Yep, it was almost a year ago – on March 28th – that I came to live with mom and dad. Gosh, on one paw, it seems like only yesterday. And on the other paw, it seems like I have always been a part of my family.

So I thought maybe you’d want to hear a little more how I came to be rescued in the first place. Now, before I start, I want to gets one thing straight. I’m not tellin’ you this to make you feel sorry for me or anything. I’m telling you this cuz I thought you might like to know why I considers myself to be the Luckiest Dog That Ever Ever Lived.

Okay, so it was January of 2009 in eastern Collie-rado and my Angel Donna Fostermommy got a call from a person saying that they had a puppy they wanted to surrender to her rescue. So she got in her car and drove over to this person’s house and they met her at the door and handed her the puppy.

Here’s a picture of the puppy. His name is Smudge. Isn’t he the Most Adorable??

So my Angel Donna Fostermommy told the person that she’d like to see the mama cuz sometimes adopters have questions about what the mama looked like. (But she really just said that cuz she wanted to see what kinda condition the mama was in. Isn’t she so smart?) So the person said okay and took her to the backyard.

And that’s the first time I met her. Cuz, you see, I was the mama!

Well, my Angel Donna Fostermommy was none too happy with what she saw, I can tell you that! I was a real skinny minnie cuz they weren’t all that much keen on givin’ me a whole bunch of foodables or anything. And I didn’t have any water and all I had for shelter was this kind of plywood shelf thingie turned on its side. Of course, I thought it was all perfectly normal cuz that’s the only life I had known. (I had no idea there was such a thing as a BED at that point. Can you imagine?)

I felt a little shy but I could tell that this lady was real nice and so I went up to her and wiggled and wagged and told her how very pleased I was to meet her. I heard her asking that person who lived in the house if they would surrender me to rescue, too. But they said no…that they wanted to keep me.

She had a real sad look on her face but said okay and then she left. I was sorry to see her go and that sure was a lonely night without Smudge.

But what I didn’t know was that when my Angel Donna Fostermommy got home, she couldn’t quit thinking about me. She told her husband-man that she just couldn’t leave me there like that. And he said…well, then, I guess you better go back and get her.

So the next day she got in her car and drove back out to where I was living. And she talked and talked to the person in the house and they finally said that okay, I could go with her. I didn’t know it then but that was the Most Lucky day of my whole entire life!

Well, she took me back to her house and gave me a crate with soft blankies in it. And she gave me some food and all the water I could drink. Gosh, I still remember how good that water tasted cuz I was really thirsty. And Smudge was there, too! It was all kinda scary in a way cuz I didn’t know what to expect. But I also knew that my life had just gotten a whole lot better.

After I put on some weight and was feeling more myself, Angel Donna Fostermommy took my pictures and put together a Petfinder ad for me. Here are the pictures she took. My mom said she looked at them a million times from the time we met at the Adoption Fair til they brought me home.

If you look at my Petfinder ad, you will prolly notice that my name wasn’t Mayzie then. Angel Donna Fostermommy gave me the name “Angel.” (Which is ironic cuz that’s the name I gave her, too!) Anyways, she told my mom a couple of months ago that she picked out that name for me cuz she couldn’t believe how sweet and loving I was even though I lived in that icky place. Well, I thought that was a very nice thing to say but whoa! did it ever make my mom all kinds of leaky!

So anyways, Smudge got adopted by some nice peoples and then just a few weeks later, I got adopted by my mom and dad.

Now you know why I considers myself to be the Luckiest Dog That Ever Ever Lived! And I make sure to tell my mom and dad every day how much I luvs them and how happy I am to live here and how grateful I am for every teeny tiny little moment of my life.



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30 responses to “Flashback Favorites: In Which I Am Rescued

  1. We read this post when you first put it up and you know what? It’s making my Mom even leakier this time. Thinking of you living like that is just so horrible. Of course we know the happy ending and everything, but thinking that the Mayzie that we all know and love should have had to go through that is just awful. I’m so happy, though, the way things turned out for you.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  2. It doesn’t matter how many times we reads dis story…we still loves it!
    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. What an amazing story and thank you so much for sharing it.

    Fred and Haylie

  4. Dear Miss Mayzie…That is a wonderful story, and I thank you for sharing it! I bet Gussie and the muzzer read it before and never told me. You are a brave puppy. And Smudge is bootiful. I am glad you found a good furever home.

    Teka Toy

  5. a amazing story!!!
    we gonna read it again 😀

    El’bow & Hauwii

  6. Heartbeats

    Our little Lucy lived much like you Mayzie! You girls are very lucky pups and too sweet for words!

