A Most Woeful Development

Hello furends.

I am feeling Most Woeful today. Now, in generals, I’m really not much into woe. I believes in walking on the side of the road that has sun on it. But today I am woe.

Woe is me.

Woe is me.

And do you know why?

It’s cuz my momma is leaving me tomorrow for 16 years FIVE WHOLE DAYS to go to visit somebody called Nooyor Kitty! Yes, that’s right! She’s leaving me to go visit a KITTEH!

I don’t know what this Nooyor Kitty looks like but I bets he looks a lot like this:

The good news is she’s not taking my dad or Brudder Ranger either, which is a big relief cuz I don’t know the first thing about feeding our kittehs. Or even myself for that matter, considering the lack of those thumb things.

But the bad news is she’s leaving me for FIVE WHOLE DAYS!

She says I prolly wouldn’t like it this Nooyor Kitty fella cuz he’s real loud and busy and to go with her I would haves to ride on an airplane which I never, ever wants to do after reading this post by Life with Dogs. But still…FIVE WHOLE DAYS!

She’s not even gonna be around for my big date night! Can you believes it? She said she made these plans way before she knew about date night. But I figure she can go see Nooyor Kitty anytimes and I only have ONE very first big date night.

First Big Date Night Date #1

First Big Date Night Date #2

Oh! And you know what else? I take my high school graduation test in only one week from now and mom’s not gonna be around to help me do my homework! What if I forgets every little thing I’ve learned and I flunk out and the other doggies laugh at me and I have to repeats high school all over again?

But that’s not even the very worstest part. The very most worstest part of all this is that mom’s not gonna be able to helps me do my bloggie or look at your bloggies for FIVE WHOLE DAYS! What if – oh, this is just too much terrible to think about – what if all of you forgets about me? My little heart would just break into a million jillion hundred pieces if that happened.

So pretty please – will you super duper promise you won’t forgets about me? Here’s a picture to remember me by so try to look at it about 100 times a day so you won’t forget what I look like, okay?

Remember this face!

Mayzie’s mom here. Things aren’t quite as dire as Mayzie is making them out to be. I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on date night from New York City; I’ve assured her that she won’t be forgotten by her friends; and her dad is going to do a great job helping her with her homework. In fact, she’ll probably get extra cheese out of him. Yes, Mayzie. I said extra cheese. Yeah…somehow I thought that would make you feel better.


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53 responses to “A Most Woeful Development

  1. im sure your momma will bring you back a great gift! and I also know you will pass your test

  2. I feel ur pain babe! The escape plan is in the works, Ped is tattoing my body with the plan of the prison as we bark…see you there. Don’t spike the punch til I get there. Woooo HOOOOOOO!

  3. Mayzie what pitiful eyes and ears you have. We crown you Mayzie Queen of Guilt.
    HA!! You will be in good hands with the Dad and the brudder around and my sweet Mayzie there is no way on this great big earth we would FORGET you.
    Before Mom leaves be sure to ask her to bring you an apple back from Nooyor Kitty we hear they have Big Apples up there.
    Safe travels Mom…Madi and I will be sure Mayzie behaves on her date.
    Madi and Mom

  4. Oh, Mayzie, that’s terrible. If not for the plane thing we’d tell your Mom to just drop by and leave you here while she’s in New York. We just live 50 miles from the city. And if she’s coming into Kennedy or LaGuardia airports, even less. (A little more if it’s Newark.) There’s even a smaller airport just a few minutes away but it usually involves Connections, which Blog Mom says are terrible things to have to make. But any of that would still involve a plane and I don’t blame you for not wanting to do it.

    We would not forget you even if you couldn’t blog for five whole years, let alone five days. But we will all miss you. I do know that. We can’t wait until this little episode is over.

    Until then, licks and wags and wiggles from me, Lola

  5. Frankie Furter

    Don’t you worry your pretty little head Mayzie. We will NOT forget you while your mom is gone. AND you WILL be seeing a bunch of us on Date Night. That will help.
    Does your dad know how to give you a baff and brush your teefs??? That is all that is needed for Date Night.
    Since you are a grrrreat student you will not flunk your graduation test.
    My mom and dad went to that New York City place. They didn’t care much for it. I am sure your mom will feel the same and so she will hurry home speedy quick.
    Ask her if she would pleeese go stand in front of Dean and Deluca with a big SIGN. That will get her on the TODAY show. We can all watch for her there!!!
    Sooo the only thing to worry over is the baff and teefs.
    BE GONE WOE!! Miss Maysie doesn’t need you.

  6. Hi Mayzie
    You are so dramatic. We likes that.
    We won’t forget you.
    Love Ruby & Penny
    Pees – tell your mom to have fun in New York.

