Favoritest Things Friday: Pressies and GABE

Happy Friday, everybuddy! Gosh, it hardly seems like Friday to me cuz of my momma being gone so long. But here it is! FRIDAY! Yippee!

Today my favoritest things isn’t really about a thing. It’s about one of my furends and all her niceness:

Yep, that’s right. That’s the one and onliest Miss Puddles! Now as many of you already have gathered, Miss Puddles is quite a card (that’s what my dad says when somebuddy is funny) and you just never know what that girl is gonna say or do.

Well, a coupla weeks ago, when I told you about my condo, Puddles wanted to know if I had a bar in there. Oh, we laughed and laughed about that! My condo may be big and spacious but there is just no room in it for a bar!

As you may also know, Puddles took an unauthorized trip to the store not long ago with her momma’s plastic thingie. (Or it mighta belonged to somebuddy else – we’re not sure.)

And while she was there, you know what she did? That thoughtful little thing bought me and Brudder Ranger a pressie! The box arrived while mom was visiting Nooyor Kitty so it had to sit unopened for about 100 days til mom finally got home.

So yesterday, when I was just about to expire from all the anticipation, mom finally let me open it.

Hurry! Hurry! Open it, mom!

And do you know what was inside?

DOGGIE BEER! For my condo!

It says, non-alcoholic beer for dogs.

But that wasn’t all! There were also these most nommy biscuits in the shape of a hot dog and frenchie fries – cuz, well, you can’t haves beer without a hot dog and fries.

mmmm...hot dogs and french fries!

And then there were these doggie biscuit lollipups! And a card! Oh gosh, that Puddles! Can you believes all her niceness?

It has my name on it!

Of course, mom tortured us made us wait as usual while she took pictures.

Trying my poor pitiful me look.

Trying my "I'm cute as a button, don't you wanna feed me" look

Brudder Ranger gaves it a shot, too.

I was so very much dying to taste those Most Deelish looking biscuits that, well, I kinda had a bit of a drooly problem.

FINALLY, after about 125 years, mom let us haves the beer and eats some of the biscuits. Gosh, it was all kinds of good!

Pour me another, barkeep!

Thank you, Miss Puddles, from the bottom of my little heart for being such a Most Sweet and Thoughtful furend. You have a standing invitation to come and pawty in my condo anytime!

Okay, now, I know we’re really really really Most Late with announcing our GABE winner. This, as you know, is all my mom’s fault cuz of her crazy visit with Nooyor Kitty. But I finally demanded sweetly suggested that it’s time to pick a winner.

Well, first mom thought that we could write down all the names and then let me and Brudder Ranger pick the winner. But then she kinda got lazy writer’s cramp halfway through so we just decided to do that random.org thing that Twinkie told us about.

So, we just plugged everything in and the random.org people told us that our winner was…


Well, that was so much fun and mom felt ever so bad about waiting so long that we decided to draw a 2nd winner. And that winner was…


Most huge congratulations to our two winners! Will each of you sends me an email at mayziegal AT gmail DOT com and lets me know what rescue you would likes us to send the donation to? We will send your gift certificates via email as soon as doggedly possible. I hopes you enjoy your new collars!

Oh, and I wanted to say thank you to Golden Samantha cuz I was the lucky winner of her GABE giveaway! Gosh, I can hardly waits for it to arrive!

And finally – thank you, thank you to the one and only Twinkie for organizing this Most Amazing and Fun event! You’re the bestest!



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25 responses to “Favoritest Things Friday: Pressies and GABE

  1. Shady

    You have some great furiends, Mayzie. You are a good furiend too. I am glad I met you. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. HI Mayzie!!! I have one word for doggie beer Hiccup!!!
    How hilarious that was. Puddles is indeed one fine friend who knows exactly what will make you drool. Great post congrats to the winners of GABE and Happy weekend.
    Madi and Mom

  3. Fun post! and Mayzie I love your cozy condo! We have a condo in our spare bedroom that is just like yours only it is “wine” colored, in keeping with your bar theme. Do we sense a pawty coming on this weekend?? xoxo

    Oh and Pee Ess…. if you have some time go to my bloggie and check a few posts back when our mom went to a bakery and took a picture of a doggie who reminded her of you! !! xoxo

  4. Frankie Furter

    Mayzie and Ranger…
    Holy Gwalk A Moley….. I won???? Wowie. I sent you an email. Butt I want to say that I would like the Pawnation to go to DROH which is the Dachshund Rescue group that Mona works with!! They are BOTH near and dear to my little heart.

    THANK YOU 87 Million times for the grrreat prize pressie. I am very much excited.

  5. Frankie Furter

    Mayzie…. Did you hear about Puddles???? She had a Heartguard thingy stuck in her throat. Isn’t that scary???
    My mom just switched me from Heartguard to Interceptor beclaws of that very issue. They are all dry and yucky. Then I read Mollie Jo and Bobo today and guess what… there is a new one that does even more and is cheaper… I put a comment on my today’s post about this.
    THanks again for making the Pawnation to DROH. I left a comment on Mona’s blog telling her about it. What a grrrreat thingy you did. I am just THRILLED. You are soooooo very special.

