The V.E.T. and DEE-EN-AY

Hello everybuddy!

Okay, so’s today is Tuesday and that means tomorrow is Wednesday! And Wednesdays are usually pretty good days except that, well, me and Brudder Ranger haves to go to the V.E.T. tomorrow! Now don’t fret. It’s just my annual check-up that will lets our very kind doctor tell us how very much beautiful we are and look at our teethies and gets our <gulp!> shots.'re taking us WHERE?

But here’s the dealio. As you might know, I haves no idea about what kinda other doggies are in my family tree. And as you mighta read in this post, we get asked it a whole whole lot. So my mom has been thinkin’ about maybe getting a dee-en-ay test done on me.

Now, my mom’s done gobs of research and knows that dee-en-ay tests aren’t necessarily 127% accurate. But she thinks that this place looks like the best one cuz they haves so many different kinds of dogs in their ‘puters. They don’t have American Pit Bull Terrier but they DO haves American Staffordshire Terrier and they’re real close. And if you take a gander at their gallery, it looks like they do a pretty good job figuring out this dee-en-ay stuff.

No pawticular reason for this picture. Just don't want you to forgets about my cuteness.

So anyway, the onliest reason that we would do it is for curiosity-sake. And that way, when somebody asked us what was in my family tree, we could go, “Well, the dee-en-ay test said…”

Oh, and me and mom thoughts it would be kinda fun to have some sort of “Guess Mayzie’s Family Tree” contest and somehow try to raise some moneys for rescue.

But on the other paw, when it comes down to it, it’s not gonna change how momma or dad feels about me. They’re not gonna luvs me any more or less cuz of what the dee-en-ay test shows. So we just wonder if it’s even worth it just to satisfys our curiositys.

Another most gratuitous dose of cuteness.

And that’s where YOU come in! Yes – YOU! Pretty please, tell me in your comment if you think we oughta do the dee-en-ay test or not. Oh, and if you’ve ever had a dee-en-ay test done, you could go ahead and let us know what you thought about it, too.

Alrighty, wish me lucks tomorrow at the V.E.T. and on Thursday I’ll lets you know what got decided about the dee-en-ay test.

Thanks for your helps – from the bottom of my little heart!'d THAT picture gets in here?



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33 responses to “The V.E.T. and DEE-EN-AY

  1. Well I’m gonna take a gander and says you are part giraffe and part zebra. Now Mr. Dad, that is my dad…not yours… personally wouldn’ts do it cuz he’s raels stingy , I mea, frugile withs his green papers. Now mum seems to be too curious. However, if yous got da dough go fur it.

  2. Oh my cats that last picture got Madi’s heart pumping fast…Cap’n Ripley is one handsome man cat….ok we got off point

    Mayzie and Ranger good luck with your vet visit. I can tell you one thing for sure you two won’t have to worry about stepping on the scales as you are both in fine shape. Mom says she could go either way with the dee-ne-ay. In the end it doesn’t matter Mayzie because what you are is ‘a most cute Mayzie’. The curiosity factor is big for us ’cause well duh ..there is a cat amongst us. I guess it is just drawing some blood right?
    Madi and Mom

  3. Mango

    Good luck at the vet. Hold out for foodables. Make sad face. That will melt their hearts. Hey! Skip that whole DNA thing. You are 100% Maiyzie! That is all that anybody needs to know.


  4. We hope you have a good Vet visit – hope they give you treats too. We don’t know about the test. Mom says to think about how will your life be different if they know what is in you – does it really change anything? But if they are just curious, then go for it. It won’t hurt anything.

    You are one cutie patootie, Mayzie, no matter what the genes are.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Cap’n Ripley not only are you handsome you are a GENTLE(man)Cat!!!
    HA Your mom is so funny we love reading her vocabulary…she should write a book. We volunteer to be her road manager over here on the East coast.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Mayzie and Brudder Ranger…we hope the vet visit goes well.

    About the DeeNay stuff, well..someday if you ever gets sicky, which we hopes don’t happen, but anyway….it might be helpful to know what kind of dogs are in your family tree..just because maybe they have some diseases that are more likely to happen, like Brudder Gussie is a WFT (or WTF, if you say things like that which I don’t) and his tree says he can get thyroid problems (check, he gots it) and Pan Create Itis (which is why we is eating low fat food but soe far no symptoms) and since I am a JRT like Brudder Ranger I am almost perfect, so that is it.

