Thoughts for Digby

Today is normally s’posed to my Saturday Smiley day. But dear furends, I’m not feelin’ so smiley after reading Wilf and Digby’s bloggie today.

I only founds out about these two Most Wonderful pooches a few days ago through my darling Booker Man’s bloggie. Prolly most of you know, but if you don’t – sweet Digby was bitten by a terrible tick and he got a real bad sickness from it. It looked like he was coming around and beating that bad sickness, but on the bloggie today – well, it looks like the sickness might beat him instead. And even though I haven’t known him so very long, it makes my heart all kinds of sad.

So if you haven’t alreadys, would you do me a little favors and run over there and tell Digby’s family that you’re thinking good thoughts for him and his Brudder Wilf and all of his humans who are so sad right now. Even if you’ve never met them before, I know it would make them feel good to hear from you.



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20 responses to “Thoughts for Digby

  1. Oh, Mayzie, I just went and read the latest update. I’d seen that things had gone bad in the night, but was still hoping for another recovery. Blog Mom is getting leaky, and not in a happy way. We, too, didn’t know about Digby until Booker posted, but we kind of fell in love with him and his fighting spirit since then. Thank you for the noses up. Even if it’s bad news, we want to know.

    love, Lola

  2. thank you, miss mayzie, for posting about mr. digby. i know it means a lot to digby’s mama and daddy. my mama, asa, and i are very very sad this morning. we had hoped digby had gotten over the worst stuff, but it looks like it’s not to be. but we will not give up hope ’til the end.
    the booker man

  3. Mayzie and Amber,
    My mum is in terrible shape afters reading bout Digby. Hers can get rather emotional bout animals suffering and stuff. Ya’ll are gems fur posting this…ya’ll is very sweet and thoughtful. We are praying for a miracle.
    Pees: Miss Pitt is still missing. It breaks our heart to think of her being on da streets or worse….

  4. We were so sad to the see the update this am –

    Before we even opened our GR, we knew thanks to Kira The BeaWOOtifuls’ khomment on my blog –

    We had hopes he’d be able to pull through –

    Thanks fur sharing with your pals –


  5. This is such sad news Mayzie, we don’t know Digby but visited his blog when we heard he was poorly.
    We will visit again – it is so very hard when our friends have to say goodbye.
    Like you Mayzie we don’t like sad news at all.
    love you lots
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  6. Thanks for posting this Mayzie. We don’t know Digby but checked out the latest posts and left a comment in support when mom’s eyes stopped leaking. Those blasted ticks… I’m glad he has such a wonderful support system. Paws crossed for a miracle….

  7. oh mayzie we are full of the sadness in our pack and we’ve left our sad sniffles in his bloggy earlier
    we helped clean mommies leaky eyes earlier

    sad woos
    the pittie pack

  8. Poor Digby and his family have been on such a roller coaster ride. We were so sad this morning to see the tragic turn he has taken. All paws crossed here for him and his family.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. We feel sorry for Digby, poor puppy & family!

  10. Wilf and Digby have been two of our blog favorites for about a year now. Our hearts were very sad when we read the news this morning.


  11. Morning Mayzie
    We are so sorry to read about Digby’s terrible sickness. We went over to offer our prayers and thoughts to him and his family.

    We hope you are all doing well in your home…..
    it is already too hot here in NC 84 and high humidity.
    Madi and Mom

  12. Yeah Mayzie, it really broke our hearts when we read about Digby today. we were just beginning to relax, were so sure he is back to normal.

    Mummy got all leaky n upset. she is going to keep thinkin about Digby till the next post comes, we know.

    we still hope for a miracle.

    Poor Wilf, he must be feeling so sad.we always know, don’t we?

    with prayers,
    Bud n Gin

  13. Just so heart breaking! We can understand why you weren’t so smiley today. 😦


    Mr. Nubbin’

  14. We are so sad, Mayzie. We really thought that Digby was going to make it. Our hearts are broken for his family.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. What sad news. My thoughts are with Digby’s family.

  16. Digby and his family are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Kisses and hugs

  17. That is very sweet and thoughtful of you Mayzie.
    It’s so sad when pets are ill.
    I’ve gone to Digby’s blog and wishes him well.
    I hope he will feel better soon.

    Love, Bella.

  18. Mango

    We will visit Digby with great haste.


  19. Shady

    So sorry to hear about Dogby, trying to go wish him well but we always have a problem commenting on Blogspot! It either double posts or disappears, makes visitng Mr Nubbin and so many others so hard.

    Please keep us posted here too if you can.

  20. We have been following this problem, but want to tell you thanks for helping to get the word out… The more prayers and good thoughts, the better!

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