A Surprise Encounter on a Saturday Stroll

Happy Monday, everybuddy! Aren’t you excited?? It’s the start of a whole brand new week! I wonder what Most Amazing things might happen?

How was your weekend? Mine was very much wonderful. And you know why? Cuz mom and dad took me and Brudder Ranger to a park we’d never been to before.

Of course, it took them about 154 years to do all that stuffs they have to do before we could leave.

I might expire of boredom right in this very spot.

But it was totally worth the wait cuz when we finally gots there – oh…my…dogness! It was the Most Amazing Park Ever! I mean, there were places we’d never sniffed before and peemail we had to read from dogs we’d never met before!

Oh...haha! Brudder Ranger you've GOT to reads this one!

Poor Sally. I can't believes Jojo just dumped her like that!

The day was kinda cloudy and stuffs, but the sky was real pretty and we kept nice and cool.

Clouds over my mountain

All of a suddens, we found this kinda weirdo place with fake grass on it and mom said that it was where peoples play a game called crow-kay.

Crow-kay is confusing. And not played with a crow at all!

Brudder Ranger said it used to be real populars with hoity-toity peoples about 700 years ago (he’s very knowledgeable of these things) so he was very much excited that we were standing on an “ancient ar-kee-oh-logical” site.

"Hmmm...their advanced use of alchemy to create these posts is quite fascinating."

He was much enamored but between you and me, I got bored pretty fast.

Yeah, yeah...alco-meany...oooooo...what's over there?

Then we came to this part of the park that had a pretty pond but you had to cross this scary bridge to gets to the other side. I was not very much happy about this.


Once we gots across without dying, mom saw this pretty flower and asked Brudder Ranger to pose by it. He was so Most Embarrassed that a very-much-masculine dog such as himself would have to stands next to a pretty flower that he wouldn’t even look at her.

I am SO humiliated.

While mom tormented Brudder Ranger with the flashy beast, me and dad waited FOREVER patiently.

And that’s when I saw…THEM!

What the...?

Ohmidog! Have you guys ever seen these things? I thought they must be 2-legged rabbits with feathers but Brudder Ranger rolled his eyes and explained to me that they were “ducks.”

Well, I’ll be darned. DUCKS. I mean, I’d heard of ’em, sure. But I’d never seen ’em before. Of course, this required a much up close and personal examination.


But wouldn’t you know it? Dad’s stupid leash got caught on his hand and they got away before I could gets any closer.

Daaaaaaad!!!! Let go of the leash! DUCKS! HEY DUCKS! I JUST WANNA TALK! HEY! WHERE YA GOIN'?

Me: GAH! NOOOOOOO! They're getting away! // Brudder Ranger: Whatever.

Well, I don’t need to tell you but this was a Most Discouraging turn of events. So I sulked for a good second, maybe even two…

So depressed. I may never see another duck agains as long as I live.

But then, cuz I luvs my dad, I forgaved him for his not-very-much-deft handling of his leash and we headed back to the truck.

Happy, happy, joy, joy! I luvs this park and my Brudder Ranger and my mom and my dad and I luvs DUCKS!

All in all, this is prolly one of my Most Favoritest parks I’ve ever been to in my whole entire life. I’m gonna see if we can go back again real soon and I bet those ducks can hardly wait!

Until we meets again, ducks!



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30 responses to “A Surprise Encounter on a Saturday Stroll

  1. Morning Mayzie and Ranger…..what a very exciting and fun day you had.
    Oh mom lol at the conversation you two had over the pee mail. It kind of reminder her of when she and Dad are at Hallmark looking a cards. One of them will say oh you’ve got to read this one….
    We are so glad you had a fantastic weekend and we enjoyed the pictures and commentary as per usual.
    Madi and Mom

  2. Mango

    I bet if your dad had dropped the leash you would have learned how to swim before you knew it! Golly, that bridge was scary. If you had a tail it would have been tucked safely between your leggies. I am so glad you got over it successfully.

    New adventures are filled with thrills and excitement.

    Happy Monday!


  3. Hi Miss Mayzie, oh yes, aren’t Ducks just the best? As you might remember from a previous post of ours we have two mama ducks with loads of baby duckies who live at our nature reserve. We’re very good boys when they float past – truth is we’re totally fascinated by them and are too excited to even MOVE!! 🙂

    Pee-mail is fabulous isn’t it? Gosh, the things we’ve found out about the local community through reading what’s posted over here! But poor Sally, we hope she hasn’t got too much of a broken heart! 😦 You were everso brave to go across that very scary looking bridge and what a clever find of Ranger to discover that ancient crow-kay site, most interesting indeed! We would quickly like to say to Ranger – man-to-man – that it takes a real man to pose in front of a floral background and he should not be embarassed!

    We hope you get to go back to that great park again soon! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  4. Frankie Furter

    This was a grrreat place for you and Ranger to visit. Next time you go there … rub your dad’s hands with Crisco. hehehe

  5. My hoomans have many problems with their leads too! Mostly when we are around sqrrrrls and bunnies and stuffs. There are geeses on our closest pond, and they make rude noises and poke at me with their beaks. I think I would like ducks betterer.


