High school, a race and the last awardie

So last night I went to high school and well, to tell you the truth, I was kinda not in to it. I was checkin’ out my classmates and sniffin’ the ground and singing songs to myself and stuffs. I don’t know what it was but I was definitely NOT into learning stuffs.

But then it came time for us to show off how we can back up. Now that perked me up right away. Cuz you see, I’m a Most Expert Backer Upper. Shoot, I could probably back up all the way to the next county if I wanted to.  And then the teacher said it was gonna be a race! So she said, on your marks, gets set, GO! And so everybuddy started their backing ups and then the next thing you know, the teacher said okay, that’s it. And I had won second place! (A big ol’ long legged Ridgeback doggie won first which I hardly thinks is fair cuz he only had to take like two steps to win. But oh well.) And then they said there was a prize. Well, I was thinking maybe it was cheese or a live rabbit or something. But insteads, it was this tee-shirt for my momma!

A Most Valuable Prize

I’m pretty sure my momma would have been happier with cheese, but we figured that was still a pretty good prize overall.

Then when we gots home, I was all wound up and excited and I did zoomies around the house and grabbed one of my stuffies and started ripping its little guts out.  And THEN momma got the bright idea that she oughta take my picture with ME inside the shirt. Well, I thought she was joking and I laughed and told her what a funny momma I thoughts she was until she actually started putting the shirt on me.


She asked me pretty please to hold still. But one does not generally do what a crazy woman tells one to do. Unless, of course, aforementioned crazy woman tells you there might be cookies involved.

Did someone say cookies?

So she gots her picture and I hads some cookies and then I made sure my stuffie was real good and dead.

Not for the squeamishes.

And everybuddy was happy! (Um, except for the stuffie, that is.)

So now it’s time for the very last awardifying. This is the Beautiful Blogger Awardie and it was presented to me by the Most Beautiful Stella.

Likes the last awardie, this one doesn’t have any rules either. Whew! But I would likes to pass it along to these bloggie pals:

Dog Foster Mom

The Houston Pittie Pack




Martha & Bailey

Mr. B & Miss M


And of course, the most marvelous and magical Maxdog

Now, I feels real certain that many of yous have gotten this awardie before. But please accepts it with my wags of thanks for making the world a more beautiriffic place!

And I thinks that’s it for todays! Oh, wait! I don’t know if you’ve heard but a Most Handsome Somebuddy asked me to go with him to Twix’s Date Night and I can hardly believes it! I sure hopes he doesn’t change his mind after seeing that picture of me in that Most Unbecoming tee-shirt!


Win Cool Stuffs Reminder #5

Don’t forgets to enter these two Most Fabulous Contests! (Clicky the links for more informations.)

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31 responses to “High school, a race and the last awardie

  1. We think you look quite good in the shirt!
    Your just like Toby, never letting 1 stuffie live 😦

    Thanks for the award!

  2. Frankie Furter

    I just can’t believe they gave your mom a shirt and didn’t even give you one single bite of cheese. How rude.
    Now about that stuffie… that was an A+ job on that thingy.

  3. Mayzie how very nice to know you won 2nd place in back up and we agree the race should have been divided by length of legs!! You do look quite gorgeous in your green t-shirt!!!! Matches your green laser eyes.

    Boy you were excited after your high school class…did they serve caffeine in class?
    Madi and Mom

  4. You look great in the shirt. Probably even better than Mommy would if she’d been allowed to wear it. Nothing to worry about there. My humans keep talking about taking me to Continuing Adult Education. I am really too old for high school. I’m Practically Perfect in most ways but they have to nit pick about the leash thing. They walk too slowly, is the problem. If they could take it up to about 20 mph or so I might consider this “heel” thing they keep asking about.

    Congratulations on the award. It is completely well deserved.

    wags, Lola

  5. Oh, yes, and that stuffie won’t be coming back to bother you. Very thorough job.

  6. You are an excellent de-stuffer. If they ever have a de-stuffing contest, I wanna be on your team.

    Teka Toy Dagger

    (we don’t want gussie…he just stands there and looks sad.)

  7. I think you look most fetching in that shirt! Doesn’t it just figure that they’d give the prize to the wrong half of the team, though? Like your mom had to do any work in that challenge! I am a rather remarkable backer upper myself. It’s a greyhound thing, we all seem to be able to do it.

    Congratulations on your date!


