Guess My Family Tree!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s 100th Post Day and you know what that means! It’s time to guess my family tree!

My Family Tree Contest will run from today until next Wednesday, June 2nd or until we hits 400 guesses, whichever comes first. So put on your thinking collars and let’s get started!


Okay, before we gets on to the rules, I wanna tell you about two very great prizes I’m giving away!

The first place prize is a $60 gift certificate thingie to this very nifty place called CSN Stores. Now they have like a million different stores and they sells all sorts of stuff like sectional sofas and toys and cooking pans and even stuff for dogs and kittehs! And you can use this gift certificate thingie like green paper at ANY of their stores! Can you believes it?

And then the second place prize is an “adoption good, homeless bad” t-shirt from Shady’s mom’s business called This Good, That Bad. They help raise green papers for rescue places through the sale of their stuffs. And if you’re involved with a rescue, she can even helps you set up a fundraiser!

BUT…the best prize of all goes to the wonderful rescue, Mariah’s Promise, cuz I talked my mom and dad into donating 50 cents for every guess left on this postie up to 400 guesses! The green papers will go to helps doggies like Gauge who was a victim of that hateful B.S. Hell guy up in Denver.

Hi! I'm Gauge. And BSL took my family away.

Of course, if you want, you can always donate your own green papers to Mariah’s Promise by clicking here. Be sure to tell ’em Mayzie sent ya!


Okay, I’m gonna gives you a little bit of background on how this dee-en-ay thing works. The Mars Wisdom Panel people have three levels of dee-en-ay:

A. Significant Breed – A breed shows up as “significant” if at least half a doggie’s dee-en-ay is from a pure bred dog. This usually just goes back one generation. Think of this as my pawrents. I did NOT have a significant breed so neither of my pawrents were pure bred dogs.

B. Intermediate Breed – A breed shows up as “intermediate” if at least 25% of my dee-en-ay is from a pure bred dog. This goes back two generations. Think of this as my grandpawrents. I have ONE intermediate breed so one of my grandpawrents was a pure bred dog.

C. Minor Breed – A breed shows up as “minor” if at least 12.5% of my dee-en-ay is from a pure bred dog. This goes back three generations. Think of this as my great-grandpawrents. I have two minor breeds so two of my great-grandpawrents were pure bred dogs.


Whew! Are you still with me? It’s time for the rules but they’re pretty easy:

1. All you have to do is tell me what breed you think my pure bred grandpawrent (intermediate breed) was.

2. You can put in ONE guess from each member of your family – both human and furry.

And that’s it! For everybuddy who guesses correctly what breed my grandpawrent was, I will enter you in to the final drawing for the prizes. If nobuddy guesses right, I will just enter everybuddy in the drawing!

Oh! And some of you might wonder how tall I am and what I weigh to helps you with your guess. I am apawximately 17 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs abouts 39 pounds. (Edited to add: Puddles wanted to know if my Most Magnificent ears are natural or cropped. And I can assures you they are 127% natural! My tail is docked, though.)


If you want, you can also takes a whack at what my great-grandpawrents were. (That’s the minor breed.) I’ll enter anybuddy who gets at least one right into a separate drawing. (But only guesses for the intermediate breed will count towards the donation to Mariah’s Promise.) Oh! And you should know that the dee-en-ay peoples said that physical traits from minor breeds don’t really show up unless it’s a – what did they call it? – dominant gene.

Now, remember you haves until next Wednesday, the 2nd or until we gets 400 guesses – whichever comes first.

Okay, you ready? On your mark, gets set, and GO!



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155 responses to “Guess My Family Tree!

  1. I’m gonna guess Boston Terrierist. Blog Mom is still thinking so maybe we’ll be back later with a guess for her, if her brain doesn’t burst from all that pondering. Just kidding. Her brain can take it, I think.

    Whatever your dee en ay says, you are 100% Mayzie and that’s a wonderful thing.

    wags, Lola

  2. Frankie Furter

    Ok… I’m thinking that you have a grandma or grandpa that was a …

    I still think the only thing that matters is what you are LIKE… and I Like what you are LIKE.
    I can’t wait to find out though, since it is impawtant to you.
    This will be soooooo much fun.

  3. Hi Mayzie at first glance we say your significant breed is GORGEOUS…but we see that is not one of the choices so Mom and I guess…drum roll

    Great Dane!!!

    In my mind my dee-ne-nay is that of Queen of some small Island nation.

  4. Hmmmm…well….you are about as tall as I am, and I am tall for a wirey fellow (substantial is the word I prefer.) But you must have some powerful shoulders like Teka Toy…Hmmm..

    So, you are a little short for a Boxer, and a little tall for a Boston Terrier like Joey and Tanner.

    So, I guess Boxer, because you remind me of a friend of mine from Azrizona who has your same bootiful coat.

    And Teka is a secrud fan of Tanner Torkelson…so she says Boston Terrier, and points out that they can also have lovely brindled coats.

