Saturday Smiley: Another Cuzin

This is my cuzin Phoebe:

Phoebe as monkey

I have never met her in actual pawson cuz she lives in Oak-luh-home-ah but Brudder Ranger has and he says she’s kinda crazy – although I’m sure he meant that in the most good way, of course. She is a Boston Terrierist and she’s kinda different for a Boston Terrierist cuz she has floppy ears and a longer tail with a little crook in it.

From what I hear, she luuuuuuvs people really a whole lot and she can hardly contain herself when they walk in the door. She also very much luuuuuuuvs to chase balls and play tug. She gets kinda nervousy around other dogs – specially ones that are kinda bigger than her so I don’t know if we’ll ever gets to meet cuz I wouldn’t want to make her nervous. But she really luuuuuvs her Brudder Zero and my Brudder Ranger (but then, who wouldn’t luvs my Brudder Ranger?).

Phoebe and her Brudder Zero

And she luuuuuvs her human sisters a whole, whole bunch. See? Here’s a picture of her with my human cuzin Noel when she was just a baby. Can you believes this is the same one that’s getting ready to turn FIVE!?

I'm pretty sure she's saying, "We luvs each other so much that we even share clothes!"

And that’s the reason why, even though I never met her, I luvs my Cuzin Phoebe – cuz she so full up with luvs herself!


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26 responses to “Saturday Smiley: Another Cuzin

  1. Hi, Mayzie!
    Your cousin Phoebe is adorable!
    Sure she is full of love!
    Maybe one day you can meet her and I am sure she will be happy to play with you!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Phoebe is adorable! That truly is incredible that Noel will soon be FIVE!

  3. miss phoebe looks like a super fun ‘n grrreat cousin! i totally dig her monkey suit. heehee! i hope you get to meet her, miss mayzie, cuz she would looove you, too! who could not looove the most happy ‘n lovely miss mayzie??
    the booker man

  4. Your cousin Phoebe is adorable! If anybody tried to dress me up as a monkey, I don’t think I’d like it, though! I hope you do get to meet her and play one day. I’ll bet she’d like you, even though you are bigger than she is. I can’t imagine anybody not liking you!


  5. Hey there Phoebe
    That cousin of yours sure looks mighty tolerant! Very cute indeed. You asked about ‘Vuvuzelas’…here is my post about them on my other blog:
    Take care and lotsaluv

  6. I hope that you get to meet her. I can’t believe she’d be nervous around you for long. You’re so full of luuuuuuvs your own self.

    Hey, doesn’t brudder ranger post today? Or am i just confused?

    wags, Lola

  7. She’s a khutie!

    I hope woo get to meet her soon!

    I see big fun fur all of woo!


  8. Hi Miss Mayzie, your cousin Miss Phoebe is most cute, she looks very sweet in her monkey costume! We couldn’t believe anyone would be scared of you – possibly a little shy, but not scared! We love to hear about other doggies – oh gosh, we just wish we could meet up with you ALL in pupson! But still, in the blogosphere is better than not at all!

    Hey, thank you SO much for your message to our pal Scampi. He’s gonna be blushing and giggling when he reads it, it’ll make his day!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  9. Mayzie
    Cousin Phoebe looks very nice and cute and yes very loveable. If she loves that much she would love you and I bet she wouldnt even be scared of you. I have a big cousin like 120 lbs big and he isnt scared of my 19 lbs. I am not scared of him either, we just play like crazy. I love chasing him around so I hope you get to meet your cousin someday cuz cousins are the bestest!!


  10. Hi Mayzie and Mom
    thanks for introducing us to Phobe and Noel. It looks like they became very good friends fast. Gosh time flies Noel is already 5….Wow.

    Hold onto your hats Mayzie and Mom…guess what my daughter and son in law live in Morehead City, NC. Talk about a small world!!! Wow.
    It would be so funny if they knew each other. Morehead City is a small coastal town…except during tourist season when the population grows considerably. THEY LOVE IT THERE!!! They moved there in 1998 shortly after they were married.
    Hubby and I have been doing fun things all day. Just got home. This is his bday weekend.
    Madi and Mom

  11. Hi Mayzie I will ask her tomorrow night when I talked to her.
    Next time you talk to Laura ask her if she knows Marlu Bolton.
    She works for CMAST which is right next door to Carteret County Community College.
    Hugs Cecilia (aka Madi’s Mom)

  12. What a wonderful cousin you have Mayzie!!!


  13. Cuzin Phoebe is just too cute, Mayzie! We love her floppy ears!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. Frankie Furter

    Mayzie and Ranger, your cuzzin looks really nice.
    I sent you an email with my home addy. I hope you got it. It was getting ready to storm here and my internets doesn’t alway get through the black clouds. Let me know if I should send it again.
    T H A N K S !!!

  15. We 3 Doxies

    Hello cuzin Phoebe. Any cuzin of Mayzi’s is a cuzin of mine. Her reminds me of me. Except she’s black and white, has a crook in hers tail, and hers a terrorist. Buts, I loooooves people like Phoebe, and I haves a hooman girl too. Phoebe is a cute wittle doggie and so is hers hooman.

  16. Maureen

    I love those little floppy ears!

  17. Your cousin looks very sweet in the monket outfit!

    Love, Bella.

  18. oooops i meant monkey!

  19. Miss Phoebe is so cute. Her ears are adorable! Is Brudder Zero camera shy? And the little human is also cute!! This post is chock full of cuteness!!! xoxo

  20. Shady

    I bet you could win her over and she would not be scared, Mayzie. Especially now that you have your diploma and all kinds of manners and stuff.


  21. hi Mayzie,
    really loved ur lovely pics, especially the one with ur hooman cuzin, sharing clothes!!

    u urself are such a pawsome brindle, we r sure everyone loves u,
    wags, bud n gin


  22. Thank you for introducing this cute little girl to us. I like her little tail – it makes her unique!

  23. Mayzie
    I’m confused… I’m alot like your cuzin.. I get super excited with humans too. You just have to look me in the eyes and I want to jump all over to say hi. I think your cuzin looks like the best squeaky toy in that monkey suit! hoo hooo hooo aah.. Just a reminder about my pawdance film festival.. I’d love to see an entry with you and your brudder. Lookin cute is a talent and entertaining you know.

  24. Your cousin is really cute and looks very sweet. It is too bad she lives so far away from you, but you might get to see her someday. We got to go with Papa in January on a Big Rig Trucking trip from CA to FL and back in 10 days (you could look in our January archives if you want under Road Trip) and we stopped in TX for an overnight stay on the way back so Grammy and Papa could visit with their daughter’s family (3 grandsons) and WE (4 of us went with them) got to visit with our two box-a-dore cousins and their C-A-T. Now THAT was a TRIP!!! Gimli and Pippin from Corgi Country

  25. your cousin sure is adorable!

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