  8. miss mayzie,
    the obedience classes really aren’t so bad! i’m doing one right now, too, with my mama and daddy. i think your mama just needs to give you some better treatsies…something like little smokies…YUMMERS!
    you are clearly a super duper excellent backer uper. gratsers on your 2nd place finish! i think it’s cool that your mama got a shirt, but like what is up with that?! you’re the one that did all the workin’! where are the pressies for you??
    oh, and gratsers one more time on your beautiful blogger award! yup, an award totally meant for the most beautifulest lady that i know…and i think you look cute as a button in your mama’s green shirt. *blush*
    the booker man

  9. Mayzie,

    I personally think your momma’s shirt looks pawsome on woo. I had a question for woo on my bloggy today. I hope you don’t feel too pressured…

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  10. Thanks for the award there Mayzie, I am honored.
    I LOVE to do zoomies around the house and I like to grab a toy and zoom around with it too. Actually I zoomie around the first floor, on and off the couches and round the first floor again and then zoom right up to the second floor, zoom around there, on and off the beds, and around the second floor again and then back down to the first floor again and by then my whole tongue is hangin out>>BOL but is so much fun and it makes the munchkins scream which is my favorite part LOL

    CONGRATS on winning 2nd place. I dont think I can go backwards!!


  11. What the Pug?? Why do you need to back up? We thought only fork lifts and semi trucks needs to back up. Well we guess if you get stuck between the couch and the coffee table like Mango then you might need to back up.

    We love doing zoomies too! And in the process you destuffed a stuffie. Good job! Whooo hooo!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  12. So if your mom puts the shirt on will she find stuffie stuffing in that too?!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  13. oh we fanks you so much for this most precious wardie and we would be honored to have it
    gweat job on the stuffy destroying we coud use someone wiff you abilities in out PTO society to TAKE OFUR THE WOILD!!!!!
    but first your date of coise teehee
    you are furry much full of the bewootifulness and we can understand why all these handshum labradudes are asking you out
    we cant wait to hear all about the date
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack

  14. Oh that is awesome that you came in second – and it does seem like a dog with long legs would have a big advantage making it a little unfair for everyone! But second is still great!! And that shirt looks very cute on you!!

    Oh and the poor stuffie – that happens to our cousin-dogs stuffies all the time. Well, except for one, but it is a tuff toy so it has lasted a long time. But we think it has to be more fun to get the stuffies apart right away!!

  15. Oh, thank you for thinking of us. You do look like you would be a very good backer-upper.

  16. Thank you so much for the award! And congratulations on winning the t-shirt in the backup contest (even if it wasn’t a live rabbit…although I would not have wanted to see those pictures if it were). Remi is very good at backing up – he has to be because he is always sticking his nose in everything to see what is going on, so he gets a lot of practice since we always are telling him to back up. I love the picture your mom took when you heard there were cookies for you if you left your shirt alone. You are so cute.

  17. Excellent job on the stuffie Mayzie. Have an a-Mayzie-ing time on your date and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.

  18. Mayzie,

    I super duper promise that Booker said it was okay. It was his idea actually. He said we could BOTH take you! I would never step on another labradudes paws…you know what I mean…

    But you can check with him and make sure and then let me know if it’s all good.

    Wags and Woofs,

  19. What a pawsome award Mayzie!!!

    We also think you so rocked the backer upper contest…but are sorry about the whole shirt thing.


  20. I pretty good at backing up too….you gots to with dis loooooong body. I wish I could have seen da look on your face when your mama got a shirt and you gots nuttin. That is just wrong on so many levels. I haves to say though, it looks very purty on you.
    You still should have gotten a squirrel.
    My condolences to da stuffie…may him rest in peace.

    Did you gets my mum’s email?

  21. Congratulations on winning the backup contest and the award!! We think you looks beeyootiful in your shirt!! We agree. That thar stuffie is D-E-A-D!!!

    You are so lucky that you have a date for Date Night!! Maybe someday, we will get dates too!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  22. We agree that it was rude for them not to give you some kind of treat at least for winning second place! Nice for your Mom though. GrandPaw tried to make me a sweater during this winter, but I pulled it right off!!! We love to kill stuffies too, but then we don’t have much to play with anymore as Grammy can’t keep up, getting new ones. Mercy from Corgi Country

  23. Good thing you fought it, Mayzie! Once you let the mommas just put anything they want on you, it’s all over. Just look at what has become of me! I’ve been seen in a TOGA for gosh sake!! At least you got to take it out on that nice, innocent stuffie!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  24. Khongrats!

    That’s a khool shirt!

    Nice de-stuffin’ too!

    Khongrats on your pawesome award and
    Fur pawing it my way!


  25. Congratulations, Mayzie!
    Yes. You look great wearing the t-shirt!
    Thanks for giving me the pawesome award!
    Kisses and hugs

  26. Maybe you and I can get together and practice so you can win next time! Love your shirt!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  27. Well, hey, that’s one shirt your mom didn’t have before! Those kinds of shirts always make good lounge clothes for rainy days or household cleaning expeditions. Congrats to you and your legs for coming in second in the backy-uppy race!

  28. Shady

    I had no idea high school was so competetive! Congrats on the win and the awrds, Miss Mayzie. You have such an exciting life. All I did yesterday was destuff an innocent dog bed.


  29. congrats on the awesome award

  30. Yep, that stuffie’s not coming back, no matter how much radiation you put through it …

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