  7. Mango

    What? She is leaving you totally forever! Five days is a super long time! What will you do? Tell dad to feed you pizza every night to make you feel better.

    I won’t forget you, but I will miss you most hugely.


  8. Shady

    Nooyar Kitty?? That is where I liiivvveee. I never see any kitties though. Tell her to bring you can we can playyyyyyyy. But of she can’t now worries I would never ever forget about you!

  9. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip! How can we ever forget spagetti and bones?!

  10. We could never forget you or Ranger! Don’t worry! Plus, if you were in New York, you’d miss date night with everybody!

    You can totally work this to your advantage. First, your daddy will feel sorry for you so he’ll probably be super nice to you and take you to lots of fun places while your mom is gone. Dads do this because they want to prove to moms that they can do a better job taking care of us. Second, your mom will feel really bad, so she’ll probably bring you some great stuff! You know they have some awesome pet boutiques out there, and I’ll bet your mom will look for one. Also, when she gets back she’ll feel so guilty about leaving you that she’ll be trying really hard to make it up to you! When she hears about all the fun you had with your dad, she’ll have to work really hard to make it up to you, too!


  11. My Momma ditched me for NYC back in December. Dad had to take care of me, gasp! I survived though. And she brought me back a new collar from the M&M store. So maybe you’ll get a pressie when she comes back.

    woof – Tucker

  12. Mazie…my mom has left me again too! She is in St. Loulis, and I LOVE St. Loulis, because that is where all my older friends live! But she does this all the time! And she always comes back…so far.

    You will do fine…and just think how happy you will be to sees her.


  13. Mayzie don’t worry – your mom will be back before you know it!! 5 days insn’t too bad. And we know your dad will do a great job of taking care of you and helping you with your homework – we think that your mom makes a good point about the extra cheese too – dads can really be pushovers for that stuff!! And we know your date night will be great – and really, do you want your mom around for a date?

    And of course we won’t forget about you!! We will all be here when you are back to blogging – don’t even worry about that at all!

    Oh, and we love the picture of the kitty – it made our mom laugh so much!!

    We hope your mom has a great trip – and that she brings you a wonderful treat when she comes home!!

  14. Oh goodness Mazyie, no mama for 5 whole days! We have heard rumors that our Mom AND Dad are on going to leave us for 5 whole days. The only good news is that Most Favoritest Aunt Jaime will come and stay with us. If you find out that you are not getting cheese just call and we will make sure we bring you some!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  15. i knew you were full of the woe just lookin’ at your first picture with your ears folded back and that little pouty lip. 😦 but miss mayzie, please don’t be woe-ish cuz we could not in a gazillion years forget about your sweet ‘n furry face with those dark ‘n mesmerizing brown eyes…it’s what i think about all day long. *sigh*
    i know your daddy will take super good care of you and mr. ranger. he will make sure you get all your studying done, and you will get an A++++++ on your high school graduation test, and all the other doggies will cheer for you and say “miss mayzie is the smartest and prettiest brindle doggie we evarrr did see!!”. i promise.
    oh, and please don’t worry about the cheese thingie. i’ll take care of that. 🙂
    the booker man

  16. Oh Mayzie, I’m not worried about you, because you have your dad and Brudder Ranger…. but your poor mom! She has to fly on a PLANE, and after reading the Life With Dogs post you linked to, I realize how horrible that must be! And then to make matters worse, she has to be away from you and Brudder Ranger for five whole days! I am sure that will be horrible for her… your poor mom. Please make sure to give her lots of licks and tail wags before she goes, and maybe sneak a picture of you in her suitcase so she doesn’t get too lonely.

  17. That is horrible news, Mayzie! Mom left us with a dog nanny for two days and when she came back I pretended not to know her! Pippen on the other hand thought it was a great adventure and was very happy to see her! I stuck to my guns though and gave her the cold shoulder for a week and get this… I wouldn’t even take any cookies from her! I’m pretty sure she’s learned her lesson because she’s never gone and left us ever again.

    Sam! (and of course, Pippen)

  18. Oh Mayzie, Don’t say you are woe. When you are woe, I am woe because our souls are connected! Don’t worry about that silly Nooyar Kitty I will eat her up and spit her out! THE ENEMY! I hate Kitties!

    Besides, even though you are woe because your momma is like leaving you for 300 years or something, you still have date night coming up with me and Booker and that should bring an ear to ear smile across your face. I know I’m smiling just thinking about it and thinking about your beawooootiful stripes and beawooootiful eyes and beawooooootiful soft coat and…..okay geez….my momma said I’m getting a little out of hand, but hey….I’m just noting what I see in you! I am going to wear something most handsomest for woo. Something real manly!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

    Don’t worry about your test either…I mean no doggy is as smartest as woo. NO DOGGY!

