Blog Rewind: The Terrier-ist Beside Me

Hello, hello everybuddy! And Happy Friday!

In anticipawtion of my upcoming 100th post, I’m showing you some of my most earliest posties that you mighta missed. So this one is about my Brudder Ranger. I hopes you like it! He’s all lah-di-dah when he does his posts on here, but at the heart, he’s a terrier-ist through and through!

Oh, and we have bushels of stuffs going on this weekend so it might be kinda hard to comment on all your bloggies but I hopes you know how much we luvs you and are thinking about you and are wishing you the Most Best Weekend That Ever Was!


There’s a cute puppy that lives next door to us. She moved in a couple of months ago and we don’t know her name so we just call her “ND” (New Dog).

Well, I kind of like her. She’s very happy and bouncy. Mom says she’s a chocolate lab mix, which sounds a little dangerous to me since I heard chocolate is bad for dogs. So I keep my distance but if I’m in my backyard at the same time she’s in her backyard, I’ll try to say hi to her.

But I admit, she’s not much of a conversationalist. “Hi,” I’ll say.

“Oh HAI! HI! whatcha doin? whatcha doin’? I’z jest here in my yards jest runnin’ aroun’. I luvs to run. RUN RUN RUN! YEEHAW! WOOHOO!”

As I said, ND is VERY happy and VERY energetic. Which means, of course, that my Brudder Ranger just hates her. He’s a terrier and thinks that anything that is not a terrier is, well, doo doo (and not the good kind that you roll in).

So if he sees her in the yard, he’ll run up to the fence, yelling the whole time.

“Kid! Hey kid! Get away from my fence! You’re too close to my yard!”

“OH HAI! Whatcha doin’? Yer cute! I like you.”

“Cute? I’m not cute! I’m a TERRIER!”

“Noooooo….yer CUTE! I likes da spot on yer haid. Do you likes ta run? I likes ta run. And bounce. Watch! I kin bounce realz high!” <BOING!>

“STOP! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Stop with the bouncing!”

“Okayz…OH! whatz abouts ballz? You like ballzz? I let you play wif my tennis ball if you wants. Itz all round n’ yellowy.”

“What? NO! I don’t play with balls. What do you think I am, a retriever? Hey! Hey! Come back here. I’m not finished giving you a piece of my mind, you out-of-control whippersnapper!”


Now, I don’t think of myself as a tattle tail but all this makes me kind of nervous cuz I don’t like conflict at all. So (and don’t tell Ranger I told you) I usually go inside to let mom and dad what’s going on. And they come  tell him to leave ND alone.

Once we’re both back safely inside with Ranger settling on the couch looking really proud of himself, I’ll say, “Brudder Ranger, I think that ND’s nice. Why do you have to be so mean to her? ”

“Hmph,” he says, rolling his eyes, “You wouldn’t understand. It’s a terrier thing.”

Ranger practicing his terrier skills on a really big mouse!



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26 responses to “Blog Rewind: The Terrier-ist Beside Me

  1. What a cute post…and well described I have a very good visual in my head of bouncing ND and a running like a tornado…terrier!!!
    Happy Weekend last weekend was our very busy weekend (3 events on Saturday)we are looking forward to doing nothing this weekend.
    Madi and Mom

  2. I hope that things are resolve by now. Labs are way nice, although the young ones are real full of bounce. But they’re really good friends to have. They’d do anything for a friend.

    Have a great weekend, all of you.

    wags, Lola

  3. Mayzie,
    We’ve left an award for you over at our bloggie!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  4. Hey Mayzie:

    I think Brudder Ranger must be related to Teka Toy!

    That is just how she approaches any new dog. But Travis is a GD/Lab mix, and he is her bestest friend.

    We hopes Brudder Ranger and ND are getting along by now.


  5. Frankie Furter

    Yep that is just how Labs and terriers are. I doubt that either one has changed much over time. I’m just sayin’.
    So have you fully recovered from that BAFF????
    Have a super busy fun weekend.

  6. Brudder Ranger and Grand Diva Halle would make a great pair! Miss Halle does not permit any fun, EVER! When fun begins to bubble to the surface she is ready to approach the merrymakers and say STOP AT ONCE YOU FOOLS!!!

