Today’s the Day for my Dee-en-ay!

Hello! Hello! The big day is finally here! Yep…the day you’ve all been waiting for! Are you excited? I know I am!

Okay, befores I tell you what my test said, I just wanna say thank you, thank you to all the peoples and doggies and kittehs who put in their guesses and helped me and Zona and JD & Max and Dog Foster Mom raise green papers for Mariah’s Promise and Dog’s Trust and All Paws Rescue. We ended up having 247 guesses which translates into a total of 494 green papers and 123.50 (I think) pounds! My heart is just full to the brim with all the goodness and kindness that’s in the world. Thank you a million times over!

Okay, may I haves a drum roll pleeze? Heeeeere we go…!

My intermediate breed, which is what my grandma or grandpaw was (and accounts for 25% of my dee-en-ay), is…


My cuzins, Halle and Toby

Haha! Noooooo…not reallys! I’m just teasing with you. But boy, I bet you were surprised there for a little bit, huh?

Nope, my grandma or grandpaw was…


One of my real cuzins, Maggie Mae!

Now, I don’t thinks this was too awfully Most Surprising since so many of you guessed it right! And remembers, if you were one of the ones that guessed “Boxer,” you’re gonna be entered to wins a t-shirt from This Good, That Bad or a $60 gift certificate from CSN Stores. So make sure you come back tomorrow to check and see if you won!

Okie doke, now on to my great-grandpawrents, who accounts for at least 12.5% of my dee-en-ay each.

Now, remembers what the dee-en-ay peoples said: Since it’s such a teeny part of my dee-en-ay, physical traits might not show up unless it’s a dominant gene. Okay, so, my first great-grandpawrent was…


Picture courtesy Wikipedia

Hmmmm…I wonders what could pawsibly the dominant gene here? I can’t figures it out. Can you?

Now there were several peoples who guessed Bull Terrier as my grandpawrent. But only ONE person guessed it as my great-grandpawrent and that was Laurel Ashley! (Laurel also guessed Boxer as my grandpawrent. Is she good or what?)

Okay, now for my other great-grandpawrent – this one really might come as a surprise to you. Are you holding on to your seats? Cuz my other great-grandpawrent was…


Mona - my 32nd cuzin, 8 times removed

What? No…I’m serious! Reallys! I guess there must not be any dominant genes that got passed along to me. Although me and Mona do share Most Excellent roaching abilities.

And there was ONE doggie that guessed “dachshund” as my great-grandpawrent and that was Penny! She didn’t guess wire-haired but I figure it’s close enough.'s easy to see why Frankie luvs her!

Now, cuz there were only two who guessed my great-grandpawrents right, I’m gonna gives you both something from this really neat-o company called I’m Tired Of… They sells bracelets and keychains and bumper stickers and pet tags and stuff. And parts of the moneys goes to different animal and people charities. My mom just got herself a bracelet that says, “I’m tired of BSL.” And HALF the green papers went to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary!

Congratulations to both of you!! I’ll have mom sends you an email and we can works out the details, ‘kay?

Oh…I almost forgot! Here’s part of the report if you wanna see it with your own two eyes. (Click to biggify.)

Okie doke, now remembers – if you guessed Boxer, be sure to come back tomorrow and see if you won the super-duper 1st place or 2nd place prizes! And even if you didn’t guess Boxer, I hopes you know that you’re still a winner in my eyes cuz you helped a whole lotta furry furends on their way to a better life!

Wiggles & Wags & a Million Doggie Kisses from me to you!

You makes me SO happy!



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45 responses to “Today’s the Day for my Dee-en-ay!

  1. OMD…OMD…OMD is we related too?????? Ya know, that’s kind of funny cuz I was actually going to guess doxie as a joke…hehehehehe! So where do your ears come in? Is that from da bull terrier? So they don’t crop their ears? This is all so fascinating.
    Ummmmm…does this mean there is still a chance of you being part zebra?
    My mum paid fur my hooman girls kindergarten class to sponsor at Michael Vick pibble at Best Friends. We so love their organization, thy do wonderful things at that place.

  2. Wow. The first two make a lot of sense. I did think boxer at first, but went with Boston because of your size but I see where the combination of the two could do that just fine. The wire haired doxie – big surprise! Mona is gonna be so happy, I bet. Anyway, all these ancestors combined to make a perfect pup and that’s you, Mayzie. Congratulations to all the winners, too.

    wags, Lola

  3. Frankie Furter

    Well Miss Mayzie I was pretty sure it would be Boxer… butt who would EVER have thought there was a Dachshund in the mix. No wonder I have always thought you were so special. No, just kidding about that. I think you are SPECIAL, butt NOT just beclaws you have Dachshund in you. It’s beclaws you are just plain GRRRREAT.
    Soooo are you happy with the boxer thingy? I think they are grrreat dawgs.
    You surely did make a big pile of green papers for the really grrreat groups. You must be very much Proud of that. (see what I mean about you being SPECIAL??)
    PeeS… do you have to put all your toys in boxes now??? Do you have to get in a ring and (shiver) Fight???

