The Very Last Day! And a Sea-Link Fahn Bird Update.

This is it! The very LAST AND FINAL DAY of my contest! We’re ups to 232 guesses which of course means 232 green papers for Mariah’s Promise from me and Zona, and 1160 pences for Dog’s Trust in the You Kay from JD and Max! (Edited to add: JD and Max just set me straight that it’s really 11600 pennies (not pences), which is 116 pounds! They’re gonna donate 116 POUNDS of moneys! Holy moley! Thanks, JD and Max, for figuring that out for me. Whew! Math is hard but You Kay math is even harder!)

And if that wasn’t enough good to just make you about to burst, how about this? The Ever-So-Terrific and Most Hilarious Dog (and kitteh – even if she doesn’t want to admit it) Foster Mom is also jumping in and is gonna match our donation and sends it to All Paws Rescue, which is the rescue she fosters for!

Seriouslys! I mean – SERIOUSLYS! Is this the Most Amazing thing ever? I hopes all ofย  you are very much proud of yourselves cuz your guesses are helping to saves all sorts of doggies and kittehs in lotsa different places. (Like the one and onliest Ziggy, who is looking for a home with either a family of lumberjacks or construction workers. Or just somebuddys with lotsa patience and a sense of humor.)

All this is way beyond my wildest dreams (and I can dream wild, lets me tell you!). I luvs being able to raise green papers for Mariah’s Promise, but there’s lotsa other rescues out there who needs help, too. So, if you’re able, it would mean the whole wide world to me if you’d considers making a donation to one that’s near and dear to your heart. I know that even just one dollar can make a difference!

Oh, and I also wanna thank the Most Fabulous Amy and the House of Cats for helping to gets the word out to our feline furends! Meow, meow!

Okay, now, this is how it’s gonna work. I’m gonna collect all the guesses through tonight. On tomorrow (Thursday), I’m gonna reveal what my dee-en-ay test said. And I’m also gonna tell you if anybuddy guessed one of my great grandpawrents right. Then, on FRIDAY, I’m gonna reveals our first and second place winners.

Oh! I can hardly stand the excitement!

But, wait! Before I lets you go, I wanted to gives you a little update on me and that Sea-Link Fahn Bird. Now Lorenza had a Most Wonderful and Brilliant idea to clip that birdie’s wings. I don’t know why I hadn’t thoughts of that before. Oh, she’s a clever one, she is! But we may not have to cuz I have discovered that I am way smarter than him. See, the best noms are in the kitchen and that’s where said Evil Bird lives. So at first, I decided to hang out in the hallway outta reach of his talons.

Okay, mom. Lookit me bein' all brave. Now toss me one of those noms!

Well, the problem is that mom throws like a girl, so Brudder Ranger was snarfing up noms that were meant for me! So I decided to quietly scootch in next to the table.

Don't makes any sudden moves anybuddy.

Most Unfortunately, dad sits at the OTHER end of the table and he’s a bigger sucker more generous with noms than mom is. What to do? What to do?

I did it! I made it next to dad!

Haha! Take THAT, you stupid bird! (Please don't kill me.)



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31 responses to “The Very Last Day! And a Sea-Link Fahn Bird Update.

  1. Yeah! I’m so excited! What a great contest for a great cause!
    Poor Mayzie, the bird will go to sleep in winter, then you’ll have your peace back. Or you talk your mom now to put him to sleep mode furever and use the hand fan instead?

  2. Mayzie, I’m so excited for the way this contest has worked out. What a great idea it was. Dog Foster Mom is so kind to match your donations, too. You’d think that she would have enough to worry about what with keeping up with Ziggy and the others. As soon as I can get back on the computer I will go over there and thank her so much for that.

    As far as the Sea-link Fahn goes, you are so brave and you are really showing it who’s boss. (You’re the boss, I mean.) You are beating it and with the right motivation you’ll be the boss of it in no time.

    wags, Lola

  3. What exciting news and very touching to have been able to collect all the comments!!! We are looking forward to hearing about your dee-en-ay results.