    And muzzer…she says you are pure cutie. But I couldn’t find the standards for that in Wikipedia.


  5. PS Mayzie we got so excited about the contest we forgot to say
    HAPPY 100th post.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Mayzie!

    Congrats on the 100th post – you are amayzing! And very confident too cuz we don’t know many girls that would tell everybuddy how much they weigh!

    Okay, here’s our guesses…

    Mom says Schnauzer (miniature if we haves to be specific)
    Pippen says Boxer
    and I, the great Sam says Staffordshire Terrier

    Okay, that’s our guesses! And congrats again!

  7. Oh boy! What fun!! And congrats on post #100 🙂

    OK, here’s our guesses:
    Mom says intemediate breed is BOXER, and she’ll take a stab at one of the minor breeds being a STAFFORDSHIRE terrier.
    For my (Brutus) guess, I wanted to say Frenchie, but mom says “Really??”. So I’ll say GREAT DANE as to not be a copycat from her answer 🙂

    Brutus the Frenchie

  8. Wells since I can’t vote zebra or giraffe then I ‘m gonna go with Staffordshire Terrierist. This is gonna be so fuuuuuun. OH my gosh, what if you’re really NOT Mayzie aftersalls….what will I do then???? You still are Mayzie, right? Whew…ok good.
    Congratulations on your 100th post. We haven’t even made it to 50 yet…hehehehe!
    oh yea, Mrs. Vet is coming by to look at Whitney…how lame is that. Wht does my mum haves furiends like this?


  9. Christina

    Oh Mayzie…Is BEAWOOTIFUL a Breed? Cause woo are full of that!! My guess is Boxer and doofus Mia thinks Staffordshire Terrier. But she’s a DOOFUS!

    Congrats on your 100th post! Can’t wait for the next 100!

    Wags and woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  10. BooDee BooDahs

    Hi Mayzie, congrats on post #100!

    I, Riley, think that you are a CUTIE! Mommy, is that a breed? Huh? Huh? Huh?

    Auggie Doggie here. Don’t mind Riley – he’s a doofus – the FIRST of that breed! I think that one of your grandpawrents was a BOXER!

    OK, guys…let Mommy have a go at guessing Mayzie’s dee-en-ay…ummmm…I’d have to say Staffordshire Terrier as a grandpawrent. And for extra credit, we’ll guess Boston Terrier as great-grandpawrent!

    Good luck Everyone, and I hope Mayzie raises LOTS of green papers for the great organizations you’re supporting.

    Sniffs and Licks,
    Auggie and Riley (and Mom)
    BooDee BooDah Tribe

  11. Congrats on your 100th post!! I definitely think it’s Boxer.


    The rest of us think Pitt Bull.

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  12. What a great cause!! I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest French Bulldog as one of the parents.

  13. We Alaskans think “Boxer” too. That is our guess and we are sticking with it.

    We think Mayzie is a very cute combination of diverse whatevers!!

  14. Okay, Mayzie – I’m going to guess American Staffordshire as your Intermediate Breed with a Minor Breed of Boxer. But I do know you’re 100% beautiful in my book!

  15. Congratulations on your 100th post, Mayzie! My guess… 100% MAYZIE!!! In honor of your brindle furs and your 100th post, I wondered if it would be okay for me to match your donation? That would be one whole green paper per guess!


  16. Congratulations Mayzie on your 100th post!!! We will come back with our go at your quiz – we need to give this some deep basset thought!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  17. Oh boy oh boy!

    Boomer guesses American Stafforshire
    Lucky guesses Boston Terrier
    Jada guesses Vizla 🙂 She’d guess ridgeback but no ridge.
    Mom guesses Pit Bull
    Dad guesses Boxer


    Mr. Nubbin’ and Co.

  18. PeeS. Not sure you could be any cuter in that first picture if you tried!

  19. Our guess is Pitt Bull.

    Nice to meet you – we are sniffin on over from Dory’s Backyard. Come and visit me sometime.


  20. Mayzie, yep my mom said it was okay. I always have to check with her first. Unlike Puddles, I’m not brave enough to rule my roost yet! BOL! Cali and I have had these green papers saved up for something just like this! Little sister Phoenix.. well, when Phoenix does manage to earn green papers she spends them right away on bones and noms.


  21. Pam

    Because Ripley can’t type she wanted me to guess Boxer. And I hope lots of money goes to the rescue. You’re such a good dog!

  22. Oh the pressure!

    Okays, we thinks French Bulldog as one of the pawrents and Boxer.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  23. Oh how exciting! I’m gonna guess that one of you gradpawrents was a Great Dane like me! We come in brindle, so that may be where you color comes from.

    Momma wants to guess Pitty Bully, but I already told her she’s wrong.

    Kitty sister Ellie wants to guess Siamese – excuse her, she’s really stoopid.

    woof – Tucker

  24. Mango

    Well, Miss Mayzie, this is most difficult. I was thinking boxer dog too, but your little snooter is too pointy and your head is most triangular, so I am going to guess staffordshire terrier as the intermediate.

