Nooyor Kitty

Hello everybuddy! Can you believes it’s already Thursday!? Time flies when you’re going for walkies and taking naps!

So last night when mom and me were talkin’ about what to put on my bloggie today, she said maybe peoples and doggies and kittehs might be somewhat interested in seeing pictures of her trip to visit Nooyor Kitty. Well, I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard was extremely interested in what she had to say. After I thoughts it over, I said okay but I reminded that since the bloggie IS in my name, everybuddy might be more interested in looking at pictures of me. Hmmmm, she says, I can see your points.

Well, I felt kinda bad cuz she looked kinda disappointed so I put on my thinking cap and came up with a Most Brilliant idea, if I do say so myself!

Oh wait! Before we start, you should know that my mom went with her Most Awesomest Sister (my cuzin Bridger’s momma) and her Most Awesomest Brudder (who is really nice but between you and me, I don’t think he’s as awesome a brudder as Brudder Ranger). Oh, and another thing – please to note that there is not one single picture of Nooyor Kitty himself. Not one! I guess he must be really REALLY skeered of the flashy beast or something.

My aunt and my uncle in a place called Times Square. Mom said there were a quadrillion hundred peoples there.

My mom striking a most silly pose in the hotel room.

My mom and my aunt at this yummy place called the Russian Samovar. I think they're drinking Hi-C in this picture.

The Barrymore Theater. I'm pretty sure it was named after that Drew Barrymore girl.

Mom at Chelsea Market. It has lots of noms!

Radio City Music Hall. They keep rockets here.

At this place called the Museum of Modern Art. A deer made out of a bush! Haha! Isn't that the craziest?

Mom at the Hershey's store, aka The Death Trap for Dogs Store

A place called Union Square. See that flower on that building? It's gotta be the biggest flower I ever saw!

This was their last night there. They were in the bar in the hotel. And I know what you're thinking. No, my uncle isn't a mobster. He's a lawyer.

Well, there you haves it!  The whirlie-wind tour of the place where Nooyor Kitty lives. I do hopes you weren’t too bored enjoyed it! Oh! And if any of you happen to comes across a picture of Nooyor Kitty himself, please sends it along. I find him Most Mysterious!



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30 responses to “Nooyor Kitty

  1. Morning Mayzie!!!
    First of all you have a most beautiful Mom and she has a most beautiful and handsome sister and brother!!

    Ok now down to business, if you ever tire of your day job of being an adored, loved and cherished puppy who has all the comforts and being sister to Ranger and Cap’n Ripley, you have a future in tourism!!! What a wonderful tour you took us on.

    You are going to BOL when mom tells you this…one of her nicknames is HiC.
    When we saw that in your tour mom said to herself how did Mayzie know that?
    Ok it comes from the fact that mom’s name, which starts with a C, is a typing challenge to those not accustomed to it so her friend just started addressing emails as HiC
    Great post,
    Hugs Madi and Mom aka HiC

  2. I do swears Mayzie, that was most intertaining. You added very much pizazz including youself in da pictures. You haves a most sa-weet looking family too. Uh and alsos just to lets you know…I donn’t thinks that was Hi-C…I thinks it was apple juice. Ummmm…one more thing, don’t lets my mum see that ever so BIG bottle of chocalate, hers might makes me drink it fur making it snows at our house….hehehehehehe!


  3. That is my hometown, Mayzie. Or it was until the Moms whisked me off to the suburbs. It was their hometown once, too. I’ll tell you where Nooyor Kitty is. They keep him in a secret place in the Central Park Zoo most of the time. It’s a part that’s not open to the public, though, as it might be bad for tourism if people knew what was lurking there. At least that’s what an Afghan Hound I used to know told me.

    wags, Lola

  4. Frankie Furter

    My mom had been to that place and she one time stood in front of that chocolate store and watched a big parade. Clifford was in the parade!!!
    I think you did a very much grrrreat job of keeping us “interested” by placing your pic in view. hehehe very cleaver of you.
    Your two leggers are very much cute.

  5. All very interesting. Good thing you slipped your photo in there Mayzie! These humans and what they find intriguing…. Silly 2-leggers!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  6. Mayzie Girl! We enjoyed the tour of New Year Kitty (sp?) and Muzzer went ‘specially wild over the photo of Chelsea Market. Seems Astarooni’s mommi took her there and they had a GRAND time!!!

    I most liked the idea that you were in all those pictures.


