Tear Down This Wall!

Oh my goodnesses, everybuddy! A very much Most Momentous occasion occurred in my house this weekend. The wall came down! Um, well, more like the baby gate. You know…the baby gate that separates me from our kittehs?

Mom and dad have been somewhat kinda nervous about doing this. They keeps telling me it’s not cuz of me but cuz of the whole thing with Brudder Ripley bein’ a pirate and all. Before I came to live here, mom said Brudder Ripley would always threaten to make Brudder Ranger “walk the plank” and yell out stuff about him bein’ a “scurvy dog” who he was gonna “draw and quarter.”

Well, I was pretty sure they were kinda makin’ it sound worse than it really was and so I begged and pleaded and said pretty please, and mom and dad finally said okay…that we could let me and Brudder Cap’n Ripley in the same room together without me bein’ on a stupid leash!

OH! I was Most Excited and Happy abouts this, I can tell you that! And guess what? Next to Brudder Ranger, Kitteh Brudder Cap’n Ripley is the Most Awesomest Brudder That Ever Lived! I LUVS HIM SOOOO MUCH!

Here’s some pictures of our first visit.

Oh my goodnesses! Here he comes!

It's really him! Right here in the same room as me!

Hi Kitteh Brudder Cap'n Ripley! I think you are amazing awesome!

Brudder Ripley: Arrrrr! What are ye just standin' about for, lass!? Secure the topsail and full steam ahead! Me: Um, what's a topsail?

So anyways, cuz that went so very much good, mom and dad let us visit for a few more times during the weekend and then mom took a video of us. Oh, goodnesses! I wanted to play with him SO much and I kept inviting him to chase me but all he did was say stuff like “Avast” and “Ahoy” and “Scallywag” and stuffs. But even though he didn’t chase me, at one point he actually gave me some kisses on my heinie! Can you believes it? I thought that was very much sweet but Brudder Ranger said he was just “tenderizing” me, whatever that means. (Speaking of Brudder Ranger, you might hears dad say “you’re okay” and “calm down” a few times on the video. That wasn’t to me. He was telling Brudder Ranger that, cuz Brudder Ranger was very much convinced that Cap’n Ripley was gonna pull out his sabers at any moments and run me through. Isn’t that cute?)

Anyways, here’s the video. I hope you can tell how very much I luvs him! (Oh, and please ignore my mom cackling in the background. I don’t know what she thought was so funny!)



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34 responses to “Tear Down This Wall!

  1. Oh, that is so cute!!!! He likes you, Mayzie. He definitely likes you. You’re so lucky to have two pawsome brothers!

    wags, Lola

  2. Woo are way way way WAY more patient than I khould be with one of THEM!

    Best of lukhk to woo!


  3. miss mayzie!
    for pete’s sake, be careful!! those kitties are tricky goobers!! i know cap’n ripley is your brother and all, but i’m with ranger on this one…proceed with the cautions!!
    by the way, i didn’t know you had a cute little nubbin’! i heart you even more now… 🙂
    the booker man

  4. Frankie Furter

    You have met the enemy and HE IS YOURS!! That is Cap’n talk for… you being soooo grrreat with Brudder RIPley and him coming to terms with you.
    YEAH YEAH I am sooooo very much happy for you Miss Mayzie Girl!!! Maybe you will end up in Poly Ticks when you grow up.
    Your video is very much exciting and super duper.

  5. hello mayzie its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow thats amayzing!!! if i tried that with trouble the kitty i wood looz at lees wun eyeball and probly an eer and a nose too!!! ok bye

  6. Mayzie, I’d be pretty careful if I was you! I think you are playing, but I’m not so sure about that cat! I’m still in Ranger’s camp on this one!


    P.S. When is Ranger writing again?

  7. Congrats on that wall coming down! We loved the movie you were so cute and furry silly!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo & Uncle Puppy by Proxy

  8. You are pretty nice with that C-A-T… SOME of them are OK according to Grandma OC as she used to have an Uncle JR that she loved a lot as a pup. The only ones WE’VE seen are at Mimi’s and THEY are wild and MEAN!!!

    He looks like he will be pretty nice for a brother…There was one at our Auntie Rachael’s house when we visited that seemed sort of nice. At least he didn’t attack when I visited. He sort of stalked me, and then I would turn around and stalk him. Grammy said I had to be nice to him cause it was their house! Gimli from Corgi Country

  9. Maureen

    That gave me such a laugh! Mayzie, you are priceless!!

  10. Oh Miss Mayzie, you are so gentle with your kitty brother, we are most impressed. We’ve never got close enough to a kitty yet to know if we’d like them or not – we get so excited about meeting one and they just seem to run away…..it’s most sad!