    I will say boxer for the minor breed. OK, that was hard, I need to rest now.


  25. KHONGRATS on #100!

    We will have to ponder on the ingredients that make up the furry special Mayzie Khake!

    I’m sharing this post on my Thursday blog so more khan see the great work woo are doing!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  26. Maureen

    Hi Miss Mayzie –

    We are going to guess that your intermediate breed is Boxer cuz you gotz Boxer footzies!

    As for your minor breeds, we are going to say Pit Bull Terrier and, (are you ready for this….) German Shepard!! How’s that for a wild card guess?!!

    But, whatever you are, we know you are 100% BEAUTIFUL!!!

  27. Mayzie, your body build makes us think there is some boxer in you. Maybe a brindle one. And for sure, a very beautiful one since that is what you are.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  28. WOW….this is so way harder than we thought it would be…I will let the boys guess today and I will do some research and take a guess tomorrow…

    Bilbo says Pibble cause you are so very stately with model-like curvies

    Jacob says you are a boxer cause that is what Mama told him to say

    Happy 100th post Mayzie!!!
    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  29. well we fink you are 100 percent kiss-a-bull but if we HAVE to break it down we will guess part pibble , boxer and maybe a wittle boston terrier
    anywoo happish 100th post and we wish you 100 thousand more so we can shee more of your 100 percent bewootiful self

    pibble sugars to you
    the pittie pack

  30. CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post, Mayzie.
    Mummy here guesses Pit bull terrier
    Daddy says brindle boxer
    Buddy says brindle great dane
    Ginger too says pit bull terrier

    Bud n Gin

  31. Ok Mayzie, here are our guesses!

    Mom is guessing Staffordshire Terrier (we admit we had to look up the types of doggies – mom feels sure terrier is right, she just had to see the types)
    Kirzon and Virgil think it is Boxer, because your ears are more upright
    Lola wanted to be funny and go with poodle but we stoped her and told her she needed to be serious. So she guesses Pit Bull Terrier
    Barney, being the youngest, really isn’t sure so he is going to say Staffordshire Terrier, because that is mom’s guess.

    Since Gus and Stella won’t move in til Saturday we aren’t going to submit guesses for them – we think they need to get to know you better.

    But Mayzie, no matter what you turn out to have in your DNA we think you are a beautiful, sweet girl for helping out all those rescue doggies!!

  32. Woof! Woof! I thought this is going to be easy but … here it is. I say a Pit or a BOXER can’t decide. A Golden Congrats on your 100th post. and WOW! did you say 400 guesses… Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  33. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    We’ve looked and looked to see if there is some scottie back there. I mean some of us are brindle, but don’t think that’s it. You look a bit like our Staffy friends Zoe and Hogan. So we’re going with the Staffordshire Terrier (We had to get the terrier in there somewhere.)

    BUT whatever your ancestry, you are a beautiful ONE-OF-A-KIND!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  34. JackDaddy

    Super-ratulations! 🙂

    (That’s super congratulations all in one!)

  35. Hi Mayzie! Thanks for the fun contest! Noelle, Remi and I all decided to enter. I didn’t let my fosters enter because I thought that would just be cheating. 🙂 I asked Merlin the cat if he wanted to enter but he was too busy napping.

    Noelle insists that one of your grandparents was a purebred American Staffordshire Terrier. She thinks you look just like she would if she had pretty brindle furs and weighed 20 pounds less.

    Remi said that he thinks there is no way a Great Dane would have a puny 39 pound granddog (sorry, those are his words, not mine) – so he’s going with something smaller, and voting for a Boston Terrier.

    I decided to go out on a limb and go with Basenji. It’s the ears…

    And as for the two minor breeds, we put names of all the possible breeds in a hat and each pulled out two. Well, Noelle pulled out seven – but then Ziggy ate five of them, so that worked out just fine. Remi got Collie and Weimaraner, Noelle got Plott Hound and Cocker Spaniel, and I got Manchester Terrier and Boxer. We can’t wait to find out the results!!

  36. Miss Mayzie, I think you’re a special one of a kind of the very best kind!

    Mom says she thinks your grandparent was a Boxer.

    I think your grandparent was a greyhound, just to be different since nobody else said it and we have some lovely brindles! I’ll also add that I think one of your great grandparents was a Boston Terrorist!


  37. Frankie Furter

    Hi AGAIN Mayzie, I had to come back to see how the guessing was going. GRRRREAT is what I’m thinkin’.

  38. Hi, we’re back. Alpha Mom is going with German Shepherd. Blog Mom also wanted Boston Terrierist, but I said she couldn’t have it so she’s going with French Bulldog instead. Simone says American Staffordshire Terrierist and Happy thinks you’re a Maine Coon Cat, but Happy has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    Forgot to say congratulations on your 100th post! What’s really amazing is that it’s 100 great posts. Every single one.

    wags, Lola

  39. What a fun, and exciting, idea!
    Miss M is guessing Boxer, because that’s what we think she has, and I noticed some similarities in your skin and eyes.
    I’m guessing it’s something totally out there, some kind of terrier….I’ll guess Rat Terrier.
    We’re excited for the results. And happy 100th post!

