All Abouts US!

Hi everybuddy! I hopes you had a Most Marvelous weekend and a happy Father’s Day!

So, I’m sure you read abouts this over at Mango and Dexter’s place. What it is is a quiz all abouts yourself! And I thought it looked pretty fun so I talked Brudder Ranger into doing it with me. I hopes you enjoy it! And I hopes you decide to jump in and play!


1) Name and Age

Ranger: I was born December 13, 2003 which makes me 6 1/2 years old.

Mayzie: We don’t know my actual real birthday but we thinks I’m around 3 years old!

2) Breed
Ranger: Pure bred Rat Terrier (I even have the papers to prove it if you’d like to verify this). NOT to be confused with the Jack Russell Terrier.

Behold! The Mighty Rat Terrier!

Mayzie: Awww…you guys already know the answer to this! I’m 100% MAYZIE!

3) Nickname(s)

Ranger: Well, this is somewhat embarrassing. I would prefer a nickname like Ranger the Terrible. However, I have been most dubiously dubbed the following: Rangie, Buppy (courtesy of my mother which is a combination of baby puppy – sigh), Buddy, Boo, Ranger Doodle, Doodle, and sometimes just Dude (my dad’s favorite nickname for me).

Mayzie: Oh gosh, I luvs my nicknames! Let’s see, there’s Mayze, Crazy Mayzie, Mayzie Lou, Mayzie Lou Who, Baby Girl, Sweetie, and Wigglebutt.

I don't care what ya call me as long as you luvs me.

4) Where’d ya come from?

Ranger: My state of birth was Kansas but I was living in Dennison, TX with my foster family when mother and dad adopted me from a top-notch rescue called Ratbone Rescues.

Mayzie: I come from Lamar, Collie-rado and my mom and dad found me cuz of the rescue that my Angel Donna Fostermom runs called Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation.

My Petfinder picture while I was still in rescue.


1) Toy

Ranger: Interestingly, I was not terribly enthralled with toys prior to Mayzie’s adoption. In fact, Mother and Dad quit purchasing toys for me because I felt they were beneath my station in life. However, once Mayzie came to live with us, I discovered a newfound appreciation for the finer aspects of toys. And although I don’t have one particular favorite, I am most intrigued with anything that is currently in Mayzie’s possession.

Mayzie: Oh gosh – I luvs anything that can be destuffified. I also LUVS my Kong Wubba!

2) Snack

Ranger: I hold a particular fondness for peanut butter.

Mayzie: I luvs my greenies! I also luvs peanut butter and chicken and, oh, did I mention CHEESE?

Mmmmm...cheese on my face!

3) Human

Ranger: While I love my mother dearly, my father and I have a special bond.

Mayzie: Oh, I luvs both my mom and my dad the same but for different reasons.


1) Worst habit

Ranger: I have no bad habits. What? Oh, Mother says that I should mention how I “hit her with my paw incessantly until she pets me.” I find this to be a bit of an exaggeration. Is it my fault if she doesn’t understand the “pet me” cue the first time I do it?

Why is this so hard to understand, woman?

Mayzie: Welllll…I haves this problem with getting all excited when it’s time to go outside and, well, I kinda paw at the door and Most Unfortunately the door frame kinda pays the price for my exuberance (thanks for the big word, Brudder Ranger!).

2) Most embarrassing moment

Ranger: When I was in elementary school, they were testing us on our recalls which I am quite excellent at. We were in a large field and unbeknownst to me, there was a large dip in the center. It was difficult to see because the grass had grown up there. So in my hurry to demonstrate the proper way to do a recall, I hit that dip going approximately 65 miles per hour and tumbled head over paw in front of the entire class. Luckily, I immediately found my feet and completed my recall in record time.

Mayzie: I really don’t finds anything very much embarrassing. My philosophy on life is that if you can’t let people laugh at you, what’s the point to living?

Wait, wait! How about this face? Haha!