  4. Wow, that is a surprise! Boxer definitely, and I guess you get your petite size from being a dachshund. What a great contest!

  5. Mango

    That was so exciting. I am not sure I see the weiner dog in you, but who knows? Maybe you will develop the urge to dig tunnels.


  6. OMD Mayzie….our collective jaws dropped to the floor when we say the poodles.
    You and mom are too funny. What interesting lineage you have sweet girl.
    All very respectable breeds with good work ethics and loving nature…which explains your supreme sweetness.

    Congrats to all the correct guessers.

    Hugs Madi and Mom

  7. Wowsa! We is so intrigued by the results, which, except for the poodle, were not totall unexpected. But we really like what Madi and the Mom said, and want to echo the part about your sweetness


  8. Hi Mayzie
    Congratulations on all the green papers you raised for the rescues. Boxer, bull terrier & dachshund. That is a great combination.
    Love Ruby & Penny
    Pees – we are surprised about the dachshund. We just guessed it because we wanted you to be like us & now you are.

  9. Wow! That was way exciting… and that poodle fake out… you had mom going with that one, not us cuz we knows you so well but mom totally fell for it! So we’re curious… what do we call your breed now? Miniature Doxie Boxie? Wire-Haired Bull Box?

    PeeS. Congratulations on raising so many green papers!

    Sam and Pippen

  10. Wow, a Boxer!! I got something right 🙂

    Great job on raising all that money 🙂

  11. We still think there is some of us in your background!

    Toby & Halle

    And good job everyone, I love an ongoing series of posts, and Mayzie you are 100% perfect in our eyes and hearts. xoxoxo Ina

  12. What pawsome DNA…but we still think you are an AKC Cutie!!


  13. I KNEW WE WERE CUZINS, I JUST NEW IT! This is the most wonderfullest news to come back to! I can most definitely see the family resemblance too! I wanted to guess at your dee-en-ay but as you know mom was out of town and didn’t check in with anybody so I didn’t get the chance to cast my vote. Of course I would have guessed boxer, but wire-haired dachshund?? I bet that was a nice surprise. How lucky you is to be like Mona!
    Welcome to the family Mayzie!

    Woofs and Licks from your cuzin,
    Maggie Mae

  14. Geez Mayzie, you totally had us going with that French Poodle thing! Momma is really considering doing the DNA thing for Stella. We’re so glad you raised lot’s of greens for pups in need.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  15. Can’t wait to see if we win! I think we had 2 guesses in the house! But it never mattered what your DNA was. You are most fabulous and sweet!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  16. BOL on the poodle thing…You had us going for about 1/2 a second. Congrats on having some great breeds in your Dee-en-ay!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo
    & Uncle Puppy

  17. Yay! It is so exciting to find out part of what makes up a Mayzie dog. Merlin is walking around the house bragging about how intelligent he is (because he guessed Boxer). Noelle now thinks that she must be a Bull Terrier mix instead of an American Pit Bull Terrier mix – she really wants to be just like you! Remi never got past the pictures of the poodles at the top of the post. I think he has a crush on Halle. I’ll have to let him know the results later on.

  18. The results were a great way to get more people involved in animal rescue, congrats on raising so much money Mayzie. Being part boxer, bull terrier and daschund makes a great Mayzie!

  19. HI Mayzie,

    We luved your post today, it was grrreat as ususal! Thanks for stopping by.

    Luv ya,
    Riley and Star.

  20. Very interesting, Mayzie gal! I woulda thought you’d have at least an itsy bitsy smidgen of pit bull in you. But all those bits and pieces have made you such an amazing Mayzie! Congrats on getting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Yay for DNA testing. And yay for you and your mama being such good dog lovers and charitable souls!

  21. Congrats on your dee n ay and on your great competition Mayzie. We know you are 100% adorable as we have said before.
    Who would have thought poodle…………………..!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  22. Wow Mayzie that is so cool – we thought the poodle was funny because that was what Lola almost guessed as a joke, but then you used it as a joke too – and before we got to that part she was all “wait, you should have listened to me!” It is so fun to find out what your grandparents and great grandparents are – we can see the boxer and the mini bull in you but not so much the daschund. But we like all those kinds of dogs, which is probably why we like you a lot – you are made of a bunch of great stuff!!

    And congrats to the two lucky people who did get the great grandparent guesses – very impressive!!

  23. WoW! Mayzie, that was KOOOL! we really enjoyed reading ur Dee En Ay report. So thoughtful of Mummy to think about getting it done and helping you host this lovely game.

    We are very very glad about the green-papers. so many doggies will be so very grateful, we are sure
    wags, Buddy n Ginger

  24. Khwite the furry interesting recipe to achieve Mayzieness!

    Khongrats to all fur khontributing to such great khauses!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  25. Mayzie
    This is vewy vewy excitewing
    I just knew you wewe a mix of wondewfulness, but I didn’t guess any little wiwy dachsies in you..WOW DNA is a mistewy, huh?
    Well, I stick to my initial guess 100% pawfect cutie pie is what you awe!
    Thank you so much fow youw genewosity
    smoochie kisses

  26. Well, after we picked up Grammy’s eyes off the floor and handed them back to her (after she read the poodle part) We were really excited to find out that we’d been right on the boxer part! We can see the Miniature Bull Terrier some… that’s why we guess Boston Bull Terrier.

