Favoritest Things Friday

Happy Friday, every doggie and kitteh!

OH! I am so very much excited to bark at you today about this particular Favoritest Thing! It is SOOOOO special.

Okay, okay. So I haves a human cousin named Noel. This is a picture of her with her brudder, Zero the Chihuahua and her sister, Phoebe the Boston Terrier. (Noel is the one on the far right.) Noel was about  3-1/2 years old in this picture but she’s getting ready to turn FIVE!

Noel and Phoebe LUVS Halloween! Zero - not so much. (PeeS. Ripley says Zero isn't a REAL pirate.)

So mom and me were sittin’ around, trying to decide what we should gets this special little girl for her birthday. When TAH-DAH! It came to me! So we hurried up and got on the computer and a hundred years a few days later…

It's here! It's here! It's finally here!

Oh! I couldn’t wait! FINALLY (with a little help from mom), we got it open and…

That’s right! IT’S TWINKIE’S BOOK! Right here in my own house!

I could hardly wait to read it. So we opened it up, and do you know what that Twinkie did? She also sent us some Most Nifty stickers. Oh gosh, I know Noel will luvs those a lot!

This must be what Twinkie smells like. A little like cinnamon, if you're interested.

But that’s not all. We even got Twinkie’s very own, personal PAWTOGRAPH! I tell you, I almost fell over with all that niceness.

And she even put Noel's name in it!

So after all that, I settled down to read it. My favoritest part of the outside of the book (other than Twinkie, of course) is this Most Beautiful and Delicious-Looking bone. I tried to take a taste but mom said it wasn’t reals.

Nom nom nom!

I was a teensy bit disappointed about that. But I got over it real quick once I started reading all abouts Twinkie’s Most Compelling story.

Oh, haha! This is when I got to the part about Twinkie being stung by a bumble bee. It was a little scary. (Note to self: Do NOTS play with bumble bees!)

Whoa! Bumble bees will mess you up!

And when I gots finished reading it, I read it two more times. And then I made mom read it to me THREE more times. Oh gosh, it is a Most Wonderful book and I know Noel will LUVS it as much as I did! Thank you, Twinkie (and Twinkie’s Mom) from the bottom of my little heart!

This book has been Mayzie Approved.



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16 responses to “Favoritest Things Friday

  1. Hi Mayzie,
    What a darling picture of Noel and her pups. Oh how wonderful you are giving Noel Twink’s biography. We enjoyed watching you read it too well all but the bee part….scary stuff. We can hardly wait to hear how very very much Noel loves it.
    You have a very nice weekend Mayzie and remember you and Ranger take the two leggers out for some fun times.
    Madi and Mom

  2. Yes Mayzie the thought of Madi on a leash is HILARIOUS!!! Oh my stars it would take me and a few hundred Marines to get the collar and leash on her her…and I can assure you the Marines have not met an enemy quite like the Diva Island Princess Cat. HA Very funny visual.
    Madi’s Mom (if you see Madi,don’t share this with her)

  3. Frankie Furter

    Oh Mayzie, What a wonderful pressie for a Dawgie Loving FIVE year old. I am very much glad that you enjoyed reading Twinkie’s book.
    Geee whiz!! She even signed it for Noel and gave her a PAWtoe graph.
    This is one lucky girrrl. She will enjoy it night after night!!!
    Thanks for sharing the pressie… and all the super pictures of YOU reading it!!! GRRRRRREAT POST!!!!

  4. Gail in Aberdeen

    Hi Mayzie
    Just thought I’d pop over to say thank you very much for your comment about Hamish’s blog. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading all his adventures.
    Twinkie’s book looks good fun too. Must investigate..

  5. I love all the dress up pictures. I didn’t know Twinkie had her own book…

  6. Oh Mayzie, my boy is turning 5 too!! That is so cool! You got the best pressie ever for your cousin! She will totally love it!

    I’m glad you read it and liked it and shared the most important part of the book! STAY AWAY FROM YELLOW AND BLACK BUGGIES!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  7. What a wonderful pressie! Noel is going to love it! We bet this book becomes one of her very favorites and it’s even pawtographed with makes it 100 times more special!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. what a totally awesome pressie for noel!! she’s gonna love twinkie’s book.
    i need to go visit miss twinkie now. i have not met her yet, and it is super cool that she has written her own book!!
    the booker man

  9. What a most excellent present! I may have to talk to Mom about getting a copy of Twinkie’s book for my cousin – I think she’d love it!

    *kissey face*

  10. We got Twinkie’s book, too! I took it with me to read to the kids in Mom’s class when I went to visit and it was super fun!


  11. What great things fur FTF!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  12. NO WAY!!! We wish you were our cuzzin!! You’re the bestest gift givveh ever!! Noel is super duper lucky. We hopes she doesn’t read your blog and spoil the surprise!! We bets you can get her to read it to you a lots more times too!!

    Pebbles, Abbi and fosters!

  13. Mayzie Girl!!!

    How cool… we want to get Twink book too!! We can’t believe Twink herself pawed the book, so cool!!!

    We hope Noel has a great birthday!!!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  14. May I start advertising that the book has been Mayzie approved?
    Is this really Noel? OMD forget the book, I’m coming in person! Wooof, what a cutie pie. Mayzie, I’ll try to work hard on the book cover to make it tastier, my furiend. Thank you for all the useful feedback!!!

  15. Mango

    That was a well chosen pressie for sure. That Twinkie is quite the story teller.


  16. oh my dogness you are most lucky to have gotten booky from the twinkie
    she ish full of preciousness just like you
    and you even got her pawtograph that is just so furry shpecial
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack
    could you please to peemail ush your snail mailing addy
    we are helping mommish make easter egg cards to send out to our furryends and would like to send one to you, our peemail addy ish thehoustonpittiepackATyahooDOTcom
    ok thank you

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