Blog Rewind: Hard Workin’ Dog

Lookit that! It’s Sunday already! I hope your weekend has gone super duper fantastic so far!

Here’s another early postie of mine and as you will see, at the time mom was too lazy wasn’t an expert at putting pictures of my Most Beautimous Brindle Self in the posties. (See, HER job is to takes care of the pictures cuz I have my paws full with just thinkin’ up the posts and typing them up considering lack of opposible thumbs and all.) Luckily, she finally got it figured out pretty good but there’s lots of words in this postie and not nearly enough pictures of me. And by that I mean, NONE. So to keeps you from feeling sad about that, please enjoy this picture of me (relaxing, not working) before you read all the words below.


One of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world is to help out around the house. Mom and Dad really appreciate my assistance and I’m not too sure how they ever got stuff done without me.

Things I’m real good at:

1. Unpacking boxes that the mailman brings to our house. My mom got something she calls a Macbook and she was really happy about it. So I helped her get it out of the box and sniffed it over real good to make sure it was safe for her to turn on. It was.

2. Helping mom and dad make their breakfast, lunch and dinner. I watch ’em real careful in case anything falls on the floor. If it DOES fall on the floor, I make sure to eat it real fast before they trip on it or something.

3. Cleaning the dishes after they’ve eaten their breakfast, lunch or dinner. When they’re done, they put the plate down and Ranger and me do what Dad calls the “prerinse.” And I don’t like to brag but by the time we’re done, it looks just as clean as before they put food on it! (Mom says some people might think that’s gross but we’re just doin’ our part for the environment by saving water.)

4. As you prolly saw from one of my other posts, I am real good at ripping the guts out of stuffies. Now, I really don’t do it all just for me (although it might look like it). Part of why I do it is that picking up the guts gives Mom something to do. Don’t want her to get bored or feel useless or anything.

5. I help keep an eye on the kittehs. I mean, you really can’t just leave them to wander all over the house without knowing what they’re doing. They might get into trouble and if I didn’t keep an eye on them, I couldn’t help them if they needed it.

6. I make sure that nobody ever, ever, ever sneaks up on our house. I keep a good watch on the outside. You gotta. That person may look like they’re putting out their trash, but they could really be up to no good. So I make sure I let Mom and Dad know about it. (Okay, Brudder Ranger helps with this, too.)

7. If people DO decide to come to our house anyway, I make sure that they feel welcome. I tell them that I didn’t mean anything by my barking and to please come in and make themselves comfortable. I also let them give me a treat to make them feel important. Brudder Ranger keeps telling me that our job is to run them off and make sure they never come back. But I dunno, that seems kinda rude to me.

As you can see, my days are very full with all the stuff I have to do around our house. Speaking of which, I think I hear Dad in the kitchen. Whew! A dog’s work is never done!



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23 responses to “Blog Rewind: Hard Workin’ Dog

  1. Frankie Furter

    Oh Mayzie how in the heck do you EVER find any time to NAP??? You are soooo busy with all these important jobs that I am concerned you will suffer from lack of nap. You could become cranky. Perhaps you should look into Rent a Dawg for some extra Paws to help you out.

  2. We do those things too…mostly. Teka is like Brudder Ranger, she just wants to keep everybody away. Then when we let them in, she is just putty in their hands, cause they tell her how cute she it. Is that how Brudder Ranger is too?

    My favorite jobs are: Pre-rinse, make sure muzzer doesn’t roll off the bed, help keep the kitchen floor clean, and help dad play the guitar.


  3. Mayzie, you are such a help around the house and grounds. Your humans must ask themselves every day, “How did we manage before Mayzie?” And I bet that the answer is, “Not nearly as well as we do now that we have her.” Fur real. Humans are a lot of work. Some days it’s hard to get my full six hours of napping in before bedtime. But they are worth it, the way their eyes light up when you come into the room and how eager they are to greet you, scratch your ears, give you treats. Yes, they’re worth all the effort and it pays off in the end, right?

    wags, Lola

  4. Mayzie
    Wow I hope you get an allowance for all those chores. You stay on the bed for a while and get some rest.


  5. Hello Miss Mayzie – gosh, you are such a career girl, we’re soooo impressed! You have such a full schedule – do you ever take time off?! 😯 Gosh, we sure hope so!