    Now, the doxie bowled us right over! Grammy says that BG is SO SWEET and he’s got doxie in him, and that must be where a BIG DOSE of your sweetness comes in, but then Boxiers (that she’s known) have been really sweet too, and she remembers the OLD make of that movie with the two dogs and a cat and the Bull Terrier in that was just so sweet, too! We think you got the sweet of ALL of the breeds in you! Better be careful of BEES!!!

    Grammy bout peed her britches with the comment on you being a Miniature Boxie Doxie!!! We had to herd her to the potty real quick!

    We are just so glad that those rescue places all got blessed because of the generosity of you and your bloggy friends! The Country Corgi Crew.

  27. Wow, that is so neat. Makes me want to go get mine done now.

    I think I guess boxer…can’t wait to see who the winner is tomorrow. What a fun thing to do and for a great cause!

  28. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    You got us with the Poodle! Great job earning loads of $ for the homeless dogs.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  29. deawest mayzie
    yoo awe so uniquely mixed and have the bewooty from so many breeds in no wonder you are full of the gorgeousness. we eshpecially love the last picture cause you look extra happish and we love to shee you shmile

    pibble sugars and wee wiggles
    the pittie pack

  30. This has been one of the most fun fundraisers we’ve seen in a long time! We’ll keep our fingers crossed that we win something tomorrow! Mayzie, you did a great thing and we all had a lot of fun in the process. You can’t ask for better than that in my book!

  31. That sure was fun! We are so glad to know all the wonderful breeds that make Mayzie.:)

    Teddy Bear

  32. Hi, Mayzie!
    I was sure about the Boxer part on you but… Dachshund?? Not in my wildest dreams!
    I agree. This was the most fun fundraiser!
    Kisses and hugs

  33. OMD not only was your post hilarious, but so’s your background BOL and ROFL and… you had mommy spilling stuff with the poodle shot. You are one fantastical mixture my furiend. Loved this entire process. Could you check a bit more to see if there’s any chihuahua in you? I wouldn’t be surprised.
    As for your comment “can’t wait to see the baby kittehs”… I can! The longer they take, the better. It’s going to be a cat-astrophe 🙂

  34. Mayzie – you just cracked us up with that poodle bit:) Wouldn’t that have been something if it were true??? No matter what the combination, we still think you make for one beautiful gal and that’s the truth.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  35. This is so fascinating! You’re related to my little sister, Phoenix! Who’d have known! Makes me want to convince mom to send away for my family tree when I have to go to the V.E.T. this month!! I sent off my 200 green papers to Mariah’s Promise. PayPal didn’t have a comment section so I had mom send them a thank you note for all they do to combat BSL and I made sure they knew how we learned about them and all the wonderfulness that is Mayzie!! Thank you for being you… French Poodle and all. BOL!


  36. Wow! So we nailed it with boxer, but some of those other relatives are waaaay out there! A french Poodle?? I see more French bulldog than French poodle for sure – maybe it was a typo BOL!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  37. Oh my goodness, Mayzie – I would NEVER have guessed those relatives – imagine! A Wire-haired Dachshund! Maybe the Bull Terrier coz of the brindle coat…and of course, the Boxer makes sense…

    Still, it’s just incredible how genes can mix to come up with a totally new wonderful package, isn’t it?

  38. WOW MAyzie
    That was very exciting and who knew a dachshund?? Good job on the onees that got it right!! Cool!! no matter what you are a special dog Mayzie!!!


  39. BOL!!! French Poodle, he he he!!!

    You know Mazyie girl, we were also thinking BT… for your great ears. We should have submitted a guess for Seth!!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  40. Wow! We would have never guessed Doxie!
    This has been a very fun contest and for such a wonderful cause!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  41. Hi cuzin!! I am so excited that we are cousins. I should have known cuase we are both can do a great roach, I wonder if it’s an inheirted thing. I can’t wait to tell everybody that I have a real relative on DWB. I am so lucky and I love you so much.

    Mommy is gonna do a post about a very special little doggie named Lexie, called Pootie, that died and we saw a quote on your blog that Mommy wants to use if it’s Ok with you.

    The pic you used on this post was the last time I was at the groomer. I went yesterday and Mommy is gonna post a new one tonight.

    Special {{{huggies}}} to my cuz….Mona and your Aunt, Mommy

  42. I missed a couple days and missed the BIG announcement. It was surprising. Those are all very wonderful and noble breeds. And they are mixed so well in you. You are one of a kind.
    Congratulations to the winners.
    Your mom is very generous. (And a good prize chooser.)

  43. hello mayzie its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow i noo it!!! wel i suspekted it at leest!!! ok bye

  44. our Chick has a great grandparent who is a miniature bull terrier too . . . i wonder if you two are related!!!

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