A Monday Happy

Hey! Lookit that! It’s Monday! I sure hopes everybuddy had a good weekend!

Guess what? My Cuzin Bridger himself commented on my postie on Saturday. And since some of you prolly didn’t see what he said, I thought I’d copy it here. He said…

Just to be clear, it was one hundred TWENTY cookies I ate.

And I thought I was going to be left to starve in that jail cell. I had to break out.

And those boys better treat my cousin mayzie right.

See why he’s my hero?

Okie doke…I thoughts I would tell you a happy story today.

About 10 days ago, my mom was leaving work and she saw two dogs trotting down the road. Well, she saw they hads their collars on and she decided to try and see if she could help ’em out since they were most obviously lost.

Now you knows how we dogs are. When we gets out, sometimes we kinda forgets ourselves and decides we don’t want anybody’s help. So mom wasn’t sure what these dogs would think about her but she went ahead and stopped her car and opened the door and said, “Hi kids. Are you lost?”

Dog #1: Oh thank dogness! I’m pooped! We’ve been walking for about 93 days.

Dog #2: What? NO! Why would you think we’re lost? Move along, lady!

Dog #1: Uh, don’t listen to him. He’s crazy.

Dog #2: What? Shut up! You’re the crazy one! Remember how mom told us not to talk to strangers?

Dog #1: (rolling his eyes) Hey lady…I’m pretty sure my mom’s phone number is on that jingly thing on my neck. Would you be a dear and give her a call?

So mom called the number and this lady answered and mom told her she thought she had her dogs and the lady was just about beside herself with happinesses. She said they’d been looking all over for them and she would rush right over this very instant. So while mom waited, Dog #1 wanted to know if she had any water or cookies or cheese (she didn’t) and Dog #2 kept pacing back and forth saying, “This ain’t right. I’m tellin’ you, this ain’t right. Look at her shifty eyes! You can’t trust her!”

But Dog #2’s attitude right away changed when he saw his mom drive up. OH! He was Most Deliriously Happy. “LOOK! OMD! IT’S MOM! WE’RE SAVED! WE’RE SAVED FROM CRAZY BAD SHIFTY-EYED LADY!” Well, their momma hugged my momma and said thank you, thank you and how can I repay you? And my momma told her not to worry about it and she hoped that if me and Brudder Ranger ever got lost, somebuddy would try to help us.

Then the lady told mom where she lived and mom couldn’t believes it. Those crazy dogs had gone across two of the most busiest roads in our town and through a place where they’re doing lots of works on the road with a whole mess of big equipments and trucks and stuff. Well, I tell you what – they might be some of the luckiest dogs that ever ever lived, that’s for sure.

So anyways, mom was real happy that everybuddy was safe and sound and going home. And she didn’t think too much abouts it after that.

Then on this last Friday, she got a call from those doggies’ momma wanting to know if her and the daddy-man could stops by where my mom works cuz he wanted to say thanks you in pawson. So mom said yes and they showed up with Dog#1, who was Most Happy to see mom again, and a card and some TOYS and cookies for me and Brudder Ranger!

Here’s the envelope thingie for the card. The black and white doggie is Mistrustful Dog #2 and his name is Bandit. The yellowy doggie is Thankful Dog #1 and mom *thought* his momma had called him Nickie but the card is signed from “Arr-rooly” so mom’s kinda confused about that.

Here’s the front of the card. Haha! A dog under the waters! Isn’t that crazy?

And the inside of the card. If you wants, you can biggify it to sees what they wrote. It’s Most Sweet.

The lady and man also put 50 green papers in there which momma didn’t knows about until after they left. And that kinda made her feel funny inside. So we all talked it over and we’re gonna donates it in their name to a rescue place to help out some other doggies.

Then me and Brudder Ranger thoughts it would be the right thing to do to offer to donate the toys and the treats, too, but mom said we could keeps those (which was a Most HUGE relief, I can tell ya that!).

I hopes your Monday is Most Happy and I hopes that if you gets lost, somebuddy is there to help!


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38 responses to “A Monday Happy

  1. Mayzie!!! oh my stars your mom is one special lady and talking about timing the right person was in the right place at the right time. All my stars were aligned!!!
    What a wonderful happy story. Those pups are owned by very nice people who took the time to say another great big thank you. We got a big lol at the lost dog’s conversations. You mom needs to write a doggy book she has great insight to their thinking. We think the decision to give the money to rescue foundation is excellent.
    Thanks for the wonderful story it made our Monday morning bright.
    Madi and Mom

  2. We are so glad your mommy helped those doggies find their home! And what great gifts you guys were given!


  3. Frankie Furter

    How Wonderful!! Your mom was a HERO!!! I am sure those people were very glad to give her the 50 papers… butt if they find out she donated it… they will be EVEN MORE HAPPY. I think you have a wonderful mom. Butt I am SURE you know that already!!!

  4. Maizie…you are right,that is a wonderful story! We are so glad those dogs got back to their furever home! Please give your muzzer extra slobbery terrier kisses from me and Teka


  5. That is the happiest story ever, Mayzie. Thanks so very much for sharing it. Your Mom is so special. I guess she’s even special enough to deserve you! It was extra specially nice to give the green paper to the shelter and I think she was right about the toys, too. Those lost doggies’s Mom and Dad meant them for you and Ranger and that’s who should have them.

