Momma’s Not-So-Good day and Crazy PetSmart Lady

Okay, so yesterday wasn’t such a good day for my mom cuz lotsa peoples at her work got told that they didn’t have jobs anymore. Most Luckily, my mom wasn’t one of ’em but she sure does feel awful sad for the other peoples. We are sending out lots and lots of good thoughts that they will all be okay and finds other places to work real soon.

So cuz she was sad, she asked dad to please take her out to eat…and we gots to go with them! Well, we waited in the truck (don’t worry – the weather was nice and cool) while they went inside to eats Mexican yummies (which, by the way, they did not share even a smidgen of with us!). And then mom realized we were all outta Greenies (the horror!) and so they decided to takes us to PetSmart.

Well, that was oodles and oodles of fun, let me tell you! Now, we have absolutely ZERO pictures to show you of our actual adventure so you’ll just have to take my word for it. I even gots to see this thing called a chin-chilly-yah and wow…I really, REALLY want one! Like, a LOT! But mom and dad were Most Unreasonable about it and said no even though I promised I would take real good care of it and play with it and stuff.

I would luvs him and kiss him and call him George!

But they were very much unswayed by my arguments and said they would buy me a squeaky toy instead which, betweens you and me, is a sorry trade-off for a chin-chilly-yah. But I decided it was better than nothing.

So we went down the toy aisle, and me and Brudder Ranger were standing there just soaking in all the Most Amazing stuffie goodness when all-of-a-suddens this lady came arounds the corner and then just froze right in her tracks and stared at us.  Um, okay, well, she really just stared at me. I mean, I don’t really blames her. My Most Beautiful brindle furs ARE most stunning for sure. So I thought that I would gives her a little show. And I smiled at her and wiggled and wagged (brindle furs are most impressive when one is wagging, you know) and pointed out some toys that I would be interested in if she was so inclined to buy me one.

Here I am re-enacting how I smiled at that lady.

But…she just kept staring. And I just kept smiling. And then I wagged. And then she stared some more.

Well, after awhiles this became kind of not very interesting anymore, so we went ahead and picked out a toy and started walking toward the place where they take your green papers. And this is the part of the story where it gets kinda weird cuz suddenly, she gasped and stepped back really most dramatically, her eyes gots wide and she managed to spew out, “Safe dog? SAFE DOG?”

I was kinda confused by this and wondered who she might be talking about. Mom was also most confused and just smiled and said, “Oh, yes. They’re very friendly.” But I guess the lady was worried that she might accidentally rub off my Most Beautiful brindle furs because she did her bestest to become one with the toy shelf as we passed by. To tell you the truth, I think she mighta been a little cuckoo-bird, just between you and me.

Anywho, in spite of that – and in spite of the fact that I didn’t makes it home with my very own chin-chilly-yah – we had a real good time and I think it helped cheer my mom up pretty good, too!

I hopes you have a real happy Friday and and even better weekend! And remember, my Gotcha Day is March 28th in case you have any spare chin-chilly-yahs that you wants to send me.



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39 responses to “Momma’s Not-So-Good day and Crazy PetSmart Lady

  1. Hoo-mans can be very dim sometimes I finks Mayzie, my Momma and me finks you looks the most gentlist dog ever fancy that sill woman being soooo stoopid.
    Chin-chilly-yahs huh I will looks into them they look most cutified.
    Bick licks
    x x x

  2. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    They should make those crazy people stay at home locked up. Did she really think that anyone would take an UNSAFE dog into a shop….AND doesn’t she know a smile when she sees one?

    George looks like fun. Do you think he squeaks?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. She sounds like an UNsafe human, Mayzie! If I were you, I would have turned around and wagged my behind at her! Heehee! Oh, well, you were a Most Well Behaved girl, and that’s what counts.

    I’m sorry people at your mom’s workplace lost their jobs. That’s very hard to deal with. I hope all those people end up okay, too!

  4. I’m sorry about the chin-chin-chiree, but you know what? They’re not as much fun as they look. I knew someone who had one. (A girl, not a doggy) and once you get them home they like to sleep all day and be up at night when we’re asleep. I think you’re better off with the stuffie, which will adjust to your schedule.