  6. Congrats to your GABE winners! Is there any beer left for us bassets – anything beginning with a ‘b’ is bound to be good.
    Your friend Puddles looks cool.
    Martha & bailey xxx

  7. gratsers to mr. frankie and ludo!!! :)))
    miss puddles was super nice to send that awesome pressie! beer and hot dogs and fries…mmmmmm!! don’t worry, miss mayzie, i would have needed a bucket to catch all my droolies from those yummy foodables. your droolies were totally lady-like.
    the booker man

  8. We 3 Doxies

    Mayzie, you drunk yet??? Let’s me just tells you da truth…I looks good on your bloggie. I so very much happy you and Brudder Ranger likes you pressies it makes me feels all kinds of tingly. And thank you for your concern bouts my sore throat…I was skeered. Gots room in that condo?
    Oh an CONGRATS Frankie on winning GABE, and thank you to your mom for donating to doxies.
    Pees: did your mom bring back kitteh kat germs?

  9. oh my goodness that was so shweet of miss puddles for sending you a condo warming pressie
    did you have an headache the next mowning after that beer???
    congrats to the weiners your so generous to give away and extra pressie, GABE was just too much fun was’nt it??

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  10. That dog beer looks fantastic! What is it made of? Maybe now you will have to put a bar in your condo…

  11. Those are all some pretty great favorite things Ms. Mayzie! Specially the beer. We loves our beer too!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  12. So many favouritest things fur your Friday!

    How khool were those pressies!?!

    Khongrats to your furry inkhredible GABE winners!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  13. Mayzie we hope tonight’s visit with Cap’n Ripley goes well…just tell him you already have one Feline friend who thinks you are the most wonderful K9 in the world…well you and Ranger too of course…because he is your brudder!!!
    Happy Friday
    Madi and Mom

  14. Wow. What great presents! Are you old enough for beer? Oh, well, I won’t tell. It was a very nice thing to do. I wonder how Puddles got her Mom to send that stuff out. Either one of mine would likely buy the things with the best intentions and they’d sit here in the house for months. I’m glad you got your presents, though. You deserve the best!

    wags, Lola

  15. That Puddles was sure good to you! That looks like some most delicous stuff! Congrats on your GABE win!


  16. What fabulous gifts from Puddles! Everything looks so yummy!
    Congratulations to Frankie and Ludo!
    You are going to LOVE the treat machine, Mayzie! We have one just like it and it’s so much fun!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. Those are some really nice noms from your friend, Mayzie! Did you like the doggie beer? What a funny idea for a product!

    Congrats to the GABE winners – I think this is the 2nd time that Frankie has won one of them!

  18. Congrats to Frankie Furter and Ludo for their GABE win! And congrats to you for yours! I won Fiesty Three’s giveaway.

    I love all those goodies Puddles sent you! Who knew there was such a thing as doggie beer? LOL

    This coming Monday I’m going to be posting about a dog swap I’ll be hosting where people can exchange dog toys, treats, collars, etc. I’d love it if you wanted to join in the fun!

  19. Hi, Mayzie!
    Puddles sent you yummy presents! Is that doggie beer tasty??
    Congratulations on your GABE winning too!
    And… congratulations to Frankie and Ludo!
    Kissesand hugs

  20. Oh well done on your GABE win Miss Mayzie, that is one cool looking treat dispenser! And congratulations to your GABE winners, this GABE event has been super exciting!

    Your pal Miss Puddles is not only most pretty and very funny she is also very generous and thoughtful! What a great pal sending you all those fabulous treats! What was the beer like? Oooh, you’re a lucky girl!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  21. That Puddles is a really great friend!!! What wonderful prezzies she sent you! We were totally drooling along with you!

    Congratulations, too, to the winners of your GABE prizes!

    GABE really was great, wasn’t it! I think we are all thankful to Twinkie!

  22. Hiya Mayzie! Wow – you got a parcel! And all the stuff inside! Cool! Did the beer make you tipsy?! 😉
    I know – hoomans can be so cruel. They make you wait, sit, stay, smile, roll to your back and all you want is the treat. The worst is when they then say “OHHHH YOU LOOK SOOOO CUTE!” Well, yeah but can I have the treat now?! 🙂

    Slobbers Teal’c

  23. Wow Mayzie
    You got to have BEER? and Biscuits? and your mom made you sit there and WAIT! I’m drooling here with nothing to drool for… that was a totally cool event hosted by Twink.

  24. I always think about getting the pups some dog beer

  25. GABE was a win win situation, wasn’t it? I love Puddles myself. I’m also glad one by one the giveaway posts are almost done. Most people didn’t post on the 18th and I got overwhelmed and confused. Thank you for not needing me to nudge you and using one of my happy photos 🙂

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