High-tail it to Shelby’s Auction!

Hi everybuddy! In case you forgot, this is THE weekend for Shelby’s Auction, hosted by the Most Adorable JD and Max! It’ll run through Sunday night so get out your mom’s magic plastic card and start bidding.

In case you’ve been digging in your yard and haven’t heard, Shelby is a sweet pit bull who was rescued by Sandra and the Houston Pittie Pack. She was laying in a parking lot, terribly injured, blind in one eye, and covered with bite wounds. Well, between the love and care of Sandra and the support of Mona’s mommy, darling Shelby went from this:

to this:

in just a few weeks! Doesn’t she look AMAZING?

But her medical bills are climbing and they just learned that Shelby is gonna have puppies! (They think she had just gotten pregnant when Sandra found her.) And with Sandra the only one really working in her family right now, they’re gonna need our help now more than ever.

So please, please, pretty please head on over to the auction and see if there’s anything you’d like to bid on. And even if there’s not, you can also leave a donation.

I know times are tight for everybuddy but even just one green paper will help. I know it will!

And I’m gonna leaves you with this Most Wonderful movie abouts another white pit bull who was given a second chance at life. I know lots of you have prolly already seen Dolly’s story but if you haven’t, please watch what luv can do!



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23 responses to “High-tail it to Shelby’s Auction!

  1. Mayzie,

    WE LUVS Shelby!
    Each time my mom watches did video of Dolly she cries sad tears and then happy tears. Tank yous for sharing it with us. πŸ™‚

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS I posted a cute video today ’bouts a pittie named Sharky and his “love”.

  2. Yeah, ditto what Maggie Mae said.

  3. Pip

    Thanks for the reminder! I will head over there now.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Liz

    I’ve never seen that one before. Wow. What a great video about Dolly and this wonderful breed. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to check out the auction.


  5. miss mayzie,
    you are the bestest for posting about miss shelby’s auction! i just know that bunches ‘n gobs of green papers will be raised for her!!
    and of course mama has gone all water works on me after watchin’ miss dolly’s video. like miss maggie mae woofed, first it was the sad tears and then she started gigglin’ and cryin’ the happy tears when miss dolly finally gets the forevarrr home she deserves. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    the booker man

  6. Hiya gorgeous Miss Mayzie,

    Oooh, how we’ve MISSED you! We’ve been having a huge catch up with your blog – we loved that last WW you did, it might become our pinup, he he! Also, the video you posted yesterday made FH get all leaky, she thought it was just wonderful!!

    We wanted to share something with you – we are very proud of this and we know you’ll like this story as well as understand it! We went out on our morning walk REAL early today – it was a lovely day and we watched a lovely sunrise over the sea and then romped and ROMPED in the fields. After nearly two hours (it really WAS a beautiful start to the day!) FH said we’d best start heading home again. Well, we were running ahead of her when we saw him over the sea defences wall – a super-cute puppy. Well, we really wanted to meet him – our tails were wagging OFF! FH didn’t know what we were looking at as she was a little way behind but knew we’d spotted something so dashed over, just as this puppy and his owner appeared up the stairs.

    The owner explained to FH that this super-cute puppy was a rescue – he’d had him for one week. He was a cross between a pittie and a staffie and had spent the last 8 months chained in a yard, not being walked, not being moved anywhere, not meeting anyone – human OR hound – and not being fed well as well as being beaten and yelled at. He said that he know staffies and pitties have a bad rap but he believed this pup had good left in him even after all he’d been through. Well, we totally agreed!

    This pup greeted us nicely, he sniffed us all over and then started wagging his tail and wanting to play! His owner was delighted – and said something that we were SO excited about! Apparently, we were the very FIRST doggies this poor pup had ever met, prob since he’d been born! His owner said he’d been too nervous to introduce him to another dog until now but we seemed confident and social – our chests puffed up with HUGE pride! And this pup was as good as gold and as gentle as can be. We loved him – and we told him we’d like to meet again! His owner kept telling him how proud he was of him for interacting with us so well – he was better behaved than we were actually as we got a little TOO excited in the end and sadly had to be taken away!

