A Most Belated Thank You!

Hello everybuddies!

Well, as you know, my mom was out of town when the big Twix’s Date Night happened. And gosh, I never got a chance to tell Twix and her momma how very much I appreciated all their Most Hard work for showing all of us doggies and kittehs such a good time. Thank you, thank you Twix and Mom!

AND I also never gots to tell my dear darlings, Booker Man and Mack, how very much happy they made my heart. Thank you, thank you for taking such very good care of me and treating me like such a lady-dog. Gosh, there is such handsome sweetness just on their own individualness. But then you put them together, and it’s almost more than one girl can stand! And did you see that  they each got me some of my favorite noms (cheese and spaghettis) and pretty yellow flowers? Gosh, everytimes I looks at these pictures I gets all weak in the knees all over again. Siiiiigh…

Thank you very very, oh so much to you both. You made one little brindle girlie feel like the Queen of England’s corgi for one night!


Don’t forgets that you still have a few more days to enter the This Good, That Bad Writing Challenge!

The deadline is April 30th. ‘Kay?



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20 responses to “A Most Belated Thank You!

  1. Mayzie we did have a fine time at Date night didn’t we? Booker Man and Mack
    are definitely the ultimate Dates!!!
    Happy Tuesday Madi and Mom

  2. Date night was pawsome and your two dates were especially so, Mayzie. Not that Bolo was chopped liver. And not that it would be so bad if he WAS chopped liver…but I digress….

    You deserve to be the Queen’s Corgi any time you want, but I’ll bet anything that it’s more fun to be you, Mayzie. And I’m super sure that the Royal Corgis would never be able to make everyone feel happy the way that you do.

    wags, Lola

  3. Frankie Furter

    I’m thinkin’ that Booker Man and Mack are the very much luckiest guys to have had such a lovely young lady to go on their furst date with.
    I just hope that our furend Twix will do Date Night again, beclaws it was such a wonderful time.
    Thanks for giving us the Reminder about that super night. Sigh!! X’s 2

  4. BC wants to know if you would share some of that cheese!

  5. Shady

    Cheese & spaghetti…wow those guys know you well! Have a great day Mayzie, and check out our blog today–the cash donation for rescue/prize for our contest has been raised!

  6. Booker and Mack both looked so handsome! I’m not surprised that you had a most wonderful time!


  7. We 3 Doxies

    Oh Miss Mayzie…you know you only deserve da bestest. I mean you are MAYZIE DA BRINDLE GIRL afters all. If you asks me, them boys gots it very much fur da Mayzie girl. And odf course they did looks very much dashing in their ties.


  8. I saw you at date night with both your handsome escorts. I like the picture with your tiara…your eyes are quite expressive.

  9. Mayzie, it was such a terrific night on Date night that we can hardly remember a thing!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xx

  10. Christina

    Oh Mayzie, the pleasure was ALL mine…and Bookers too! Thank you for agreeing to let another yellow labradude share the chance to spend the evening with you! I was most worrie din the beginning that I missed my opportunity to woo you…but I decided I had to try since your beawoooty is so overwhelming!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  11. Hi Miss Mayzie – oh, we quite agree, we almost wished that Booker and Mack were OUR dates, what with all the nommies they brought for you for Miss Twix’s date night, he he he! 🙂

    You are a princess Miss Mayzie and deserve to be treated as such! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  12. oh mayzie but you are a queen!!!!
    twix’s night was the bestest night ever there was wa’snt it??
    we had so much fun wiff everyfurry we’re still weliving the momowies

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  13. Oh Mayzie…you are a true lady!!

    Dory and Bilbo

  14. Oh, Mayzie, I know for a fact that all thank yous are greatly appreciated. Twix’s was a blast for all of us. They did an amazing job.
    I hope your event goes super well!!! I’m terribly sorry, but we’re going to try to abstain from such events for a short while, not so much because we’re still catching up from GABE but we’re really overwhelmed on many front these days

  15. Yes, you are a lucky girl to have those handsome boys swooning over you! So tell me – has either of them asked you for a 2nd date yet??? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  16. Woo have furry pawesome manners!

    That is khwite khommendable in these trying times!


  17. miss mayzie,
    you are so right! miss twix and her mama did such a grrreat job organizing date night.
    now the way i see it, i’m the one that needs to be thanking you tons and tons. i am the luckiest labradude in the whole wide world to have been in your radiant company. it was totally an honor, and i’d be most happy to escort you again any time you have the need!
    the booker man

  18. Hi, Mayzie!
    Sure Twix and her Mom did a pawesome job organizing the Date Night, right?
    We all had an amazing time!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. I like your tiara! You look like the Princess-Of-Quite-A-Lot!

  20. Date Night was a total BLAST, and we also enjoyed meeting everyone face to butt… uh… er… face. (It’s a doggy thing) Weren’t those limos the ultimate! Your two dates were so sweet to you and the foodables were also awesome! BG & Dott

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