    You two got on famously, but then who wouldn’t get on with such a cute doggie as you? How wonderful! We loved your video – it was so lovely to see the gorgeousness that is yourself in living, moving technicolour, he he!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  11. What an awesome video, Mayzie! We can see that you and Cap’n Ripley are going to be best buddies!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Mayzie,
    Well what a Happy Monday Morning post that was… you should have warned all to go potty before the watched the video. I’m sitting here wiping my eyes from LOL so hard and I did literally cackle at about the same time your Mom did. That video needs to be submitted to Amazing Video TV SHOW!
    That is PRICELESS. I don’t know what was funny Mayzie’s jumping when Ripley
    moved or…..heck it was all funny but when Ripley started licking Mayzie that was the ultimate. Congrats on the successful meeting and most of all thanks for the Monday morning SMILE.
    Madi and Mom my eyes are still leaking

  13. We 3 Doxies

    I gots to get mum to quit giggling so we’s can type…her just fells in da floor again. I gots all kinds of gigglish too though. Now, is your mom cwazy fur having kittehs? Don’t she know they is da enemy and now you even has kitteh kat germs all overs your butt. I think me needs to comes to your house and explains all this to you.
    Pees: haves your condo ready and a plate of sgetti waiting.

  14. You are most lucky that you have a kitty brother and not a kitty sister! Them girl kittys are most devious – we know because we used to have a Daisy kitty. Mom had to find her a new home when we moved into our new house because we could only have two animals – Sam, Pippen and Chico, according to mom that adds up to two! Anyway, when Daisy left to go to her new home not one of us missed at all! In fact, when you aren’t worried about where or when your sister is going to jump on you and beat you up, things become a lot less stressful.

    Having a kitty brother is pretty awesome though. And sometimes he licks our bums too!

    Sam and Pippen

  15. Shady

    Great news, Mayzie…and a great video. Soon you all be besties and look at that video and just laugh about how silly it was you were ever apart.


  16. I am sure he will soon love playing with you!

  17. Oh we just laugh and laughed. You and the crazy pirate cat! And your waggly nubbin’ just couldn’t be much cuter! And I knows about nubbin’s!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  18. That was adorable! New friends! xoxo

  19. That video is so funny, Mayzie! I think you really wanted to play so badly, but Cap ‘n Ridley was just testing the waters, so to speak. I’m so happy that you’re all able to get along. I can’t say that would be the case in our house…

  20. So exciting! He sounds like such a fun pirate. Mr. B’s wish is that one day he will have a kitty brother also. Unfortunately, all he has is an annoying sister dog.

  21. Oh Mayzie, we just loved your video – how lovely to see you trying to play and your kitty cat brother wanted to lick you.
    Cats play a little differently from dogs but we look forward to the two of you working it out.
    Martha & bailey xxx

  22. We loved your video, Mayzie!! You are so sweet!! I try to get my brudders to play with me but, being DUCKS, they’re not interested at all. I loved how Cap’n Ripley was giving you kisses! What a great brudders you have!

  23. Christina

    Mayzie, BE VERY VERY CAREFUL! I know he is your brudder and all, but he is still a c.a.t…..also known as the e.n.e.m.y!

    I have two sisters of the same feline background and they play tricks on me and Mia.

    Just let Cap’n Ripley know that if hurts your feelings that your boyfriend…well…one of them….ME….is going to come over there and show him who is boss.

    I’ll probably dunk him in my doggie pool a couple of times!

    Wags and woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  24. Mayzie, you are so cute! I loved the video!!

  25. Hi Mayzie
    Cap’n Ripley is a big kitteh. It’s nice that you are friends with him.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  26. oh mayzie we thinks its wuv at first sniff for sure.
    maybe you can be like his co captain and sail the woild together

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  27. Mayzie.. Mayzie.. Mayzie… we hates to tell you this. But the kitty (alien) wasn’t giving you kisses on the buttocks. He was probably just sneaking in a taste test before teleporting you up to the mother ship for their annual BBQ. Sorry sweetie, they’re sneaky that way.

  28. Miss Kylie

    Nicely done. No kitty ever lets me get that close! But I do try to get them to play like you!


  29. Hi Mayzie, thanks for the Birthday wishes!
    My cousin has a kitty I really want to play with. But he just likes to sit there and taunt me.

  30. Hi, Mayzie!
    I loved your video! I had a good laugh watching you two!
    I am sure I will see you two playing nicely soon!
    Kisses and hugs

  31. Wow, Mayzie… You are most brave. I have no kitteh experience myself, but from what hear they can be pretty tempramental. Glad it’s going well, but we just don’t want to see you get your feelings hurt if things (or should I day Brudder Kittehs) turn on you…

    Brutus the Frenchie

  32. Mayzie, as cats we definitely think your brother loves you! That was a great meeting – we can tell that things are going very well. There was no yelling and screaming and running, so that is a success if you ask us! And the licking was so cute! It made our mom laugh but we thought it was awesome! And you were so cute in the video too!!!

  33. Oh Mayzie…I really think that your pirate kitty brother LIKES you!!! How wonderful!!!!

    Wish I had a kitty….


  34. Mango

    You were making all the right moves to put that kitteh at ease, but sadly, it is a CAT! So I am not sure your message got through. I am sure you will figure it all out. Nice to see the wall come down.


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