3) Family dynamic

Ranger: I am the top dog, without a doubt.

Mayzie: Yep, Brudder Ranger is the top dog around here.

4) Your human’s FAVORITE thing about you

Ranger: Mother and dad have often said that I was the perfect “first dog” for them. Even though I am a proud terrier, I am fairly easy-going and adaptable, and I am happy to either lounge with them on the couch or accompany them on long hikes, as their mood strikes.

Mayzie: Mom and dad say that they love how I almost always have a smile on my face and a wiggle in my butt!

We're both practically perfect in our own ways.

Okay, now it’s YOUR turn! I can’t waits to find out more about you!


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32 responses to “All Abouts US!

  1. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    Great Quiz. We love hearing all about you. (Ranger sounds a bit like a stuffed shirt….you might have to de-stuff him a bit.) No, we love hearing about Ranger, too. Keep smiling and wriggling.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. woow love the info 😀

    El’bow & Hauwii

  3. Mango

    Who knew I had so much in common with Ranger? I, too, put my paw on humans to show my love (and sometimes they SQUEEE cause my nails are kind of long), I like peanut butter, I only like toys that are in other doggies mouths, AND I am top dog. Golly. Very good post.


  4. Okay – we’re going to do the quiz. Stop by to see the answers!

  5. I love all these posts. Here I thought I knew all about you but there’s always a little more to know. I could read about you and Ranger all day. I’m going to start working on one of these posts, but I have to find out if the cats want to play. Possibly not. They might want to hold onto their mystique.

    wags, Lola

  6. Seeeeeee, I hads you and Brudder Ranger pegged from da get go….I already knews all this stuffs bouts ya’ll cuz I knows my furiends.
    But you knows what is so special bouts you…your smile! You haves da greatest smile and I loves to see it when I comes over heres.
    Brudder Ranger and Brudder Albert is sooooo much alike it’s kinda scary…you know, sometimes they is too smart fur their own good. Oh wait, I’m kinda likes that too…hehehehe!
    I loved this post and thank you so much fur sharing. I wanna do this too but I thoughts you had to be asked to do it? Like that’ll stop da PUddles…hehehehe!
    Puddles…feeling proud to know you and tormenting a ground hog.

  7. Hi Cruz and Brudder Ranger,

    Happy belated Father’s Day to your Daddy and my Uncle. I can tell he really loves his furkids. Interesting facts about you guys but I agree with Puddles…your smile Mazie, is the best. I think us wire hairs have that in common.


  8. Mayzie and Brudder Ranger…There is a song on Dad’s i-pod called “What I like about YOU!+ and your answers are wonderful and fit exactly with what we like about You All.


  9. Mayzie,
    First I loved your tribute to your most wonderful Father yesterday. You are very lucky to have been found by this family.

    Mom and I feel like we know all about you after reading today’s post. What interesting facts. Our favorite was you are 100% Mayzie and that you don’t mind folks laughing at you. Mom’s motto is if you can’t laugh at yourself at least once a day SOMETHING is big time wrong. You and Ranger have it made in the shade my friend…and of course the Cap’n and his lady fair do too.
    Madi and Mom

  10. Oh, geez – we’re gonna have to get this Earlventure stuff wrapped up so we can play too! Have found out so many cool things about everfurrybody else, mom needs to tell our stories too! My old brother Duncan was a JRT, and he was just as sensitive about being called a Rat Terrier as you are being called a JRT, Brudder!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  11. Frankie Furter

    Ranger and Mayzie you took that test and PASSED !! Did you have to study for it and stuff? I loved all of your answers. I feel like I know you soooo much better now. Thanks fur sharing with us!!!

  12. Awwwwe, gosh Mayzie…I bets that was what mum was doing. You knows, rooting us on and stuffs. I’m sure glads you brought that to my attention. I has to laugh when you daid sumptin bouts takin a pikture of my battle scar…mum DID try but I wasn’t cooperating withs her. Maybe hers will try again…it wasn’t bad though, it might not even shows up in a pikture…cuz you knows I gots da best of that varment…hehehehe! Oh, It’s good to be me.
    Your mom needs to gets a pikture of Brudder Ranger’s kill…hehehe! I gots me 2 of em this year.