    I hope those dogs don’t get lost again. Blog Mom says that some dogs are pretty good escape artists and that’s one (of many) reasons they wanted a Shar Pei. We’re easy to keep inside a fence. She said that she once had a labradog who could climb a six foot chain link fence if she really wanted. She could also open windows in the house. The Moms say they’re too old now for that kind of thing.

    wags, Lola

  6. That was a very happy ending to an unauthorized walk and what nice people to go out of their way like you did!! It is fantastic that the 2 dogs stayed together during their outing. I always try to help out a lost dog. On my cell phone I also have the phone number of our local animal control in case there is a larger doggie wandering around that might be a danger to me or anyone else. I have found it helpful and used it several times. I also keep a spare leash in the car just in case.

    Thanks for the Happy Monday story. We enjoyed it so much and are so glad you reunited obviously very well loved dogs with their mom and dad. xoxoxo

  7. We had a good giggle about that conversation those dogs had with your mom! How lucky that she spotted them and they got to be reunited with their family. Our family feels the same way, that if something were to happen to us that someone else would help. Our tails are wagging at your good deed!

    Your cousin might be my new hero!


  8. how cool is those toys šŸ˜€

    El’bow & Hauwii

  9. Mayzie your comment on our blog made us MOL and LOL……you are funny funny friend.
    Madi and Mom

  10. That was a most fantastical story. But, when she asked bout repaying your mum why didn’ts you asks for a gazillion dollars?????? My mum has a most freaky story likes that too…we needs to post it oneday.
    That os most relieving that you gots to keeps your treats and toy…it is most only fairs!

  11. Hi Mayzie
    Your mom is awesome. She helped two lost doggies find their mom and is helping some shelter pups to find a new mom.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  12. Aw goodness! What a great story. That was a good thing to read on this sleepy Monday morning – now I’m filled with a feeling of happiness. You have an awesome mom, Mayzie!

  13. Mango

    Your mom is the greatest. My momma carries leashes and water in the car for just such emergencies. She used to carry cookies too.

    That is a wonderful story. I love going on big adventures outside the fenced yard, but it always gives momma heart attacks.


  14. hello mayzie its dennis the vizsla dog hay gud on yore mama to reskyew those dogs!!! dada fownd a dog this weekend too and calld the number on her kollar but that dog had just come down frum the end of the cuddle sack not thru traffik like yores!!! ok bye

  15. That’s great that your mom was able to help those two most special doggies. I hope your mom told them about your blog – I bet they would love to read about you and your Brudder Ranger!

  16. Great story guys! One of our friends got out of his yard once and mom say him on the way to work. Chico is a pitbull and he was ‘terrorizing’ all the peoples on the street! So mom pulled up and and told everyone he was a nice doggie and she’d take him home and loaded him up in the car. Mom said everybody thought she was crazy for letting a pitbull in her car and that they were ready to see her get attacked! She said they were the most crazy people ever!

  17. Mayzie!! This is a happy Monday post. Mom said it brightened her outlook on the day so much! Your mom is so kind and of course did the right thing. Glad their home!!

  18. Your mom is the best, Mayzie! Bless her!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  19. What a great story!! We are glad your mom was able to help and that the family was so thankful to get their pups back. It’s so nice of your momma to donate that money!!! Those toys sure look fun Mayzie!!! ENJOY!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  20. Holy safe dog return Mayzie! That’s awesome! Mom stopped and asked a dumb as a stump Dalmation (not to stereo type) if he wanted a ride since he was sitting in the middle of the road.. hello. Dumb dumb. He was like, sure. So mom read his info and drove him home but then the dumb as a stump refused to get out of her car! I mean he even showed his toofeses to her! She tried to reason with him, but I mean, how can you reason with a stump?! So she drove to the shelter so they could pull him out with one of those dog puller things and just then his mom called and was like, oh yeah he gets out all the time… mom was like, hmmm guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, now does it? So she drove the dumb as a stump back to the dumb as stumps family and they all lived happily ever after….

    That family was so sweet to send you guys some goodies! You guys rock!

    Love ,
    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  21. Hi Mayzie! My mom finally let me use the computer so I could stop … whachamacallit … lurking! and comment on your blog. How lucky for those doggies that your mom came along when she did. So scary to be out in the world without your hoomans to protect you … I mean without your hoomans to protect. Mom and I have been enjoying your blog. My mom sometimes writes about me on her blog thingy but not nearly enough.

  22. That was SIMPLY PAWESOME all the way ’round!

    From your mom to their mom and bakhk again!

    My mom always keeps her eyes out fur wayward khanines and will stop and try to help when she khan – she’s always got spare leashes in The Xterra just fur those moments!

