Saturday Smileys: Cuzin Bridger and Date Night

Hiya everybuddy! Most Happy Saturday!

My auntie took a new picture of my Cuzin Bridger, the Italian Spinone, with a different stuffie and since you all thoughts he was so very much cute last time, I thoughts I would share it with you.

Remember how I told you that Cuzin Bridger once ates 100 chocolate chip cookies and lived to tell about it? Well, I thinks you mighta thought I was stretching the truth but he really, actually did! Oh, my Cuzin Bridger really LUVS his noms. Maybe even more than I do.

One time my auntie and uncle hads to go outta town and they left him at a doggie hotel. Well, I guess in the middles of the night, Cuzin Bridger gots real hungry. Starving, in fact. He tried real hard to go backs to sleep but his tummy was yelling real loud. So he decided to undertake a Most Risky endeavor. He picked the lock on his kennel and sniffed out the room where they kept the foodables. Well, much to his consternation, he founds the door shut. But did that stops my Cuzin Bridger? Oh, no. He put that big ol’ head to work and figured out how to open the door. Then he opened up the food containers and he hads himself a buffet feast! Of course, most of those foodables were for other doggies but the way he tells it, he was only moments away from expiring from starvation and in desperate times, you have to take desperate measurements.

He’s my hero.

Okay, NOW…

Have all of you heards about Twix’s Date Night? Well, when I first read about it, I thought it would be ever so much fun. But I wasn’t too sure whether I would be able to go cuz a) I didn’t know if mom and dad would lets me, and 2) I didn’t know if anybuddy would wants to ask me. And you know, I just decided if I didn’t get asked, that would be okay cuz I could just go with some other single furends and have a grrrreat time!

Well, lo and behold, one day I went over to visit my Most Sweet and Handsome furend Booker Man and I was oh-so-surprised when he asked me if I would like to be his date! Oh gosh! I can’t even tells you how happy that made me feel so I told him yes! (Well, after I asked my mom and dad, of course.)

Sigh...look at that rugged handsomeness.

Then I founds out something that really very much surprised me. I founds out another one of my Most Dear and Adorable furends, Mack, also thought I was kinda neat and wanted me to go to Date Night with him, too!

Sigh...look at those Most Dreamy eyes.

Now, this was quites the conundrum for me when I didn’t even think I would haves the offer of one date, much less two. But Booker Man and Mack, being the gentledogs they are, gots together and solved it for me and now I’m going to be escorted by BOTH of them! Gosh, can you believes that two Most Wonderful blonde labradogs wants to go with ME? Goodnesses, my head is just spinning!

Thank you, Booker Man and Mack, for making me feel likes the Luckiest Brindle Girlie in the Whole Wide World!



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24 responses to “Saturday Smileys: Cuzin Bridger and Date Night

  1. Maizie..AnyDog would be lucky to be your date for date night. I knew the competishun would be fierce, and I am still mouuurning for my Miss Snickers, but I am quite excited for you.

    Have a wonderful time, they are both very handsome.


    pee ess….you do just what your Mom tells you, and maybe take your bruzzer along for proteshun, OKeyDOkey?

  2. Morning Mayzie…
    Oh that Bridger is a rascal….but smart!!! Did he have a tummy ache after eating all that food?

    You are indeed a very lucky girl…two very handsome dates for date night!!
    Madi took the bull by the horns and doing her best Sadie Hawkins imitation and asked Riley to be her date…well Gentleman that Riley he first explained that Tessa was his date but he would be most happy to be Madi’s escort. All is good though cause Madi knew that Tessa calls Riley her stud muffin and Riley and Star are Madi’s good buds!!!
    A good time will be had by all I’m sure. Madi participated Twix’s Ladies Night out last fall and it was a BLAST!! I believe she might have been the only feline at the K9 party
    Madi and Mom

  3. Wow, Mayzie. You’re like a regular Scarlett O’Brindle. You’ve got two dates for one night and no one is even calling you a hussy. You’ve got them agreeing to it. You were clearly born to be the belle of the ball and you are good at it. You go, girl.

    wags, Lola

  4. Frankie Furter

    Dear Mayzie, I am so very much glad that you have dates for Twix’s special night.
    I don’t know Mack butt I DO know Booker Man and he has been raised to be a very much gentleman. You will have a wonderful time. It is only a week away. I can’t wait.
    Now about your cuzin… wow what a guy… he must be very much smart and determined.
    See you on Date Night.

