Favoritest Things Friday: My Condo

Can you believes it!? It’s Friday again! And you know what that means…another edition of my Favoritest Things.

Today I wanted to tell you all abouts my Most Comfy and Luxurious Condo!

Welcome to my condo. Can I gets you some cheese?

This super-duper-amazing invention is made by a smart guy named Guardian Gear and my mom bought it from a place called PetEdge for only 1,374 green papers! Or 80. I can’ts remember exactly.

Anyways, as you can see, it is Most Roomy. As you can also see, even Brudder Ranger luvs it and he was never all that wild and crazy about condos until mom and dad bought this one. (Don’t tell him I told you but I thinks he’s a little bits clautrophobias.)

I don't mean to be rude but I was assured there would be cheese at this party.

It has lots of really good ventilations. Of course, it’s a little bit airish in the wintertimes, so mom puts a sheet over it to keep the coldies out. But in the summer time, it stays nice and cool.

Zzzzzzzz... (Haha! Surprise! I'm only acting likes I'm asleep. I wonder if I could gets an agent?)

Oh, here’s a really neato thing. It has a top that zips back so that mom can drops in treats or cookies or cheeses or stuffies. Okay, well, to tells ya the truths, that hasn’t ever actually happened – but we are prepared if the need should ever suddenly arises!

Waiting oh-so-patiently for cheese to rain from the sky.

But here’s the bestest part! It shrinks down real small for when we go to those Most Exotic places like Oakluhhomah and Albukerkee.

It’s held togethers by these things that mom calls ten-shun rods, although I don’t know why cuz there’s only two of ’em. So anyways, all you have to do is pop those thingies out and fold it down.

Also handy if one needs to fight off Ninjas.

There’s these little buckle thingies that keep it from flying open and hurting somebuddy.

A not-very-Most Interesting picture of a buckle.

And then the ten-shun rod dealies just slide into a little pocket in the back and you’re ready to hits the wide open road!

Then when you gets there, you just do this whole process again – but backwards – and TAH-DAH! Home sweet condo!

I'm pretty sure I dropped some cheese in here somewheres.

And now you know why my condo is one of my Most Favoritest things!

I’m real sorry some of those pictures weren’t all that much exciting so here’s one of my Most Awesomest Brudder Ranger to make up for it.

Yes. It is true. I am awesome.

Anyways, I hopes you have the Bestest Weekend That Ever Was! And if you gets a chance be sure to stop by tomorrow and say hi cuz I have some very Most Amazing news about Date Night. Some of you may already knows but, well, things just got doubley exciting!

Wiggles & Wags & a Million Doggie Kisses!


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34 responses to “Favoritest Things Friday: My Condo

  1. That condo looks very cool. That way you can be at home wherever you go. Very clever some of these humans. I will certainly check in tomorrow to learn more about your Date Night news. I’ve heard some rumors, but haven’t been able to sniff out the whole story. Better to hear it from you, anyway.

    wags, Lola

  2. Morning Mayzie,
    I love your condo it fits all the criteria for excellent real estate!
    Good lighting, easy access, very nice color, clean, neat and most of all
    location, location, location!!!
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  3. Shady

    Sweet Condo! Too bad I dislike leaving the house so much–if I didn’t I would want to travel like that. Thanks for showing it to us.

  4. We gots one for Teka Toy. Sometimes we fastens it down and she rides in it while the car is moving! She can nap that way without taking up lap space. I love it for that reason.


  5. Oooh, Mayzie, you know what – we’ve got one of those condos too! But we – ahem – chewed a hole in the bottom of it within about two hours, so it’s sort of stuck at the bottom of the shed now. However, having seen this post, we feel it probably just needed a woman’s touch! A nice cushion on the floor (to hide the evidence!), the front curtain rolled up so we can have a good view, the top flap open slightly for hopefully dropped foodables – hmmmm, we think we’re going to intruct our humans to get this out again!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  6. I’ve never seen anything like this; it looks so cool. I like that it has easy fold up too.

  7. Frankie Furter

    That is quite fantastic. When I go to my cousin Sarge’s house (or he comes here) I have these two play pen thingys that mom bought at yard sales. I love to be in them. Sarge can’t get me or my STUFFS. One cost 6 green papers and the other one was 10 green papers. Yours is really grrrreat. I think you and Ranger look quite happy in it. Thanks for sharing your CONDO with us!!!

  8. We agree Mayzie suits you to a T!!! Goddessoftheuniverse…ummmm Madi wishes she had thought of that one. To funny, Thanks for playing!!
    Dip-C and Esmarillda.

  9. Mazie what a cool condo! Boxen does not have to be crated during the day but I do. I am still too curious for my own good sometimes. We are excited to see what happens on Date night.

