Update on the V.E.T.

Hello Everybuddy!

Before I tells you about me and Brudder Ranger’s trip to the V.E.T., I just wanted to remind everybuddy to think good thoughts for Mona and her mommy today. Mona’s having a bump removed cuz her V.E.T. was concerned about it and Mona’s mommy is all a mess – as our humans so often are when we might be sickies. So if you gets a chance, do run over and tell her that they’re in your heart today.

Okay, now about OUR V.E.T. visit. I will just start out by telling you that we were both Most Exceptionally brave. (Although between you and me, I’m pretty sure I was braver than Brudder Ranger but if he asks, please tell him that I said HE was the braver one. ‘kay?)

Our V.E.T. is Most Wonderful and Kind, even if he IS a V.E.T. He gave us pets and lots of treats and told me how sweet I am and how handsome Brudder Ranger is. He checked us all over and gave us a clean bill of health! He even complimented us on our muscles! We told him that we work out every day and he was very much impressed.

So here’s some pictures. Mom didn’t get any of me on the table (I went first) cuz she forgot (yay!) so only Brudder Ranger got subjected to the flashy beast while in that very much precarious position.

Don't worry, Brudder Ranger! If you fall, I will catch you! I promise!

I find this whole process humiliating and entirely unnecessary.

Oh, Brudder Ranger, it's not THAT bad! Just close your eyes and thinks of CHEESE!

Uh, sir...Mr. Vet, sir...what, uh, what are you doing back there...exactly?

Ah, yes! That's more like it. Back on the ground. See, Mayzie? I told you it was nothing to worry about.

Well, this has been fun. Let's go!

Uh, seriouslys, dad...what are you waiting for? Leashes! Keys! Truck! Chop, chop!

So there you have it. We survived another V.E.T. visit! Yay, us! Did I mention we were very brave? Cuz, well, we were very brave.

Oh! I bets you were wondering about that dee-en-ay thing. Well, after we counted up your votes (actually mom counted them – I’m not so good at math) and talked to our dear V.E.T., we decided to go for it!

We did the blood kind (seriously…I am SO brave!) and we should have the results in a coupla weeks. I’m kinda nervous cuz like Sam and Pippen put it – what if I think in my head I come from pirates but it turns out that instead I come from a whole line of flower arrangers who have a whole different vibe from pirates. Unless you’re a pirate that likes to arrange flowers. Then I guess you’d have the best of both worlds! Because just cuz you’re a pirate doesn’t mean you don’t like flowers, right?

Um…okay…what was I saying? I forget.

Well anyway, mom says to remember we’re just doing it for fun and no matter what the test says, I’ll still be the most important thing of all. I’ll still be MAYZIE!

And here’s the best thing about all of this stuff: me and mom are putting on our thinking hats (along with Shady and her mom‘s help) to come up with some fun contest idea to raise green papers for rescue. We’ll let you know about the contest as soon as we figure it all out – okay? But it’ll have something to do with guessing my family tree. So be sure to start cogitating on that if you wanna play.

Wiggles & Wags,

Mayzie, The Most Brave



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31 responses to “Update on the V.E.T.

  1. Mayzie, I thinks you were very muches…brave. But you needs to train your dad betters. Doesn’t he know to jump when you say? Sheez, what’s wrong with these hoomans. Did I mention you was very brave?
    Well I told you my guess as to what you is…a zebra, you know with your stripes and all. But, what if you really ain’t mayzie afters all? Ooooor, you coulds be a batgirldog…hehehe!
    pees: I thinks you was most brave at da V.E.T

  2. Oh my dogs and cats that was a funny post Mayzie…
    Mom lol at the caption under Ranger’s picture when Mr. Vet was messing in the vicinity of the family jewels. You assistant is very funny and deserves extra
    loving today. Miss Curosity (aka Madi) says it will be fun to hear about the
    dee-en-ay….heck you might find out you come from royalty and there could be a crown in your future.
    Madi and Mom

  3. Hey there Mayzie!
    I’m so glad you both got a clean bill of health! Yippee! As for the D-N-A thingy…I’m also soooo excited…maybe we are related!? How about that?
    Off to visit your friends now.

  4. Hey Mayzie…good job at the with the VET! Getting the mom types to forget about the flashy beast, well,,,,,that is an accomplishment! (muzzers almost always forget, it is a function of age.)

    We are sure that you are descended from royal pirates who can, on occasion, arrange flowers.


  5. Frankie Furter

    Thanks for reminding everybuddy to think of Mona and her Mom.
    That was a grrreat BRAVE trip to the VET guy.
    Now for the Dee N A thingy…. I’m pretty sure you are a brindle DACHSHUND. Maybe even my sister.

  6. You know what? Your V.E.T. office looks EXACTLY like ours! How weird is that?

    You guys were most brave, especially Ranger when the doc started messing with his private area… How rude those V.e.t.s are!

    Sam and Pippen

  7. Deborah

    You have to be brave to go to the vets! Glad you had a good visit!
    Have a great day!

  8. Mayzie girl, you’re making us BOL! Flower arranging pirates and all bring something to mind, but we know this a PG blog so we’ll keep our comments to ourselves… Tee hee! The suspense is gonna kill us. We can’t wait to hear what the blood test tell you about your heritage. We’d kinda like to do that with Stella. Even though she came from a pug lady we sometimes have our doubts, not that we care.

    Good job at the V E T!