  40. my loveliest miss mayzie!!
    gratsers on your 100th bloggie post!
    this is so so exciting to guess your background!! me and asa and mama need to ponder about what breeds make up the most beautimous you, so we’ll be back laters to guess!
    the booker man

  41. Ok….

    Bobo votes American Stafforshire Terrier

    Mollie Votes: American Pit Bull Terrier

    Uncle Puppy votes: American Goat terrier…OH MY!

    What ever mix you are you are one cute lil girl! Can wait for the results!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  42. Hello Mayzie,

    Happy #100 post!! I was gonna guess Airedale because you have my friend Faye’s cutesy radar ears, but then I realized her ears aren’t the norm for Airedales. Sooo I’m gonna guess American Staffashire Terrier!!!

    That is so nice of your parents to donate money for every guess to help other not so lucky fur babies in need!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  43. Congrats on your 100th post, Mayzie!!! We are going to guess Boxer and Pit Bull.:)

    Teddy Bear

  44. Hi Mayzie! we are gonna say boxer and pit bull terrier. you are very pretty, whatever you are, and we can’t wait to see what the real answer is.
    your pals, Morgan & Maisie

  45. oh, , btw – happy 100th. we were thinking so hard we forgot.

  46. Hi Mayzie! You look like my girl, Esmerelda, and I’m gonna guess you are Boxer, Boston Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier! XOXOXXOXOXO

  47. Hi Mayzie
    I love your contest… hmm my guess is: French Bulldog

    PS- or breed group I call Q T pies

  48. Hi Mayzie
    Congrats on your 100th post and thanks for making such wonderful donations. We think you are the perfect mix.
    Ruby’s guess – pitbull terrier and lab.
    Penny’s guess – pitbull terrier and dachshund
    Love Ruby & Penny

  49. I’m Nell, the White GSD, and I’m going to guess boxer. My sister Amy thinks everyone is a Border Collie like her. Mom thinks there might be some beagle in there, but she knows “shelter dog” is the best breed of all.

  50. Look at all these guesses! I’m sorry to be so late to the game, but I gotta say BOXER. Sounds like I’m copying everyone else, but I suppose that’s what happens when I let 50 people go before me!

    Congrats on the 100th post and kudos to you for the charitable guessing game!

  51. Frannie

    She looks like she has some

    Pitbull/rat terrier

    pitbull/great dane

    just my guesses 🙂

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  53. Well after great consideration among my 2 kittie loves and kitty neighbor love we all think that Boxer was your grandpawrents and we also think that pit bull is who your great grandpawrents are.

    Either way Mayzie you are adorable!

  54. Definite pit mix! gorgeous!!!

  55. Those are definitely French bulldog ears.
    Just wanted to let you know I blogged about your contest today.
    If everyone in this (rescue) household gets a vote, you’ll be hearing from me a lot.

  56. Sammie

    Finally – we got here – it’s been ridiculously bizzy over here – so sorry we haven’t visited for so long, Mayzie! I thinks you has a chihuahua grandparent. But Ma thinks you has a boxer as a grandparent. Can’t wait to find out! Great contest, beautiful!
    Huggers xoxoxo

  57. Diana

    Pit bull and boxer mix. She is adorable!:)

  58. Ok….I have thought long and hard and I am going to go with a Staffordshire Terrier….

    But my real opinion is that you are a purebred cutie dog!!! PCD for short!!


  59. MLP

    I’m gonna go with Bull Terrier.
    BTW you are gorgeous!!!!!

  60. Prudence and I have been pondering this one over and we both think that your intermediate breed is Staffordshire Bull Terrier. But like so many commenters have said before us, whatever mix you are you sure are adorable. 😀

  61. Love what you’ve got going here Mayzie, and I’m also very excited to see that you’ve got over 60 comments. I know you’re a hard worker and a good friend and you’ve earned your popularity (and I didn’t even mention your beautiful blog and eloquence). Congratulations on a milestone post and … our guess is pit bull. We sorta know we’re wrong, but we also suck at telling breeds apart. We gave you our best shot.
    Lots of love

  62. For my baby Gamma (OK, she is an older lady) we will say there have been too many Staf guesses. We want to address that graceful, slender schnoz of yours. Pharoh hound? Some sort of Deer hound? Those guesses go with the brindle and ears, also.

  63. Ginger, Chip and Thai think that you are part dachshund, while Mom thinks that you are part pit bull.

  64. D-R

    I would like to say Bulldog. 🙂

  65. Constance F Noe

    Gorgeous Girl!! My thought is boxer and rat terrier.

