Support Shelby

Hi everybuddy! I hopes you had a super-terrific weekend. And if you were at either the bachelor pawty or the bachelorette pawty, I KNOW you had a good weekend! Wasn’t that the Most Fun time ever??

Okay, now, I hopes most of you have heard abouts sweet JD and Max and their FH holding an auction for darling Miss Shelby. Um, well, they’re not actually auctioning off Shelby cuz of course she’s priceless! But they’re auctioning off stuffs to help with her V.E.T. bills. Isn’t that one of the Most Nicest things you ever heard in your life?

At first, they were gonna just hold it on the weekend of August 28-29. But they decided to go ahead and lets everybuddy start bidding on stuffs right now. So go ahead and gets the magic plastic card thingie outta your mom’s purse and start bidding. I promise she won’t mind.

Oh! And they’re still taking auction items so if you haves anything you’d like to donate, please email it to them at schnauzerandschnauzer AT googlemail DOT com by August 21st. But the sooner, the better! We just sent ours to them last night. Wanna know what we sent? Well, here ya go!

Two car magnets that reminds peoples how great rescue is:

Some pretty hand towels for the kitteh fans in our group:

And – are you ready for this one? – a Captain Jack Sparrow doggie costume (size small):

The hat even has Captain Jack’s braids and beads! Isn’t that a hoot?

There’s lotsa other neat stuffs. Like, you can bid on one of Khyra’s transports and some pretty leashes and a “Doggie Romance Pack” and a digital video camera and lots, LOTS more!

So whatcha waitin’ for? Skedaddle on over there and gets your bid in!

Oh, and one more thing. We need to invoke the Paws for Prayer today for Shelby’s little brudder, Tiger.

He got attacked by a big doggie this weekend and was hurt real bad. Please keeps him real close to your heart and thoughts, okay? You can read abouts his ordeal on Mona’s bloggie and you can leaves your happy-making thoughts on the Houston Pittie Pack’s bloggie.

Get well soon, Tiger!

Whew! That was kind of a long post and I’m still not caught up on my sleeps from this weekend. I better go lay down. Have a happy Monday, everybuddy!

Gets the light on the way out, would ya? K-thanks.


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25 responses to “Support Shelby

  1. What a great idea to hold an aution for Shelby we will pop over to JD and Max’s bloggie to see what we can donate/buy. Wouldnt mind that Captain Jack Sparrow outfit myself truth be told.

    Anyways, off to send good thoughts to Tiger. I was attacked when I was little and knows just how it feels.

    Have a lovely Monday

    Hector and Bonny too!

  2. Thanks for da reminder, Mayzie.

    I had visited da auction blog, butt not added myselfs as a follower.

    I gots to put my thinking cap on….I thinks I may have a few items to add to da auction. And guess what..they may be of da dachshund theme!! Hehheeee


  3. Hi Mayzie! Love the things you sent to the auction! We sent some things but haven’t decided what we’re bidding on yet. Maybe some of your things. We love your magnets and the kitties want the towels. Have a great Monday.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  4. Those Elgin Pugs

    Mayzie Girl!! nice post to do for alls yous furriends!! Josie is notorious for taking Mommy’s CC outta her purse!! HA HA!! We’s check it outs!!
    Poor Tiger!! Glad he’s feelin’ alittle betters!! We’s give him some love too!!

    Okay.. ‘den we’s go back to sleep. ha ha..


  5. We certainly will check out Shelby’s auction. What a great thing to do. And will send our purrs to Tiger too. That is also awful. Thanks for letting us know about these doggies. Hope you have a super week.

  6. Hi Mayzie…you and Mom found some very nice items for the auction….and WHAT a great cause for the beautiful Miss Shelby. We’ll pop over to check things out.

    Mayzie we had such a nice time at the pawty ….well at least we think we did.
    Our memory is a bit fuzzy. How is my Cap’n?

  7. THank you Miss Mayzie for the reminder. We hope lots of $$$ are made for Shelby! And we are sooo glad Tiger is doing better!
    Happy (if that’s possible) Monday,

  8. Mayzie,

    What a good furiend you is to helps spread the word ’bouts Shelby’s auction and Tiger. šŸ™‚

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. frankie furter

    MAYZIE… girrrl you put some super stuff in the auction. I can just see a certain little dachshund (size Small BTW) in that outfit!!! Can you just imagine the … stuffs … she would get into if she had a DISGUISE???
    YOU are very much generous to help Shelby.

  10. Oh is dat Frankie talkin bout me again?
    Yous gots some super nifty thingies in dat auction…but, I was wondering if you included da carpet too withs them maggots…I mean magnets?
    Yous good peoples to helps with Shelby…and so is your dad fur having his pikture made withs them braids…he got modeling hands.


  11. We need to go have a look! Thanks for the info Mayzie xx

  12. Hi Mayzie! We are still bugging our mom because we want to get stuff together to send to auction for Shelby – mom has been really bad about keeping up and getting to it – thanks for posting to remind her (hint hint mom!)

    And oh, we heard about poor Tiger – it is just awful – firsth with Shelby and now this. We are sending lots of purrs and prayers!

  13. Hey Mayzie!
    are u recovered from the pawty hangover yet? we know how u feel. it has been rather hectic for us too.
    yeah! JD and Max’s idea is grrrt and we do hope it will be a grrt success.. those items u sent are KOOL!we love that badge that says ‘don’t shop, Adopt’
    we will go over to see Tiger right now.
    Bud n Gin

  14. Hello sweet Mayzie, we’ve JUST listed your items at the auction site, thank you SO much for donating such great items, we know they’re going to be very popular. You and your mom are very generous – we bet there’s going to be a bidding ‘war’ on the Captain Jack costume, it’s soooo cute!!

    Sorry we haven’t left many comments recently – we do miss having the time to leave comments for our pals, but Shelby comes first just now and we know everyone understands!

    We were horrified to hear about poor Tiger, we hope he feels better soon.

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max. šŸ™‚

  15. This was a furry nice post, Mayzie! I’ve swiped the plastic thingy and will go place my bids!

    Is it just my screen or are your eyes still a wee bit bloodshot from the pawties? Mine barely stay open!


    PeeS: “Modeling hands…” BOL!!!

  16. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    How nice of you to drag yourself up from party recovery to think of Shelby. We’re still thinkin’ about our contribution. Since we’re soooooo far away, we don’t like the idea of the Post Office getting so much money, so a donation might be in order.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  17. Mayzie ~ Is your mama gonna get you the Jack Sparrow costume? We know how she feels about pirates and all!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  18. What cool new stuff for the auction! I think I’m glad that pirate costume is a size small. I wonder who’s going to win that one! I hope we get to see pictures!


  19. That is a lot of cool stuff. I sure hope a lot of money is raised for sweet Shelby.

    Poor Tiger, we have been keeping up on Mona’s blog as well and hope he will be okay.

  20. Still recovering, are we? Tsk, tsk, such a wild weekend you had.

    I visited Shelby’s auction but will have to go back again soon to bid more of momma’s dollars.


  21. Very Pawsome items! We are fur sure going to support the auction and send prayers for poor little Tiger. Thanks for the reminders!

  22. we are looking forward to the event!

    Don’t forget, we moved to

  23. Hi, Mayzie!
    I know the auction is going to be a success!
    Kisses and hugs

  24. What a great idea! It’s nice to see everyone rallying together to help Shelby.

  25. It was really great that you did all that work after partying all night like you did! The auction looks like it’s doing really well. We were over there earlier today. The CCC

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