Favoritest Thing Friday – with a few guest appearances

Hello, hello! It’s time to tells you about one of my favoritest things. But, um, instead of telling you, I’m gonna see if you can guess what it is first.

Have you figured it out yet? Hint…I wear it well.

That’s right! It’s my Most Beautiful Brindle furs!

Now I am very much proud of my brindle furs. Specially since momma started giving me fish oil, they’re pretty shiney.

So you can just imagines my shock when I read this post by the Most Wonderful Happy Pit Bull lady that brindle doggies don’t get adopted very fast.

WHAT? Now I knew this most unfortunate fact about black doggies (which is also very much crazy) but BRINDLES? Oh! I was most distraught and dismayed.

Now, this seemed to me to be utterly and most crazy so I thoughts I would notify some of my bestest brindley buddies of this most egregious outrage.

First, of course, I notified the Relentlessly Huge himself. Well, he was so stunned that he immediately fell to the ground in a stupor.

After that, I contacted the lovely Miss M. She decided at once to begin a walking tour of Chicago to spreads the word about the beauty of brindle.

However, it wasn’t long before she decided she could raise awareness just as well by eating a cupcake.

I then told Stella and Betty about this most ridiculous development, and they both had a good laugh cuz they thoughts I was joking.

When I assured them that I was Most Serious, Betty was NOT amused.

Chef promised to think hard abouts this predicament and grabbed a stick and sat down to “chew” on the subject.

Bella thoughts she could help by demonstrating how easily brindleys blend into yards without grass, thereby saving peoples money on grass and water.

And Frankie, being a dog of action, right away set about organizing an online petition.

Dog Foster Mom’s used-to-be foster doggie Rachel is only a baby and had to be comforted when she heard the news.

But don’t worry. Rachel is one of the lucky brindleys who gots adopted way quick so she cheered up pretty fast.

And Otis. Well, Otis was so very much distressed that he had a rather unfortunate regurgitation issue.

The news even spread as far as Alaska! Ina’s new furend – who pre-furs to remain anonymous – even organized a one dog protest in her yard.

As for me, I am just gonna try to be the Most Charming and Adorable brindle doggie I can be so that the peoples who meet me will decide that brindle furs are one of their most favoritest things, too!



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30 responses to “Favoritest Thing Friday – with a few guest appearances

  1. Mayzie…we certainly don’t understand that disturbing news. I tell you there is just no accounting for the bad taste of some folks. Mom and I thank Brindle is beautiful. We love the way you coat mingles together in to the most lovely array of colors when the light hits you.
    PS my humans sis doesn’t know your mom’s friend…but she thought it was very ironic.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  2. You means to tell me your mum squeezes da fish juice out and then makes you drink it? Well that’s just sick.
    Now we likes brindles. My uncle Bubba is a brindle boxer…he’s kinda dum though. I wouldn’t mind being a brindle myself…I hear some beaudogs think they is sexy. I just don’t get da deal why they not as adoptable…who really cares what kind of stripes or spots.

  3. Maizie…you are an excellent spokesdog for your brindle buddies. We thinks you are bootiful.

    gussie n teka

  4. Hiya Miss Mayzie, well, we are very confused by this distressing claim and we for one – er, for two! – don’t believe a word of it! Brindle is most desired over here in the UK, we’ve witnessed it first-paw and have actually got a bit jealous over it!

    Why, one of our bestest pals, Neo the pittie, wears a very handsome brindle and is extremely proud of his ‘military camoflague look’ as he calls it. And we’ve seen many passers by fussing him for his handsomeness, whilst not even giving us a second glance – humph!

    FH adores brindle – she says it’s especially beautiful because each pattern is beautifully unique and any doggie who wears brindle is making a fashion statement of the highest calibre!

    This was a wonderful ‘brindle awareness’ post Miss Mayzie and we thank you for showing us such a wide range of gorgeous brindle wearers. We say to you all – wear your brindle with pride!! 🙂

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  5. Well, I disagree! Brindle is Better, that’s my slogan! Just look at all the beautiful brindles you’ve shown us, Mayzie. Great job (and fabulous post)!

  6. miss mayzie,
    the booker man is totally confuzzled, and here’s why:
    (1) brindle furs are most beautimous to look at.
    (2) as we have all learned from this post, many of our doggie friendz are full
    of the brindle furs and they all have grrreat forevarrr homes.
    (3) most importantly, if the good Lord saw fit to make you, the way loveliest
    and radiant doggie in the whole wide world, all brindle like, then how on
    earth would any hooman be turnin’ their schnoz up at the brindleness?
    that would be just a big bag full of ridiculosity.
    the booker man

  7. Hi Mayzie,

    We came over from Frankie’s to congratulate you on your graduation. Great job. We can’t see all of your photos in this post but you are very beautiful.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. That was so much fun! I almost spit out my oatmeal when I saw Otis, Stella and Betty! SO FUNNY! I will be sure to pass along this infomation to our Brindle Buddy who acts as the official greeter to the customers entering the Fire Island Rustic Bake Shop in downtown Anchorage. Very yummy goodies inside and delish coffee! xoxoxo

  9. Brindle is a pretty cool color, isn’t it? I’m sure the Mango will be glad to see this post! Pee ess – did you start Rally yet?

  10. Not adopt brindles….that’s just crazy talk. Did you know in Europe that Ridgebacks can be brindle. How cool would that be brindle with a ridge! I guess in the US brindle is a no no for Ridgebacks. Snooty breeders!