  5. Far out girl!
    The boys should have fought it out. I woulda …
    xx maj

  6. Wowie! You lucky girl! What a handsome pair of escorts! Hey, is your cuzin a Spinone? I think I saw your other post on him, but now can’t remember.

    Brutus the Frenchie

  7. miss mayzie,
    be still me heart! your picture is overloaded with prettiness!
    oh, and your cuzin bridger is like totally my hero for all-time. i need his help over at my house.
    the booker man

  8. What up Mayz…So I was justs wondering…Can I says that Bridger is my cousin too? I likes him, he reminds me of ME. I likes his ways of thinkin’. I thinks me and Bridge would have lots of fuuuun and we wouldn’t even get caughts.
    I’ve been thinkin too bouts your date….I thinks you should wear somethin’ purple. And well you know if ya’ll haves too much funness just gives me a ring a ding ding and I’ll comes and picks ya’ll up on my Big Wheel.
    PEES: whatevers you do, dont’s take them backs to your condo…it just wouldn’t be appropriate on a furst date….hehehehe! We just wont’s tells anybuddy anyway.

  9. Mayzie, couzin Bridger is so cute! What kind of 4 legger is he?

    Have a great weekend girlfriend!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  10. Whoa! You’re a pretty popular girl, Mayzie! Have you decided what you’re going to wear yet?
    Cuzin Bridger sure is a cutie! He sounds like someone we’d love to meet!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. I’m only surprised that there aren’t more dogs knocking at your door and asking to take you to date night! You’re one foxy brindle girly! I hope you have a great time!


    P.S. Mom says that the greyhounds did steal the show, so the saying must be true!

  12. Hi Mayzie – well, we’re not at all surprised you are being escorted by two strapping young pups as you are a most delectible doggie (*blush!*) Of course, we’re both madly in love with our blog sweetheart Sasha – we agreed early on it would have to be unrequited love as we didn’t want to fall out over a dame, but still, she’s dreamy….sigh!) Anyhoo, we hope you have a great time, can’t wait to hear all about it! 🙂

    And Bridger is our new HERO! Wow – what a hound! 100 choc chip cookies – wowzers! And sucessfully undertaking such a daring escapade at the kennels too! Plus, he has great taste in stuffies. We think we might pin a picture of him over our bed, he he he!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  13. You are such a popular gal, Mayzie!! You have TWO dates! We’re still trying to decide, if we are going to date night or not. We’ll just be hanging out with the singles.

    Have a pawsome weekend!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  14. Hey Mayzie!! No, I didn’t come from Ratbone Rescues, but Moms and Dad volunteer for them and foster dogs too!!! That’s how we got our brudder, Jack and his sister, Daisy (the grumpy ol’ Lady Dog)!! HEE HEE!!!

    Have a pawsome weekend!

    Woofs and Kisses!

    The Fiesty Three

  15. Wow, I think Bridger is my hero too…that one’s got some talent and skills! How sweet Mayzie…of course you would be asked to date night as you are a most beautiful and sweet girl!


  16. Hi, Mayzie!
    Haaa! Bridger sure has interesting stories to tell!
    H is my hero too!
    We will have a great time at the Date Night!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Oh to have been able to see THAT take place!

    He is khwite a looker! We’ve heard of that breed but nevFUR seen one in the fur!

    Woo will have a pawesome Date Night with those two handsome fellas!


  18. That Bridger…..What a legend (in the making). Hope to hear more of his exploits in the future. We’ve been reading about your up-coming date with the boys. And we’re fans of both of them. So don’t trifle with their hearts. Sounds like it’s going to be a bonzer of a date!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  19. your date is super cute!

  20. ooooooooh love is in the air

    El’bow & Hauwii

  21. Bridger

    Just to be clear, it was one hundred TWENTY cookies I ate.

    And I though I was going to be left to starve in that jail cell. I had to break out.

    And those boys better treat my cousin mayzie right.

  22. Hi there Mayzie!

    Great to meet you. We are indeed happy to be part of GABE as this is how we have been brought together. You are so lucky to have date requests from such handsome pups! We are glad to join you in your journey and we invite you too to follow our blog so we can share adventures together. Weeeee

    Do tell us how the date nights went. *hearts hearts* indeed. =)

    – Princess, Mocha, Wai-Pai & the Piappies

  23. Hey Mayzie, my crew love hugs except for Lilly! She hates it!!!

  24. Wow Bridger is an Amazing doggie – how lucky you are to have him for a cousin. Maybe he can teach you his escape tricks and how to get ahold of 120 cookies – that is quite a score!

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