    Max is a full time bouncer and JD is a bit of a surfer dude so doesn’t quite get Max’s work ethic, he he he!

    We’re glad you got your mom trained up to be your professional photographer ‘cos we do so love to see all the photos of you and your family! 😀

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  6. Two-leggers need a lot of help, don’t they? My mom is always saying she wonders how people without dogs around even function! I bet your mom and dad can’t imagine not having you and Brudder Ranger to pitch in and help with all of those chores!

    Happy Sunday! Try to get some rest!


  7. Dear Mayzie, we think you should have a helpful Household Hints by Mayzie column. Ever since our mom read your earlier post about the pre-rinse we have gotten that job at our house and we love our pre-rinsing too! We too believe we do an excellent job at it and that the dishes could go right back to the cupboard but no, mom sticks them in the dish washing machine. xoxoxo Toby, Ginger, Jeter and Jersey Girl Halle

  8. All that work would seriously cut into my nap schedule! It seems an awful lot of work to me, but very important work! Mom started laughing as we read this and said something about if someone broke into our house, we might wag them to death as they stole all the silver! Hmph!


  9. Mayzie,
    You is one busy girl! But don’t forgets to take time for yourself. You deserve it!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  10. That’s too much work for you to do – even if brudder Ranger helps you out… we got real stressed out just reading about all the stuffs you do! I think we need to have a nap!

    Sam and Pippen

  11. What a clever way to let new furiends (like me) learn more about your humble beginnings as a blogger! Kinda like your blog is going green – you are recycling posts BOL!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  12. You are one busy woofie, being the humans dish cleaner, alarm system, helping un-pack, and not to mension you clean for them. Wow. I thought I had my hands full with my humans! 🙂

  13. good gravy, miss mayzie! that’s an awful lot of work and no play…when do you evarrr find time for walkies and stuffie destuffing?? i will woof that the prerinsing gig sounds totally awesome!!
    the booker man

  14. Pace yourself Mayzie!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  15. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    Wow Mayzie! At least there are three of us to spread out the work. AND we don’t have cats that we have to keep track of. I mean, with cats we’d be up all the time.

    I always welcome people. I like everyone to have a chance at worshipping me; but those other two….they just bark and bark. If anyone broke in here, they might make off with something, but everyone in town would know it. (And they might be limping because of an ankle bite.)

    I think I’ll go curl up and have a snooze.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    PeeS. You looked fabulous on that bed. You really set off the decor. You forgot to mention your duties as an ornament.

  16. Workin’ hard? Or hardly workin’?

  17. And you keep up a blog?? You do so much more work than our pooches. All they ever do is lay around.

  18. dear Mayzie, sorry for not dropping in for so long. u know how mummy is hen she reads a book. well, she’s done now and here she is helping us read again.
    Whewwy! just reading about ALL the work u do around the house has left us feeling Drained. you sure are a very very helpful Dawg! proud of you.
    Mummy especially enjoyed the pre-rinsing idea.she ALmost allows us t help there when she sees our begging to death faces, but Daddy Has a firm NO in place!
    u sure are lucky!
    Bud n Gin

  19. Yep… There are a lot more of us than you, so we share all those jobs. Our favorites are the prerinse and the food vacuum, and sometimes we disagree on whose turn it is for those jobs.

    It’s Sadie’s job (though sometimes BG an Gimli help) to clean up after the de-stuffing sessions. We have to give Sadie a job so that she can legally get treats and Grandma OC can’t say to much about it… The CC Pups

  20. Mayzie oh my dogs we are worn slap out from reading all your duties. We have some advice for you!!!
    Delegate:put brudder Ranger to work and the felines
    Happy Monday Madi and Mom

  21. Oh Miss Mayzie you work really hard around the house!! I hope you get lots of treats for the extra effort!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  22. Gosh, Mayzie – after reading your list, my human is eyeing me with disgust now and calling me a “lazy good-for-nothing” coz all I do with my day is SLEEP!!! 😛

    Honey the Great Dane

  23. An award for you on my blog my friend:) xx Major sorry i missed you birthday, happy birthday!

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