  66. When my dog, Sandy, was a pup she had a very blocky shaped face like Mayzie, which she outgrew (thank goodness since I now live in a city that has banned “pitbull type” dogs) and she was first listed as a Terrier X. Definitely has lab in her so now I call her a Lab X. I’m guessing Mayzie has some bull terrier in her! I’m probably wrong, but I do know she’s a gorgeous doggy!

  67. Marya1961

    What a sweetheart!!…I think possibly part Pitbull, part Boxer would be my guess. 🙂

  68. Very nice to meet you!

    Hmm…since I don’t know much about you this is just a total guess from your photo. Your Intermediate Breed is BOXER and Minor Breed is Pit Bull Terrier. ‘

    You’re cute whatever mix you are! People are always what I am mixed with to.

  69. dogmomof4

    Howdy Mayzie!

    We have guesses:

    Lily guesses Boxer (like her)
    Tank guesses Boxer (like him)
    Treasure guesses Bull Terrier (although he’s an English Setter)
    Frizzle guesses Lab (she is 1/2)

    And Mom says you’re a real cutie, but that’s not a breed, so she says maybe some Boston Terrier in there.

    Congrats on your 100th blog, and we can’t wait to see the results, although it won’t change the fact that you are LOVED!

  70. ~M~J~

    Well looking how the Ears are Propped was thinking Mix between STAFFORDSHIRE terrier & A German Sheppard….

  71. We all think woo look fury handsome Mayzie, whatever breeds woo are made up of!

    If we had to guess we’d say intermediate breed Staffordshire Terrier and minor breeds Boxer, Pitbull, Boston Terrier or Labrador Retriever.

    That’s our guesses, we can’t wait to find out your dee-enn-aye!!!

    Summer, Sesuk, Kodiak, Angel Princey & our Mom Aleeya
    Team Husky

  72. Mayziegal! thanks for stopping by Stumpy’s blog today! I hope you and Ranger will enter Khyra’s khatching Khontest! I’m headed over to check out yours now!

  73. Everything about you says boxer, but that’s way to obvious…. Staffordshire terrier is my guess!

  74. Hello sweet Maisie!!!
    It’s awfully nice to meet such a bootiful and chawming giwl as youwself. Youw BFF Puddles is cewtainly NOT a bad inflooence. she’s a lively , fun giwl and loves you so what could be the pwoblem.
    Now as fow this amazingly wondewful contest. umm, I’m not vewy smawt about bweedses..I think you awe 100% puwebwead adowableness..oh, mommi says, I’m sposed to be mowe specific. well, I think maybe a cutie Pibble???
    shoot, I think you pwobably have tewwiew (boston and staffowdshiwe)and boxew and all sowts of wondewfulnesses in you

    I’m happy to be youw fwiend
    smoochie kisses

  75. Congrats on your 100th post! I’m almost there myself! This is so much fun!

    I guess Boxer and Schizer guesses American Bulldog!

  76. Frannie

    Luanne…can I ask what city you live In that banned pitbull type dogs? was just curious.

  77. Our guess is Great Dane. Your donation pledge is so wonderful! Thanks for thinking of needy pups. Congratulations on your 100th post….may you have 100,000,000 more, all sharing happy wonderful adventures and stories of your life.

  78. insertclevername

    I’d guess french bulldog/ am staff

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  80. Woof Woof…..I think Boxer!

  81. We say part Boxer and all gorgeous!

  82. I am guessin some catahula might be in your ancestry… But there might also be some boxer and Boston terrier

    I fink it is wonderful what you are doin for the rescue.

    Wif love from the Luke

  83. Hi, Khyra sent me.
    Oh there is a contest, I always lose I don’t know why but I’m willing to try again.
    My guess is Boxer.
    Wish me luck.

  84. Hi Mayzie – sorry I’m late on this! I’m a bit behind with reading blogs!

    I think my guess is going to be Pit Bull because of your head shape and your lovely brindly colour! 😀 And my humans thinks they are one of the loveliest dogs!

    Can’t wait to see the real answer!

    Honey the Great Dane

  85. Okay!

    Here goes…


    BUT it matters NOT what the dee-en-ay says!



  86. Ok first up I know alot of our pals are saying american staffy and Im going to agree. I wish you were part greqat dane but how about i guees again and go for …dashound? Mayzie, youre so complicated! Interesting and Im calling you mysterious Mayzie from now on. xx Major

  87. I’m going to guess Boxer, although I don’t know my breeds that well. Mayzie, you sure are adorable!

  88. We are all pretty much sure that you have a LOT of Brindle Boxer in you even if you are a bit small for one. One or more of those other down the line must be smaller, but probably short haired. One of them may have been Boston Bull Terrier. Whatever, Grammy thinks you are gorgeous and would make a good new American breed if someone was able to breed dogs that looked just like you.

    She also thinks BG would have made a great American Corgi, too. He and Dott are 1/2 Corgi (OC’s their Mom) and their dad was part Chihuahua and part Doxie. Dott got the smaller size of the Chihuahua and the looks and coat of the Corgi, so she is like a Toy Corgi, while BG got the shorter coat and longer nose of the Doxie, the slightly bigger eyes of the Chihuahua, and the size of the Corgi. It’s interesting what the mixes do.