    The lady sounds like an…what’s the word again? Oh, yes, idiot. Besides the fact that you were just being friendly and everyone knows you’re Mayzie and full of love for everybuddy, I’ve seen pictures. You’re rather petite. And Ranger is even petiter. How did the lady think you were going to kill her? Maybe hurl your mighty self at her and knock her to the ground while Ranger nibbled at her throat? Just wondering. I mean it might work, but it would take a lot of planning is all I’m saying.

    I’m glad you didn’t let crazy lady spoil your good time. I’m hoping to go to PetSmart myself, soon. That and Petco are such fun places. And I’m real sorry about what happened at your Mom’s job. My Moms say life at work is no fun when that stuff is happening.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. Thought of a song:

    Chin CHinemee Chin Chinemee, Chin Chin Cheroo
    As luck would just have it, that Chin ain’t for yoo
    Chin Chinemee Chin Chinemee, Chin Chin Cheroo
    Because if you had it, t’would be inside of you!

    What – Songs posting over?

    Hey Ho

    Happy Friday Mayzie


  6. Ummmmm, haves you evers seen da Puddles pissed? Okays, it not a purty sight and I may be littles BUT crazy-coo-coo-Petsmart-lady don’t does dat to da Mayzie. Now, I don’t thinks dat be’s da job fur her and I knows my mum would haves complained to da manager in dat situation cuz I promise you dat wasn’t da furst time ir da last time hers will do it and dat just makes everybuddy uncomfy….maybe hers just needed a beer or sumptin,
    Okays, I get down from my soapbox nows……
    How much fun would it be to destuff dat chin-chilly-yah….woooooweeeee!
    I feels so bad fur you mom’s friends dat lost their jobs. No time is a good time to loose a job BUT now is prolly even worse.


  7. Mayzie,
    We are so sorry to read about the lost jobs at your mom’s office. We are living in very scary times….

    Oh my that little furry creature is adorable but trust me when I say, he would not last 10 seconds at your house….Remember you live with the fierce Cap’n Ripley who takes no prisoners!!!

    WE hope today is better for Mom.
    Madi and Mom

  8. Mayzie,
    There are WAY too many stoopid peoples out there for sure and I thinks you just met one of thems at PetSmart. Mom and me feels bad abouts the peoples that your mom worked with losing their jobs. 😦 That happened to mom last year so she knows all abouts it.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Frankie Furter

    I am glad that it didn’t happen to your mom, butt I am sorry fur her furends.
    Now Pawsonally… I don’t think they should allow WILD two leggers like that to roam free in OUR store. They should be stopped at the door and… Well, just kept out.

  10. Cupcake

    Mommy says she likes having a dog that looks intimidating on the outside but who is a big sweetie on the inside. That’s why she picked me. It keeps weird peoples away and that’s a good thing.

    I’m sorry your Mom was sad. She has a good heart for animals and people too.

    Love, Cupcake

  11. I want my own chin-chilly-ah, too! Oh Mayzie! Do you think we could order one online? If you find out, let me know!

    That lady was a doofus! Some people look at Morgan a little funny when we go walking places sometimes, too, but then little kids go right up into her face and she gives them huge kisses, which probably makes those other people feel stupid! I’m glad she didn’t ruin your night.


  12. Woof! Woof! What a day. Hope today, this weekend n the coming days will be better. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Sorry Mom had a bad day. It is so sad when people lose their jobs. That woman in Pet Smart does sound a little nutty. Why would anyone that was scared of dogs be in Pet Smart. Does’t make sense to us. We will keep the chilly animal in mind until next March.
    Have a super week end.

  14. Hey Mayziegal
    I’m sorry to hear about the sadness at your mom’s work…seems like it’s everywhere! Thank goodness you are around to cheer her up.
    Glad you got to go to Petsmart too…what fun!
    Sending lotsaluv

  15. Mayzie, it’s a shame some beans are either born without brains or never learn how to use them.
    Try talking mom and dad into a ferret or two.
    I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s co workers. Hopefully, it’s a temporary lay off and/or there’s bigger better jobs waiting just around the corner for them.

  16. Heartbeats

    Hoomans can be dumb. Dey looks at me wif dat dumb look sometimes too. Some mans harryassed my Momma at da doggie park abouts me. Just cuz my head looks like a concrete block… Momma didn’t takes to dat very well and tolds dat man dat his Lab was too fat. HEEEHEHHEHEHEHE! Mango be’s happy we didn’t get labracooties…

  17. Oh my, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s coworkers. What a terrible thing to happen. I guess because of her distress you can forgive her for forgetting to bring you Mexican leftovers. Not even a sip of margarita, I bet.