  9. Mayzie, you were the braviest doggie we ever did see at the V.E.T’s. Your brudder was quite brave too but you were certainly the bravest!
    We hope the Dee En Ay thingie might show you your parents were famous and they have left you a huge inheritance.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  10. miss mayzie,
    i can totally tell from the pictures that you and mr. ranger were PROS at the vet. good job!! the only thingie is that your daddy should have brought the cheeses to the vet so you could snack while you waited!
    anywho, i can’t wait to see what your test results are!! i think flower arranging pirates are way cool, but i kinda think maybe your ancestor doggies would have been cheese making pirates cuz you like the cheese so much and all. yarrrr! those kitty vermin be after me cheeses!!! teehee.
    the booker man

  11. Looking forward to the INA (oops… DNA) results! xoxo

  12. You make going to the vet look so easy! I’m excited to hear about your DNA test, and to see what kind of contest your mom comes up with.

  13. You were so brave! And it’s very smart to be brave like you at the vet. It helps the vet be brave, too and not request things like a muzzle. For the dog, not the vet. Yes, it really happens! That’s why I’m always extremely coopertative with them. They feel more confident and it gets the whole thing over with much sooner. It looks like you two both understand that very well. But you let them take blood for your dee en ay test. Now that’s truly courageous. We’ll all be waiting to find out what breeds it takes to make up the wonderfulness that is Mayzie.

    If you turn out to be mostly just two or three breeds would that make you a designer dog?

    wags, Lola

    wags, Lola

  14. What a brave Mayzie you are! Can’t wait to hear the DNA results.

    My Lyla saw the V.E.T. today, too, for the first time since she came to live at our house. She has a bit of a, ummm, leakage problem and turns out spayed girls do that sometimes. So little Lyla is now on estrogen, which I always thought was only for old ladies.

    Also turns out the V.E.T. disputes the idea little Lyla has any pitbull in her. Oh, AND he said she’s probably 18-24 months old because her teeth are so tiny and shiny.

    Lyla hated the V.E.T. treats, though, and was happy to get home to the good ones! (And to see Mickey, who howled when he realized he was being left home alone!)

  15. Flower Arrangers? Is that like Power Rangers? LOL. Mayzie, you crack me up with your blogs!

    I will be interested to see what the DNA test says!

    Oh, PS, tell Mommy I would have NEVER envisioned this whole agilities thing two years ago when I brought home Marge. I expect YOU to be next, missy, with your Rallies skills!

  16. Christina


    I just wanted to say haroooooo! I am thinking of you my dear!

    I’m glad your visit to the V-E-T went fast and without a hitch!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  17. We’ve had our paws khrossed her fur Moma and Her Mommy since we read the news…

    As fur woo two: WOW! Such brave khanines!

    I bet woo set the standard fur toned AND brave at your vet’s office!


  18. You two were ever so brave!!! Did you have to get owie shots?? I hope not!!

    We can’ wait to hear how your DNA test went!!


  19. Hello Mayzie…I sure do like your bloggie! In fact, I like it so much that I did an RSS feed and I asked you in my comments (here) to send me site updates and later on I will add your name to my blogroll. I hope you will follow my blog too! I didn’t see your picture on my followers list but maybe I didn’t look too closely so I’ll recheck later.

    I also like your name cuz it rhymes with Daisy, my favorite dog in the whole world, but don’t worry, you are also my favorite dog but don’t tell Daisy I said that!

    I am so glad you survived your visit at the V.E.T.S. office and it looked like you were ready to go home afterwards and I hope your dad got the hint very quickly that it was time to go!

    I am shocked that I never noticed your blog before…where in the world have I been, anyway? I also became friends with Mona and I appreciate you telling me about Mona’s surgery, etc.

    Bye for now! April & Daisy the Coonhound

  20. You are so brave!! An inspiration even!! The picture of you at the door is perfect.. BOL!


  21. Miss Mayzie, you and Ranger were SO brave, we are mightily impressed! We go to the vet together too – safety in numbers and all that, he he he!

    Hey, we’re very excited about your DNA thingy – gosh, it’s gonna be really exciting! 😀

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  22. So So Brave and so so cute!

  23. I cant wait for the result!

  24. We’re so glad to hear that your vet visit went well and we thought that both of you were very brave!
    Our paws are crossed for Mona!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  25. I’m so glad you both survived the horrors of the vet’s office! Hopefully you find something interesting in your family tree. Ranger gets kudos from me for being photographed!


  26. Hi, Mayzie!
    I have my paws crossed for Mona! I hope everything went well!
    You two are so brave!
    Glad to know you are healthy!
    Now… we will be waiting for the DNA results!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. Brave is right! Let’s hope there is not another visit in your near future. 🙂

  28. Maureen

    I am very late to post this, but I can still feel the vibes of great bravery emitting from this blog page!!

  29. Mango

    Sorry about getting up on that table at the vet. It is not a happy place to be. And why do they always want to probe our most private areas? Hey! Looking forward to your big contest!


  30. OMD suckers!!! BOL You went for it! The truth is, we’re dying to do it ourselves, and we might some day. Can’t wait for the results, therefore I’m guessing you’re dying to get them back.

  31. We think you were VERY BRAVE… both of you! We are with you on the “let’s get OUT of here…” as soon as possible! So glad you both came out with flying colors!

    As USUAL, we are doing catchup reading, and will have to run over to Mona and Mommy to find out what the results were on her tests… Hope that all was well there!

    We started our new Contest session with today’s Pippen’s Peek at the Past #1. Come join the fun and learn more about us! The Country Corgi Pups

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