    BUT – the owner was so pleased at the interaction that we’ve agreed to meet him for a few mins every morning to help him with his socialisation! We were so excited by all of this that we actually FORGOT to ask what our cute new pal’s name was! FH is hoping she can get some photos and do a post about him – she says that you rescue doggies are so amazing, to still trust after everything you’ve been through – and then she got all leaky again….!

    Gosh, we’ve wittered on a bit! Anyways, thanks SO much for mentioning the auction. Bids have been coming in left, right and centre, it’s so exciting!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  7. That is a great video that is for sure. And we will go over to the auction to see what we can bid on. Thanks for telling us about it.
    Have a great day.

  8. I so will applaud the khomments preceding me!!!


    PeeEssWoo: We’ve linked to ‘here’ fur Sunday – we’ve been planning to share Dolly’s story SOOOO we’ve fed multiple treats with one bag – or something like that!

  9. Ya knows, I not ordinarily speechless but, today…mum an me both is. Well, her shedding more tears than anything. Ya should’ve told me to haves da snot rags handy afters watching dat sweet Dolly.
    Okays, where to begin? I just start….furst, thank you furs posting dat cuz we hasn’t seen it! I am absolutelty appalled dat dis happened to hers, ain’t nuttin worse than seeing a dog hurt, abandoned, mistreated, etc.
    Howevers, dat shelter worker…I wanna hug hers fur putting da pieces of Dolly’s heart back togethers and fur loving dat little girl!
    I thinks my favoritist part was when they said her was an ambassodor to her breed…oh crap, there goes da tears again.
    I prolly should go helps da mum blow her nose now and besides I thinks we has mistyped every word here.
    Will back laters to watch dat again.

    Puddles and her crying mum

  10. Oh Mayzie, That was sooo touching. How can people be so mean, I dont understand. I am so glad that she found a good home and is loved.

    Shelby has come a long ways and she looks Happy plus being a mommie soon!! We will head over to the auction.


  11. Mom and I were both misty-eyed when we first saw that Dolly video over on Life With Dogs! Gads!

    We are hoping they raise lots of green papers for Miss Shelby!


  12. The story about Dolly is wonderful – we have seen it many times and still love watching it unfold.

    We have our bids in at the auction – all for such a wonderful cause.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Me and my momma already been over to shop til we drop!

    My momma is not so good at reading da directions……so she may be buying out da whole auction, if she not careful!!

    You a good dog, Mazie fur reminding everyones…

  14. Hi Mayzie
    What a beauty Miss Dolly is. We are so happy she found someone to love on and hopefully can forget the past.
    We are going to check out the auction.

    Love Ruby & Penny

  15. Oh my… we all have leaky eyes here. I’m so glad Dolly, despite such a sad start, will have the life she deserves. We’ve never seen this one before so thank you for posting!

    And you’re a good furend to Shelby for posting about the auction and one green paper at a time helping. I bet JD and Max raise lots of them for her and her puppies! PUPPIES. Just the word gives us puppy-fever here… wait until the pictures start!


  16. Those Elgin Pugs

    What a thoughtful Post Mayzie!!

    Shelby has come a long way~
    Through lots of kind and caring people~ and ‘da power of the paw!!

    We continue to send our thoughts and pawayers to Miss Shelby.

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  17. It’s been another amazing thing to see the Dog Blog World come together to help Shelby. Thanks so much for being one of the angels in her life! The CCC

  18. Thanks for the reminder pretty Mayzie! This is gonna be pawsome!

  19. frankie furter

    Thank you for putting the word out about Shelby and her babies. You are a wonderful furend !!!

  20. I really don’t understand why they did that to Dolly. It gives me want to say lots of HBO words!
    But I am very happy to know she is recovered and in very good hands!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Shelby looks amazing and so happy.:)

  22. Hooray for Shelby! I need to get over and see how many things I NEED! I will get out the ape’s plastic. and charge up a storm!

    Otis T. Potus

  23. My hooman friend put in a bid for a shirt. I hope she wins! πŸ™‚

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