  7. Mango

    That was very exciting. I am so glad that you were in all the pictures because then I was most interested to read your words for sure. Great trip for mom. She looks curiously happy, though, which is not really appropriate given that she had abandoned you.


  8. Love it! Looks like your mom had a super time. And those Hi-C drinks got my mouth watering. Cute insertion of yourself. Maybe next time you can join Mom for real!

  9. Great pics – our mum has never been to New York although hopes to go later this year. She enjoyed seeing all those pics of places, like Times Square, very cool!
    Thanks for letting us see the great pictures of everyone having fun.
    Martha & bailey xxx

  10. Mayzie, it looks like you were really there! I bet you would have had such a fun time too…there is so much to see there.

  11. Christina

    Mayzie, now I know exactly where you get your charming good looks from!

    Tell you momma thanks for showing us the Nooyor Kitty pictures. I hope they had a fabualous time. It sure looked like they did!

    and I promise to keep my eyes out for this Nooyor Kitty. He DOES seem mysterious. Something fishy is going on over there!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  12. miss mayzie,
    what a super duper idea!! it was like you were totally in nooyor kitty with your mama and her sis and bro! thanks for sharing all those pictures, and it looks like the trip was tons of funsies!
    i am wondering right along with you about this nooyor kitty dude. he seems a little…sneaky-ish…
    the booker man

  13. Mayzie girl, just how did you manage to make it in all those pictures??? BOL! Thanks for sharing the trip with us!

  14. Wow what a great trip! And we love how you were in all the pictures – it made them even cooler to look at! And boy, you are right – a big deer bush is crazy! It looks like they all had a very good time! It is too bad they didn’t get any pictures of that kitty though – we would have liked to see it because we hear about it on tv all the time!

  15. What a great idea….get to see Nooyor Kitty and Mazyie all in 1 shot!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  16. our pawrents went one time like 2 yrs ago and it wained most of days there but they still had tons of fun and your right the nooyor kitty sure ish full of the mysteries cause he was’nt in any of the pawrents piks eighter.he must be an invisble kitty for sure.
    we’re furry happish we got to see you in the pikshures it made them MOST extra interesting

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  17. Mum says send that bottle of chocolate across the seas, she’ll help your Mom finish it!
    I think your Uncle borrowed Austin Powers Jacket?

  18. Mayzie, I’m just shocked! There are all the pictures of your mom traipsing about in the city and not a single one of her looking for dog boutiques to bring back goodies for you! Plus, she didn’t even look sad that you weren’t together! I’d give her a stern talking to, if I were you!


  19. BOL!! How clever of you to get into the pictures that way since it IS your blog!! Sometimes I post two-legger photos for the family but this was much more interesting with you in them and a surprise that made me BOL! I agree with the consensus here – your mom is super cute and seems to have had a great time!

  20. I wonder if your mom found the flooooof I sent in the direkhtion of Nooyor Kitty?

    PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur sharing those great pikhs!

  21. Great pictures Mayzie!
    New York looks ike a fun place 🙂

  22. What wonderful pictures!!! My Mama grew up in NJ and just looovvvveees NYC! Thanks for letting your Mama post her pictures (and , as usual, it is always nice seeing your smiley face!).


  23. Our mom grew up in the neighbor state in New Jersey at the beach! She spent lots of time in NYC and just loves to visit there whenever she goes back home. Loved your mom’s travel pictures and thank you for showing us!!! xoxo

  24. I’d like to try some of that Hi-C! 🙂

  25. Maureen

    Wow Mayzie, sure looks like you had an pawsome time!! Woohoo!!

  26. Hello Miss Mayzie, oh, it was lovely to meet your very pretty mom and what a fabulous idea you had about the photos, we did indeed enjoy seeing your beautiful smile in each one, you are very clever indeed!

    We too would be intersted to see this fiendish Nooyor Kitty, this darstadly kitty who takes their doggies owners away from them! 😦

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  27. Hi Mazie,

    Great pictures of the trip your Mommy took, made even better by your wonderdful presence in all of them.

    Congratulations on your graduation!! I cam over as soon as a I read it on Frankfurters blog. Come over and see my destuffing video Mommy posted last night.


  28. We aren’t particularly fond of kitties, but looking around that big place for that Kitty looked like it was fun for your Mom and her sip-lings. We also think that your idea of being a tour guide was great, too!

  29. hello mayzie its dennis the vizsla dog hay ar yoo shoor that is the mithical sitty of noo york??? i dont see enny big appels!!! ok bye

  30. Im sure she wishes you had been there for real!

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