    That PetSmart lady is a wackadoo. How could anyone think your beautiful smile is unsafe?! My mom probably would have said, “Yes, safe dog. But unsafe human,” and then wacked her on the head with the stuffie. Okay she probably wouldn’t have done it but it would have been something she’d WANT to do.

    I hope you all have a good Friday and weekend. Maybe a hike is in order?


  18. oh, that crazy petsmart lady has gone and gotten the booker man all wound up now. safe doggie?! let me just woof to you, miss CPL, that my miss mayzie is the most kind and loving doggie that you will evarrr meet! i think YOU, miss CPL, need to go to obedience school so you can learn your manners. grrrr. i’m really sorry that miss CPL was rude to you, my lovely miss mayzie. i’m also really sorry about your mama’s friendz who don’t have a job anymore, and i hope they find new work super fast like. i am relieved that your mama still has her job.
    i’ll see what i can do about gettin’ you that chin-chilly-yah for your gotcha day. teehee. 🙂
    the booker man

  19. Golly, I hope you mom FINALLY made it work.
    And guess what…Brudder Albert screwed up his leg and is having to goes to da VET shortly.


  20. Some beans are just weird about dogs. There was a rude lady at the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs complaining about a SERVICE DOG of all things. The way SHE was carrying on you would have thought the dog was GODZILLA. And all the DOG was doing was laying under the table while it’s blind bean ate.

    We hopes all the beans at your Mom’s hunting place find new jobs.

  21. Those Elgin Pugs

    OMD!!!! Okays…Mommy is official crying…… she was laughing so hard!!
    That simpson’s clip did her in!! Oh’s that story was just to fantastic!!!!
    Sorry, butt ‘dat good stuffs!! Mommys tummy hurts!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

    We’s tinks ‘dat ladies is one of our neighbors down ‘da streets. SNORTS!!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  22. that lady sounds super crazy!

  23. Sometimes people can be so silly… How could anyone resist that smiling, wagging bridle fur???

    On another note, I’m dying to get a pair of guinea pigs! 🙂 I agree with you, Mayzie! A small furry critter would be a great addition to the family!

  24. We hope that khrazy lady hasn’t already bred 😉

    SERIOUSLY, we feel fur your momma – and fur her kho-workers –

    Things just aren’t improving like too many thought it was/would – my mom knows THAT –

    One of our blog pal’s daddi lost his job yesterday and they are in shokhk right now –

    As fur the chin chilly furiend, maybe I khan khonvince Mom to let me have one and I’ll send it to woo!


  25. Mayzie, we’ll put in a good word with Moms about your chinny chillya!! Glad you had a good trip, but that lady sure does sound a little nuts!!

    Happy Weekend!
    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  26. Very sorry to hear about the jobs, that is always so sad and very scary in todays world you just never know when your day is coming.

    That lady sounds crazy!

  27. Kit

    Sorry you and Brudder Ranger had to be exposed to such ignorance.
    The folks at PetSmart should do a better job keeping out the Riff Raff!

    Did you see the chin-chilly-yah take a sand bath? Very cool critters, indeed!
    Hugs and belly rubs,
    ~K and the Pups

  28. Hi Miss Mayzie,

    Ohhh, we’d like to go and give that ignorant pet-smart lady a piece of our minds! Grrr – people like that make us SO mad!! You know, when we were on our walk yesterday a little girl saw us and leapt onto a low wall and hten starting screaming – her parents encouraged this crazy behaviour and asked FH to ‘keep us away’ – sheesh, some humans are just totally cuckoo!!

    Anyhoo, we’re sorry your mom had a tough day – FH says she totally understands how horrible it is when people are asked to leave work, she used to experience it a lot when she used to work in London. We’re glad you cheered her up.

    Hey, we’re sorry we haven’t commented on your blog for a few days, we’ve been a little busy setting up Shelby’s auction page! Talking of which, you can provide an item in any currency you wish as we’ll be running the auction using PayPal. We put our items up in $ as our FH got a bit confused! If you go to Shelby’s auction page have a look at the Q&A section we’ve just done and hopefully this will answer your questions. Let us know if you need to ask anything else! Thanks for your interest in the auction, we’re very pleased at how popular it seems to be, hopefully we’ll get a lot of green papers for Shelby.

