Another awardie and a Most Embarrassing story

Hello my Most Sweet furends! Okay, so I would likes to start by informing you of the fact that this postie was not my crazy idea. I feel that most possibly, it is too much informations for the readers of my bloggie. But my momma thinks it is the Most Funniest thing ever. And since I luvs her SO much and she bribed me with cookies asked so sweetly, I very most reluctantly agreed.

If you have sensitive sensibilities, it won’t hurts my feelings if you close your eyes til I’m done with the story.

Okay…you prolly know that I am a Most Expert and Skilled stuffie de-stuffer:

Now, one of the downsides added benefits of this Most Amazing talent is that de-stuffed stuffing is impossible to get rid of entirely makes an excellent accent to one’s home decor. And much to my mom’s dismay and constant frustration never-ending delight, any buddy who comes to visit us is very much likely to encounters stuffie stuffing in any number of interesting places including, but nots limited to: on the BED, unders the BED, in the sheets, in the bathroom, on tables, on countertops, on the carpets, and even on the grass outsides.

I likes it! It reminds me of snow – only without the coldies.

Well, yesterday while mom was at work…um, excuse me for a second…

(Mom, are you sure you really wants to tell this? Are you suuuure? Cuz I…oooo…cookies…!)

Um, okay, where was I? Oh yes! So while mom was at work, she hads to go use the little puppy’s room and there she most suprised to find…stuffie stuffing inside her PANTS! Haha! Um, I means…see why I said this was embarrassing?

Well, cuz this was a totally unexpected discovery, it right away made her bark out loud. Thank dogness nobody else was in there to hear her maniacal cackling twinkling laughies. How the stuffie stuffing gots in her pants is very much perplexing to her as she just washed all the clothes this weekend. And I’m not telling. And goodnesses, I can’t figures it out either.

Whew! Okay…if you closed your eyes, you can open them back up now. I’m glads THAT is over. Cuz now it’s time for…


Now, this awardie was given to me by honest-to-true royalty…the Most Beautiful Princess the Pit Bull!

It is called the Golden Cup Award and there are absolutely no rules to this awardie.

So I’m gonna pass this along to these Lovely Furends who always makes me feels like a happy, fancy princess:

Booker Man

Daisy the Dog

Dennis the Vizsla

Frankie Furter

Captain & Candy


Mango & Dexter, too

One Pibble’s Wish


Stella’s World

Mack & Mia

El’bow & Hauwii

Okie dokies! That’s it for todays! I’m sending you lots and lots of wiggles & wags for a Most Happy Tuesday!


Win Cool Stuffs Reminder #4

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42 responses to “Another awardie and a Most Embarrassing story

  1. Mango

    Thank you for the nice award. Ha! That is a funny story. It is most curious how that stuffing got in mom’s pants, but I bet it was a happy making moment for her thinking of your small self putting that reminder in for her to find at the work place.


  2. My Raiser doesn’t like me “tearing apart” toys, but I think it is SOO MUCH FUN!!

    Congrats on your award!


  3. Thank you so much for the award. I’ll come back and get it tonight when Blog Mom gets home from work. She has to make me a nice place on my blog for the cool things people have given me, including your cake, Mayzie.

    I agree with Mango (but then, who doesn’t?) that it was so nice of you to send that suffing to work with your mom and putting it where she’d be sure to find it when she least expected. It’s the closest we can get to sending a love note along, considering our lack of thumbs.

    wags, Lola

  4. Frankie Furter

    I think it was soooo cleaver of you to hide a bit of stuffie stuff in your mom’s “clothes” so that she would be reminded of YOU while she had to be away. Very thoughtful.
    Speaking Frankly of thoughtfulness… Thank you for the award.

  5. Mayzie, thank you for letting mom share that story!!! Mom and I are lol and mol.
    Remember one who can laugh at one’s self is a most special person!!! Your Mom is for sure a most special person. LOL is contagious.
    Congrats on the award too sweet BFF!!! Thanks for the morning lol and Mom kudos to you for telling it!!!!
    Madi and Mom

  6. ah the joys of a stuffy-ectomy!