    After one of her transports last fall, she stopped someplace to get a hoagie – when she got bakhk on the road, she ended up having to detour bakhk around – and then she saw a dog ready to make his way akhross six lanes – she pulled ovFUR and he started bakhk up the hill and away from traffikh – then she saw he was travelling with another pal – she tried to khonvince them to get in with her – she saw they had khollars and tags – but they wouldn’t – she does know that she helped direkht them bakhk into more of a neighbourhood and not the highways – it was one of her ‘things happen fur reasons’ events

    Please thank her fur us!

    PeeEssWoo: Owen has a pending furever home – The Last Resort doesn’t finalise adoptions fur a week or two just in khase the fit isn’t a good one fur all involved!

  23. Hi Mayzie – oh, what a happy story! He he he – if we ever got lost (which, paws crossed, we haven’t yet – oh, apart from on our 3rd day home, but more about that later….!) we think JD would be like dog #1 and Max would be like dog #2, he he he! But thank doGness your mom was there to help – the world is a better place for humans like your mom you know.

    How pawsome that the owner sent such cool gifts. You’re very kind to offer to give your new toys away too but it’s good that you got to keep them!

    Now, when we’d only been at our furever home for 3 days we found a hole in the fence that our humans hadn’t spotted and so wriggled through for a great adventure! The humans were frantic, running up and down the road, shouting for us, FH was in tears, they were beside themselves. Well, we were having a fine old time! We’d been invited into the neighbours house and were being fussed by the big, friendly boxer who lived there as well as being hand-fed treats by their owners. They weren’t sure where we’d come from as we were so new they hadn’t spotted our humans with us yet, but they soon heard FH screaming our names outside so they took us out to them. We must admit we thought it was all terribly exciting!

    Please give your mom a special schnauzer snuggle from us for being so great! šŸ™‚ JD and Max.

  24. Mazie what a wonderful thing to do! Boxen and I got lost in our old house once and mom found us three blocks over at someone elses house playing in the sprinklers. The lady said she saw us but we weren’t going near her! She happened to have her sprinklers turn on at that moment and we came to play in them. She left them on so we would stay. She said she was really glad mom was there cause she was wasting lots of water. LOL

    I am glad you got some rewards for your brave mama.

    Boxer love
    Boxen and Bella

  25. This was a way wonderful post, Mayzie! We are so happy for the dogs and your Mom is a WONDERFUL Lady, but I guess you already knew that didn’t you! She sounds like my Mom and her sister, Auntie Naunie, who works with the Unity Thrift Dog Rescue (They had a thrift shop to make money to help take care of the animals).

    That was really sweet, too, that they were so nice to you all. So many don’t really try to thank others when they do help. Looks like you got quite a HAUL!!

    Congrats on getting your name into our Corgi Toss for the prizes for Miss Mercy’s Monday Mystery! We will have the big drawing after the next MMMM!

    You were WAY TO QUICK for us and posted your comment a few SECONDS after I posted it and BEFORE I turned on the comment moderation that we use for the Mysteries (so that anyone who answers correctly can get into the drawing and the answer isn’t given to everyone from previous comment posts) I deleted your comment after copying it, and then reposted it after taking out the answer. Hopefully the rest of the comments will go through comment moderation and then I will post them after the answer time is over. Country Corgi Miss Mercy

  26. Hey
    Your mom was wonderful and that was nice of her to help and lucky you~~for getting all those gifts. Have fun playing and the card was cute


  27. awww, i totally have the warm fuzzies inside!! miss mayzie, your mama is just the coolest. she is so kind to save those doggies and get them back to their mama! and then she’s gonna donate the money to a shelter! that’s grrreat! i’m glad you and mr. ranger got to keep the toys and cookies, though. heehee.
    the booker man

    pee s — yup. little smokies are pretty much the best nom nom evarrr. i’m glad you enjoyed them, too. šŸ™‚

  28. Mama says she has the warm fuzzies too! what a great example your Mama is Mayzie!!


  29. Yay awesome story! That is so great that your mom helped the lost doggies, very cool that they gave you presents, and even cooler that you are giving the money to help other doggies!! Everyone had a happy ending!!

  30. Wow, Mayzie! Your mom rocks! And it’s so nice that she’s giving that green papery stuff to help other doggies. She’s got a heart of gold, that gal!

  31. oh mayzie love you totally made our day wiff your shweet story
    make that our WEEK
    give your mommish extra slobbery pibble sugars from ush for all her kindness and super huge heart
    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  32. Those dogs are so lucky your Mom was able to help them. I’ve always wondered what I would be able to do in that situation. And it sounds like you have some new friends.

  33. Ben

    your momma is most excellent

  34. Hi, Mayzie!
    Those two are very lucky! Glad your mom saw them and helped them to find their mom!
    Your mom is the best! And it is great you are going to donate that money… and keep the toys and treats!
    Kisses and hugs

  35. Hi Mayzie!
    Your momma is wonderful saving those two dogs. Huh she can speak dog language too! And the funny thing is you guys got the pressies- not mom. How’d you manage that!!!!

  36. Wow, Mayzie!! You truly gots a good mommy. My Felicity would LOVE a grand adventure like those 2 dogs had… but I’m not sure she would ever come back.

  37. oh what an amazing story, and how nice the green stuff went to help other dogs too.

    your Mama is really kind!

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxxxx

  38. you are happy on a monday? crazy!

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