Favoritest Things Friday: Contest for a Cause

Happy Friday everybuddy!

Ohmidogness! I’ve had so much fun getting to say hi to all my old friends and meeting new ones through GABE! If you haven’t yet, be sure to visit my post about it and leave a comment for a chance to win totally FREE and amazing prizes!

Okay, so’s it’s Favoritest Things Friday. As you all know, I’m a rescue dog and one of my Favoritest Things in the whole wide world is helping places that do stuff to help save doggies and kittehs like me. And what I’m gonna tell you about is one of those places.

A few weeks ago, I gots a message from my bloggie friend Shady and her mom. Now, Shady’s mom has this nifty business called This Good, That Bad. And what she does is she helps raise green papers for animal charities through the sale of her stuffs.

Shady and her mom decided they wanted to do something that would make peoples think about how great it is to adopt a pet. So they put their heads together and came up with a super amazing idea for a contest. They’re calling it the This Good That Bad Writing Challenge.

Oh! This is the part where I come in. They asked little ol’ ME (um, oh yeah, and my mom) to help with the judging! I was very much honored to be asked to assist with such a very important task. I hope I do a good job cuz I tend to be pretty non-judgmental. But I’m gonna try really, really, really hard.

Me trying to looks judgmental. Did it work?

Anyway, here’s what you have to do. It’s super-duper easy, I promise:

1. Go become a fan of Shady’s Facebook page by clicking here. I know some of you may not have Facebook pages but it’s crazy-simple to join.

2. Then get your human to use this form and tell us in 125 characters or less (that’s characters, not words – that’s why it’s a challenge!) how you make them a better person or how you keep them the sane and well-balanced human that they are. You can even write it from YOUR perspective if you want. You just gotta do it by April 30.

3. Well, there is no number three cuz that’s all there is to it! Tah-Dah!

Shady is giving away some Most Fabulous prizes including a cash donation to your favoritest animal charity; a copy of the book “Guardian of Being,” signed by the book’s picture-drawer and MUTTS cartoonist Patrick McDonnell; Adoption Good, Homeless Bad tee-shirts; and this Most Ingenious Invention called a ScooPup Pocket that keeps our…ahem…droppings neatly tucked away during walks (since humans seem to be awfully embarrassed by that kinda thing). Oh and of course you get bragging rights for winning a national contest!

Here’s a linky to a thing called a press release that tells you even more abouts the contest. And if you want, feel free to tell other peoples and four-leggers who might be interested in this terrificness. Especially peoples involved in rescues cuz maybe they can win some green papers for their groups!

And I think that’s about it! Oh, wait! There is one more thing! Psst…come here. Closer.  Cloooosseerr.

Okay…just remember that if you enter and you don’t win…it’s TOTALLY the fault of the other judges.

Wiggles & Wags & a Million Doggie Kisses for a Most Happy Weekend!



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21 responses to “Favoritest Things Friday: Contest for a Cause

  1. First!!!!

    We think that sounds like a cool contest. Maybe I will write a pome. Do you think that is OK? Ah well, we will see.

    Teka of course, is disqualified immediately because she is muzzer’s “cross to carry” HA

    gOOD pOST.


  2. You’ll be a great judge! I hope lots of hounds and humans enter the contest and make it a success!


  3. Of COURSE it’s the other judges’ fault! I know you’d vote for EVERYONE if you could!

  4. Shady

    Mayzie–you will be a great judge, tough but fair. Thanks for spreading the word about the contest, we cannot wait to read what everyone has to say! And I got my own poop scoopy ScooPup pocket from Tiny Growl yesterday and now I think that may be one of the best prizes. I still poop when and where I want but Mom complained a lot less yesterday with a neat place to “put” it on our walk.

  5. Frankie Furter

    Oh YES you do look very judgemental!! I am not allowed to do the facebook and twitter stuff.. OR use the phone any more. Not since the INCIDENT. I would have loved the writing contest though.
    Good luck on judging. I know you will be most FAIR!!

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  7. you are just too cute. all three of my monsters, i mean dogs, are rescues so we are all for good causes. Check out my post tomorrow about a super cool place I found 🙂

  8. goldenhaven

    Being a judge is tough but profitable…do you take bribes?
    I could mail ya some homemade peanut butter cookies…would that help get me a vote or two?

  9. What a great contest Mayzie…I will make sure Mama checks it out!!

    Happy Friday Smileys!

  10. Hi Mayzie, Ranger, Mom, Dad and of course Ripley,
    Happy Easter to you all too. What a fun to be asked to be a judge!!
    We know you will be very fair in your judging. After all Mom says just to be in a contest is like winning so have fun. Mom is off today and running around like a crazy person. OMD it is nearly 90 degrees in Raleigh too hot too soon we don’t like hot weather!!!
    Madi and mom

  11. oh, miss mayzie, i know you will be the most excellentest judge type evarrr.
    i just got my mama to go on the facebook thingie and become a fan of this good. that bad. now i just have to get her to show me how to use the form so i can write a super duper short ‘n tiny 125 character blurbie. 🙂
    the booker man

  12. Oh Mayzie, I can see how hard you were trying to look judgemental. But I’m afraid you will have a real challenge with judging, since you are the most kindest and least judgementalist doggie blogger that I know. I am sure you will do a good job at judging, but I think it might be very hard for you. I hope you have fun with it though, and we will go check out the contest very soon!

  13. So do spaces count as characters? You know what a rule follower mom is. Is your mom going to check for grammer? Sometimes we’re not so good with that. But since mom seems to think she can’t function with our fur kids perhaps some writing is in order.


    Mr. Nubbin’

    PeeS. Did you see there is a new just for pets place on Powers? We are thinking a visit might be in order.

  14. Mayzie, obstinates means being butt, I had to ask my brudder cuz, well he knows everything. We goings to go check out Shady. Is he a shady kind of guy… get it, get it?
    by da ways…my hooman kiddo’s k5 helped support a sweet BIG pit at Best Friends…her name is Little Red, she was a Michael Vick dog.

    pees: you such a nice doggie

  15. Oh, you’ll be a great judge and no one will be mad at you, Mayzie. You can’t pick everyone, but we know you’d probably like to.

    That picture of you is so adorable, I just wish I could lick your nose.

    wags, Lola

  16. WOW!

    Khute AND now a famous judge?!?!?!

    Mayzie sooooo lives the good life!


  17. I know you are going to do a pawesome judging job!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Mango

    Drat! Momma won’t let me do that facebook thing. What a meanie because I know you would totally vote for me. So good luck with the contest anyway. I bet you raise many dollars.


  19. Your honor, I have faith in your impartial judging. Pick me! Pick me!!!

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  21. Goodness! You’ve got all kinds of contests going on don’t you Mayzie! Thanks for the info! Have fun being a judge! Our Grandma OC (Matriarch of the Country Corgis) was a judge this year for the MangoMinster 2010 Dog Blog (and horse, and goat, etc.) Show, and it’s serious business!

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