Favoritest Things Friday

Happy Friday, everybuddy! Are you excited it’s almost the weekend? Are you gonna do anything fun?

Oh – talking abouts fun (see what I did there? Mom says it’s called an Egg-Way. Mmmmm….egggggs….), my Favoritest Thing today is lots of fun! It’s my daycare place! And oh gosh, I luvs this place a lot!

Now, it took us a loooong time to find this Most Wonderful place. Before I gots adopted, my Brudder Ranger was going to a daycare he liked pretty good. But the problem with that place was that they didn’t split the dogs up – like big dogs and little dogs, or playful dogs and laid back dogs. And really, Brudder Ranger didn’t mind that too much but the first time they took me there, I was skeered outta my little doggie mind!

Mom realized pretty quick that that was not the place for me. So she found this OTHER place that DID splits up the dogs but, well, it was kind of nutty there, too. Everytimes we walked in the door, all the dogs in there started yelling at us! And that made me pretty nervous. I liked the peoples pretty good but whew! Imagine if you walked into the place you worked and peoples at once immediately started yelling not very nice things at you. I got sorta used to it but every time mom would drop me off there, I would look at her with real sad eyes and oh gosh – did THAT ever make her feel guilty. Haha! Um, I mean – pooor mom.

So then one day she came home and told me and Brudder Ranger that she thought maybe she’d found us a new place to go. It was at this lady and this man’s house and they had their own dogs, and the wife was a dog trainer.

I wasn’t all too excited about this due to my other two not-terribly-wonderful experiences. But gosh – I can’t even tell you the difference! All the other dogs were so calm and they have everybuddy split up into what they calls “temperaments.” Plus, they have dog beds all over the floors and two nice big yards to run around in and oh yeah! they gives us treats and pets, too!

Anyway, the first coupla times we went, me and Brudder Ranger were a little unsure cuz we weren’t all the way convinced that mom and dad were gonna come back and gets us. But then after we figured out that we weren’t going there to live, we decided that this was a pretty good deal. And now when we get there, I gets so excited that I start trying to get dad to open the door before we’ve hardly even stopped. And then we ruuuun like crazy to gets inside.

And guess what? I even have pictures cuz Bernie (that’s the wife-lady – it’s short for Bernadette) gets out the flashy beast and then sends the pictures to mom.

Okay, the picture down below is out in one of their yards. They have this cute little house that you can go into if you’re out in the yard and you wanna gets outta the sun. I thinks it’s a Most Ingenious idea, but Brudder Ranger doesn’t believes in little houses, I guess.

Me: Come on in, Brudder Ranger! It's neat! // Brudder Ranger: I can't believe you would stoop to the level of entering a DOG house.

Here’s Bernie hanging out with me and Brudder Ranger and Bernie’s nice old lady dog, Oma May.

Oh! And remember how I told you abouts how they gives us treats? Tah Dah! NOMS!

And here are some pictures of the inside of their house. What did I tell you? Cushy, huh?

Madam, please. Do I take pictures of YOU when you're trying to sleep?

Me and some of my furends

Oh! And guess what ELSE they have? They have a KITTEH! His name is Ricky and he thinks he’s a dog like us. I was very much curious about him at first but then he had a real good talk with me about who was the alpha in the pack and I leave him alone now.

Back off, sister, and nobody gets hurt.

And this is Bernie’s husband-man Patrick giving me and Brudder Ranger a massage. He’s REAL nice and he’s always saying how he’d like to keep me. But mom always says no.

Oh yeah, that's it...just a littles to the left.

Oh! Do you see that big Pibble standing there? That’s one of Bernie and Patrick’s doggies and his name is Rocco and he’s SOOOO nice and very much handsome. He had kind of a rough life when he was younger and he was living on the streets of this busy, loud place called Los Angeles when they found him. He has scars all over him but he luvs all other doggies and the kitteh and he pretty much takes care of everybuddy.

And he LUVS to gives kisses!

Oh! Haha! Thank you for the very much sweet kiss, Rocco!

But don’t be jealouses, Booker Man and Mack – Rocco’s an equal opportunity kisser.

BLEH! I've been kissed by a DOG!

Well, I hopes you liked the tour of our Most Wonderful Favoritest daycare place. And I hopes you have a very much great weekend. And to all you mommas out there, I hopes you have a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!



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25 responses to “Favoritest Things Friday

  1. Frankie Furter

    That is a cool day camp. Not like Pee Wee’s Camp Hunch a Bunch at all. I’m glad that you BOTH like it.

  2. Shady

    Hmmm that looks like fun but I have my doubts. I have never been to any kind of day care or overnight stay since I became an only dog. You are lucky Brudder Ranger goes with you.

