Ranger’s Ruminations: My Dad

Greetings, dear friends. I hope this day finds you well.

Today, I would like to speak with you about, as my dear little sister puts it, one of my “favoritest things.” Actually, it’s one of my favorite people – my dad.

Dad and I formed a bond early on after my adoption. You see, the entirety of his job is to stay home and keep me company. Of course, this is not what he or my mother would tell you his job is. They would give you some nonsense about him working from home as a “software tester.” But make no mistake – my dad’s real purpose in life is to be my companion.

And take it from me, he is stellar at what he does. Each day we enjoy breakfast together and then it’s time for my morning siesta. Dad opens his computer and sets about pretending to do his “other” job. At approximately 11 am each day, Mayzie and I remind him that it is time for our daily constitutional and off we go to a trail system near our house. It is a lovely hour of checking messages left for us by other dogs, sniffing any new vegetation and, if we’re lucky, giving good chase to a rabbit or two. Once home, Mayzie and I happily dream until dad serves our dinner at promptly 5 p.m. I give him extra points for punctuality in this regard. He also takes us with him as many places as he can so that we have opportunities to get out and see the world.

Hiking on "our" trail not long after I was adopted.

Although my dad might look intimidating to the casual observer, he is actually very kind, attentive and patient. He is also extremely smart as he quickly learned to pet me when I whacked poked hit gently nudged him with my paw. However, my mother – although she is a dear – still hasn’t picked up on this most basic behavior with 100% accuracy after almost 5 years! There are times when I have to nudge her 10 or 12 times before she “gets it.” Other times I simply get exasperated and stop trying. And then – wouldn’t you know it – that’s when she decides to give me a stroke. I am determined not to give up entirely on teaching her this behavior but there are times I consider it.

Ahem – pardon me, I believe I have digressed.

However, perhaps the most admirable qualities my dad possesses are those of loyalty and compassion. To wit, when my dear sister Mayzie came to live with us, it was not an easy transition, as you may already know. My parents knew Mayzie was “sensitive” but had no idea the extent of her fearfulness until they brought her home. I believe we have told you how she was most literally afraid of EVERYTHING in our house – and outside of it, too. It made the simplest things, like going into the backyard, a tedious and frustrating chore. In addition, because the adoption of Mayzie was my mother’s idea, my mother told me later that she felt tremendous guilt over the fact that my dad had to take on so much of the responsibility of dealing with Mayzie’s fearfulness due to the fact that he “works” from home.

A jaunt in the mountains.

Well, after one particularly difficult and frustrating day a few weeks after her adoption, I happened to overhear my mother break down into tears and tell my dad that she was sorry – that she was afraid they’d gotten in over their heads and if he wanted to, we could return her to the rescue. Now, you must understand that my mother is of the firm belief that when you adopt an animal, it is yours for life; so I hope you can grasp how dire the situation seemed to her at the time. I held my breath, half-hoping (I am ashamed to say) that dad would agree to my mother’s proposition. But being the kind of man he is, he quietly but firmly said, “No. She’s ours now and we’re not giving up on her.” And, well, that was that. That told my mother that he was 100% on board for this wild ride that was Mayzie and I know because of his support, my mother permanently put away any doubts she had about the adoption or about my dad’s feelings about the situation.

I realize I have rambled on a bit but I felt it was important for you to know more about my dad and how very special he is to my mother, to Mayzie, and to me. As always, your kind indulgence is sincerely appreciated.

Until next time, this is Ranger – wishing you good day and good biscuits!



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23 responses to “Ranger’s Ruminations: My Dad

  1. I don’t think we ever heard the return her story. 😦 I’m so glad that dad didn’t give in! We know how wonderfully fabulous both you and your sister are! Quirks and all!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  2. Hiya Ranger! Hey, we loved this post as our MH also pretends to ‘work from home’ too! When we turned up he didn’t work from home, but within 4 months he had fallen in love with us so completeley that he changed his working lifestyle because he couldn’t bear to be away from us! This from a human who has admitted that he originally just let us move in ‘to keep FH happy’ and that initally he ‘wasn’t keen’ on having us around. Well, we soon changed his mind on that front – ha!

    Your dad is very special, we’re so glad he was in it for the long haul and could see beyond the nervousness to the ‘puppy inside’ your gorgeous sister Miss Mayzie, giving her a real chance to blossom and really become herself. Humans like your dad make us glad to be man’s best friend! 🙂 🙂

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

    PS – Miss Mayzie – we are so saddned by Digby’s latest news, but he seems to be hanging in there. We’re praying for a miracle for this extrodinary pup.