  89. Congratulations on post #100 Mayzie! We think AmStaff and Boxer and maybe PitBull too! Sorry we are so behind. Mom got a new computer and it’s taking her too long to get used to it because she is OLD and doesn’t like change!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  90. okie dokie, miss mayzie, we’re back to guess!!
    so me and asa and mama put on our thinking caps and we think:
    american staffordshire terrier as your intermediate breed
    boxer and corgi as your minor breeds
    no matter, though, cuz the booker man is gonna adore you forevarrr no matter what you are, even if you were a pickle! teehee! 🙂
    the booker man

  91. harrispen

    Hi Mayzie,

    I think you are part Boston Terrier.

    My dog Nina thinks you are part German Shepherd Dog. She might be biased since she used to live with 3 of them. I think it’s your ears that makes her say that.

    Congrats on you 100+ posts. Keep the entertainment coming.

    Cindy & Nina

  92. OK, we are thinking: Boxer and then way back Doberman. Either way, you sure are a cutie pie☺

  93. Sandy & Pepper

    Pepper & I both guess Boxer as well!! You’re so adorable!!

  94. j shane

    guessing beagle might be an intermediate breed …

  95. Congratulations on your 100th Post Mayzie… and many more to come!
    My mom’s guessing is… Boxer!
    Kisses and hugs

  96. american bull terrier is my guess for intermediate breed but I am not to sure of all the breeds in the USA so that is the only one I can think of right now but my first thought was Staffordshire Bull terrier as one of your great-grandpawrents but whatever your dee-en-ay is you are gorgeous

    Love Doogie

  97. We are very pleased to meet you Mayzie, the OP pack sent us over. We are going to guess Catahoula Leopard Dog.

    We hopes you get lots of guesses, we thinks it is great you are helping shelter doggies.

  98. Oh what a fun game/contest! Happy 100 🙂

    Rudy guesses: Boston terrier
    Liberty guesses: bull terrier
    I guess: Boxer

    I would let my whole family take guesses, but that may be more than I should do.
    Can’t wait to hear how this turns out!

    Rudy’s Raiser

  99. Hey Mazyie! I’m sorry it has taken me SO super duper long to get over and and cast my guess! I got detained in a box…. WoooF!

    I would say boxer/pittie mix, but lots of people and doggies already guess those, so I will be different and go out on a limb and say Chihuahua or Jack Russell!! WoooF!! I still think you are super duper cute and I think no matter what you are it doesn’t matter. We don’t know what I am either!


  100. Hi Mayzie Girl!!!

    We will be listing our guesses for each of our family blog contributors members…

    Captain – His guess is that you are great dane, he thinks any pup slightly bigger than him is a giant and after he read your measurements he was convinced! BOL!

    Candy – Her guess is that you are a chihuahua… she thinks everyone is chi and attributes your ears to being a chi and she is also secretly hoping you are a chi so you two could be related. She just loves ya Mayzie.

    Martine – I’m conflicted Mayzie, I think you could be a little Boxer, Pit Bull

    Now we what to peform this testing on the kiddlets!! What company did you use?

    xo martine & teh kiddlets

  101. Hi Miss Mayzie – oooh, this is so hard! We guess you are part angel part fairy ‘cos you’re so pretty but FH says that’s not a breed of a doggie, hmmm…..!

    Um, well, we think French bulldog ‘cos of your satelitte ears and FH thinks boxer because of your proud stance.

    Congratulations on your 100th post – we can’t WAIT for your next 100!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  102. Hi Mayzie, congratulaaations on your 100th post! I’m way behind you, and will have to get my mom to type some more ‘cuz I do have more stories to put on my blog! I’m going to guess that your grandpawrent was a Boxer, and Dillon says Pit Bully (‘cuz some people think he looks like one sometimes!), and Mom says American Staffordshire Terrierist. Even though I’m a purebred Jack Russell Terrierist, I think dogs with lots of kinds of ancestors are very neat, and you are a beeyootiful doggie! I’m looking forward to knowing if our guesses are right!

  103. Hi Miss Mayzie and congratulations! We’re guessing that your grandparents might have been boxer and your great grandparents wee french bull dogs. We loved reading your story.

  104. Here are our guesses:
    Intermediate breed: Boxer
    Minor breeds: Australian Cattle Dog and Bull dog
    We can’t wait to find out what you really are and if anyone got it correct.
    Have a super weekend!

  105. Amy Buzze

    Mayzie you are so very special no matter what your Dee-en-nay test says!!!! But if I had to make a guess I would say pittie and boxer. 🙂

  106. Mazie,

    SorrymI’ve notm been bym sooner but I was kinda out of pocket bit I’m back now and bdetter than ever. It don’t matter what you gotsm inn ya, we just know we love you.

    Mommy guesses Corgi with pit bull.