    Great photos though…


  3. How cool that you get to go to an in-home day care with such nice people!

  4. That looks like such a cool place to go! Bwaaa ha ha! Ranger’s face in the last picture cracked me up!


  5. That looks like a great daycare! It’s good that you mom kept looking until she found the perfect one for you guys.

    Mom used to take us to daycare and we would always cry the whole way there to make mom feel the guiltys but once she left we had tons of fun! We don’t go anymore cuz they went out of business so now we nap, er, guard the house all day!

    Say happy mom’s day to your mom for us on Sunday!

    Sam and Pippen

  6. That is a Wonderful Place, and you have a Wonderful Mom to find it for you. Do you think I could get adopted?


  7. I’m not so sures bout that place Mayzie…I thinks they has alterior motives if you asks me. Not da hoomans anyway. Buts between you and me…I thinks that Roco coco-cola dude has a crush.
    I’m not allowed to go to day care any mores. I gots kicked out of my last three fur trying to takes over. I just didn’t likes da principal…too many rules fur da Puddles. Seriously, I glads you have a real good time there with other doggies and a kitteh.
    Pees from mum: Puddles has NEVER been to daycare. She has a tendency to…well, lie.

  8. Hi Mayzie
    What a great place to visit. We just love the little dog house. It is too cute.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Mom’s day to your mom.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  9. Oh, that looks like the best daycare ever! It’s nice that there’s one that you and Ranger both love to go to together. Rocco looks like such a sweetie. I’m sure glad that he got a home with people like Bernie and her husband and didn’t have to stay out on the streets of L.A. I’ve heard those streets can be very rough even if the weather IS good most of the time.

    Thanks for sharing that. It’s nice to be able to picture how you spend some of your days.

    wags, Lola

  10. miss mayzie,
    it looks like you and mr. ranger have a grrreat day care!! well, minus the kitty, but, hey, whatevarrr floats your boat. teehee. i can’t get over the fact that you have not one, but two yards to play in? crazy go nuts!! and with all those cushy beds inside, how do you pick which one to snooze in? do you have a favorite or do you alternate beds every time?
    no worries about rocco. he is a cool dude, and i know from my big sis asa that pitties heart giving out kisses!! 🙂
    the booker man

  11. Oh Miss Mayzie…thank you fur reminding me, I knews I furgot sumptin…I must go untie brudder and then…RUUUUUN!

  12. That does look like so much fun. I love Ranger’s expressions in the photos. And Rocco looks like such a nice boy to be hanging out with. It must be fun to hang out with all kinds of dog, and cat, friends.

  13. That looks like a great place to spend the day! And your Brudder Ranger is so funny, even if he doesn’t mean to be (but don’t tell him I said that, okay?) I am glad you both have a fun place to go to together!

  14. That day care place sound cool! We just love your little doggie house.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  15. We are so glad you found a place you really like! Sounds like more good friends, and loving peoples, and that’s always a GOOD thing! The CCC

  16. What a great place with fun new friends!!

    Happy Weekend Smileys!

  17. Maureen

    Wow Mayzie, you and Brudder Ranger are ever so lucky to have so many wonderful friends!!

  18. What a great place to go and hangout!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    Mom likes to watch on her laptop when my Belgian Tervuren pals go to their khaninekhare place in MinnieSoda!


  19. Hi Mayzie and Mom
    HiC here…..my mom (82yo) had the heart cath today…not me…thankfully.She did great no blockages…just some damage done to her heart by polymoyositis, an auto immune disease she has had for two years. It attacks the muscles of the body. The irregular beat will be controled by a defibulator (similar to a pace maker) that will be inserted under the skin of her chest in mid june. We’ve all been up since 4AM so I’ll be hitting the sack soon
    Thank you for your concern…..
    Very cute post today.
    Madi and Mom aka HiC

  20. What a FUN place! I love having furfriends to play with! Ranger is so silly…


  21. What a great place to spend your day if you can’t be with Mom and Dad! Those are two very special people who opened their doors for you pups. We aren’t so sure we would do very well there with that kitty, but you never know.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  22. How nice that you get to go & play all day! That place looks like one of a kind! Make sure to give your mama extra kisses for mudders’ day!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  23. I think that looks like a real great place to spend your days and am glad you have settled in so well. I like that they have a kitty but not sure I would like all those woofies in my house. MOL.. I think the picture of you all together in the house shows how well you all get on. our mum must be happy knowing you are both safe while she works. Hugs GJ x

  24. Mango

    It can be difficult to find a good daycare place. Your mom was smart to shop around until she found a spot that was right for you. PeeWee loves daycare but I do miss him when he goes. I really don’t have the stamina for it (plus they won’t let me in with my nards).


  25. Doggie kisses! Doggie kisses!

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