  7. Muzzer finds the stuff in the briefcase, in the toilet (it floats for a while), inside the kitchen cabinets, even in pots and pans when she takes them OUT of the closed. Oh, have we mentioned Teka can open cabinets and closets.

    So we got a BOL out of this one.

    thank you

  8. It must be funny, Mayzie, because my mom howled with laughter when she read that! Hopefully it was clean stuffing and not, er, recycled, if you know what I mean! I mean, sure, dog hair is a condiment, but I don’t think stuffing is!


  9. Shady

    Aww Mayzie, it is you candor that garners you such awards–keep it up!

  10. Hello again,
    We love the story. You had us BOL!!! Stuffie insides in your moms pants….OH MY! I too like to spread stuffing around everwhere…such as out side….Its so I can have outside snow fun with out the cold.

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

    Pee Ess: We put in an entry to your GABE contest.

  11. Those crazy stuffies! When they ‘splode, that stuff goes everywhere!! Just make sure you don’t eat any of the parts when you destuff them, Mayzie.. I make my momma go crazy when I do that!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  12. BOL! Mayzie, did you sneak stuffie innards into your mom’s pants so she’d be reminded of you during the day? That’s a great idea!!!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  13. Lisa

    That is a most hilarious story! I just love reading your bloggie every day. I think you have the best Mom ever!

  14. Mayzie, you planted it in her pants, didn’t woo! Woo sneaky devil woo!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  15. Oh my dog! Mayzie! Our momma totally missed our awardie….and to think…she says I don’t have any brains! Pffft! We are putting out an ad in the paper today! NEW SECRETARY NEEDED. IMMEDIATELY!

    Anyhoo, thank you so much Mayzie. You are our most fave gal. We wubbing you tons and tons!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  16. miss mayzie!!
    bwuahaha! that’s a funny story. don’t be embarrassed. you wanna know what i think? i kinda think that deep down your mama likes to destuff stuffies, too, cuz who wouldn’t?! that’s how she wound up with fluff in her pants. teehee.
    gratsers on your shiny award! of course you are a star!! πŸ™‚
    thanks bunches and bunches for passin’ it on to little ol’ me. i will try my hardest to be an awesome star like you and miss princess. that’s gonna be tough stuff!
    the booker man

  17. Your funny story made me bark out loud … which kind of freaked out my Mickey and Lyla, until they decided to bark along with me. :o)

  18. hello mayzie its dennis the vizsla dog hay congratchoolayshuns!!! and thank yoo!!! ok bye

  19. Are you sure you didn’t “plant” the stuffing there as a late April Fool’s prank?

  20. That was a very funny story Mayzie – I’m glad your mom bribed you – I mean encouraged you with cookies – to share it. I’m going to have to agree with you that stuffing makes an excellent accent to home decor. I think this is why the doggies that come to my house seem to like it there more than the peoples who come to visit. Doggies just have better decorating taste!

  21. The kiddlets are overjoyed about their award!! Thank you thank you Mayzie for passing it along to us!!!!!!!!!

    Now on to the stuffie situation… we are amazed your mommy still buys you stuffies! The kiddlets only get stuffies these days if someone else buys them! I refuse… you see Candy is a stuffie de-stuffer too… she takes her itty bitty front teeth and opens ’em up in no time! I’m always worried she will eat the stuffie stuffing adn get sick.

    We do think it’s funny about the stuffing in your mom’s pants though… we find little tiny black hairs weaved into everything… even under garments!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  22. BOL – pants or underpants?

    woof – Tucker

  23. BOL, BOL, BOL!!! GREAT job on getting stuffie guts everywhere, but ESPECIALLY in your mom’s pants!!! Now that takes talent!

    Cloud, the Destructor of all things stuffie…

  24. Mayzie – we all know you put that stuffie there! But it’s because you wanted your mommy to think about you… right?

    Thank you so much for the award! You’re a very sweet little girl!