  3. Mayzie, we are loving the sound of your Dad. He is obviously a good sort of human who can understand it is not always easy for us dogs who have not had the best start in life.
    Your mum did well to pick him for the family – humans can’t always tell but we dogs always know.
    Sending basset hugs to your Dad
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  4. Ranger, your Dad sounds like the best. I’m so glad that you all did not give up on Mayzie, too. She needed you to be her family and I’m sure that you’re totally glad that she stayed. My Dad is home during the day, too. He’s retired, a little early because he’s got some parts that don’t work so well anymore. He used to work some from home, but I put a stop to that soon after I arrived. It’s so nice to have company at home all the time, isn’t it?

    wags, Lola

  5. Brudder Ranger, what you needs is a big mushy gushy hug (cuz I know how muches you like those) fur such a most enlightning post. And what your pawrents did fur Mayzie is very much selfless…and once apet comes into a home,, it is their duty to oblige us with every wish we desire. That being said, my mum did da same thing your mom did when they brought me home…imagine that. Oh and Whitney too. Mum cried likes a little puppy dog So hers not alone but it just always seems to work itself out. Mom didn’t quite have da support with Whitney though. So, bless your dad fur doing da right thing by Mayzie.

  6. Mango

    Your dad rocks for sure! My Master “works at home” a lot to which is great because we get tons of guy time together. I am so glad that he was patient with your sissy because she is a wonderful gal.


  7. Ranger and Mayzie…you have a super dad. Almost as good as mine! We love how you told this story Ranger…and think that is a most good thing your dad did for Mayzie and your Mom. Give him kisses from me and Teka please.


  8. What a great story!

    I’m furry glad woo shared it with us!

    It made my mom smile a lot!


  9. Ranger, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you! I agree, having parents who can be at home with you while they pretend to be working are wonderful. Our dad comes home for lunch every day, since his office is close to home, and he takes good care of us. I love Dad, but Mom is the one I’ve gotten the best luck with training and she’s the one I usually go to!


  10. Ranger now we know why Mayzie uses most so much…it definitely is the key important word in describing how you two are most love and most lucky to have such a wonderful Dad and Mom!!!!
    What a wonderful post about your Dad…great job we think you might get extra biscuits.
    Madi and Mom

  11. Tank (I think)

    I like your dad… is he for sale or rent? If so, how much?

  12. Shady

    Great tribute. An early Father’s Day gift–thansk fr sharing, your Dad should be proud.

    Shady & Melissa

  13. Wow! We can see that you have a really pawsome Dad (and Mom too!). Our mom pretends to “work” too, but we know that she is really here to keep us company!
    Our mom says we have had some rough rescue situations too, and we applaud your commitment. A Dad who hangs in there is really something special.
    Your friends Alice & Sammy
    at The Rose Jugglers

  14. Ranger, this is a very very sweet post about your dad. There seems to be a lot of that going around right now. Our dad is the same. He had to totally tolerate Betty. I mean life was pretty much perfect before she came along. Then came the poo eating, the farting, the trillion medications per day… anyhoo. You guys are very lucky to have a daddy such as yours. He looks like a big teddy bear.

  15. Nice to meet you, Ranger! And so wonderful to be introduced to your dad and to read about Mayzie’s early days with your family. I was quite “fearful” when I was first adopted and still have bouts of what I like to call “cautiousness.” You and your two-leggers are so kind and loving to welcome Mayzie into your family, even though it was trying at first. Aren’t you glad you stuck it out?? 🙂 My mom “works” from home too. Not every day though – two or three times a week she drives into the city. When I cry about it, she reminds me it’s to help fill our bowls and finance the lifestyle we’ve grown accustomed too. After that reminder, I push her out the door. Don’t want her to be late!!

  16. hello ranger its dennis the vizsla dog hay yore dada sownds verry speshul all rite!!! yoo and mayzie ar lukky to hav sutch gud hyoomans to tayk kayr of yoo!!! ok bye

  17. mr. ranger,
    yeah, i’d say your dad is a pretty cool dude!! i’m glad you get to spend lots of time with him doing special stuff ‘n thingies. i’m also glad that he didn’t give up on miss mayzie cuz look how totally awesome of a sister she turned out to be!! 🙂
    the booker man

  18. Hi Ranger, nice to meet you. You ruminate very well:) Your Dad (and your Mom) sounds like a wonderful human. Please give him and your Mom some sloppy smoochies from all of us.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. Hi, Ranger!
    Your Dad is the Best!
    Sure is pawesome to spend all day with him and Mayzie, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  20. AHHHH Ranger, that story brought a tear to my eye! I am SO glad you all didn’t give up on Mayzie and I am even more glad you all have such a special man in your life! Dads are the greatest!


  21. I sure wish my dogs had such nice things to say about me! 🙂

  22. you are so lucky to have a stay at home companion!

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