Paws of Prayer Circle

I know that you all know there’s been lots of sadness and worry in the bloggie world lately. But we’ve all seen how powerful it is when we all join paws and hearts for one of our furends in need.

That’s why I’m oh-so-grateful to the Feisty Three for their kindness in coming up with the Paws of Prayer Circle. It’s for each of us to put up on our bloggies to show our support for our bloggie furends who needs the Power of the Paw.

Furends like:

Darling Asta, whose beloved Daddi just lost his job.

Handsome Phantom, who had a bad spot on his face cut off (but gots some encouraging news yesterday!)

Sweet Skelly, who is in congestive heart failure because of a serious heartworm infestation and whose fosterpawrents are doing everything they can to helps him.

Lovely Grammy at Corgi Country whose sister-in-law is in the people hospital with a bad sickness.

Precious Baby, who is heartworm positive and whose fostermommy is being made to gives her back to a bad rescue who says they don’t haves the green papers to treat her heartworm infection. (If anybuddy has any ideas for her fostermommy, please go visit.)

Beautiful Zona’s mommy and daddy, who said they gots some sad news recently. (We don’t know exactly what it is, but they’re sad and that’s all that matters.)

And of course, our dearest Shelby, who has touched us all so much.

(Speaking of Shelby, have you heard about wonderful JD and Max’s auction that they’re holding to helps with Shelby’s medical bills? Well, if you haven’t, you just gotta run right over there lickety split and finds out more about it!)

Thank you ever so much for joining paws with me for all these sweet furends. All of our paws together I know can make a difference!

Oh, and to ends on a happy Friday note…

I’m kinda cute.


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27 responses to “Paws of Prayer Circle

  1. What a lovely idea, we should all paws to consider the lives of others sometimes, especially when they in trouble.

    Hope all who are facing troubles gets better soon.


    PS: Yep. You cute alright!

  2. NOOOOO! They can’t just give up on Baby! And what happened at Zona’s? I tried to find out, but I can’t find a post that tells me. HELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!

  3. That is such a good idea to have the Paws Circle. We will go visit all those lovely animals. Nothing better than the power of prayer and woofs and purrs.
    Have a great day.
    The link that tells about Baby is

  4. So much sadness, but I know that good thoughts help and I am sending mine.

    Thanks for the big happy making photo at the end.


  5. Mayzie, dis was a wonderful post fur us to know bouts da other doggies dat needs our help…THANK YOU. I know most of them but I don’t know Baby and I have just gone to her bloggie to see what was going on.
    Thank you fur da HAPPY face too, you always know how to brighten my day!


  6. I’ve seen that badge and I think it’s a very nice idea. I’ve asked Blog Mom to put it up the first chance she gets – tonight or over the weekend. There has been sooo much bad news, sadness and worry in the last week or so. Anything at all that might help concentrate some pawsitivity seems like a good idea to us. And yes, you have extreme cuteness which does make us smile.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  7. Thanks for sharing all this important information, Mayzie! A picture of your cute self in the beginning of the post wouldn’t have hurt anything either!

  8. Mayzie – So sweet of you to post about all the furiends who need good thoughts sent their way! And you are a cutie, BTW!
    The Road Dogs

  9. We’re hoping for good news for everyone! They can all sure use it!


  10. We’re with Houndstooth and wagging our tails for everybody!

  11. Minna Krebs

    Mom and I saw this badge by Fiesty Three and think it is THE most pawsome thing evers. When she gets back to her real computer she is going to PROUDLY post it on my bloggie with da quickness!!

    Such a kind post you dids today Mayzie! And of course we specially enjoyed your smiley ending


  12. Christina


    Oh how I have missed your most beawooooootiful and stripey self! I hopes you haven’t decided to find a new yellow labradude….except for Booker…Booker is okay in my book…but I’ll fight any other doggy for you. But how horrible that on my return there are sad and awful things happening lately.

    I will be thinking, praying, and hoping good things and healing things today for everydoggy and everyone…

    Wags and woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  13. miss mayzie,
    the paws of prayer badge is a grrreat way to remember everybuddy who needs our most special thoughts. thanks bunches ‘n tons for posting it and then woofing about who we need to be putting our paws together for! you are most kind and caring.
    i was feeling kinda full of the sadness, but your cute smiley picture definitely helped me not feel so down in the dumps. 🙂
    the booker man

  14. Thank you for ending the post on a smile note.
    Sending out prayers for those needing them in the bloggy world.

    Since my post got out of hand today, happens when I just type and post and don’t think, I updated and added a few more EVENTS for doggie bloggers to share.

  15. Those Elgin Pugs

    Mayzie, oh we do agree with yous ‘dat you are cute.. but you are also fury kind for thinking of all your furriends and ‘dere hoomans through their difficult times. This Bloggosphere world is a little family and its so wonderful how everyones there for each other.. good times and bad…..

    Hugs to yous!!!! We’s stuck ups our badge yesterdays.. Izzy tried to use elmers glue… hee hees. we’s continue to pawray for ‘dose in needs…
    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  16. Oh dears, thank you Miss Mayzie. We all think the animal concerns are top priority but it was furry sweet of you to think of my mom and papa.

    Mom and papa have been pretty distracted since your last message. They had no idea that Wally & Stella had been sleeping in their bed!! I made an oops and let mom read my blog comments before I did. The good news is she was so startled by this news that she said, “What? Chocolate milk?? Yeah, whatever.. What do you mean IN our bed?!?” Haha… so you have a green light on the chocolate milk!


  17. You are more than just kinda cute, Mayzie – you are beautiful – on the inside and the outside. We have our paws crossed for all the pups in need and their families too. Hugs to all from all of us.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. Oh you are way to there Mayzie!! 🙂

    Thanks for the potant information and there is so much going on and the paws are crossed here!!!


  19. Oh we are so sad that there is so much bad going on – and oh boy is our mom pissed about the whole Baby thing – she even did a post about it yesterday. We are purring and praying for all of them!

    But we do have one issue with this post – beacause you aren’t just kinda cute – you are SUPER cute!

  20. Paws crossed here for all our friends who are having a hard time!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  21. We love the idea. And you’re not just kinda cute…you are adorable!!!

  22. What an amazing idea. We are sending our prayers out to these doggies and their families.
    You look very sweet and beautiful, Mayzie.

    Love, Bella & Ollie.

  23. That’s a lot of news. We were aware of some of them but not all. Thanks.

  24. Oh no! I didn’t know about Skelly, that makes me so sad after everything his parents have done!

    don’t forget, we’ve moved to

  25. You aren’t just cute, mayzie… You’ve got one of the biggest and bestest hearts in the DWB world! Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! Papa’s sister is out of ICU now and in a regular hospital room and hopefully on the mend. We really appreciate this idea, too, for so many of our other friends and we will proudly display this Paws of Prayer Circle, too, for we know of lots of hurting people and pets lately. The CCC

  26. Mayzie,
    Dad was thinking : if you created a Paws of Prayer page on your blog and updated it from time to time, then we could link it to the Paws of Prayer image on our blog – that way when someone clicks on it, they get the latest prayer thoughts.
    Love from Bella and Olle.

  27. Hi I love the Paws of Prayer, I would love to put it on my blog too. We all need prayer. Thank you!

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