  107. Bill

    I’m guessing American Staffordshire Terrior / American Bulldog mix cause that is what are Angel Mae.

  108. Carolsue

    I say Intermediate breed is Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier and minor breed is Ibizan Hound

    Hubby thinks Intermediate Breed is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and minor breed is a Blue Lacy

    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  109. Hmmmm….Blackmouth Cur (Intermediate) and Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Minor)

    My doggie says she’s part Mastiff

    HobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM

  110. After a great deal of thought we have decided to vote Boxer – really cos you have such a lovely brindle coat.
    As we said we don’t much care about your ancestry we love you just the way you are – but so you have more green papers for your contest!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xx

  111. A few more members of the household wish to guess
    Rumble said Corgi
    Vespa is sure you have some Great Dane in you
    and Godiva thinks eveyone should have a touch of Doberman.

    Zamboni is going to guess chi-hua-hua just because he thinks it is fun to say.

  112. daisydog

    We are guessing Boxer and your grand parent was a lab!

  113. Stella

    Happy 100th post, Mayzie! You are doing a great job!

    Our guesses:

    Jo (Mom) American Staffordshire

    Stella says Boxer

    Ali Zophia says German Shepherd

    All from us!

  114. Laurel Ashley

    I was thinking Boxer and maybe one of the other breeds was Bull Terrier.
    She sure is cute whatever her heritage.

  115. Jeremy Anderson

    My guess is French Bulldog and Boxer with a hint if APBT.

    Keep up the good work Mayzie….you are entertainment at it’s best.

  116. Hey Mayzie, Puddles said we had to come over and cast our votes for the contest you are holding. I am going to say you are American Staffordshire and Whitney says Boxer. And I have no idea why she is saying because your ears have not been cropped.
    Tell Ranger hello for us.

  117. deborah geary

    I guess boxer! To the generous donor – thanks!

  118. Hi Miss Mayzie! The kitteh brothers and sister here wanted in on the action!

    Chaplin – Boxer
    Tanner – Pit Bull
    Squeaky Peter Man – Ridgeback (we tried to explain, there was no swaying him)
    Owl (Sabrina) – Boston Terrier-ist!

    Hope you have a most wonderful Memorial Day!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  119. Hello Mayzie!

    Congratulations on your 100th post! Our guess is Boxer who definitely loves cheese! We think we got something right. Either the Boxer or that you love cheese! Weeeeee

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & the Piappies

  120. My guess is French Bulldog too.

    Whatever you are, you’re gorgeous 🙂


  121. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    We didn’t realise that we could have four votes! So we’re adding three:

    Bella thinks you must be something exotic like a Pharoh Hound.

    I think you look like our friend Hogan, he’s a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    Kendra thinks there might be pitbull because you do so much for them. (We’ve never seen a Pitty, they’re banned here.)

    Anyway, congratulations to you for thinkin’ about all those other dogs. We think we’ll follow your example and donate to our local dog’s home.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  122. This is Ximui, Mango Maltese’s nice brother. My guess is: German Shepphard!
    Wish me luck, cheers!

  123. Hi, this’ Chubs, Mango Maltese’s naughty brother, my guess: Boxer!
    I hope I’ll win.

  124. Chloe n hammeys mama

    Chloe is guessing boxer and Hammey of course is sticking with pitty bully

  125. My cat Merlin finally decided he wanted to take a guess, once I told him that it would help other homeless pets. So he would like to guess Boxer.
    I told him he could make a guess of the minor breeds as well but he said if there was no money involved in the guess, he really didn’t care. What can I say – he’s a cat.

  126. I’m guessing boxer!
    Eclipse guesses Boston Terrier
    Teddy guesses Catahoula
    Kira guesses APBT

    What a great thing you are doing, we just had to guess to help out!

  127. Kia

    Mostly I wanted to be sure to help all those rescue pups and kitties. People like to guess what I am and my person always says “many, many mix.” But I think your grandpa was a boxer and that you have cousins who are pitties. And there is definitely some kind of terriorist there as well. I enjoy your blog, and you definitely have interesting adventures!


  128. Hi Mayzie, we found your blog thru Dog Foster Mom’s blog. We think you are BEA-U-TIFUL! Our guess is Staffordshire Terrier, and Mom thinks Blue Heeler is a good possibility. Hope you raise lots of green papers for pups needing furever homes!

    Grins and Kisses,
    Ying and Yang

  129. We’re going with American Staffordshire and mom’s guess is Jack Russell Terrier

  130. JackDaddy

    I will guess that you’re a Pumpkin dog. I know that’s not a real thing, but everyone else has already guessed all my guesses! 🙂

  131. Pingback: Toosday Noos » Cat Blogosphere

  132. sophie

    I think she is a combination of boxer, pitbull and border collie.
    Great idea to raise funds for the very deserving-animals who need help.Well done!

  133. We came over from House of Cats to guess – we hope it’s OK to put all the guesses in one post!
    Our human(Katie) is guessing boxer –
    Franklin (grey cat) is guessing Boston terrier-
    Tasha (tortie cat) is guessing Great Dane –
    Dobby (orange cat) is guessing Australian Cattle Dog.

