All Abouts the Kittehs!

Okay, so yesterday remember how we did that All Abouts Us quiz? Well, the kittehs kinda gots their feelings hurt and threatened to take hostages asked nicely if they could do one abouts them, too. Well, that made me all kinds of skeered happy, so I said yes and it was completely NOT under duress.

Anywho…here they are! Hope you have fun getting to know them better! (Psst…if you don’t hear anything from me by tomorrows, call 911, ‘kay?)


1.) Name and Age:

Cap’n Ripley: Yarr! I was born under a lucky star in the year of 19 hundred and 98, which would make me nigh on 12 year.

Abby: Oh, really. They must be joking! A lady never reveals her age. Besides, my past is somewhat of a mystery and I can’t be sure.

Cap’n Ripley: I can tell ye that she’s gettin’ a bit long in the tooth.

Abby: Well, one thing is for certain – I AM younger than you!

2.) Breed:

Cap’n Ripley: I be of a rare breed known as the Cat-o-Carribbean. Ye see, legend has it that long ago we had nine tails but one by one they were bitten off by sharks after the Good Ship “Catawumpus,” sank amidst a most terrible and fearsome storm! And now we are regrettably left with but one.

Abby: And in non-lunatic terms, I believe Ripley and I go by the generic term, domestic shorthair.

3.) Nickname(s):

Cap’n Ripley: Tis a difficulty to narrow down the many nicknames that strike fear in hearts all over the world. But a few of me favorites are – Dread Pirate Ripley Cat, Ripley the Orange, Orange Beard, and Bad-Rum Ripley.

Abby: Darling Brother, I don’t think they meant names that you call yourself while in a delusional state. If this refers to the nicknames that Mother and Father call him, they would be Ripples, Ripley-Man, Rip-E and Mr. Fussypants. As for me, a few of mine are Abster, Abbidy, AbbyCat and “The Good Cat.”

4.) Where’d ya come from?

Cap’n Ripley: I come from that infamous island of Tortuga, I do!

Abby: No, darling brother, you do not. You come from Dallas.

Cap’n Ripley: Aye, Dallas! An infamous island of rogues, scallywags, and robber barons.

Abby: Well, yes, I’ll give you that. This question is a little more difficult for me because my past is so mysterious. I do however believe that I am a Colorado native. I was adopted into this lovely family after spending time with Dreampower Animal Rescue.


1.) Toy:

Cap’n Ripley: Arrrr! A pirate ship is no place fer TOYS! But, ahem, if I WERE to play with a toy, it would be a freshly dead mouse tied to a rope.

Abby: He’s not far off there. We both enjoy feathers or small toys dragged around for us. And of course, I believe you are already aware that I am particularly fond of anything that contains that lovely catnip herb. Although I can get a little – oh, what’s the word I’m looking for? – possessive when it comes to catnip. But I want to assure you that I do not have a problem. I can stop any time.

Stay away, you crazy pirate cat! The catnip is mine! Do you hear me? MINE!

2.) Snack:

Cap’n Ripley: I do love to sink me teeth into a hearty shark steak! Yo ho!

Serve up the shark, wench, and everyone keeps their limbs.

Abby: Yes, well, most not-insane people call that canned tuna. Personally, I won’t touch the stuff. My favorite snack is a crunchy Greenies cat treat. I tend to steer clear of anything that does not resemble cat kibble. You see, without going into too much detail, I spent some time on the streets and, well, let us just say that some of things one finds on the street does not count as fine dining.

3.) Human person:

Cap’n Ripley: Avast! Me human slaves both serve me well and I divide my attention between them as equally as I can so as not to cause any disharmony amongst the ranks.

Abby: Well, although I think they are both quite wonderful, I am most fond of sharing some one-on-one time with my dear Mother.


1.) Worst habit:

Cap’n Ripley: I be confessin’ here that me worst habit of late is to find meself, while steerin’ the ship, thinkin’ about one fair Southern belle what goes by the name of Madi. Oh, she is the loveliest sight this old sailor has ever beheld. This be causin’ me a conundrum for as a pirate, I am avowed to have only one mistress and that be the sea. And yet, the heart wants what it wants, no?

Behold! Purr-fection!

Abby: He also has a tendency to yell most unbecoming things at the canine members of our household.

Cap’n Ripley: Aye! But that is no bad habit. Tis what a cap’n must do to keep his crew in line!

Abby: Yes. Of course. My parents would say that I have a bad habit of waking them up early in the morning by walking atop their heads. I simply consider this a friendly reminder that it is breakfast time.