    Have a most happy and fun-filled (ignore Halle please) weekend. xoxoxo

  7. Hey Mayzie, why is my mum rolling in da floor like a moron? Her thinks you might be our neighbors and that dog is actually me bouncing around…hehehe! Why would hers think that?
    I swears I think that Brudder Ranger and Brudder Albert are realted, afteralls they do haves da same furst name…Brudder. They both thinks they is ALL THAT, and full of smarticls, and read dictionaries…boring, I say.

  8. Hi Mayzie, our mum found your post very funny! We reckon being a terrier must be a great thing. Then again some of our very best real life friends are labs – they seem so easy going!
    Have a great weekend.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  9. Sometimes an Insane Cracker Terrier Dog’s gotta do what an Insane Cracker Terrier Dog’s gotta do.

  10. Hey, Mayzie, I totally understand the “terrier thing” – I am a Jack Russell Terrier! Our neighbor’s son has a dog (Mom says that dog is a “Weemerarooner” or something – she is big and all a gray color) and this dog comes to visit the neighbor’s yard and I run around and yell at her the whole time she is there! I also yell at people walking by on the street when I see them out the window, and if I see a kittycat out the window I yell even louder because I don’t want kittycats in my yard! My brother Dillon isn’t much of a yeller (unless he hears guns or fireworks), but sometimes if I go over and try to bite him he will come yell with me. Yes, we terriers are have our own way of doing things!

  11. Miss Mayzie,

    Thanks so much for the rewind today. I hopes that by now Brudder Ranger, you and the ND can all play nice together. Have a fun weekend!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  12. Hopefully one day everyone will be able to just get along! BOL! Ranger, we can’t all be perfect! Let your freak flag fly!


  13. BOL! Living with a terrier-ist myself, I COMPLETELY understand your dismay!! I hope you all get along wonderfully now! Can’t wait to hear about your busy week!


  14. Tank

    let’s all hold paws now and sing Kumbaya…

    very funny!!

  15. We have a dog next door that my sister is not real fond of either and she has to go give her a piece of her mind any time they are both outside. I figure I need to go “protect” my sister so I go and yell too! 🙂


    Mr. Nubbin’

  16. Hey Mayzie, we had that kind of weekend last week, and it is so hard to keep up. Just do your best and enjoy the fun.

    Mom had a Wire Fox Terrier once and she said Shannon just loved to tell all the neighbor pups off too. Guess it must be a terrier thing.

    Happy weekend.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. Love the rewind, showing some of your earlier posts – very cool!!

  18. We always love your posts, Mayzie! You paint really good pictures with your words! I’m like you and don’t like conflict. I usually end up getting in between whoever is fussing and try to stop them! BG

  19. Terrier or Terror?

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  20. Kendra, Daisy and Bella

    We totally understand the post–and had a good laugh. Bella is always telling the dogs next door off. They yell back at her (and get in heaps of trouble). We’ve never even seen them. They’re back yard dogs. Kendra tells everyone off and sometimes I do. Our best friend is a labradoodle and she is one BOUNCY dog. But she’s great to play with.

    Have a fantastical weekend.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  21. miss mayzie,
    i sure do hope that your brother ranger had gotten over his anti-ND thingie. if not, maybe i should sit him down and tell him about all the wonderful stuffs that us labradoggies have to offer!!!
    the booker man

  22. BOL, that’s right!!! Terriers are the best! 🙂


  23. So funny; I love the dialogue! I did miss this one from the beginning. Terriers sure are bossy.

  24. 100th post soon? How exciting!
    I think the blog rewind was a great idea. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Love, Bella.

  25. Hi, Mayzie!
    Sure it is interesting to see Ranger telling ND to go away!
    Have a great weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  26. Hiya Miss Mayzie – now, we’re both terriers too so we kinda understand where Ranger is coming from! When you’re a terrier-ist you can’t help but remain loyal to the cause, he he he! 😉

    Hey, we’re really enjoying these post ‘flashbacks’ by the way! 😀

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

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