  19. Mayzie, don’t you worry abouts a thing. I live in New York City and I won’t let anything happen to your momma! (Tell her I’ll be in Manhattan on Sunday!) I owe it to you and her to make sure she doesn’t get eaten by the kitties in Nooyor Kitty, since I made her get all leaky over my post about Taco.

  20. Oh Mayzie…we will not forget you here either. We also hat when our Mama leaves…but you need to learn the art of “manipulating Daddy” we are sure you will learn this art very quickly!!


  21. Oh Mayzie, it’s just terrible your mom is leaving for so long. And to add insult to injury, she’s leaving you to go visit a cat (alien)? The only good that we can see come out of it is that she’s possibly going to convince said cat (alien) to return to their mother ship…. Keep us posted, sweetie.

  22. I’ll try to keep my eyes open fur her –

    Pawsylvania is kind of khlose 😉

    Be good!


  23. Hello Amazing Mayzie…what da heck does woe mean anyway…duh! Now seriously, I will NEVER forgets you in a million gazillion years however, your mom may. I means afteralls she is going to a humogous city. Heck, she coulds even get lost since her don’t have a nose like us…and never finds her way home. I say, take da next flight out to my house. From da airport, go straight and whens you get to da stop sign turn left, go straight some more, make a right and my house is da fourth on da left. We will have a slumber pawty. hang on, mum is calling me…………………………….
    ok, mum says I needs to add a diclaimer to my comments too. She sayys for me to tell you your mom won’t forget you. Besides, you’ll have my mail to look forward to. Hehehehehhahahahahahehehehe! Can’t wait for you to get it.
    Now about grad-u-a-shun…go in there and pretend you are PUDDLES. Nevr mind, you will durely fail then. Put you Big girlie panties on show them whats you cans do.
    Ok, I thinks this takes care of everything.
    Pees: I gots a date for Date Nite

  24. Mayzie, oh sweet Mayzie – say it ain’t so! No mama for FIVE WHOLE DAYS??!! That makes us shudder right down to our pawpads – yikes! We’re sure you’ll be fine and that the extra cheese might help A BIT, but hey, it’s still abandonment and discard-ation in our books!!

    (FH here – boys, will you please STOP being so dramatic?! Miss Mayzie will be fine!!)

    Humph – we say milk it for all it’s worth Miss Mayzie – go for the guilt, he he he! And never worry, we would NEVER forget you. We’ll be waiting here to find out ALL about your adventures whilst your galavanting mama was away!! 😉

    See you on date night – save a dance for us!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  25. Your sad face is so cute. We will miss you for the time you are gone, but I’m sure you’ll be back with amazing news about your class and date night.

  26. Poor Mayzie! I totally understand! Do you remember when my mom went to Arizona several weeks ago? She left me for 5 whole days too! She had Flat Brutus with her, but did she leave me with a Flat Momma? NO! Dad was here, granted, but it’s just not the same, you know? I looked for her the whole time! Dad said I never even snored, which means I didn’t sleep while she was gone (I start snoring even before my eyes close). The good news is, the mommas ALWAYS come back, and usually the bring gifts too 🙂 Cheer up girl, we’ll all be here waiting for you!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  27. Hey, the kitty picture was so funny I laughed out loud!
    I’m sure you’ll have fun when your mother is gone, even if you hate it, you can pretend you didn’t miss her….she probably won’t buy it though! Don’t worry, she will miss you too!
    Have fun on your date night!

  28. Oh-oh! 5 days sounds like a looooot of time!
    Don’t worry! Time flies and she will be back in less than you think!
    I am sure your Dad is going to help you with your homework and everything will go well!
    Have fun with Ranger and your Dad!
    Kisses and hugs

    PS there is no way we can forget you! No way!

  29. Maureen

    Absolutely way, way, way, too cute!!!

  30. Mayzie,

    We’ve never seen you with your ears back! You will have a fun time with your dad and brudder ranger… we just know it and the promise of extra cheese is just fantastic.

    The kiddlets look forward to seeing you at date night!!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

    PS: we hope your mom has fun fun trip!

  31. Hi Mayzie…thanks for stopping by to say hi we’re glad you like our flashback pictures. Give mom a see ya later hug for us.
    Madi and Mom

  32. Never trust a kitten, let alone a cat.

    We won’t forget you, no worries.

    #see you when your Mama gets back!!

    love from Marvin xxxxxxxx

  33. Don’t worries Mayzie!! We wouldn’t EVER forget you!!! We know how you feel though. Our Moms and Dad are both going away for 10 days, starting next week!!! We are going to our auntie’s to stay!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  34. How could we forget a face that yours? Sooo sweet!