    Oh, and we can’t leave without saying how BRAVE we think you are for showing that sea-link-fan who’s boss – you GO girl!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  29. Mayzie, you are the sweetest dog. Thank you for your visit. We will catch up soon!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  30. Tough times still for so many. Your Mom has a heart of gold to feel so badly for the others. Hugs to her from us for that.

    Silly lady at Petsmart, wonder what she would have done if you had let out a big bark:)

    Mom said she saw one of those chinchillas at our Petsmart when she was there with the grandbipeds (and why not us too). She had to usher them away very quickly because this furry was doing not so very nice things right out in public:(

    Maybe you can find a bunny in the yard instead.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  31. They had Mexican yummies and didn’t share?:( Well atleast the shopping trip for the Greenies made up for it.:)

  32. Mayzie!
    Sure it was a sad day for your mom and co-workers. I hope they will find new jobs soon!
    Mexican yummies?? Sounds familiar to me!
    That lady at the pet store… I guess she has a problem… a big problem and I feel sorry for her!
    Chinchillas are so cute. Maybe next time…
    Kisses and hugs

  33. Maureen

    Dear Mayzie – I think she must have been so overwhelmed by your sweetness and beauty that she was temporarily rendered senseless. Kinda like the way some ladies of a certain age are rendered senseless by Brad Pitt or George Clooney.

    Yes, I’m convinced that’s what it was.

  34. I don’t know, Mayzie. After reading this post I’m wondering if it’s “safe” to be here. BOL I’m sorry your momma was having a tough time. Good thing your dad is caring enough to distract her. I’m also confused as to why they didn’t get you your own chin-chilly-yah. Those guys don’t even need batteries . . .
    Most importantly, I wanted to stop by to say that your last comment: “But your M is a very very good pawson with a good heart and if she wants to keeps them all, we’ll back her up a million percent!” really touched our mom. Thank you!!!
    Twinkie and her mom

  35. Hey Mayzie
    That lady was a bit cuckoo. You gave her your best ears back and wiggles and she still didn’t get it. Hey but at least you get to go in.. my mom thinks I’m super duper excited that she leaves me waiting in the car. I call her cuckoo lady.

  36. Are you a safe dog? Crazy lady. Um if you weren’t “safe” you wouldn’t be in the store, duh. Maybe that lady needs some trainin’. I would have barked at her if she was just staring at me that way.

    woof – Tucker

  37. We are so sorry that your Mom was sad. It is very sad for a LOT of people now that don’t have jobs.

    Mayzie, some people are just so very sad because they have problems in their heads. Some are born that way and don’t understand things really well and some get them as they grow… especially if bad things happen to them like accidents or bad dogs that scare them and make them fearful of other dogs that might look a bit like the bad ones.

    THAT is a really sad thing because then they don’t the the chance to make friends with such lovely dogs as yourself. We have to be gentle and forgiving of their attitudes. It could be that this lady had both of those kinds of problems.

    Grammy used to work with children that had problems like this, and she always tries to help make things better for them…

  38. Hi Mayzie – am so sorry I haven’t visited in a while! Am catching up on all your news now! And I can’t believe that Pet Smart lady – HOW RUDE!!!! We’re with Max & JD on this one – it makes my human SO MAD when people just believe blind prejudice about doggies based on looks and breed. My human believes in “pretty is as pretty does” – or “ugly is as ugly does” rather. Anyway, it’s their loss at the end of the day to lose out on getting to know you, sweet Mayzie!

    OH! And that Chinchilla!!!! That had my human squealing so loudly my ears are still ringing! 😀 She just adores them and did think about keepign one for a pet (before she got me) but then she found out that aside from looking cute and taking dustbaths, they don’t do much else (and they’re nocturnal) so they’re not really very rewarding pets for people like her who like to do interactive stuff with their animal companions. I saw one once in a pet shop but it was sleeping inside its little home and didn’t stir at all when I tried to sniff it through the cage…boring.

    Honey the Great Dane

  39. Hi Mayzie pal – Had to delurk to say please do not feel so bad about what happened in the store. Maybe this will make you feel better — last week someone asked my mom if I was “violent.” Mom was not sure she heard right, so the woman repeated, “is that dog violent? Is that why it’s wearing a vest that says not to pet?” Mom blinked, smiled, and said, “no” and proceeded to explain why her sweet golden/lab was wearing a vest.

    It seems sometimes the crazies come out no matter what your fur’s color!

    Love, Ruby

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