  13. Hi Mayzie! Hi Ranger!

    I just wanted to thank you two for doing my little quiz! I have loved seeing pups answer the questions and I am learning so much about everyone!

    You two are AWFULLY cute!


  14. LOVED your quiz! The photo with you napping with your leg on top dog Brudder Ranger was so cute!! I love puppy piles!


  15. Mayzie,

    I just luvs learning all about my cuzin Mayzie brudder and Ranger today! What a great quiz to take!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  16. Ha! We did the quiz today, too! I see we both like those Kong Wubbas!

    Ranger, we employee the paw technique for petting here, too! It has varying levels of success!

    We loved all your answers!


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  18. Hey, Mayzie and Brudder Ranger!

    We had lots of fun doing the quiz! It got too long for a comment box, though, so I wrote it on my blog.

    Hope you like reading our answers! BOL!

  19. Hi miss Mayzie!

    Yes ma’am, I DO live in Oklahoma! We live in the OKC area and boy, are you right about all of the crazy weather! It has been a STRANGE year here!

    We were stranded in that Christmas Eve blizzard right along with you!!!

    It’s so nice to meet some fellow-Oklahomans, even if ya don’t live here anymore!



  20. Wow, lots of good information about you guys in there. 🙂

  21. What a fun game. We must say we like Wiggle Butt and Ranger Doodle as the best nicknames:) And Ciara says not to worry about the faux pas in the field recall – she can do a perfect somersault when she is trying to get her Gentle Leader off – Mom keeps trying to catch it on video but Ciara is too fast for her.

    It was great to learn so many fun things about you. We might have to try this too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  22. So many fun, fun FUN things we learned about you and Ranger!! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Smileys and Snuggles,
    Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

  23. Aw…Mayzie – this quiz is such a great idea! I loved learning more about you and Brudder Ranger. I must get my human to do this for me too! 😛

    Honey the Great Dane

  24. my lovely miss mayzie,
    we were just meant to be! my mama says it’s kismet! i just go all ooey-gooey inside when i see your beautimous smiling face and think how i am the luckiest duckiest doggie in the world to have you as my girlfriend. it’s a dream come true! 🙂 i better stop being mushy. i am a manly labradude after all. teehee.
    anywho, i enjoyed you and mr. ranger’s quiz answers! my big sis asa looooves PB just like your brother ranger. asa and i both looooove greenies, too. yummy yummers!
    did you pick a day to celebrate your birthday? we think that asa was born some time in october, so we just made her birthday on october 1st!
    the booker man

  25. Thanks fur making us smile!

    Nice stuffs abouts woo!


  26. Pawesome job with the quiz!
    I can see who is the top dog in your house!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. we HAVE to get mummy to take that quiz for us. very very interesting.
    Loved reading about the two of you…you guys so full of fun and happiness.
    that paw-trick to get belly rubs works wonders!!
    love you heaps,
    gin n bud

  28. I love the All About Us idea and loved this post. I am very forgetful so I seize every chance I can get to learn more and be reminded about what I already knew about my furiends. Hilariously written, I would like to add!

  29. Mayzie and Wangew

    You’we wight, you’we bof quite pawfect!!
    I loved leawning all about the two of you..what a wondewful household you must have.
    Mayzie, you’w smile could melt the coldest heawt..I loves you lots!!!!
    smoochie kisses

  30. hello mayzie its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a grate pikcher of how yoo and brudder ranger fell asleep rite wen yoo wer abowt to deliver a rowndhowse kick upside his hed!!! ha ha ok bye

  31. we call Baily wigglebutt 🙂

  32. Yay! I gets to knows more about you my furriends. Luvs da CHEESE comment too Mayzie!


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