A Note from My Mom

Hi everybuddy! Guess what? My mom asked if she could take over my bloggie for a day since she had some stuff swimming around in her head. And I told her no. Haha! Nooooo…I’m just kidding. She’s my mom and I luvs her so I told her that she sure could. So anyways, here she is!

Thanks, Mayzie! And thanks to all of Mayzie’s friends for letting me have the floor, er, blog today.

So, my hubby and I went to see “How to Train Your Dragon” a couple of weeks ago. And it was great! I mean, really great. We both loved it. Great story, great animation, great message.

And on the way home, I couldn’t quit crying.

Now, for me to cry at a movie isn’t terribly unusual. I’m a movie-crier. It’s what I do and I’m really good at it. What IS unusual is for me to actually cry uncontrollably AFTER a movie. Especially after a warm, fuzzy animated movie about a boy and his dragon complete with a happy ending.

Luckily, my hubby, after 17 years of marriage has learned to take unexpected emotional outbursts in stride and so our conversation did NOT go like this.

Me: Boohoohoohoo!

Hubby: Awww, there, there. Are you being crazy again?

No, he is a smart man, which is part of the reason we’ve been married 17 years. Instead the conversation went like this:

Me: Bohoohoohoo!

Hubby: (taking my hand gently) What’s wrong, sweetie?

The problem was that it was hard to put into words what was wrong. I had to think about it and digest it before I could articulate it. And even now, I’m not sure I’ll do a good job.

But it all has to do with Mayzie.

Some of you may wonder why I chose to let Mayzie have her own blog – and not Ranger or Ripley or Abby (our other cat who always seems to get short shrift on this blog because she’s so…well…normal).

I guess the reason is because from the moment Mayzie first walked up to me in that adoption fair, we’ve had a connection unlike any other I’ve experienced with a pet. And I have loved ALL my pets deeply. But the relationship that Mayzie and I have is different.

In the 14 months we’ve had her, she’s taught me so much about trust and love and how to be brave even when you don’t feel like it. There are many things that still frighten her but she never, ever gives up. She’s shown me that no matter what has happened in your past, today is all that really matters; that every day is something to rejoice in; and that there is always something to smile about.

Everyone who gets to know Mayzie comments on how sweet she is. They are drawn to her loving disposition and want to pet her and kiss her. There is something about her that shines so brightly and I feel incredibly blessed to have her in my life.

And that’s why I was crying.

Because as the movie pointed out so eloquently, it is human nature to want to destroy things we’re afraid of or don’t understand. And there are people out there who are afraid of Mayzie not because of who she IS or more importantly what she’s done, but because of how she looks.

Up the road in Denver, thousands of dogs have died simply because of the “crime” of being born with a blocky head, short coat and broad chest. That’s it. Mayzie’s DNA test could come back as cocker spaniel/chihuahua and all that matters to those people is that she looks a certain way and therefore, in their eyes, she deserves to die. It breaks my heart that there are other Mayzies out there who have lost their families or their lives or have never had an opportunity to HAVE a family because of fear and prejudice.

Sometimes it seems like an uphill battle. But there are things each of us can do. Educate others that just because a dog has a short coat and a blocky head doesn’t mean they are innately vicious. Help fight BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) if it is ever proposed in your community. Support programs that teach children how to behave in a safe way around dogs (since they are the ones who most often pay the ultimate price when a dog – any dog – bites). And push for tougher leash laws and harsher punishment for irresponsible owners.

In a few days, Mayzie will be announcing how you can participate in her “Guess Mayzie’s Family Tree” contest. We are still working out details but the contest will help benefit a local rescue – Mariah’s Promise – that took in many of the pit bull type dogs who suddenly found themselves homeless when Denver re-enacted BSL in 2005. Without this rescue, many more dogs would have died. Unfortunately the rescue itself has fallen on hard times because of the economy and is in danger of closing. So it is our hope that we can help raise some awareness and some funds for this very deserving organization and the dogs that they help. So stay tuned for all the details coming soon!

And right about now, you’re all thinking – hey, thanks for the Sunday downer post, Mayzie’s momma. Can you put Mayzie back on the line now please?

I promise that most of the time we will keep this blog light and happy – because, afterall, Mayzie is all about the light and happy! This was just something that I haven’t been able to shake and I appreciate Mayzie’s “furends” for giving me the opportunity to talk about it.

I hope you all know how much it means to me that you care about and love my precious girl, no matter how goofy she is what she looks like!



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31 responses to “A Note from My Mom

  1. Well done Mayzie’s Mom!

    I hope woo get some special snakhkies fur your pawesome posting followed with some extra Mayzie snuggles and stuff!