    Riley and Star.

  35. Just stopping by to tell you we didn’t forget your sweet face. And if you dad answers the phone maybe we will even see you to give you loves!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  36. You are so cute, with your sweet little face!
    We hope your mom has fun & returns soon and safe 🙂

    Toby’s Raiser

  37. Don’t worry, Mayzie! You will be okay 🙂
    I send you my best wishes.
    I hope you will be happy again soon.

    Love, Bella.

  38. Tell her to stay away from the pimps and the CHUDs!

  39. I’m sure you’ll get some kind of really cool gift from her when she comes back because she knows that this was a time when she was really needed and should be in major kiss up mode by the time she returns! You just wait and see.

    I’m sure that she is really sorry that whatever dumb old hooman business she had to take care of took her away from you during this special “first date.” It must have really been serious for her to leave. I know it was serious when our Grammy had to leave us alone for almost a MONTH last year when her DIL passed away. You will do OK… I’m sure your Daddy loves you and will take good care of you. If he forgets something, you are smart enough to remind him of what you need! The CCC

  40. As if anyone could ever forget you Mayzie 🙂

  41. daisydog

    I would NEVER forget you!!! Your momma will be back before you know it!

  42. How could I ever forgets about you? The minute I visited you, I was hooked. I’m sorry about the date night and mommy gone, but don’t you think it’ll be better that you won’t have adult supervision? As for the big test, I promise you that you will do great. You’re too smart not to. Heck, I think even my Frankie is going to pass. I’ll see you over at Twix’s in a bit. I’m getting my nails done.

  43. Hello dear Mayzie,

    You should not worry about anything! Mommy will surely miss you that whole time you will be apart and for sure your dad will take extra effort to review you for your test as he would love to show your Mommy how well you will do in your graduation. And she did mention extra cheese treats.

    And most especially, we will not forget you! We will go through your previous posts for now since we have just become friends. So we got lots of things to know about you while your Mommy will be away. You are such a sweet furry friend and we also look forward to your fun stories about your date night.

    We are about to end our GABE event but we start so many new friendships from here. So fun, isn’t it?

    We wish your Mommy a safe trip!

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & the Piappies

  44. Mayzie’s Mom…I just wanted to tell you that Mayzie had a fine time at date night and her escorts were 100% gentleman…and by the way
    don’t believe a word she tells you about my behavior….as you know I tagged along with Riley and Tessa. Some said I had a roving eye but I say just because I’m on a diet doesn’t mean I cannot look at the menu….
    We hope your trip was good,
    Madi and Mom

  45. Hey Mayzie!

    Just stopping by to make sure your dad and brother are treating you right! We haven’t forgotten about you… in fact we’ve thinked about you more this weekend than any other time in the history of the universe!

    Sam and Pip!

  46. sammie

    Mayzie! I hope you are not too woeful – I, too, am just getting to know you through GABE and I have some news for you to help rid you of your woe! You won the treat dispenser! Yes! You did! So please email me at samanthae17@gmail.com and let me know your address so I can snail mail it to you! I’m so happy for you and I hope you enjoy it! Glad you saw it at Maggie and Mitch’s, cause that’s where I first saw it too! And go and get that extra cheese now!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  47. Shady

    Hi Mayzie,

    Just wanted to say hello and let you know of course I have not forgotten about you. And I am sure your Mom is safe in Nooyar Kitty, it has not looked like that picture you have up there since the early 90’s, before Rudy Giuliano cleaned it up!


  48. dear miss mayzie,
    i just wanted to let you know that i had a super fantastic time with you at miss twix’s date night last night. you are such a beautimous and well-mannered lady, and i just can’t think of another lady doggie i’d rather spend time with. i reeeeally hope you liked your cheeses and yellow daisies.
    when i got home, i was sooo tired, and i started snoozin’ right away. all i did was dream about your pretty stripey face and waggily tail all night long.
    *smitten woofs*
    the booker man

  49. i’m back again cuz i wanted to tell you that you won miss golden samantha’s GABE pressie!!! YAY!! 🙂
    the booker man

  50. Hang in there – it’s almost over! 🙂

  51. Hi Mayzie, we have been away on holiday and are reading this now – we reckon your mom should be back anytime now!!!
    We hope you were a very good girl and we look forward to hearing about the lovely treats your mom is sure to bring you.
    Martha & bailey xxxx

  52. Hi Mayzie, is your mom home yet? We have been looking at your picture every day and we miss you lots!

    Your friends,
    Remi & Noelle

  53. Mayzie…

    We think the WOE is catching, we have a serious case of it. We need to see you! Where is your mom???

    Sam and Pippen

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