    Teka Toy Dagger

  7. Frankie Furter

    Well, I’m thinkin’ that when you are asked what kind of dawg you are you should say: I’m a Girl dawg. I’m a Nice girl dawg. I’m a nice girl dawg who is Loved.

    I think that is enough.

  8. One thing about these dee-en-ay tests you gots to remember… it might tell you stuffs you don’t want to know! Like what if you have this whole ideas about who your familys is? Like you believes your ancestors are pirates and then the test tells you nope, nada, no ways, joses, all your ancestors were flower arrangers… Not that there’s anything wrong with flower arrangers BUT they have a totally different vibe than pirates, if you knows what we mean.

    So whats we are trying to say is if you’d like to take the test, take the test BUT be prepared for the unexpected. AND in the end, remember that you are the Amazing Mayzie and thats all that matters! At least that’s all that matters to us…

    Sam and Pippen

  9. Mango

    Hey Mayzie! You might get a cake yet. Momma never even wished me happy birthday until I started blogging but then the other mom’s were OUTRAGED that she would neglect me so. Yuh, and I get kind of scared whenever she goes into the kitchen and actually starts turning on appliances. So it is a mixed blessing.


  10. Bridger Spinone

    I think you are a pirate chihuahua. No need to spend money to figure that out. I’m pretty sure I’m a chihuahua too.

  11. Shady

    Normally I would 100% agree that true lineage is not as important as what is in your heart and say skip the whole dee-en-ay thing….but I do like the idea of a contest for rescue out of the deal! My Mom could help with that, for sure. Petfinder does a guess the (pardon the expression) “mutt” thing on their bloggie that goes over really well.

    If you can spare the change (and the blood), maybe you should go for it.


  12. Mom says some of her friends have done those tests for their doggies, and they are all over the place. The most expensive ones seem to be the most predictable, though (if it’s less than $100, probably not worth the bother is the message she’s hearing). She’s tempted to buy one of the cheapy ones to do on me, just for fun though. We know I’m 100% Frenchie for five generations, so it’d really be something to see if the test got that right! For the record, we’re thinking you’ve got some boxer in you somewhere šŸ™‚

    Brutus the Frenchie

  13. I did the DNA test on our little Ginger because to me, she did not look like 100% poodle but he test result showed she is indeed 100% poodle I was glad I did it. It was expensive but heck I spend more on my hair every 7 weeks….

    We think you and Brudder Ranger are very glamorous, DNA test or not.

    I think maybe you have a wee bit o’Boxer in you too??? Looking forward to the results if you do the test!

  14. I love you, Mayzie … and your brudder. But I think I’m a tad partial to the final dose of cuteness — the kitteh cuteness — at the end. Maybe it was the surprise factor!

    Good luck with the DNA discovery!

  15. Olivia

    As a Boxer mom, i say you MUST have some Boxer in there somewhere. If you have the money, I would definitely do it. I think it would be kinda fun. Whatif you’re part cattle dog? You’ll need some cattle.

  16. daisydog

    My momma was thinking about the DNA thing too, for me and Roscoe. But it really doesn’t matter to much cuz you are 100% cute anyhow!

  17. Hmm, I don’t know about those DNA tests. Our friend Goodbear got one done on her dog and it came back with all kinds of breeds that he didn’t resemble at all. She called them up and they said something to the effect of, “Well, what do YOU think he is?” She told them, and a little while later got back results that matched what she had said. Coincidence? Hmmmmm …

  18. My two-leggers have been curious about the tests too but never followed through… we’ve just guessed for the most part! Though having an extra insight for medical issues would be a big plus! Can’t want to see what your mom decides! Either way, I agree with the group – you’re 100% Mayzie and that makes you perfect!

  19. Well, we think you are both cuties, so that is the first thing -and of course we love kitties so all the pics are great to us!

    Mom doesn’t know what she would do in your mom’s place with the DNA – she would be really curious, but probably would want to save the money for something else, like toys for us!!