    My mom understands the stigma attached to some breeds – she’s also diskhovered the special khwalities of all as she’s done her various transports in the past two years – inkhluding pups with lots of Mayzie in them!

    Too many people are stoopid anymore – too many humans in unhuman – and yes we know that isn’t the ‘official’ word but it says it better –

    Recently there were lots of sweet khanines and khats PTS in a Toronto shelter due to ringworm – RINGWORM – not bubonic plague – RINGWORM – it broke my mom’s heart to see the stories about it –

    All any of us khan do is try to make a difFURence- if we khan save one, that is an excellent start!

    Bravo on the group you’ve selekhted!

    PeeEssWoo: My mom says she SOOOOO understands the special bond woo feel with Mayzie – she feels it fur and with me!

  2. That was a very fine post, Mayzie’s mom. I have to say that Mayzie herself is doing a great job of being a spokespawson for Dogs Who Look Like Mayzie. Although we have not been able to go ahead with getting me a little brother or sister due to all the stuff that’s been going on around here, Blog Mom is definitely browsing through Mayzie-like dogs on Petfinder more. Everyone here is also besotted over Shar Pei, so who knows what’ll happen. And she says it’s true what you say about not mattering so much what a dog is as what one looks like, too. One of the dogs that she and Daddy had for many years was always assumed to be a pittie by vets and so forth. They happened to know for a fact that she was the result of a star crossed romance between her Boxer Mom and Labradude Dad and was exactly half each, but she would have been categorized as a pittie, most likely, since she didn’t have papers of any kind.

    We don’t have breed specific legislation here as far as we know. The shelters, including town shelters are putting up pitties for adoption, so we guess not. There are lots of breed specific rules, though, that make it harder to own one and might contribute to their being in shelters.

    Anyway, you’re doing a great job and we’re sure glad you and Mayzie found each other.

    wags, Lola

  3. Mom now you’ve got my mom’s eyes all leaky….what a beautiful story about our dear sweet precious Mayzie. We loved her from the moment we saw her face. Mom says there are no BAD dogs…just very BAD owners and unfortunately these bad owners like to own a particular breed.
    Mom was raised with a boxer bull named Duke. He was absolutely devoted to my mom and all the kids in her neighborhood. She loved him very much and Mayzie reminds her of Duke…..
    Mom says each the family pets have taught her so much….
    Big hugs,
    Madi and Moist eyed Mom

  4. Miss Mayzie’s Mom,
    Don’t worry, I didn’t think this was a downer post…it was most informative and educational. Mum knows how you feels about your connection, her has that connection with (gulp) Albert but I’m so not going there. Da love you haves shows on your bloggie. We don’t have BSL around heres but da insurance companies will jack up your homeowners monies fur certain breeds…and of course da pibble being one of them. They have a list of 10 dogs and da husky is one too. Mum knew a man where his company actually dropped his homeowners insurance.
    Now I haves short hair and a deep chest…I wonders if I am part pibble…hmmm. ok, maybe not. Anyway, Now, my mum cries fur bringing me home and I just don’t know why. Maybe cuz I am stubborn, untrainable, haves selective hearing, and I haves a tendency to steal things. No, her really does love me…I think.
    Mayzie…you’ve come along way from the start and we are proud of you…you can change minds and hearts. Just start with one person, preferably a blabber mouth.

  5. Well done Mayzie’s mom – that was a great post!

    Our FH was nodding and snifflling her way through it – she got a bit leaky herself, as she knows all too well about how some doggies are targeted. One of our boys best pals inthe whold world is a staffie, Miss Daisy, who is kind and gentle and has the sweetest nature. Staffies are really feared in this country as sadly they are frequently kept as trophy doggies by very irresponsible owners. They’ve got a bad rep – along with pit bulls – and it’s so, so unfair as it’s the owners and NOT the breed that are to blame.

    Far from being maudlin this post was uplifting 🙂 as it’s so good to know there are many others out there who want to fight this ignorance. Children should know how to behave around us doggies for instance – that teaching programme sounds wonderful! And tougher laws for irresponsible owners – oh, bring it ON!

    Wonderful post – and Miss Mayzie, we love your goofiness. Erm, we mean your pretty charm, he he he! 😉

    Schnauzer snuggles to you AND your mom – JD and Max.

  6. I’m baaaaack…just left Toby’s blog and saw what you said…hehehe! I thinks I have a reputation.

  7. Mayzie’s Mom,

    It is so true what you say! I can’t believe how many little dog owners scurry away when they see a ‘pitbull’ type dog AND they don’t realize that they are causing a problem with their dog… I have issues with the people that bring in unfriendly dogs to an off-leash park and then tell us to stay away, my dog’s not friendly! Or my current favorite – the woman that is terrified of dogs that walks through the off-leash park and raises $%$( everytime a dog looks at her! I rarely have an issue with a dog but I could go on and on about my encounters with people that should be muzzled and/or banned.

