Monday Reminder and a thank you from the Capn

Hi! Hi! Happy Monday, everybuddy! Did you have a very good weekend? I hope so!

Okay, now remember, girls – you have ONE WEEK to sends me and Preacher Puddles your Respond So Very Prontos for THE bachelorette pawty event of the season.

Now, I’m gonna turn the bloggie over to Cap’n Ripley cuz he has a special message for Madi. (Oh, gosh…I just can’t stand it! He’s SO smitten!)

Dearest Madi of Me Heart,

Yer missive arrived by post Monday last. When me mum presented it to me, I thought me heart would stop and I set about to open it.

But alas! Despite me many abilities, I was unable to open yer letter due to the cursed lack of opposable thumbs. Right away, I ordered me mum to put her digits to good use. Arrrrr! Yer card was the most beautiful sight I ever beheld. The way ye directed yer ma to make the card – why, I am agog at yer talents.

What an eye fer color and form me Madi has!

And yer words – yer melodious words – were like a salve to me soul.

(Click to biggify.)

Knowin’ that I was touching something that you had touched with yer delicate paw – avast! Twas almost more than me poor heart could take.

Yer card alone woulda been enough to keep me afloat fer a hundred years. But no, yer kindness did not stop with that. When I saw what you had included as a gift fer me, I was overcome with a wave of love greater than any wave stirred by the ocean.

Aye, me darlin' Madi, I am. After all, I may be a pirate, but I am NOT irresponsible.

Lastly, I must extend my sincerest apologies fer takin’ so long to properly thank ye for me card and gift. Ye see, they mean the whole ocean to me and I have been somewhat, er, protective of them.

If ye want this card, ye'll have to go through me and me sister first! First Mate Abby - keep yer eye on the brindle lass!

Thanks to you, me darlin’, from the bottom of me humble heart. And please extend me thanks to yer lovely ma, too. I will treasure it to the end of me days.

Yo ho!


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25 responses to “Monday Reminder and a thank you from the Capn

  1. Mango

    A maiden for Cap’n Ripley. Sigh, there he goes. Now there be no keepin his eye of the prize what with bein all love lorn over the lass.


  2. Oh my dogness. If that’s not the most romantic thing ever! I wonder if love will make the Cap’n go all sweet and purry now. What do you think?

    Oh, Mayzie, I just wanted to point out that if you should ever feel in need of any minions all you have to do is wag your tail here on your blog and there’ll be hundreds of doggies willing to sign up for the job. We all just love Mayzie. It’s true!

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. Wow Mayzie it’s not long now until hurty head time from partying with Puddles. Momma is collecting my outfit for the wedding later this week and she will take some new pics of me glammed up with my new accessories in a couple of days when we have recovered from our mahoosive shopping trip yesterday……bol.
    The Cap sure is one lucky kitty that is a pawesome bumber sticker, my Poppa finks he is a pirate ( I finks he is to soppy to be a proper one though )

  4. Me smells the romance in the air even this far away. Good luck Cap’n, in wooing the fair maiden.


  5. the dread pirate cap’n has gone all softies for miss madi! it’s too cute! does he have pictures of miss madi plastered all over his ship? 🙂
    the booker man

  6. Oh dat Madi is sumptin else ain’t she? Her is a funny kitteh too. Is all dis love stuff gonna goes to Capns head and make it even more bigger? Oh heck, what am I talkin bouts…I gots a big head too…hehehehe!
    Madi and her mom made me a card too fur me birfday….which reminds me, I gots to post dat cuz it was fuuuuunny!
    I been on da phone dis morning getting da ball rolling fur da pawty so I bes texting you laers when I finds out more info from da venue.


  7. Capn, it sure looks like you have been bitten by the love bug. That Madi is very pretty and you have good taste to be smitten by her. That was nice of her to send you such a nice card. Can’t wait to see where this romance goes.
    Have a great day.

  8. Dear Cap’n Ripley… I type, Madi sits here hyperventilating with a brown bag over her mouth. Every so often she will remove to bag and SIGH…Cap’n my Cap’n. Trust me when I say she is beside herself with joy that you liked her card and the Pirate Kitty sticker. We are very happy you were able to keep it close to your heart so as to savor each and every word. Madi says she is forever you Maiden Fair….from afar.

    Happy Day and please thank the ever so gracious Ms. Mayzie for sharing her blog today.
    Kitty Hug,

  9. Oooo! I have to bark at Dad right away to get our pictures done!

    Cap’n Ripley is such a cute smitten kitten!


  10. I haves to hurry and get my pawty pictures in to you! Can’t miss it!

    Cap’n Ripley and Miss Madi really have something special!! Another wedding on the horizon? Or do pirates not do something so conventional?


  11. ANOTHER Blogland romance is blooming!!! Awwwwhh, LOVE is certainly in the air this summer!


  12. Mayzie,

    Our Chico Kitty asked us to ask you to give Cap’n Ripley a message…

    Chico Kitty is extremely shocked at the Cap’n’s behaviour… totally not in keeping with the code of the orange kittys.

    We think Cap’n Ripley will know about the code as he is a pirate.

    Sam and Pippen

  13. Those Elgin Pugs

    oOoOoO’s a lovie love cards!!! We’s see ‘da heart bubbles overs yous heads as yous reads its!!!
    hee hees…harty har harrArrGrggg!!

    Okays…so we’s sents our pho-toes to ‘dat troubles little long dog..

    we’s can’t waits!!! Woo hoo’s

    loves, Izzy and Josie

  14. It’s me again…I bes thinking we should just goes with 3 kegs instead of two…just in case…and between me, you Zona and Maggie Mae that would empty one right theres.
    Don’t furget da purty llittle umbrellas fur da margaritas too.

    PEES: I bes da truble little long dog huh…hehehehe!

  15. Ahoy There Shipmate (aka Cap’n Riley)
    We be wonderin’ if there be love goins on and are happy to learn of your good fortune in receiving a tender love token from yon Diva Cat name of Madi. Tis good to know things be well and we hopes your love will wonder through the tides in the ocean and blossm into somin wonderfurl.

    Have run out of piratey wordees so now will climb abord me pontoon voyager and sail away yonder.


  16. Wow Mayzie it sounds like you are going to be having a big doggie party – we are sure you will have a good time and we can’t wait to hear about it!

    And oh boy Cap’n, that was some post you had there. We can see why Madi was all hyperventilating. You may be a pirate but you certainly have a way with the ladies!

  17. Sounds like you’ve got a smitten Kitten at your place, Mayzie! I guess a happy cat is better than a sassy cat…

    You wouldn’t believe how busy we’ve been in Corgi Country… at least Grammy and Papa, so they haven’t even had time to let us on the computer to read or to write. We are SO FAR BEHIND, and things are still happening, so this is just a quick note… Catch ya later, gator!

  18. So romantic! I love it!

    I can’t wait for the bachelorette party. Yay! And from the comments it sounds like Puddles is on the case. Um, make that the keg. 🙂

  19. You are so cute. Getting mail is so much fun.

  20. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    So Cupid has hit Cap’n Ripley a zinger! What a great card and sticker. We have a friend who feeds the feral cats in Rhode Island….must be the same sort of organisation.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  21. Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was amazing!

    Don’t forget, we’ve moved to

  22. HaRrrrrrrr!


  23. Love is in the air!
    Kisses and hugs

  24. That was very sweet of you, Mayzie.

  25. I LOVE it when Cap’n Ripley blogs – he’s got such a charming way with words (and an accent to rival Johnny Depp! 😉 ) – it always brings a big smile to my face! 😀

    Honey the Great Dane

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