  7. I do love hearing this story. Are you still in contact with your puppy? I wonder if she grew up to look just like you.

  8. Cupcake

    Mayzie, I just love your Angel Donna Fostermommy and your Mommy and Daddy are just the best! I know it took you a little time to adjust, but isn’t life in the house great!! Oh so comfy!

    Love, Cupcake

  9. Still such a sweet story. And still you’re the Luckiest Dog That Ever Ever Lived!

  10. Hi Miss Mayzie!! My story is very similar to yours. My angelfostermomma talked and talked and talked to the people who had me before. She just about wore out her lips!! My got’cha day is March 29, 2010!! We are lucky girls!
    -Miss Ruby

  11. We are so glad you found your furever home. And we get to love on you too!


    Mr. Nubbin’ and Mom!

  12. Wow what a amazin tail Miss Mayzie and I fink yu did land on yor paws wiv yor Ma and I be most happi that yu are safe, happi and well loved

    Your furiend

  13. That is a wonderful story Mayzie May. We are so glad you were found before you got sick or something and then got a wonderful home. We love great rescue stories.
    Have a terrific Thursday.

  14. Oh Mayzie,
    Your story is so endearing, so touching. This is the first time we are reading it but we are going to remember it always.
    We are very glad you found your forever Mummy but it also makes us very sad to think that you had to go through so much hardship before that. you even had babies of your own?
    The Mayzie we know is such a sweet adorable fun girl. We now know our mayzie has so much strength in her…
    Love and wags,
    Bud n Gin

  15. We loved reading your story again, Mayzie – and we think you were lucky to have found your wonderful family and they were lucky to have opened their door and hearts to you. Do you ever hear any more about Smudge?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. Daisy

    We love that story Mayzie!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  17. This is my kinda flashbakhk!


  18. What a wonderful story. SO happy that you are in a great furever home now!

  19. Such a great story, Mayzie. We love your puppy pic and are so glad that you have such a wonderful furever home.:)

    Teddy Bear

  20. Awww, Mayzie, it’s still a great story!


  21. frankie furter

    Yours is a truly BEAUTIFUL story. I hope you will put it up again at Thanksgiving wHen I do the Adoption Story thingy year #2.

  22. I love this story, Mayzie. You are a LUCKY LUCKY girl!! I think your two-leggers are pretty lucky too. I’m sorry you lived in such an icky place but I wish I could give your angel some thank you cuddles for saving you. I like your petfinder pictures too. You look so thoughtful and are posing so pretty for your portraits.

    Happy wags,

    PeeS: mom’s a little leaky so I better go give her a snuggle.

  23. AC

    Mayzie, I’m so glad you re-posted this story about your gotcha day. That Angel Fosterlady sure was brave to go back to that house to take you away. I think you’re one incredible pup to be so wiggly even though you had to live without a bed (and water, and Angel Hu-parents). Such a great rescue story (and I’m glad it was about *you*).

  24. This one will always be worth repeating. Not only is it a great story; it always inspires us to want to do more because it has such wonderful rewards in the ends for you, your family, and everyone who gets to know you.

  25. Mayzie
    That is such a sweet story and it was very touching!! It got to my Mom a bit!! I am so glad that your Angel Donna brought you home. Do you keep in contact with your foster mommy?? And yes!! You are a very lucky and happy dog!!


  26. We just love this post and we are so happy that you have the most wonderful in the whole wide world, Mayzie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  27. daisydog

    Oh I am so glad they went back and made them give you to your foster momma!! We love you Mayzie!

  28. Hiya Mayzie!

    Gosh, we know this story but even though we do we still managed to – um – get something in our eyes again whilst reading it making us somewhat leaky! Darned dust making our eyes water…..!

    Mayzie – we’re so happy for you that you found the place you were meant to belong. And we’re also the luckiest pups around that this happened ‘cos it means we got to know you. We couldn’t imagine our life without you in it.

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  29. HI Mayzie! We don’t know why but we had no idea you were a mom! Smudge is a cutie, just like you are! And oh we are so glad that BOTH of you were able to find wonderful forever homes – that is the bestest news of all! And lilke the other moms, our mom got a bit leaky too – we are so happy that they saved you from that yucky place!!

  30. What a wonderful happy story! You can sure tell the difference in your eyes and face. You are always so happy now in your pics, and you just sort of look lost and bewildered… not sure about life… in those old pics. Made Grammy leaky to see the difference and to know that now you are so happy! The CCC

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