2.) Most embarrassing moment:

Cap’n Ripley: A pirate, I can assure you, does not have embarrassing moments.

Abby: What about when you attempt to haul your ample “booty” atop the counter and it drags you back down?

Cap’n Ripley: Yarrr! Tis only me way of testin’ gravity, tis all. (Dear Miss Madi, I pray you not to listen to the ramblings of me sister.)

Thinkin' upon me lady love.

Abby: Sigh. My most embarrassing moment came not long after I was adopted. I tried with all my might NOT to let anyone know but, well, my mother walked in on me and saw that I was lying on the floor of the bathroom, unable to walk. She immediately flew into a panic, despite my attempts to calm her. She yelled for my father that they must take me to the emergency room right away as it was apparent that I had had a stroke. She reached to pick me up and – luckily for all of us – discovered my secret. I had, in an attempt to scratch a most inconvenient itch, managed to hook my front leg in my collar and was unable to extricate myself. I still blush when I think about it, although it has now become a seemingly hilarious family story.

3.) Family dynamic (this is a question for those of you with more than one animal in the house. i.e. who is alpha? who is the cuddler? who is the naughty one? etc. I just want to know how you fit into the family!)

Cap’n Ripley: As Cap’n of this ship,  I cannot be caught showin’ me emotions to me crew members.

Abby: Oh, you are such a blowhard. You love a good cuddle as much as the next cat.

Cap’n Ripley: Blasphemy! Prove yerself or risk walking the plank.

Abby: Blah, blah, blah… Is this proof enough for you?

All together now...AWWWWWWW!

Cap’n Ripley: Next question?

4.) Your humans’ FAVORITE thing about you!:

Cap’n Ripley: Me ma and pa do love that I am not afraid to speak me mind and let them know all the many things that needs changin’ or improvin’ about the ship.

Abby: Mother and Father often tell me how much they appreciate my calm, easy-going demeanor and my willingness to put up with certain – how shall I put this? – eccentric personalities within the house.

Cap’n Ripley: Aye! Tis true. That rogue Ranger be destined fer the asylum fer sure!



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31 responses to “All Abouts the Kittehs!

  1. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    Ripley, you look just like Marmalade, the cat two houses down that I like to chase!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. It’s so nice to learn more about Mayzie and Ranger’s family. It must be so interesting to have a pirate kitty in the family. That’s really most unusual. Only thing is, now my kitties want to be included in when I do my post. Um…Mayzie, did they let you go? You OK now?

    wags, Lola

  3. Uh, I’m not too sures bouts that Cap’n Ripley. I thinks he has hads on ODing of mercury in his fishies. I’ve nevers seen anybuddy so into theyself befores…hehehe. Oh dis bouts him NOT me…hehehe. Tells him Madi is a luverly feline and we likes her lots. You don’t thinks he
    ll breaks her heart do you? I surely hopes not.
    Now Abby seems like a nice, sane kitteh that doesn’t requires stabilizing medicashuns. I glads to know her ain’t a hobo no mores and founds a loving family. I wonders what her story is though.
    We sooooo haves to do this thingy.

  4. Aww.. Abby is so lucky to have been rescued from the risky-dining-streets! Were the kitties around before you, Mayzie? I don’t have any kitties…..yet!!

    Tell Cap’n Ripley that we can tell he loves shark. :: wink wink :: He has a very non-street-living body. (Kind of like my dear Cali after the holidays.) He’s so handsome!!


  5. Mayzie,

    Ripley and Abby sure are fun to have around I bet! It was nice of you to lets them take over your blog so we could gets to know them betters.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. The orange kitties are a bit off we think… Chico Kitty is a lot like Ripley – bonkers! He refuses to do the quiz because he says he’s in the witness protection program… It’s easier to just go along with these things…

    Sam and Pippen

  7. OMC….Madi here…my assistant got a late start this am but we’re on a roll now!!

    Mr. Fussypants you have made this little Southern Belle Diva Island Princess Cat’s heart skip several beats….and she is feeling rather faint and weak in the knees.

    We thoroughly enjoyed reading all about you two. Abby, girl friend, I’m thrilled to see you have Mr. Fussypants/Cap’n Ripley figured out…please continue to make him walk the straight and narrow or he’ll have to walk the plank.

    Madi is very honored to have been mentioned in today’s post…she will be walking on Cloud 9 all day and in her mind she will be cuddling with her Cap’n all day long.

    Hugs and Meows
    Madi and her lady in waiting.

