Yummies for my Tummy

First of all, my Brudder Ranger wanted me to let you all know that he is “most appreciative” of your “kind words” regarding his post yesterday. And “bowing to popular demand,” he will “continue to pen” his thoughts on a weekly basis. (He’s sitting here next to me to make sure I don’t mess up his words. Isn’t he the best?) So thanks, everydoggie, for making my Most Awesome Brudder feel so welcome!

Okay, now on to my post for today…FOOD!

This post about Miss M’s Asian pear apples made me start thinking of all the foodies I LUVS. When I first came to live here, I was very spicious of some of the foodie stuffs mom and dad gave me to try. I don’t remember if I ever had people food before and so all the stuffs they were eating seemed awful exotic to me. But little by little, I started trying this and that and have decided that peoples food is A-okay! (My mom wants me to make sure everydoggie knows that they don’t give me lots of this stuff – I only get little bits from time to time, cuz some of this wouldn’t be “healthy.” Pfsh! Whatever. I’m pretty sure this is the craziest thing I ever heard in my life. So I’m workin’ on her ’bout this but she seems pretty set in her ways.)

So here are some of the people foodie stuffs I LUVS:

Peanut Butter (the nectar of the dogs)

Oatmeal (although I usually like mine cooked)

Mango (the fruit, not the dog - although he's very sweet, too!)

Celery (hey, don't knock it til you've tried it!)

Pizza (OMD! How did I ever live without pizza!?)


Elk (my dad is a Most Great Hunter)

Deer (Seriously, Greatest Hunter That Ever Lived!)



(Okay, mom is oh-so-much worried that everydoggie will think she actually lets me drink beer and coffee. I just get to lick the cup/bottle when they’re done cuz they say it’s way bad for dogs. Again – CRAZY talk, in my opinion.)

And believe it or not, this is only a partial list! I LUVS most of the stuffs they let me try. I haven’t tried Asian pear apples but maybe I’ll see if mom will pick me up some at the store tonite.

Does anydoggie else love to experiment with their foodies? What are some of things you LUVS to eat?



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12 responses to “Yummies for my Tummy

  1. Frankie Furter

    DEER!!! Oh yes!! My dad is a mighty hunter guy too!!(He got 5 this year.) It is the bestest ever. My mom cooks the bones and picks off the meats… I get some of that after she grinds up the really good stuff to make deer salad/spread. And the leg bones… pure delights. Does your dad cut the antlers so you can have chewies??? WONDERFUL. We had deer and noodles for supper last night. Mom cans a lot of it… she even cans BROTH!
    We don’t have elk here. Mom and dad have eaten it. They say it is grrrreat.
    Peanutbutter… right on. I did a whole post on Oatmeal with cranberries for breakfast one day. I get it a lot (cooked).
    I like carrots and celery and apples and oranges. In the summer I go to my garden and pick my very much own FRESH green peppers and sometimes even a tomato. I also like to pick a nice summer squash to munch. OH don’t forget CORN on the COB… which my mom regulates carefully so I don’t really get to eat the cob part. FOOOOOOOD GLORIOUS FOOOOOOD

  2. Wow that’s a lot of people foods! My mom eats a lot of pizza but she never shares with us. But now that you told us how good it is, we will start bugging her to share more often. Thanks for the scoop!

    Your friends,
    Remi & Noelle

  3. Amy

    You get to eat quite the variety of foods! Miss M. loves everything, but she also loves beer. I didn’t know if this was something from her past life before we adopted her, or maybe it’s a brindle pittie thing? I didn’t know about her drinking problem until I took her to Octoberfest and she was running around drinking from puddles on the floor and trying to get people to drop their beers.

  4. The above comment was from Miss M and Mr. B….I was just signed in wrong.

  5. Hi Mayzie and Ranger,
    We saw your post over at Martha and Bailey’s you are beautiful and Ranger is very handsome. We got a chuckle out of both of your posts yesterday and today and also read about your adoption!!! What a lucky day for both of you and we’re so happy you are such good buddies. As you can tell I’m a cat….but I have lots of dog friends. you know we cats can be peculiar bunch but it sounds like you have at least won over one of the kitties.
    our best Madi and Mom

  6. Mayzie you are a ladies’ lady!!! Yes of course it is Mom who will be 8 (ha wink wink) and she doesn’t look a day over 61!!! She says I keep her young.
    I’m the 2nd cat to live in the family way(he lived with them 14 1/2 years and before him there was the mighty Toto the mini dachshund).. I keep hearing Madi is nothing like Milky-
    Way and to that I say well duh he was a man cat I’m a lady cat we do things differently. Oh boy do I talk a lot too. We are glad we met you.
    We’ll drop by to chat again tomorrow.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Mango

    It is good to at least try foodables. I myself am not fond of celery, but I LOVE apples. PeeWee likes bananas. Go figure. I am not sure about that green Mango. Does not sound like food to me. I bet that asparagas makes you fart, huh?


  8. I will add green peas and brussels sprouts

    Thanks fur the nom nom ideas!


  9. twinkietinydog

    My favorite posts are about food. I love food. What in particular? I’d say PB but that’s rare. Our mom eats it as soon as she brings it home. I like beer too. Hick

  10. Hi, Mayzie!
    People foods are delicious!
    I convince my grandpa… almost always… to share his food with me!
    And he shares it… as long as my mom is not present!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Hi Mayzie, it’s nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by my blog! I see Lone Star is your beer of choice…you must be in Texas huh?!

  12. We love anything Mom will let us try but our biggest favourites include spaghetti with lots of tomoato sauce, mushrooms and sausage; apples; baby carrots (this is Mom’s favourite for teething puppies – she freezes them first so they’re cold on the gums); most veggies although Mom avoids giving us broccoli any more bol; pizza; anything with cheese or peanut butter … and when no one is looking – coffee and wine and beer bol

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