    We do so hope you and the fan-bird come to some type of agreement allowing you both to live in harmony…sweet friend you have to go in the kitchen that is the best room in the house.
    Madi and Mom

  4. Frankie Furter

    Holy Gwalk a Moley!! That is one hoooge number of guesses!! I am soooo happy and proud. You are doing a really grrreat thing with your green papers. I can’t wait to hear all the answers.
    Mayzie you were sooooo brave to go into the “Jaws of Death”. I am double double proud of you now!!

  5. We liked Lorenza’s idea for the monster bird! Well done Mayzie with all those guesses and most importantly for all those green papers that rescues so badly need.
    We really are very proud of all your hard work. We are also excited to hear about those dee n ay results!
    Wouldn’t it be really great if they discovered an ancient auntie who was a basset!!!!!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  6. Mayzie…you are a brave and wonderful doggie, that is for sure, for sure (Minnesota talk)

    But in the very last picture, you don’t look convinced of that at alllllll..


  7. Dear Sweet Mayzie you have inspired so much good! Where Jeter goes to Day Camp there are also rescues there waiting for Furever Homes – many worthy candidates! We will be excited for Thursday’s Results Post.

    When I went to buy some coffee on Tuesday the barrista lady told me a story about how her mom found a maybe 5 year old Yorkie wandering around the neighborhood. They live near the airport and think somebody abandoned the little dear. The barrista lady said they are keeping it and just love it. Happy!!!

    And it looks like your Sea-Link Fahn Bird is pretty nice, just be careful!! xoxoxo

    Oh and PS I discovered that my 4 poodles have super skills…. when I park the car, lock it and dash into a store (like the coffee shop mentioned above) not only do they set off the alarm (every time), but they have also figured out that if they push the radio button they can listen to music while I am in the shop!!! My car radio will play when you push the button even when the keys are out of the car. They also “adjusted” the vent settings….Those 4 dogs are a riot!!

  8. Linda

    I guess that you are a Queensland Healer Mix.

  9. Hi Mayzie
    You are a vary brave girl. Way to go.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  10. Oh my Mayzie girl. I knew you were so very brave and I am just beaming with happiness that you is conquering one of your fears…furst a bath and now da evil birdie. It has been amazing watching you progress. You are just a true gem of a doggie. Ummmmm..okay, that was nuff sweetness fur oneday. Soooo, you are seriously making da Puddles wait til Friday? Good Gracious, how bout you goin ahead and texting me withs da results…I won’t tell nobuddy…hehehehe!

  11. Christina

    Oh Mayzie, your momma is the bestest in the whole wide world! She is like an angel walking on earth helping all those pups and…i’ll say it just this once…kitties….(shudder)…woo that was a tough one.

    By the way, have woo missed me?! I have been thinking of you for the past 5 days! It was torture not to be able to see your stripes and beawoootiful face! Can woo have your momma talk some sense into my momma.

    Dude, I saw the raw meat that woo got for the very first time. I think my mom said she was going to get that for me this weekend too! I have never had it either. I live such a deprived life!

    Tell your mom to keep up the good work because my mom saw this post and VOILA I will be eating that nommy stuff by the weekend!

    Wags and woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  12. Mayzie we have one of those birds at our house too – don’t worry, they almost never come off the ceiling. We keep an eye on ours and it hasn’t come down the whole time we lived here – and that is like forever (heck, longer than 4 of us have even been alive!) But we do say keeping an eye on it is a good idea – because birds cannot be trusted!

    And that is so cool there are so many guesses! And we are so excited to find out what your Dee En Ay says but no matter what it says we still think you are super awesome!!

  13. Mayzie
    What a great contest.Cant wit to see who wins!!! You are one super cool dog Mayzie!!!
    Have a great day!!


  14. We can’t wait for the results. You are one brave girl…but you gotta take risks to get the noms!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo
    & Uncle Puppy

  15. Miss Mayzie, Miss Mayzie! Your calculation of pennies is a little off – it’s not one-one-six-oh pennies, it’s one-one-six-oh-OH pennies! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Or in other words, one one six pounds – neat eh?! You see what a difference you are making?

