Happy Memorial Day and a Very Special Thing

Happy Memorial Day to all my Most Wonderful furends! I hope you have something super duper fun planned for today! But don’t forget to think about all the Most Brave men and women who serve our country and who have even given up their lives to make OUR lives better.

Okay, so I have so very much exciting news! We are up to 185 guesses in our contest! Only 15 more to go to gets to 200! Remember, EACH member of your family can vote so if you still have some wayward family members who haven’t voted, or if you just haven’t gotten arounds to it yourself, be sure to clicky here to cast your vote!

Oh, and I wants to thank even more peoples and doggies who have helped to gets the word out about my contest: Scout and Freyja, Frankie Flirter – I mean – Furter, and the wild and crazy gang over at I Need a Sugar Fix. You all are just the bestest! And if I’ve left you outta my thank you list, please, please lets me know cuz I mighta missed it (or mom mighta forgot – she’s getting up there you know) and I wanna make sure I thanks you too!

Okay, now, here’s the Very Special Thing! You know how the Most Remarkable Zona has offered to match our donation to Mariah’s Promise? Well, yesterdays, I heard from JD and Max. I’m sure you know them. They are two Most Handsome and Clever Schnauzer boys living all the way over in a place called the You Kay.

Max and JD - some of the coolest dogs around!

Anyways, they said that for every guess we gets, they are gonna donate 50p to their favorite rescue over there called Dogs Trust, which is the largest dog welfare charity in the You Kay! Now, I thoughts when they said 50p, that meant 50 PUDDINGS and I was pretty much double excited about that. But then mom said that the “p” stands for “pence,” which is what they call some of their green papers over there – and then I was TRIPLE excited! And it made my heart all full to the brim with the happys. So can you believes it? Your guess about my dee-en-ay is truly helping dogs all overs the world!

So do me a big, huge favor and if you gets a chance, run over and tell those darling boys and their FH how very much you luvs them for what they’re doing!

I hope you all know how very much happy you make me. Words really aren’t the most sufficient so I hopes this will gives you a better idea!

The happiest girl in the WORLD - cuz of you!

Have a very much safe and fun Memorial Day!



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20 responses to “Happy Memorial Day and a Very Special Thing

  1. Oh Mayzie, I haves missed you soooo much. see, my mum deserted us fur da weekend and cut off all my puter privies. Her said I couldn’t be trusted to post comments without supervision…hehehehe!
    I thinks you have started sumptin withs your DEE-EN-AY contest. This is just da most exciting thing that ever was. Soooo many animals are going to gets lots of help because of you. I hopes you are proud of yourself cuz I know I am.

  2. Mayzie, you make all of us happy. No matter how the day starts, if you’ve posted Blog Mom and I both get a smile on our faces. Here’s the thing – we just loooove you! Which is only one of many reasons why there need to be rescue organizations all over the world to help a pup out when things are bleak, ’cause look how great things can turn out if they get a paw up.

    Hope your day is great. Alpha Mom is going to work on making it up to me for her defection so mine is looking pawsitive so far.

    wags, Lola

  3. Mayzie that is the most wonderful news! You are doing such great things for dogs all over the WORLD just by being 100% Mayzie (I still think that is the answer to the contest)! And you are right – what handsome boys! I’m zooming over there right now!


  4. Shady

    Wow, thank you Zona, Max and JD. Not only is this contest fun, it will help a lot of doggies at this rate. Mayzie, we will still love you no matter what even if your breed comes back “alien” so it reallly is all for fun and thank you too for such a great idea!


  5. Hope you have a great Memorial Day as well!

  6. Your contest is turning out to be great for dogs all around the world! How cool that is! Way to go Mayzie!

    Happy Memorial Day to you, too!


  7. Oh Miss Mayzie – you’ve really made us blush! 🙂

    We’re simply reacting to ‘Miss Mazyie’s magic’! It’s as the gorgeous Zona said in her comment – you’re doing such great things for doggies all over the World simply by being 100% Mayzie! We’ve seen how sweet and trusting you are and what a difference having a wonderful furever home has made and we wanted to help other doggies out there to be as fortunate as you. It’s YOU Miss Mayzie – you’re making the difference by being so special! 🙂

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  8. Mayzie
    I love youw big bootiful smile! and am soo happiest too that so many fuwwiends awe pawticipating in guessing and helping!
    That is so cool that youw fwiends in You Kay awe helping too..I know Dog’as Twust..I sponsow a little doggie thewe(it stawted wif a good fwiend of mine sponsowing him as a biwfday pwesent fow me and I’ve continood)

    You awe a vewy special giwl
    I love you
    smoochie isses

  9. Outstanding, Mayzie!!!! This is the kind of contest we like – all the benefit goes to those who need it most – thanks for doing so much good and thanks to JD, Max, and Zona too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. Mayzie, we are very proud of you. We too love competitions that help those dogs still looking for there forever homes. We want everydog to be as lucky as you and us.
    martha and bailey xx

  11. Your contest has taken on a life of it’s own! Isn’t that wonderful, Mayzie! So many anipals are going to be helped because of your and Your Mom’s thoughtfulness. We will have to check out your friend’s blogs, too!

  12. I have added two more voters for the contest.
    Have a fun and safe Memorial Day.

  13. Mayzie girl, so many wonderful people are helping out homeless pups! We are smiling from ear to ear.

    We hope you had a most wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Lot’s of loves and licks.
    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  14. Mango

    My, what a big tongue you have. Super happy face.


  15. Your contest was such a great idea…and it is helping so many dogs too. I still can’t wait for the ‘big reveal’.

  16. Love the contest idea – and I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

  17. Happy Memorial Day Mayzie and brudder!
    That is just fabby JD and Max and Zona are joining in your cause! Wooho!
    That’s teamwork.

  18. They are pawesome furiends!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: This is all so furry exciting!

  19. Pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. That is just so fabulous! You have the bestest furends!


    Mr. Nubbin’

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