Ranger’s Rants

Hi everydoggie! Mayzie here. I’m very much excited because I finally convinced my Most Awesome Brudder Ranger to write something for all of you. Okay, here he is. I hope you like what he has to say. Wiggles & Wags!

Greetings, dear readers.

First, I would like to point out that the title of this post is not my idea. It is my mother’s. For some reason, she thought it was very funny and I agreed to it because she seemed so pleased with herself.

Second, I am doing this only ONE TIME to appease my annoying pushy goofy adorable little sister (sigh…happy now, mom?). Of course, if I receive positive feedback from adoring fans readers of this blog, I may consider doing it again.

Okay, ahem, on to my, quote, rant.

My rant for today is people who think they’re experts at dog breeds and insist upon calling me a Jack Russell. A JACK RUSSELL! Unbelievable. I mean, I understand there are some cosmetic similarities. But really, even a cat could tell the difference.

Exhibit A


Jack Russell:

I believe I heard a collective gasp from the audience. I know, I know. The difference is stunning, is it not? How can humans not tell the difference? Note my regal bearing, how my ears are not ridiculously high on my head and how much more graceful my body structure is. Not to mention my obvious superior intelligence.

In addition, the Rat Terrier is almost a purely American dog, tracing our lineage back to America’s working farms. Jack Russells are from that hoity toity Great Britain place. (I have been asked to add: no offense to my sister’s hoity toity British friends.) We received our (rather dubious) name from the great president Teddy Roosevelt himself. Oh, YEAH! In your face, Jack Russells! Uh, I mean, we are very proud of this fact.

Finally, I would like to demand respectfully request that humans who can not tell the obvious difference between a Jack Russell and a Rat Terrier, to at least refrain from calling me “Jack.” Oh, boy, do they ever think they are clever. “Hey, Jack! How’s it going?” Yeah, buddy, very funny. Never heard THAT one before. Har har. But since we’re calling others what we think they look like, how’s about I call you Butt Crack? Yeah, not so funny now, is it?

Well, I guess my darling little sister was right. This IS kind of fun. Uh, but please don’t tell her I told you that. She’d never let me live it down.

Until next time, this is Ranger, wishing you goodbye and good biscuits.


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9 responses to “Ranger’s Rants

  1. Frankie Furter

    Hey Ranger!! You did a very much grrreat job of setting the two leggers on the correct path!!!
    A PAWSOME first post!! Encore Encore Encore!! I’m just sayin’.

  2. Hey, Ranger, news-flash: That’s how it all begins. One little post is all it takes. That’s exactly what happened to my home and now that I’m in France, I was glad to have taught Frankie to blog so well. Keep at it, furiend. You’re doing grrreat. I learned a lot today.

  3. Ranger, it is very nice to hear from you. Mayzie has such a high opinion of you that it is no surprise that you are so intelligent and had such interesting information to share. I cannot understand how anyone could ever confuse you with a Jack Russell Terrier. Although I will admit that I thought you were perhaps a Parsons Russell Terrier – but I sincerely apologize for that mistake, and I am very glad you cleared that up. I hope you continue to post in the future!

  4. I paw woo make this a regular feature!

    Furry well pawed!


  5. Mango

    Wow, I guess you have been kind of holding that in for a while, huh? That’s OK, just let it out. The humans can be most annoying at times (how often do you think I have heard, “put a saddle on that thing”). Ish.

    So I am totally in your court, dude, except that, well, er, um, I kind of still can’t see the difference… but I know it is there, OK? And I will never ever ever call you Jack.


  6. Hi, Ranger!
    I guess I am with Mango. I am not so sure about the difference but I promise I will put more attention and never, never will call you Jack either, ok??
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Yay, Ranger! I want to join the Ranger Rants fan club! Cafe Press offers some pretty good group discounts for T-shirts … maybe they’ll have some to fit you, too, Ranger.

    (I’m up for Mayzie being an honorary member, if she wants!)

  8. Hi Mayzie, thanks for visiting my blog…how exciting that you know 2 and a half Ridgebacks! 😉 Just so ya know, my Dad lets me lick the tops of his beer too and Mom lets me sometimes lick the coffee cups when she is finished. 😉

    As for your kitty brother, Ripley, he is quite cute and I do hope the gate comes down soon.


  9. Haha, Ranger you are hilarious! And I would definitely would have made the mistake of calling you a parson russell terrier, but now that you have set us all straight, I wouldn’t dream of it! The only reason I would have thought that is because my in-laws have a PRT who looks pretty much exactly like you. I hope that this post sets everyone straight though, and you won’t ever have to be worried about hearing the name “Jack” again!

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