  20. We’ve been curious about the test, and I think it would be really interesting to find out what you were. I’m guessing part boxer too…. We think Miss M might be part boxer which would explain how you 2 mixes haves such similar eyes. I think the contest thing would be a really good idea.

  21. I say go for it. It’d be entertaining, if nothing else. And maybe in 5 years when the tests improve, you could do it again and see if it changed! I am always so curious about what many of my foster pets are mixed with, and if I could afford DNA tests on all of them I’d be very tempted! Fortunately Remi is 100% Great Dane and Noelle is mostly American Pit Bull Terrier, so I don’t really have much curiousity about them or I’m pretty sure I would have ordered one of those tests already. šŸ™‚

  22. we fink that you are 50 percent adora-bull and 50 percent cutie patooty so THERE!!
    we’ll kindly take some liver tweats as payment.
    see?? it was way cheaper wiff the pibble pack
    tee hee

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  23. Hello Miss Mayzie,

    Well, we know you’re 100% cute and 100% adorable, you don’t need any test to tell you THAT! But we say if you’re curious go for it! As Gus Dagger wisely pointed out it might be useful health wise as some breeds are more prone to certain ickies than others! We think you’re part angel and part nymph as you’re so pretty with those gorgeous brindley bits and big brown eyes, sigh…..! šŸ™‚ Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  24. miss mayzie,
    i think you should do it! it will be super duper exciting to see who your ancestor doggies are!! also, i totally looove your idea to have a contest at guessing what you are in order to raise moneys!
    whatevarrr you decide to do, just remember you are the one ‘n only miss mayzie. there is no other lady as special as you are to me, the booker man. teehee. šŸ™‚
    good luck at the vet tomorrow!
    the booker man

  25. If your mom has the extra green papers, I say go for the test! I mean, it will satisfy your curiosity, and then you can make up a designer dog name to give to people when they ask what you are. It won’t make you any more or less you, but it could be fun for some giggles. Someday, it might possibly help with your health, since some breeds are prone to certain diseases. At least you’d know!


  26. What if the dee-and-a test proves you are a … sheep, or a gazelle, or a turkey? If you think you can cope with that, go for it. I have no input, sorry, but we’re struggling with the question over here too. We are curious about our Frankie.
    And before I go: you insecure knucklehead! Of course I miss you! Duh

  27. Paws khrossed woo don’t have any KHAT DNA!

    I think I would say woo are a khombo of khute, pibble, and boxer!

    Good lukhk tomorrow!

    I’m sure woo two will dazzle ’em!


  28. I think it would be fun! We know you’re cute, a lady, and adorable. Now let’s see what else you’re made of!

  29. Well, it might be fun if it’s not too expensive. Of course, right now you’re free to make up your own breed and be that, which would be kind of cool, too. I’m guessing there could be a bit of Frenchie in you. Those ears have to come from somewhere and boxer ears are floppy if they’re not docked. Yours stand at attention real nice. Or maybe a Boston. I think they hear real well, too.

    Most importantly, along with being sweet and adorable and cute, you’re a cheesehound, like me.

    wags, Lola

  30. Hi, Mayzie!
    I am sure everything is going to be ok on your visit to the Vet!
    DNA test?? I am not so sure I’d take it…
    You are very special… no matter what any DNA could say!
    Kisses and hugs

  31. I’m one of the people who doesn’t really think that the DNA test is worth it, though I do see the entertainment value in them! If you have the money, you may as well go for it. But, there’s always a chance that you’ll get an unsatisfactory answer from it (like that the only thing they find is .00001% Chihuahua or something).

    Let us know what you decide!

  32. they look like fun but we decided not to give our girls DNA tests

  33. Grammy says it wouldn’t hurt anything if you want to spend the money for curiosity’s sake, but from what she’s heard, it still might not work correctly. She loves the boxer look and thinks that you have got a good dose of that, but you also look pretty small, so probably have something small in you too. She thinks whatever it is adds up to adorably cute!!!

    We think we like you just the way you are, so it doesn’t make any difference if you put some tag on it! Since we are backtracking (AGAIN) we hope we find out that you had a good vet report! The Country Corgis

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