Keep guessing! And I hate this bird!

Hello, hello, everybuddies! I hopes your long weekend is getting off to a Most Amazing start!

We gots 10 more guesses yesterdays on my Family Tree Contest so that means we’re up to 151 green papers for Mariah’s Promise! And those 151 green papers will helps other doggies like Roscoe, whose family had to gives him up cuz they moved to that Denver place where B.S. Hell lives:

And remembers, if you haven’t yet, be sure to clicky here and give me your guess!

Now, even though I am Most Happy about our contest, I am NOT Most Happy about this:

The Dangerous Sea-Link Fahn Bird

This is a big scary bird that lives in my house. Most of the times, it is asleep and I don’t think too much about it. But yesterdays, it got real hot here and when it gets hot, it wakes up!

The Monster awakes!

Now, the first time I saw this big ol’ bird when it was awake, it nearly skeered me outta my little white sock! I’d only lived outside, you know, and none of the birds I had ever seen looked like THAT one! Well, I dropped to the ground on my tummy and my teeth started chattering! Dad was all, what’s wrong?! And I couldn’t even tell him cuz I was so skeered. Well, dad finally figured it out (he’s pretty smart) and he made the bird go back to sleep. And all last summer, mom and dad always made sure that the bird was asleep when I was in the room.

Then during the winters, mom and dad did something they call “counter conditioning.” All I know is that it meant tasty noms for me! They would sometimes wake up the bird for just a little bit and gives me CHEESE! and that made me start feeling a little better abouts that bird. But I still didn’t luvs it, and mom and dad made sure it stayed asleep most of the time.

But yesterdays…yesterdays it got REAL hot. Way hotter than it normally gets here at this time of the year – and we don’t have one of those cold-making machines that some of you have – and well, that bird WOKE UP! And mom wouldn’t make it go back to sleep cuz she says that this bird – this evil, horrible, terrible bird that wants to eat me – helps to keep our house cooler and she says the bird isn’t gonna hurt me, but I’m not sure she really knows what she’s talking about. So I have decided to hide pout take shelter in my condo until that bird goes into hibernations again. (This also has the added benefit of making mom and dad feel pretty guilty about the whole thing and well, between you and me, I think they SHOULD feel at least an itsy bit guilty. Don’t you?)

Sigh...don't you worry about me. I'll just stay here until you come ot your senses.

So anyway, please do me a big, huge favor and keep your paws crossed that the weather cools off before I becomes a bird snack! ‘kay?

Note from mom: I normally would NEVER continually expose Mayzie to something that scares her so much. The last thing you should do with a fearful dog is make them “face their fears,” aka “flooding.” Think of it this way: I’m terrified of snakes and putting me in a room full of them would NOT make me less afraid. Instead, we use counter-conditioning: On the other hand, if you gave me $1000 every time someone appeared briefly across the room with a snake, I’d probably get pretty excited about seeing that snake after awhile.We have had huge success with this to change the way Mayzie feels about whatever it is that’s scaring her. Unfortunately, with our little heat wave, we’ve really had no choice but to turn on the ceiling fan. We’re dropping treats for her like crazy and we never force her to stay in the room. We always allow her to make her own decisions about whether she wants to be in the room and if so, how far and how long. She’s much better than she used to be but it’s just going to take some time.



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24 responses to “Keep guessing! And I hate this bird!

  1. Mayzie I am not a fan of the fan (bird) either. Sometimes even when it is not on I look up at it and become absolutely possessed. I let out a little growl (yep I growl) my tail gets really fluffy and my back has a hump in it then I tear through the house like a herd of elephants…(mom’s words).
    Then all of a sudden things are ok and I’m resting again.

    So from now on just think of me when the fan bird comes around maybe that will make you smile!!!
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  2. That is one ginormous bird, Mayzie! We have two of those at our house, and they’ve never given me a lick of trouble. I don’t think they eat dogs. Perhaps if you offered up a kitty sacrifice…


  3. Mayzie! I hate that bird as well and you know what? We had two of them! One was over our bed and the other in the dining room… that meant I couldn’t eat OR sleep! But I sat mom down and had a heart to heart with her – told her how if the bird was awake during the night when she was sleeping it could eat all of us! Well, that skeered her! Last month, a man came over and killed both of them. Now we just have real purty lights where the birds used to be!

    So I thinks the trick is to get your mom and dad skeered of the bird too and maybe it’ll go away just like ours did!

    Pippen (and Sam too!)

  4. Today is becoming the most frightening day… first a crime scene over at the Thundering Herd… then a SWIMMING NEMESIS at Frankie’s place… and now this?? Oh my heavens… I need to go back to sleep for awhile and start over!

    Later mom has to work on something called Mount Washmore and we have one of those sleeping birds down there… I wonder if I have a talk with him, he’ll call your bird and work it out?

    And to your mom, you are a wonderful example! We fearful dogs really appreciate the patience and understanding! Not to mention the encouraging noms in the face of scary birds. I’m sure $1,000 every time a snake appeared would eventually make my papa excited to see that snake but in his case… eventually could be a very, very long time. BOL!


