My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Something happened to me this week that I am just now able to talk about. It was a Most Terrible Thing but I think that talking about it will help me work through it.

Okay (deep breaths), I LUVS my backyard. It is the Most Awesomest Backyard That Ever Was. I LUVS to spend time out there. Grazing on grass (Mom says I’m part cow but I don’t believe her). Guarding it from Evil Squirrel Intruders. Lying in the sun.

This is how I normally look when I’m in the backyard:

And this is how I looked the other day in the backyard:

So that day was like any normal day. My dad asked Brudder Ranger and me if we wanted to go out. And of course, I said yes. So we go outside and all of a sudden…






Dad obviously did not understand the dire emergency that this was. “Oh, Mayzie,” he said, much more calmly than the situation warranted, “We’re not under attack. The neighbors are just putting on a new roof.”

“NUH-UH,” I yelled over the grenades whistling past my head. “WE’RE GONNA DIE!” And then I demanded that we take cover in the house.

So after about a million years, dad let me back in the house and tried to explain to me that the peoples were using a newmatic neumatick air nail gun to put shingles on their roof. Well, I flatly refused to believe such a ridiculously wild story.

Even Brudder Ranger tried to tell me it was nothin’ to worry about, but I didn’t believes him either:

So dad sighed and told me we could go for a walk instead so I could tinkle. And that was fine but I was so nervous that I didn’t tinkle all I needed to. And later that night, I sneakeded downstairs and tinkled on the rug. Oh gosh, I was so embarrassed cuz I haven’t tinkled in the house since the first month I lived here. But I was skeered to let mom or dad know I needed to go out cuz I was afraid they’d make me go back out into that war zone!

Well, now that a few days have passed and whoever was in the war has called a truce, I feel kinda silly about the whole thing. If you read my Very First Post, you know that I was afraid of a whole bunch of stuffs when I first came to live here. But with mom and dad’s help – and LOTS of cheese therapy – I haven’t been skeered like that for a long time. Mom said we all have set-backs when we’re trying to overcome stuff and I shouldn’t worry too much about it. But sometimes I feel like the onliest dog in the world who gets skeered.

Anyway, I feel a whole lot better now that I’ve talked about it. Thanks to everydoggie for bein’ my friend and listening to the story of my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! I hope your day is way better than that day was!


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9 responses to “My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

  1. Frankie Furter

    TRUST ME!!! You are not alone. I get really scared sometimes. Especially when there is that… THUNDER stuff. You are among FURends!!
    So now about the title thingy… my mom knows about a pretend boy who had a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day… his name was Alexander!!!
    Sorry you had to … make use of the rug. whine whimper I’m just sayin’.

  2. Look Mayzie, you have my full empathy. As for the pee, I hope you hid it well. It usually doesn’t smell right away, and then you can blame it on your Brudder or some passing kat.

  3. Mango

    Oh dear. Our estate is always under construction so I am pretty used to those sounds, but I know they can be scary the first time you hear them. I suspect those guys will be back so you’ll have to work on figuring out the difference between manly tool time activities and declarations of war. Wish I could be there to help you.


    P.S. That picture of you is so funny, is it mean of me to say that?

  4. thehouston pittie pack

    oh dear dawrling pibble
    please to not get the emberasses we understand the scary’s
    we dont like when it rains and thunders cause we got weally scared wiff hurricane ike
    but we get to all snuggle wiff the mommish when it happens and we feel better
    pibble sugars and wee wiggles
    the houston pittie pack

  5. Mayzie!
    I know how you felt.
    Sure it was scary! My mom thinks that bad things happened to me before I came to live with her because loud noises scare me a lot!
    Glad they finished with that roof work so now you can feel better!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Hi Mayzie:

    I am sorry you got so scared but I do too , just for stormy weather when it thunders or Fireworks. Oh Man, how I hate those things.

    I am glad your Mom is understanding when you did the rug. Its hard enough to do it without getting a big scold for it.


  7. Mayzie, we are so happy to meet you but so sorry to read about your scary experience.
    Thank dogness for cheese to help with these traumas. You sound so very much like Martha!
    Sometimes she has to have chicken with some lovely Bach’s Rescue Remedy when there are scary things happening – like fireworks!
    It is so hard to get your humans to take you seriously when these dreadful things happen – try as you might to warn them they just continue to act like nothing is happening.
    Don’t worry about the carpet – these things happen. At first Martha pee’d all the time on the rug and didn’t know humans don’t care for this.
    Now she does it like you, if it is too scary outside and the sky might be going to fall on top of her.
    We are now onto the third rug which is soon to go to the smelly rug home at the dump!
    We are glad we are going to be friends. We will get our mum to go back and read your blog to find out all about you.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  8. Oh Mayzie, I’m sorry your day was so terrible. Your pictures were great – they really helped to tell your story. It’s good a truce has been called and hopefully no more wars will break out next door.

  9. Shady

    Mayzie, that is awful. We have something here called the re-sigh-cull truck that does the same thing to me. It always start very early in the morning and even though it passes thru quickly it is NOT fun. I will never ever never ever ever get used to it.

    Mom is tweeting this blog to her followers tomorrow, because we are talking about fearful dogs a lot lately. Apparently, I am one.

    Take it easy.

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