  8. PS you are both very gorgeous kitties and like me you are very lucky to have been found by your Mom and Dad!!! We have the best life don’t we. I mean who would not enjoy sleeping 24.5 hours a day, having a buffet and beverage fountain 24/7 and adoring slaves.
    Madi…don’t tell mom

  9. Frankie Furter

    So Ripley,how much catnip did you have before you started this quiz? I’m just askin’. hehehe
    Seriously, you BOTH did an excellent job with this post. I am quite impressed. Who knew.
    UMMMM, someone suggested that we make a big catapault and shoot cats up into trees to catch those flying squirrels… I hope no one does that to you two, though.

  10. Dear Maizie and Brudder guys are true candidates for Sainthood, putting up with that Pirate cat…the other one is not too bad though.


  11. Love the kittehs! I think you need ONE MORE animal to make it a full house! Or does Flat Brutus fill the quota?

  12. this kitty informational was pretty interesting like! miss abby, thanks for adding a little to cap’n ripley’s answers. i was way surprised to find out he’s a total softie deep down. teehee. oh, and miss abby, i’m sure you can quit that cat nip any time just like i can casually toss my ball aside and not think about at all for the entire day. easy!
    the booker man

  13. Tee hee hee! Mayzie, thank you for allowing that hilarious interview on your blog! I’m still wiping away the tears of mirth! Oh, that Ripley is a character. I believe I saw Abby’s name on the list for sainthood somewhere!


  14. Hi Mayzie girl, we’ve missed you! We’re sorry we haven’t posted much lately. So, it’s nice that you let the kitties have a turn, but remember they are aliens! Aren’t you scared???

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  15. Thanks for the Kitteh info!! Mayzie, what are you feeding those kittehs?!!! They’re HUGE!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  16. Ripley & Abby we enjoyed learning more about you.

  17. MY!Was that taxing!
    Mayzie and Ranger…we are so totally impressed with you guys.It is really something sharing a home with THE Kittens!
    All our love,
    Bud n Gin
    P.S.: we are hoping you are fine.

  18. Hi Mayzie and Ripley and Abby! We have been gone for so long we missed you! How funny we are back when we learn about the kitties! Those are all interesting facts – and Ripley you have good taste – we know Madi and she is a cutie!

    Ok, Stella has a message for Mayzie – if you could pass it along to her please! Thanks!

    Hi Mayzie! This is Stella the kitten! My shirt came – but I am letting mom wear it because it is too big for me! Mom said she is going to take pictures of me with it and post them on our blog tonight! I love it so much – it is so cute! Mom is excited about it too, but I even tried to take a nap on it! She didn’t try that – so that means I am more excited!! Thank you so much for picking me in the contest! I still feel very lucky!

  19. Ha roo roooo – you two crack us up – too funny. We LOVED this post. We must say you are both very handsome and beautiful. Love that story about the nine tails:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. You two are a hoot. We loved getting to know you better.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  21. OooOoo. Got your note and are so excited that Flat B. is on his way here!! Now, about these catsssssss. We would like to chase them and chew on their tales!! Especially Hootie…he never met a cat he didn’t want to eat!! BWhahaha!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD and Hootie

  22. Mayzie, I came here to get away from the cats!!! Oh, well, at least this was funny while what’s happening at mi case isn’t.

  23. Mayzie….I ummmm…think you better limit the “kitty time” on your blog…

    Mama is already saying how very adorable they are and how they should maybe get some more bloggy time…..

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  24. Mayzie
    I had no idea you had a piwate in the house and a delicate, sweet maiden too.
    I loved finding out about Wipley and Abby.

    Wipley seems vewy bwave and feawless ( I do love a stwong boy who can show a tendew side too so I was happy to see that cuddle pwoof)

    Abby, you seem like a weal lady and a pleasoowe to have as pawt of the family.
    I once met a kittie and we got along just fine!

    smoochie kisses

  25. Glad that they got their turn. 🙂

  26. Thanks for sharing all those things about you!
    Now I know you much better!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. Why are my dogs drooling at this post? 🙂

  28. Why am I getting a khraving fur chikhken?


  29. Maureen

    It’s obviously apparent that Ripley was the inspiration for none other than Captain Jack Sparrow.

  30. Oh my God, that was the funniest, funniest thing I’ve read in a long time!! 🙂 Wonderful!! Just love it!!

    And so glad to know more about the kitties in your household – I didn’t even realise you had kitty siblings (although I know we’re still fairly new blog friends) – they sound very – er – ‘exotic’ – to live with (well, one of them does…) – OOOPS! I think he heard me! Eeek! Sorry, I’m going to need to ABANDON SHIP!!!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  31. OMC! So pawsome getting to knows your kitteh sibs. Nice to meets your Ripley and Abby!


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