    Going to our regular dog park isn’t as much fun as it used to be so we only go if we know our friends will be there. Otherwise, we wander around our neighbourhood and hang in our backyard.

    Sam and Pippen’s mom…

  8. Hey Mayzies Mom,
    That wasnt a sad post just factual letting us know the scoop.
    Mayzie IS one special dog and I happy to be friends with you Mayzie.
    I think out families all appreiciate what specialness we bring to them and what they bring for us too.
    Cant wait to hear bout the contest.


  9. Awww, we know it’s a feeling every mom of a rescued fur baby has felt. This is a very wonderful post!

    Stella, Gunther, Betty and mom

  10. Thank you, Mayzie’s mom!! You hit on a topic that is near and dear to my mom’s heart too. Not only the bravery fearful, or “cautious” as my mom says, dogs but also anti-BSL. Thank you for posting such a well written post. I’m sure Mayzie is proud to have such a caring mom. 🙂


  11. What a really great post! I was actually thinking about Mayzie and your blog the other day and how you do such a great job of showing how sweet and loving she is. Of course we face many of the same problems you face and we try our hardest to be good ambassadogs. I can’t imagine what it must be like being so close to Denver and it’s so frustrating to have so many negative thoughts. Now I don’t know if I’m just being more positive, or over-aware, but since I’ve gotten Miss M I have noticed more positive changes. When we go on our walks many people stare, and are curious and have questions, and want to pet the pooches. I think it may have to do with our neighborhood being a bit more open, but at the same time I’m hoping it’s a step towards changing ideas about the breed.

  12. Hi Mayzie’s mom, I found your post very emotional! Perhaps just as well I didn’t go to see the movie!
    Life is very hard, for humans and for dogs. Discrimination and stereotyping permeate our world and you very eloquently put the case for Mayzie and for breed discrimaion.
    I like to think I have an open mind and don’t go on appearances but rather my experiences both with humans, canines and indeed felines.
    After my youngest son had passed his driving test – he was 17yrs old – he was out with his friends on a quiet country road near our house.
    He noticed a woman trying to change a wheel on her car – he stopped the car and he and his pals jumped out to help and the woman started to run away!
    A group of teenage boys – must mean trouble! Same with Mayzie if she looks a certain way she must be bad too. I have a wonderful kind hearted son – (well I have two !) – you have a wonderful dog.
    I like Mayzie’s blog, I like her comments on our blog – I reckon if we met I would just adore her.
    I am glad she has found you and vice versa.
    Sometimes it seems it is necessary to examine our attitudes but it doesn’t stop us being hurt by those around us.
    Your sensitvity makes you a special person – unfortunately one that gets hurt – one that cries – you are an excellent person to raise awareness and tackle attitudes – we support you 100%.
    Martha and Bailey’s Mum xxx

  13. I love your entry and your dog! She is soooo amazing. I know some people that might think we are pits cuz of our big blocky heads! We would our ridges change their mind but there is no guarantee. So glad you are getting the word out on BSL. It’s just so wrong!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  14. Shady

    Thank you for letting your Mom post Mayzie. It can be a little sad but she is just saying what needs to be said, and make a bad situation a little better. It is cool how you inspire her, you inspire all of us too. Please keep up the good work.


  15. Hey, cut that out!!!! Not a downer post at all! Well spoken from the heart with a message bigger than life itself – it was beautiful and truly shows the depth of your relationship with Mayzie. We sure hope Mayze finds you a special treat to reward you and gives you lots of slurpy kisses.

    Hugs and Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. You had a most informative and thought-provoking post, Mayzie’s Mom! Sometimes we all need to think about things like this. We’ll be thrilled to see how your game turns out. Pits are some of the cutest dogs and also are very sweet and lovable! We hope that lots of them find their perfect homes, but also understand the struggle that’s ahead of them.


  17. Frankie Furter

    Hey Mayzie, I think with about 87 hours worth of your help, your mom just might make a good blogger. She told her story well. You must be proud of her for giving it a try.

  18. I liked your post Mayzie’s momma! It was from the heart. Can’t wait to hear more about the contest…Sounds like a ton of fun. For taking over the blog I do think some compensation is deserved….a whole box of milk bones should do the trick!!!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  19. That doggy with a blocky head is oh-so lucky to have a mommy with a big heart!

    Excellent post. Very well said.