  5. oh dawling pibble
    we would DIE wiffout our cooling box AND fan here in texas. ush well insulated pibbles NEED all this bird stuff cause we dont like the hot. we go outside to leave warning peemails for the twee rats and what not butt we run back inside when we is done cause it is way hot out there. just keep getting your cheese and it may become your new furryend for cheese you know.??

    comforting pibble sugars to you
    the pittie pack

  6. Fear not, Mayzie. We have a bird like that, too. It doesn’t eat doggies. It does collect dust pretty well, but that’s about it. I do try not to get directly under it when it’s awake, but that’s just in case it poops. Birds just drop that stuff wherever they feel like it.

    wags, Lola

  7. Mom and Dad put up a two headed bird in our family room I bet you wouldn’t like that one tiny little bit!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  8. We gots a couple of those things. Muzzer says they help her with her “hot flashes” – whatever that is. I have never been afraid of them, but Teka just truly loves the things. Her favorite place to sleep is on her back directly under the one that hangs over the big bed…She says it keeps her tummy cool. We will try to get a picture, but….well, you know my muzzer and cameras, right? Anyway, we hopes you get over your fear, and think maybe hot dog chunks added to the cheeses would help?

    gussie n teka

  9. Hello Miss Mayzie, oh, if only we lived in the same country, we’d be round there pronto to protect you from that evil bird thing!

    You are a brave girl Miss Mazyie and we are very impressed with how you are getting used to this bird. Plus, if the bird = treats then that can’t be too bad can it? And we bet your condo is lovely and cool anyway which is why you scamper off to it. Hang in there – you’ll soon see that this bird is really quite cool, he he he!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  10. harrispen

    Hi Mayzie,

    My dog Nina has the opposite problem with the big “bird” on the bedroom ceiling. We got her when she was a pup and the bird is spinning 24/7 in our bedroom so that was “normal” to her. The problem is when the power goes out or we have to turn it off to clean it THAT is when she gets all skeered. At 12 years old though she is mostly over that now.

    Keep insisting on the cheese. It has to get better eventually.


  11. But it makes it sooooooo much khooler!

    Just remember the magikh power in your paws!

    I khan see them in akhtion!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  12. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    Mayzie, sounds like it might be worth hangin’ onto that fear for awhile. Just think of the cheese and other treats! We have those birds, but they’re stuck to the ceiling, or in a cage thing. We like sitting in the cool breeze. Hope your weather cools down……humans suffer so much in the heat.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  13. Haha, I just loved the look on your face when you watching out for that bird.
    I have a few birds in my house too, some standing right on the floor, guess what, I send pee-mail to them.

  14. Shady

    Have no fear, Mazy. That brd will surely go for the cats first, and you will have plenty of time to escape.


  15. Last year I think Dennis noticed the ceiling fan for the first time and gave it a few woofs, but he got used to it. Good luck with Mayzie! Those cool breezes are very important!

  16. We have some of those nasty birds in my house to, but I don’t mind them.

  17. Mayzie

    I have one of those biwds in my bedwoom too and anothew in the hall and anothew in the living wooms, and they awe awake all the times cause mommi gets flashes(she gets sopping wet) and can’t suwvive wifout it. I got used to them and can tell you it will not eat a sweet , bootiful giwl like you. honest. I know it will take you time to get used to him and not be scawed, but it sounds like youw pawents awe vewy smawt and will make suwe that you can take youw time and meantime get some yummie snackews too.
    I hope you feel safew soon
    smoochie kisses

  18. Hi, Mayzie!
    I hope you will get used to the big bird fan monster soon!
    Happy sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. We don’t have one of those kind of birds in our house though sometimes we’ve seen them fly over our property with people in their bellies! Those are a bunch BIGGER though, than yours. Mimi has a couple in her house and they are to small to grab people. Probably to small to grab a doggy of your size to.

    Her’s a pretty well-trained birds and obey her orders about when to flap their wings to help cool us off. They can be pretty nice when it’s hot, so we hope that you will learn to like them. I’m sure your parents wouldn’t allow a dangerous bird of that kind around you. It must be pretty well trained. Grandma OC like the idea of a C-A-T sacrifice, though!

  20. Mayzie, we saw one of those once and were scared too! They make a strange noise – just lie low.
    Have a good weekend.
    Martha and Bailey xx

  21. We love that giant bird that flies on the ceiling. I just wish I could get closer to it.

    Teddy Bear

  22. Perfect shot of your eyes looking up at that monster bird.
    Looks like you have a very safe, cozy cave to retreat to and contemplate your next move.
    Sounds like your parents are taking excellent care of you and helping you to understand the world around you. Sometimes a little bit of fear-excitement can actually be fun. (But just a little.)

  23. OMD, Mayzie girl, how we LOVE that shot of you in your crate looking up. Mom says to tell your Mom that we had the same fear with Phantom with our old dishwasher. The plumber guy told Mom that he was probably hearing some high-pitched sound in the gears that we couldn’t hear. We never really got him acclimated to that machine but Mom got a new one that is super quiet and he is fine with it. You might be hearing a sound that you don’t like too. Not sure if getting a new and quieter fan is an option but it is something to think about. Another thing she could try is the D.A.P. pheromone plugins that might help allay some of your fear. Good luck.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. Mango

    Don’t be scared of that bird. I don’t think it can fly or anything. I wish I could come to your estate and protect you. Your mom is trying to help by giving you nommy cheese, but you know getting too hot is really bad for you and the big bird helps you stay cool. Just try to pretend you are me next time, OK? That will make you brave.


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