  6. Mayzie,

    I don’t think we would have made it across that bridge – it looks too scary for us! You should come and visit us here – there are ducks everywhere! Last year, two ducks even moved into the neighbourhood for a few weeks! Sometimes, we’d look out our FRONT DOOR and there they were – IN OUR YARD! And one time… one of them even came on our front step! Can you imagine?

    Sam and Pippen

  7. Shady

    When your family is with you, you can be brave and then you get rewards like seeing ducks and all. Congratulations!


  8. I love Ranger’s “whatever …”! Seems so HIM!

    Glad you liked it, Mayzie gal! Looks like a most beautiful place to visit.

  9. What a lovely park…..grass, ponds, ducks, crow-kay, what more could a doggie ask for? 😉


  10. You mean to tells me you have your very own mountains…who woulds have thought. Now Mayzie we need to works on your pawrents a little bits better. They obviously haves no idea who iss in charge. So, I will gives you a tip…when you dad gets all tight on da leash…you pull…then he tugs back…then you act all cool like fur a sec. (that way he won’t spect anything)…then you PULL REALLY hard and dad comes with you in da pond…it’s really pretty fun to watch dad start skiing on top of da water.

  11. Duck … duck … duck … GOOSE!

  12. Hey there Mayziegal,
    mmm…that doggiepark looks perfect! Ducks and the gamie-thingy…mmm…what fun! Pity those weren’t flamingoes then we could all pretend it was Alice in wonderland!
    Glad you had a fun day! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  13. Ooh! What a cool park! Although I don’t think I would have been too excited about that bridge – that looks Super Scary! It still looks like fun day!

    *kissey face*

  14. Mayzie that looks like a great park! I especially liked the crow-kay area – I have never seen anything like that around here. You are so lucky to have a park with crow-kay AND ducks! I hope you get to go back soon!

  15. you mean those birds can swim??!? well by golly we’re going to have to tell our mommish to take ush to the park and see we can sniff some of those special birds out. next time ask them if they have any welatives in houston that we can visit

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  16. Christina

    Man, I can’t believe that your big doofus daddy got all caght up in his own leash and prevented you from tasting… I mean introducing yourself to those duckies!

    Anyhoo, I guess the rest of your walkie inthat beawoootiful park will make up for it, but seriously, next time, I would leave him in the car.

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  17. What a great park you got to visit, Mayzie. We have never seen ducks up close and personal but those pesky geese fly overhead all the time. They sure can be noisy.

    We hope you can get back there again and meet the ducks. Have a great week.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. What a pawsome time you had!! Those ducks look a little scary…


  19. Mayzie, you’re welcome to come visit my ducks here anytime! They love dogs more than two-leggers, if you can believe that! I completely understand about just wanting to talk to them – I have loads of questions for my nemesis, The Squirrel, but everyone seems to think I have other intentions.

  20. that looks like an awesome park to me!

  21. B.O.L! Oh, I know just how you feel about those ducks! Just never chase a goose by accident! It looks like a great place!

    Mom says that her family plays croquet in the summer all the time! They have great fun with it!


  22. What a great noseventure you and Ranger had! I’ve seen ducks before – we have a lot of them on Long Island. Our minor league baseball team is even named The Ducks. Alas, however, like you, I have not been afforded the opportunity to get up close and personal with them. It’s a shame. They look delicious – um, I mean very interesting. They look interesting.

    wags, Lola

  23. I’m so furry happy woo had such a great day and met some khool ‘furiends’!


  24. yes, miss mayzie, duckies are so totally awesome!!! i’m so glad you finally got to meet some!! did you know they like to eat breads? next time, tell your mama and daddy to bring some, and the duckies will come right to you! oh, and that park just looked super duper cool, too…i really wish i could come and sniff that crow-kay thingie…very interesting like.
    the booker man

  25. What a fun park! And you got so close to meeting those ducks…

  26. Sorry you couldn’t eat the ducks… 😦

    Looks like a fun day, loved the pictures!

  27. Mayzie!
    You had a pawesome time there… specially meeting the ducks!
    I can see you really wanted to talk to them!
    Kisses and hugs

  28. Martine

    Those ducks were a little scary… We think you should stay away from them!!

    The park looks fun though!!!

  29. We have duckies at our house, Mayzie! Come on over! They will love meeting you and Ranger!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  30. Hurray… the Comment area FINALLY opened for us. We’ve been working on it for over 45 mins.! We loved your post and it had us all begging Grammy and Papa to take us to a park like that. Grandma OC says that they used to have ducks around here, but the coyotes got them all. In some places, they have herding trials where they give corgis a chance to herd the ducks into pens! Doesn’t THAT sound like fun! I’ll bet you’d love to help us do that, wouldn’t you, Mayzie?! The Country Corgi Pups

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