  20. thank you Mayzie’s mom. That was a fine post. Can we put in a word here that says Pibbles and Pibble mixes aren’t the only ones that get discriminated against in shelters? Muzzer decided to apply to WFT rescue because she loves Asta Dogs, but also because when she was researching breeds to adopt, she found out that many WFTs and other Terriers are ptd in shelters because they are aggressive toward other doggies. Not all WFTs or all terriers are dog agressive, but many of us are, and so we are marked unsuitable for adoption and ptd.

    We know that TEKA is turrible dog agressive…she will go on the attack against anything, no matter how big the doggie! So we are on your side ! And not just because it is our side too.

    Sorry to be so long winded. We think Mayzie is part brindle boxer, but what do we know.


  21. Very well put. It’s not what kind of suit the dog wears, it’s how the dog is on the inside that matters, and Mayzie is obviously a sweetum.

  22. Daisy Kendra & Bella

    People always ask if we’re snappy dogs. That’s because everyone’s Uncle’s, sister-in-law’s cousin’s husband had an auntie who played cards with a woman with a snappy scottie. Yeesh.

    We don’t know any Pitties, they’re a banned breed here. We do have lots of large mix-breed ‘pig dogs’ with idiot owners. (We think some of the humans should be muzzled–good one Sam and Pippen).

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  23. Mayzie, If I were you I would be very proud of your mom. Great post!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  24. Mazyie’s Mom!
    I loved your post. I love you and I love Mayzie.
    I know you have a very special connection with Mayzie and I wish all the dogs around the world would have it with their owners, no matter how they look or their breed.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  25. Oh, that was the most wonderful post. Not a downer at all but very touching and uplifting. And I think it is nice when the humans “behind” the dogs sometimes make an appearance on the blogs and tell us what is in their hearts – in a way, it makes us connect with your dogs even more.

    We see the same kind of prejudices on this side of the world too – the pit bull/staffie types – anything with a brindle coat, really – and anything with jowls. Even as a very recognisable Dane, Honey has had some nasty attitudes & judgements because of her jowls and “mastiff/bull-ish” heritage – people are so quick to judge if a dog is not white and fluffy. And yet some of the most beautiful, gentle dogs are the ones labelled as ‘dangerous’ and ‘undesirable’ just because of their looks.

    We have only just got to know you as a new blog friend but we’re SO glad we’ve met now! Mayzie is just the most special dog.

    Hsin-Yi & Honey the Great Dane

  26. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject! You did a great job. Pit bulls and other banned breeds are lucky to have you for an advocate – you and Mayzie do such a wonderful job with your blog, and it sets a great example for others.

    By the way, my *heart* pet – the one I have that unexplainable connection with… is actually my cat Merlin. Shhhh..don’t tell anyone. I’m truly a dog person and it’s quite embarrassing, really.

  27. What an awesome post, at an awesome time!! I thank God for rescue orgs that take the time to make sure that all breeds are taken care of. Big or little…no matter the reputation.

    Thank you for such a wonderful post!!

    Now…to get MY husband to take me to the “How to Train Your Dragon”!


    Smileys and Snuggles,
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  28. thank you so much for writing this post. hear, hear!!

    the booker man and asa’s mama

  29. Jake and Just Harry

    As Mayzie might say — what an amazingly awesome post!

    We too here in Florida have people promoting BSL.

    And locally we have another piece of legislation that can be paraphrased as “one bite and you’re out.” A large, but sweet, non-aggressive dog, was provoked by a smaller dog. Despite being on a leash, the larger dog responded, shaking the little dog before their respective owners could intervene. The smaller dog died. The large dog is now incarcerated, awaiting a judicial sentence — euthanasia or return to his anguished family.

    Listening to how officials argue for BSL or other legislation helps me understand why so many of our other laws are quite insane as well.

    Joan on behalf of Jake and Just Harry

  30. Oh, dear, we missed this. BSL should not be a law or even a theory anywhere. It is wrong!

    Oh, and Cap’n Ripley, we wish you lots of luck with your support group for felines who can’t give up clay litter.

  31. We have been keeping an eye on this for a while. Thanks for getting the word out! I know around here, you can’t get your house insured if you have certain breeds of dogs and Pitties are among them. There are good ones and bad ones, and I’ve dealt with both. I think the bad ones are more from problem owners, though, mostly.

    I’ve known several, including my son’s beautiful brindle, Smokey, and they’ve been quite gentle and very loving. We also dealt with one that tried to take our my 8 year old son’s throat which left him scarred for life. That one had already attacked several people and killed other animals and the owners just didn’t take care of it the way they should have… kept it tied to a tree or loose… thin… etc. It was neglected and abused and that can turn any dog bad!

    I don’t tend to think that Mayzie is pit actually… I tend to think she is boxer mix, but it doesn’t matter because she is beautiful and sweet, and much loved by someone who will help her to be the wonderful dog she was born to be! Grammy from Corgi country

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