    You are a wonderful ambassador for the brindle nation!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  11. Hi Mayzie, we cannot see any pictures but we can read your words.
    We think brindle fur suits you so very well.
    You will have to start a movement something like brindle dogs are brilliant!
    love and kisses
    from your internet impaired friends
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  12. Yes Mayzie we can see them now! Miss M is priceless in her pink tutu!!!
    What a yummie cupcake!
    Have a good weekend Mayzie. xxx

  13. Hi Mayzie, I thought you might like to know that brindle doggies are pretty popular where we live – they are much easier to adopt out than all black doggies or all tan doggies. Maybe because there aren’t as many of them around here, and people always like what is different. If we rescue a litter of six puppies it is most likely that five of them will be black and one will be brindle or a different color – so the different one almost always gets adopted first. I guess maybe in some parts of the country there are lots more brindle dogs so they aren’t as popular – but I have to agree that brindle dogs are the most beautiful! And all white ones. (Noelle made me say that). And Remi thinks black and white ones are best. Well, maybe I should say it doesn’t matter what color your furs are, it matters what is on the inside. And you are most beautiful inside and out!

  14. Ohhhh, my mom LOVES brindle doggies, Mayzie! You guys are sooo beautiful!


  15. Good call on yesterday’s post. I was definitely more interested in the shots since you were in them, no offense to any bipeds.
    As for the brindle situation, I had no idea! I mean, Frankie’s got enough issues as it is, so I don’t want to upset her further. I thought only black cats weren’t easily adopted! Wow, live and learn. I guess I should fetch Frankie now to see herself, I just won’t let her read your post.
    Darn WordPress Ninjas giving you a tough time! BOL

    PS: your comment to me earlier did not have your link. did somebody forget to sign in or are the Ninjas responsible for that too? BOL….

  16. Mango

    Stripes rule! Look at all the totally awesome doggies out there with stripes. Yuh, people are big dopes. They get scared of doggies with black faces too. What’s up with that? Brindle is da boss!

    BTW – My brindles sometimes help me to hide in the bushes. I bet you can do that too. Hehehe.


  17. Miss M. is so pleased she was able to be a guest star in this post. I hadn’t heard this about brindles either. I wonder if brindles don’t get adopted because many people associate them with pitties? We see a lot of brindles here in Chicago, but when we went to Wisconsin a ton of people were amazed by Miss M’s fur and said they never saw any coloring so beautiful. I like the roundup of all of our brindle friends.

  18. Well, until I came along, all the greyhounds here had brindle furs! Treat was a brindle colored a great deal like yourself. Hawk was white with brindle patches. Blueberry is a blue brindle and Lilac is a black brindle. So, we think brindle is beautiful. Lots of people pick brindle greyhounds, but the black ones often have a hard time finding homes!


  19. Hi again, Mayzie. We took your advice and came back. We are so glad that we did. We think your brindle colors are gorgeous and we love how they are so shiny. We know some of your brindle furiends, like Mango, Frankie, and Chef and we agree they are all most beautiful too. Why anyone wouldn’t want to adopt a brindle is just beyond us. We all have very thick coats, actually double coats, but not the kind of fur that would be shiny. But we are very soft and plush. So glad we were able to see all your photos on this return trip.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. We both get fishie oil pills too, Mayzie! We think brindle is beautiful! Poopoo on those who don’t!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  21. Brindle is beautiful. Never forget that. Dog Foster Mom is right. It’s all about what’s rare and what’s not, I bet. Someone posted a picture of a brindle shar pei at the Shar Pei forums and everyone went nuts. Apparently we do come in brindle, but it’s very rare. Everyone was so excited just to see a (very bad) photo of her.

    wags, Lola

  22. What a great post showing off the benefits of being brindle!


  23. Mayzie!
    You are The Most Charming and Adorable brindle doggie!
    Kisses and hugs

  24. Frankie Furter

    Well Miss Mayzie I am just aMAYZIED by this development. I was not aware that some two leggers felt this way about brindle and black. How very much LUCKY we all are to N O T have been adopted by THOSE type of two leggers.
    I say that Brindle and Black are BEEE U TEE FUL.

  25. We were dumb-founded to hear this (Grammy wasn’t, but WE were!) Grammy explained that so many people have really bad ideas about pitbulls, and a lot of pits are brindle. Well, all the pits we know have been really sweet dogs… Manuel, Grammy’s son has a brindle pit, and she thinks he is beautiful. She also loves Mango, and Frankie, and the dog at their Monday night Bible Study, Crazy Daisy. She is a one eyed, brindle boxer with a white chest. In fact, Grammy liked you from the first time she saw you because she feels that you look like you are a brindle boxer mixed doggy and you have such sweet, mischievous eyes!

  26. Two-leggers come up with some ridiculous stereotypes, don’t they? We love brindles!! There are so many beautiful colors in one! I’ve heard about black colored doggies having trouble getting adopted. My sister Cali is all black but, contrary to this, mom and papa scooped her up in a second. Our color doesn’t mean anything to us and it shouldn’t to two-leggers but we all know they can be crazy! 😉

  27. littlemissjackie

    I can’t believe that anyone would think that your beautiful brindle furs were not beautiful! I think they are super neat!

  28. Personally, Mayzie, I think brindles are adorable.

  29. We also think brindles are very beautiful!!


  30. Mesa and Baily are both marked with Brindle and are very sad to hear about this!

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