    Boxen and Bella

    P.s. Thanks for always coming over and commenting on our blog. We are not always the most interesting in the winter but there will be lots going on in the summer.

  10. Hey Mayzie, why didn’ts you shows us your bar in da back of that there condo? Oooops, dat was so suppose to be a secret wattin it? My bad.
    We’ll pretends I never ever mentioned it. You got one hummdinger of a place there. I soooo green with envy. All I gots is a tent…aka nothin-but-a-blankie. I come stay wit you…kay?

  11. Thanks for sharing that! Mom and Dad have been thinking about getting one of those for me. I’m starting to think I would really like that!


  12. Oh this is a very cool condo! We think all of us could fit in it at the same time. Maybe that makes it a mcmansion for us…

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  13. That looks like a very comfy condo. The zip part at the top is great! And thank you for sharing the picture of your most awesome brudder Ranger.

  14. That is a super cool condo! We wish we had one of those – we could all share it!! It is great that you share it with Ranger too – you both are very cute in it!! We hope that some cheese rains down for you soon!!

  15. Wow, that is a really cool condo… and it comes wiff cheese??? Pawsome!!!

    You all have a great weekend too!


  16. miss mayzie!
    i totally dig that petedge place, too! your condo is like way fab! i love all the ventilations and places for cheese to fall inside!!
    the booker man

  17. Hi Mayzie
    That is one mighty fine condo. Can we come over for a visit when it starts raining cheese.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  18. that so cute 🙂
    like that condo nice and greeny

    El’bow & Hauwii

  19. Ooooooo Mayzie your condo is very very swanky! I wike it a lots. You better let me know when the cheese storm happens so I can help you keep your condo clean and dry and cheese free!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  20. How Cool…a “pup”py tent!!!


  21. Hi Truly Scrumptious,
    Great names for you and the gang for change you name day….
    Dip-C and Esmarillda

  22. well now it looks like you have room for just about a 6pack tee hee hee
    of woggies of coise
    we’ll be wight ofur and please to have cheese weady for ush
    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  23. twinkietinydog

    I’ve missed you, Mayzie! I’m so busy these days. I loved your “review”. It’s a most excellent and versatile condo. I’m going to try to stop by tomorrow to hear about your double exciting date situation. Hmm. Lots of kisses and licks and slobbers…

  24. It looks khwite khomfy but I still wouldn’t hang in there –

    I’m just not a khondo kind of khanine!

    It is pawesomely khonvenient – that is khwite excellent!

    Happy Friday!


  25. Wow Mayzie…you are livin’ the good life in that condo! It looks SO comfy and I hope the cheese starts raining down soon! If it does be sure to let me know, ok.


  26. Miss Kylie

    Hi Mayzie!! I wanted to make sure Mommy and I got a chance to come over and thank you for my PAWSOME award!! You are sooo sweet to give a little black dog like me such a beautiful award! I will try to get Mommy on it right away but we are kinda slackers when it comes to awards. I think that is why I get so few *Cough Cough- MOMMY!!!* but we really appreciate you giving us one and wanted to let you know that yours is one of the first few bloggies we always check for an update now!! Wooof! I don’t have a condo but I have a “Nite-Nite”. It’s my favoritest place to be. Maybe I can post some pictures of it soon.


  27. Hi, Mayzie!
    Your condo is pawesome… and ready to go too!
    My mom wishes I’d like to sleep in a condo… or at least on a dog bed!
    Nope! The big bed is the best!
    Kisses and hugs

  28. Im a massive cheese fan too sweetie, im going to follow you (not like a stalker) am so glad i have a new friend xx

  29. That looks like a wonderful condo…but we don’t think we’ll stay in there. We prefer to stay out in the open rather than in a condo. The floor and the human’s bed are the best for us!

  30. Hi Mayzie,

    Oh! that’s grrreat! Riley has two dates too and one of them is a kitty! Let’s all hang out together okay? This is going to be a blast! And I must say, you got ya two really hot guys there! You go girl!

    Star and Riley too.

  31. oh wow, we just bought Mesa a condo!

  32. Mango

    Thanks for the condo review. Momma is thinking of getting one for PeeWee when he rides in the car so that he doesn’t tumble around. Not for me, though. I don’t think they come in Mango size.


  33. hello mayzie its dennis the vizsla dog hay i think if that condo wuz heer in sandy eggo it probly wood go for 1374 green paypers lokayshun lokayshun lokayshun!!! ha ha ok bye

  34. Hey, that’s a pretty neat condo. We’ll bet that Ranger just likes to get in it to keep you away from it. That’s what goes on with the doggie pillows/beds around here! It’s a good thing, though, that you don’t really want to get out of that thing because I’ll bet you could do it in NO TIME!!! The Country Corgi Pups

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