My Most Silly Mom

Good Monday, everydoggie and kitteh!

Okay, so me and my mom have been watching some of our buddies’ videos and we thought maybe we should give it a try. We decided to show you how very much excited I get at dinnertime. (Oh gosh, I LUVS dinner time a LOT!) But because we are not Most Expert videoers, it turned out all kinds of dark. And ohmidogness, you shoulda seen the look on mom’s face when she heard her voice! So she thought that maybe we should try a different video another time without all her talking.

But the thing is, I just luvs it when my mom talks to me like this. It makes me SO happy and wiggly all over. So I decided to put it on here anyways. I have a feeling she will be Most Mortified but I just wanted you to see…er…hear one of the reasons I luvs my silly mom!



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25 responses to “My Most Silly Mom

  1. P R E C I O U S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the “moving picture” of Mayzie and Ranger. Who knew a little bitty stub of a tail could move that fast!!!
    Mom said to tell your Mom that her voice sounds just fine….some of the videos Mom made of me with my b-day presents were pretty funny…mom said to dad…do I really sound that Southern….Dad said yes because you are that Southern. Thats ok we love our moms…..Great video.
    Oh Mayzie we won’t tell your mom because we expect you have a curfew…but dang it girl what were you doing in Raleigh yesterday? Mom saw a pooch walking on the sidewalk and said Dad that looks like Mayzie…coat.
    Madi and Mom

  2. Oh Mayzie, we loves your nubby little tail! Tell mom not to worry. She doesn’t sound and weirder than our mom when she does her baby doggie talk. We loves it too!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  3. Mayzie…I think everyMuzzer/Mom talks funny to her furbabies. I love it too.


  4. Frankie Furter for Mona’s blog.

    I loved your video. So happy. Your tail can FLY. Ranger looks grrreat in the video too!!!

  5. So great to see you in action. As I was playing this, Miss M. was listening attentively and looking for the voice to talk to her.

  6. Shady

    Great video, please take many more. Dinnertime around here used to be crazy with 3 dogs. We wish we had some silly tapes to remind us of that now that it is just me for dinner.

  7. We do turn into some sort of Alien Super Voice Machines when it comes to our dogs!

  8. Your momma has the bestest voice ever and your butt wiggles are just like Mia’s! It’s like your whole body is wagging! Our momma wants us to tell you to tell your momma that her movie was so pawesome. SO CUTE! Our momma said she might try a movie tonight if she gets up enough courage.

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  9. What a great video! Your mama sounds pretty normal to me. They all get like that when we’re around. We turn them into happy, silly humans who break into that baby/doggie chattybabble. But we love it, right? Maizy, your little nubbie must have a battery in it just like mine – wow. look at it go !!


  10. Mayzie, we just loved your video – it brought both you guys to life! We have to tell you that moms talking is a major drawback of videos. We sometimes have to cover up our mum with music.
    When we played yours Bailey was right up at the computer wagging her tail – your mom sounds just like ours!!!!
    Good work with the video!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  11. My mom isn’t crazy about hearing her voice on the videos either…but then she figured that’s the only voice everyone else ever hears, it just sounds funny to her ears! (look at that, I’m a poet!)

    that’s a super cute video…keep sharing them please!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  12. at least your Mama can get videos on your blog! My Jeannie is useless, our computer is so old now, it can’t cope with the uploads (whatever in dogness that might mean!)

    Your Mama’s voice is fine, we loved it!

    lotsaluv, from Marvin xxxxxxxxxx oh and Jeannie xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Oh, that was fun to watch. It was like being right in your house. I think your Mom has a very nice voice for a human.


    me, Lola

  14. The video is great and your mommy just lovers you so!


    How khool to see woo in motion!

    AND hear how silly another mom sounds – nice to know mine isn’t the only one!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  16. Your mommy sounds very sweet to me. I can understand why you like it when she talks to you. My mommy talks to me the same way. I loved watching the video because I hadn’t see you guys live yet. It was a bit dark at moments, but I got to enjoy it. Thank you

  17. Oh Mayzie…listen to all the Mamas when they talk to us pups…they all sound all cutesy when they are happy and playing…Notice that they never video themselves when they are NOT happy with us.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm…..think I will need to get a spycam!


  18. My Daddy can sound pretty silly when he talks to me, too. It’s not just Moms.

  19. Aw Mayzie, you happy girl! I talk like that to Marge, too. Occasionally it shows up in my videos.. I’ve learned that you simply can’t avoid putting it on the blog!

    I love your wiggly butt!

    (PS – I think maybe you should leave Collie-rado to get a massage here!)

  20. Hi, Mayzie!

    I just tagged you for Photo Tag! Stop by my blog for the rules!

  21. Mayzie, I think the truth is that we canines are all capable of bringing out the somewhat silly side of our humans. It’s one of the reasons we’re so good for them! You and Ranger sure look like happy dogs, and that’s the most important part!


  22. Hi, Mayzie!
    I loved your video!
    You and Ranger sure were happy and excited waiting for your dinner!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Hi Mayzie!

    So nice to meet you. Frankie is is so sweet and is a good friend. I am so happy he told you about me and my love Tiger. I would love to be friends and I will be back.

    Your Mommy sounds jst like my Mommy.


  24. hello mayzie its dennis the vizsla dog hay dinnertime is the most excitingest time of day all rite!!! ok bye

  25. Mango

    I LOVED your mom’s happy voice. Hearing that is the best, right? Great movie! You sure do wiggle.


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