    Thanks so much for donating for all our guesses!

    XXX from the Mishkat cats

  134. What a great idea! We have to admit we didn’t bother to translate the measurements from “American” so we have no clue how big you are, we’re just going by your furry cute looks.
    We’re going to guess there’s quite a bit of staffordshire bull terrior in there and a little labrador and poodle.

    Bajas, Virus and Hyssing.

  135. Hi Mayzie! This is Gus and Stella, the newbies from House of Cats! We know our mom and big brothers and sister guessed already but we had to put in our guesses too! Both of us are guessing BOXER because we were looking at the Daily Puppy (we think – there are a lot of blogs mom follows and we are only 8 weeks old so it is hard to keep track) and there was a puppy there with the same colors you have! We think you are very pretty colored. We are also happy you are helping other doggies and kitties too – you are a nice doggie (and the first one we really ever met over a blog, though we had one at our house who was nice so we already liked doggies). It was fun to meet you and guess – we are excited to learn the answer!

  136. Hi

    I came over from Amy and the House of Cats!

    What a lovely competition for such a wonderful cause too! Thank you for doing this.

    You are a beautiful doggy, Mayzie!

    Er… what about a boxer?

    Take care and good luck with this!!

  137. shirley

    my guess is staffie grandparent and boxer great-grandparent. did you know humans can get their dna roots traced too now? it would be nice to finally know where my ancestors came from!

  138. Cindy

    I have to go out on a limb & say westhighland terrier. It’s sort of an inside joke w/ some other dna test from a different company) that a friend had done w/ her 5 dogs. But… ya never know I guess!!

  139. Elizabeth

    intermediate breed has has to be a staffordshire BULL Terrier. but i dont think they have that on DNA tests sooo my guess is gonna be a bulldog. However my boyfriend swears to it that the inter. breed is a boxer.

  140. Howdy, Mayzie. You’re awful cute.

    This is a very neat contest.
    I’m going to put in 3 guesses: one for me, one for The Girls and one for Figgy Kitten.

    I think that your grandpawrent might have been a Border Collie.

    The Girls think that even though you are lovely and big, you could only have inherited those ears from a Chihuahua.

    And Figgy Kitten reckons that you might be descended from an Alsatian, also known as a German Shepherd Dog.

  141. Many people are guessing Boxer. I don’t think so, I see a little pit bull I think? Well, maybe a little Boxer/Pit Bull? All I know for sure is that you are adorable!

  142. We are gonna guess pit bull with a side of terrier.

    Bobo and Meja

  143. Wellll, we don’t know much about woofies…. So we’ll guess that the breed of greatgrandpawrents were boxer! As for your parents, we think they had some great dane & corgi in them! …BUT, you’re body looks kind of like a pitbull

    We’re stumped! – you’re very cute, though even for a woofie!

    ~Nico & JayJay 🙂

  144. My human Michele already guessed, but she said the stakes are higher, and I should guess. I have a Boxer dad, and Mom was 1/2 Boston Terrier and 1/2 Boxer, and Mayzie, we kinda look alike cept for your brindle and my seal coat (black with brown highlights) and my choclate chip cannoli filling tuxedo. Sooo, maybe you are Boston, a Boxer and some Am Staff?? Whatever you are we think you are great! Besties, Esmerelda!

  145. I vote partial Ridgeback
    Diego votes partial Boxer
    …. you look similar to Diego in areas but a lot shorter : )

  146. Grandparents: American Pit Bull/Boston Terriers
    Great-Grandparents: Boston Terrier/Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Retriever/Mini Pony

    I figured that he would have 2 grandparents, and 4 great grandparents, but who knows. =)

  147. Janice

    Here are the guesses from my household;

    Janice (myself) – Boxer
    John – Great Dane
    Felix – Pitbull
    Phoenix – American Bulldog


  148. Fred Ey

    Hi Mayzie,

    I’m going to guess Staffordshire Bull Terrier. But one of the feline’s in my house (her name is Mimi) is guessing Welsh Corgi. Mimi has a sister Brook (short for Brooklyn) and she’s guessing French Bulldog.

    Regardless of the breed of your grandpawrent, I want you to know you are truly a beautiful girl.

  149. Steven DuVall

    I am guessing maybe the purebred grandparent was a Boxer. As for the others, it looks like there may be some Pit Bull in there somewhere. Thanks for the great efforts in helping the homeless out there! Steven from Los Angeles.

  150. Hope we aren’t too late…..but we think 25% pittie, 25% Staffordshire terrier and 100% ANGEL! Hows that math?

  151. Bella's Mom

    If there is still time to guess, you look just like my girl does (& you’re a real cutie too!!) so I’m gonna say :
    Intermediate Breed – Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    Minor Breeds – Akita & Boxer

  152. Eazy E

    I definately think that it’s a great dane/pit.

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