All the way from the You Kay!

Happy, happy Friday, everybuddy! I hopes you have a Most Wonderful and Exciting weekend planned!

Okay, now, you will just NOT believes what happened! I gots mail all the way from the You Kay!

Do you remembers how, during my dee-en-ay contest, my furends Max and JD and their FH matched my donation and gaves their money papers to a Most Worthy place called Dogs’ Trust?

Handsome, generous, AND able to operates heavy machinery!

Well, as if that wasn’t enough of a sweetness, they also sents me and Brudder Ranger lots of amazing goodies from Dogs’ Trust and some other places from the You Kay!

Whoa! This came through the Royal Mail! I had no idea Max and JD were related to the Queen!

Lookit that! They sents me a piece of paper!

Ohhhhh! It's a CARD! And it has cute bulldoggies on it! Quick, give it to me, mom! I gots to show DAD!

And that was just the beginning! There was this really nifty tug toy…

Here, mom, lets me help you with that.

And a Most HUGE bag…

Gosh! You can get lots of cookies and cheese in here!

And there was this very much handy and, as JD and Max pointed out, fashionable fanny pack. And in the fanny pack, there was lotsa fun stuff for ALL of us…

Look at all that goodness!

Including the kittehs!

Haha! Talk to the tail!

But guess what? All of this wasn’t even the best part! The best part was all of the noms they sent us!

There were cheese flavored cookies shaped like…CHEESE!

Why must you torture me so?

And these Most Delicious chicken jerky treats made with…MORE CHEESE!

Chicken AND cheese together in ONE???


And a Most Tasty thing called a Play N Chew…

Open! Open! Open!

…which, to tell you the truth, we just chewed.

Enjoying my Play N Chew in the comfort of my condo.

Ahhhh....most delightful!

Thank you, thank you JD and Max and your FH! You made us all feel VERY much special and luved!

Oh, and to all my other furends, if you didn’t know…poor JD gots a big ol’ icky grass seed in his paw and they had to operates on him to get it out.

Poor brave boy.

He’s home and getting betters but if you gets a chance, would you run by their bloggie and send him lotsa happy healing thoughts? I know his whole family would appreciate it lots.

Get all better soon, my sweet furend!


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29 responses to “All the way from the You Kay!

  1. What a lovely surprise a parcel from country thats very cool, itn’s it funny how if you cross the big water the names for things change live you called a bum-bag a fanny pack if made me bark out loud when Momma read that to me.Mom has told me lots of other things like that too and I prefer some of the names you have for things. I think I am going to have to get some doggy bags together for my furiends over there and I can bring them over when I come to the wedding….
    See you at Luna’s later

  2. D’oh silly me that should have read a parcel from my country

    Silly paws of mine


  3. Mayzie and Ranger,
    Mom and I are astounded by the generosity and thoughtfulness in each of your treasures from the You Kay!!!! You are both very deserving. Madi’s ears perked up when I said Cheese but when I told her there wasn’t any for her she said
    ‘talk to the tail’….how rude.

    Happy Weekend…Mom and my Grandma are going to a Baby Shower..I’m not sure if it will be raining babies or what but I’ll be sure she takes a ‘brella.
    Hugs Madi

  4. Mayzie,

    What nice pressies from JD and Max! They are such good furiends. Mom and me just came from JD and Max’s bloggie and we are very thankful that JD is doing betters. 🙂

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. What a wonderful package of goodies and from the You-Kay besides. Cheese flavored stuff. Jerky made with cheese! I’d be jealous if I didn’t love you so much and know that you deserve all that totally. However, I think one of my pawrents should run over to that You-Kay and do some shopping.

    I’m so sorry that J.D. had to have surgery and wear a cone. I don’t think we’ve met, although I’ve seen them around, of course. I have to send Blog Mom off to work now, but we’ll go over and say hi tonight.

    lotsa licks and love, Lola

  6. Mango

    Grass growing in the paw? I never heard of such a thing.

    JD and Max send the best pressies ever. I have one of those bags and tug toys from them too and I love them.


  7. Wow! Lotsa loot for yous guys! All yummy and good for you too!

    We haves that grass here too… nasty stuffs it is! One of our friends got one in her nose and had to have an operation to get it out! Very serious stuff!

    Sam and Pippen

    PeeS. You haves a very cute butt…

  8. Holy Smokes what devine pressies you gots. I just really couldn’t gets past da cheese treats though. I sure hopes you gonna bring those to da know to shares with a certain BFF…hehehe!!