    We also have something exciting to let you know about. As well as the pudding, erm, we mean, the pennies donation, our FH has decided to sponsor a doggie! Please visit this link to see Kira ( – hasn’t she got great ears?! It’s very sad, she’ll never find a furever home now because she’s just TOO nervous, our FH fell in love with her. We’re gonna feature her on our blog from time to time.

    We ran straight round to visit Dog Foster Mom to say hello after we heard the trilling news that she was also donating. Ohh Miss Mayzie you are making SUCH a difference! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  16. You have made quite an accomplishment Mayzie! So much good done, all around!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  17. Can’t wait to hear what you’re made of … besides sugar and spice and everything nice! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Mr. Nubbin’

  18. Oh Mayzie…you are becoming ever so brave! We were born and raised with a flock of those birdies in our house so they don’t bother us so much, but we can understand how they might be scary!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

    PeeEss..Congrats on all the guesses!!

  19. That is just amazing, Mayzie. So many very generous pups and peeps out there. We make a contribution regularly to a couple of different rescues. We think we will make our next one in honor of your DNA.

    And we also think that your very sweet Dad needs to change his seat to whatever one makes it the most comfortable for you to be away from that awful bird:) We know how much he loves you, so we are sure he would do that for you.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. This just shows THE POWER OF THE PAW!

    Woo Rokhk Mayzie!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  21. Dawling Mayzie

    You desewve evewy tweat in the book fow youw genewosity and having this contest. you awe helping so many fuwwkids and inspiwing all of us to donate on ouw own too. thank you fow being so special and cawing.
    I’m so glad that you have avoided that monstew biwd..I have had my ceiling biwd send a message to youw ceiling biwd adn he pwomised he wouldn’t huwt you, so you can get those nommies in peace
    smoochie kisses

  22. Oh MaYZIE! i did want to eat one or at least try to, the crabs i mean..but mummy wouldn’t let me. she was terrified i’d be stung or bitten or whatever crabs do to protect themselves.
    btw, we looovvee that last picture of yours, how can daddy resist those doleful eyes?
    and we are very proud of you that you have managed to raise so much for some lucky pup and kittie.
    wags, gin n bud

  23. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    When you first showed us the bird, we noticed that there was a picture of a CAT in the background. It may be scaring that bird and makin’ it flap. So we think you should get rid of that picture!

    You are super brave goin’ in the same room…….but sometimes we have to do things like that to get treats!

    You are certainly making some of our fur friends happy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  24. HI MAYZIE! We read all 27 posts we missed while my computer was broke. Too many to comment on but we sure did read them all. can’t believe how much money you have raised to help some super pawsome dogs ๐Ÿ™‚ I too cry at movies all the time

  25. Oh boy! Can’t wait to find out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Your contest is going to do amazing things for some lucky dogs! Way to go Mayzie!

    I think you have outsmarted that bird, but good! Just be sure you get the treats before the bird swoops down and gets them!


  27. Don’t you worry about that bird, Mayzie! I hear it can’t walk on floors. So it can never get you!

    Your mom and dad plus Dog Foster Mom are so generous! There are some very lucky pups out there!

  28. I knew you could do it!:)

    Teddy Bear

  29. Hi, Mayzie!
    I am so happy you liked my idea but I know you will conquer your fear!
    That big bird will not harm you!
    I can’t wait to know about the results!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  30. Hi Mayzie, Ziggy was sooooo excited to see his picture on your blog! He thinks he is famous now, and he’s kind of getting annoying about it – apparently between being on your blog and having his own fan page, he thinks he is quite important! I might have to have Noelle bring him back to reality soon.

    You have done an awesome thing with this contest, and I am glad to just play a small part to help support rescues in your honor.

    Oh, great job on being brave around that scary bird – the last photo/caption was my absolute favorite – possibly of all time!

  31. Mayzie… better hide! After today’s post Grammy’s on her way over there to grab you and give you a BIG OLD HUG and SMOOCHIE KISS! She thinks you are just TOO ADORABLE!

    Hey… wait a MINUTE! What are WE? Chopped LIVERS?

    Gimli: Did I hear someone say chopped livers? Where?

    OC: Grammy, you aren’t going ANYWHERE to kiss some other dog! I’M ALL the dog YOU need!

    Ok… guess we got her stopped… You are safe for now! The CCC

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