  25. Congrats on the award! As for the de-stuffing of stuffies? I thought I was good, but you are Most Awesome – getting stuffie stuffing in clothing is Very Impressive!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona, who is Humbled By Your De-Stuffing Magnificence!

  26. Way to get your momma. I love harmless pranks! Congratulations on your award too and of course thank you for passing it to me.
    Love the constant reminders. You’re doing a better job than I am

  27. Hiya Mayzie, we just HAD to come over and visit after reading Booker’s blog. Sigh – ain’t love grand?! Our female human was cooing about how sweetly (and nervously!) he asked you out – so sweet! You two will make such a cute couple, we really hope you have a fun first date!

    And we really sniggered at your story! We bet your mom found it delightful, he he he! πŸ™‚ Oh, you are a fun pup – can we please add you to our blog roll?

    Big schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  28. Oooops, my mum justs peed in da floor afters I showed dis to hers. I never ever heard dat woman laugh s hards in alls my life. I personally tought it as a very most swet gesture of you to thinks of her while she was at work. So, when will it be dad’s turn?

  29. hahaha πŸ˜€ love the photo

    El’bow & Hauwii

  30. Ha!

    PeeEssWoo: Khongrats!

  31. oh we almost tinkled in our pantyloons wiff your stowy mayzie
    thanks for making our day
    and conwuats on your wardie
    ish furry must deserved
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack

  32. Congrats on the award! That is a very funny story! We know our dad’s mom has a doggie who loves to unstuff stuffies – we bet that happens at their house too! Our mom sometimes finds our toys in her purse but that is the main place she finds them. Now our fur, well that is everywhere.

  33. Thank you for stopping by our little blog! You are such a pretty girl! I read all about your story before you got to live wih your Mom and Dad, and it made me so happy that your foster Angel cared enough to go back to that house and get you! You deserve such a wonderful life after one of hardship and starvation. The ignorance and cruelty of some people make me very angry. My little Jeter was an abused and starved little fellow before he was rescued by his angel, Diane, who alerted Friends of Pets, our local pet rescue organization. His former loser owner was always dressed in designer clothes, drove a Chrysler 300, but allowed her boyfriend to treat him cruelly. He is fine now (except for Ginger’s Easter attack) and such a happy little guy. xoxo

  34. The planets must be in alignment – I’m just starting to write an odd stuffing story as well!

    Do you think humans always have a little stuffing in their drawers? That would explain why dogs love to sniff. πŸ˜‰

  35. Oh my goodness – I’m cracking up! I can just picture your mom bursting out in to laugher when she found stuffing in her pants!

    Mayzie, how the heck did you pull that one off?!

  36. miss mayzie,
    i’m so totally relieved! thanks for sayin’ yes!!!
    the booker man

  37. Hi, Mayzie!
    Looks like you found an interesting place… to place your stuffy!
    Congratulations on your Award!
    Kisses and hugs

  38. Hi there and thanks for visiting our site! We loved your story and have found a few…odd…things in…odd…places ourselves! And those are the moments that make us all very, very happy. πŸ™‚

  39. Hi Mayzie,

    We don’t know what snow is as we don’t have that in this part of the world where we live but if stuffings are like snow, we are gonna get at our stuffies and see if we can get the feel of snow.

    Congratulations on your Award! We like this Golden Cup Award, it’s beautiful and the best thing is it has no rules attached. We have not got this award yet *wink*.

  40. Congratulations on your award! Your story was hysterical and Grammy can relate as we, pups are excellent Stuffie de-stuffers too! We often create snow and/or confetti around our place, and Grammy is NOT amused! That WAS a funny place to find that stuffing. Grammy often finds horehound burrs in her clothes, which are a bit more uncomfortable.

  41. Mayzie
    Huh… stuffie pantaloons! I bet mom’s trying to give miss khyra a run for miss fluffy pantaloon. hee hee

    Well I am honored to receive your award. I’m not surprised you received a gazillion awards this week. Most deserving.

  42. Pingback: its the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering speshul gest host crag ferguson!!! « Dennis the Vizsla Dog's Diary of Destruction

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