    Poor JD! I can’t believes dat hapened to him. We sent him our wishes and stuffs. I hope he gets a feelling betters soon. I can’t stand to sees my furiends hurt.


  9. Hi Mazie
    What lovely presents all the way from the UK. Enjoy.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  10. What wonderful pressies!!! Those noms look delicious!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  11. Oh Miss Mayzie – you’re making us blush with all the nice things you’re saying about us – and we’re also blushing quite hard after looking at that rather becoming photo of your gorgeous derriere too, hubba, hubba!! 🙂 We are quite beside ourselves!

    We are glad you enjoyed the pressies – thank you for doing such a lovely post about them. 🙂 You deserve to be showered with finery every day Miss Mayzie simply for being YOU, but failing that we tried to shower you with cheese-related items instead, he he he! And FH really liked those ‘talk to the tail’ badges so really wanted to share one with your FH – she gets funny looks when she wears hers ‘cos everyone knows we haven’t got a kitty, he he he! 😀

    Thank you so much for your good wishes for JD – he’s really doing so much better and played zoomies for the first time today. He finds it tiring wearing the cone but at the moment still licks his stitches when it’s removed so he has to keep it on…. 😦

    We wish you a super-duper-cheese-and-cuddle-filled weekend Miss Mayzie! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  12. Great gift from across the world! I love those bookmarks!

    Best wishes to JD for a speedy recovery.

  13. You should meet little Miss Luna you would love her Mayzie she is a teeny tiny chi mix and she has a mahoosive boyfuriend he is much bigger than you.

  14. Hello Mayzie, Brudder Ranger and Kitties!!! We are getting caught up with your last few posts, very much funsies and great presents from the UK! Our human sister in law, Miss Amy, came all the way from the UK to marry our big brother Craig! They got married in June 2009. We like those UK folks!!! Happy Weekend!! We love you! xoxox Toby, Ginger, Jeter and Halle the Glamour Diva xoxo

  15. What a skhore!!!

    Thanks fur sharing those great pressies!

    Those bros are furry furry khool – as are their FH and MH!


  16. miss mayzie,
    JD and max are the bestest schnauzer dudes! that is a super duper awesome sauce surprise pressie that they sent you!! it’s almost like a cheese overload, but i guess that’s not really possible. teehee. i love those doggie bookmarks, too. they are way cutesies!
    the booker man

  17. Coming from the You Kay ourselves we are delighted to learn you have friends that sends you pressies. As you know, our hooman is going through the glooms, but your cheery posting even put a smile on her face, for which we are truly thankful.

    Keep smiling


  18. miss mayzie,
    i totally forgot to woof that i can’t wait to see you at miss luna’s slumber pawty tonight! we are gonna have tons of funsies watchin’ movies and eatin’ popcorn. you can snuggle with your blonde brownie all you want. teehee. 🙂
    the booker man

  19. Frankie Furter

    Snuggle with your blond brownie??? hummmmm
    Grrreat stuff from JD and Max…. they are grrrreat.
    See you tonight.

  20. miss mayzie!
    ohmyword! i totally didn’t even realize you didn’t know miss luna. i feel so stoopid. 😦 you should go meet her cuz she is a super cool little chee-wa-wa mix. it’s not too late to come to the pawty! please please please!
    the booker man

  21. Wow that sure is a long way for a gift to travel!

    Don’t forget, we are changing our blog today. Please update your reader to follow

  22. JD and Max and their Mom are always so very generous. We have seen so many times how wonderful they are. That was a great package you all received. Cheese – yummy!!!

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  23. Wow that is a lot of wonderful wonderful presents. It looks like you are having a great time with those Noms Mayzie. Glad you had such a good time. Have a great week end.

  24. Wow, check out all of those goodies!

  25. JD and Max are a pretty nice pair of fellows! I’m not surprised that they sent you such nice stuff! Those cheese biscuits sound most intriguing!


  26. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    Cheese, chicken and chewing things are always a hit here. You’re in for a great weekend!
    JD and Max are great guys.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  27. Holy Smokes, gifties from the You Kay is very cool – especially when there is cheese involved! Thank you for telling us about your friend JD, we will go send well wishes.

  28. What a pawesome surprise!!! Toys and treats…who could ask for anything more?:)

    Teddy Bear

  29. Aw…Max & JD always send the BEST presents!! 🙂 That is fantastic loot you got there, Mayzie, and very generous of you to share it!

    Yes, poor JD – can’t believe such a little thing can cause so much trouble!

    Honey the Great Dane

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