High School Rocks!

Here's Brudder Ranger & me practicing "Sits." (And me practicing my 'gimme da treat, ma" look.)

ZOMD! I LUVS high school!

So we get there and mom had to go inside first to fill out some paperwork or something silly like that. And dad stayed in the truck with me. And I was all,

Can we go in yet?

Can we go in yet?

Can we go in yet?

And dad kept sayin’ no. And I was all, PLEEEEEEEEASE? And he was all, not yet.


Anyway, it took mom about 127 years to finally come back to the truck and I was like, FINALLY! But she said I had to stay out there for awhile longer while the teacher talked to just the parents. WHAAAAA? That’s crazy, mom!

But she went back inside without me – AGAIN. So I started pestering whining pleading discussing the situation calmly with dad again and finally talked him into at least getting OUT of the truck and waiting in the parking lot. (Here’s a secret just between you and me…I have dad wrapped around my l’il paw.)

So after waiting for another 82 years, mom finally comes out and gets dad and me and we got to go in to the classroom. Wow! I have a lot more classmates in high school than in middle school but they all seem pretty nice. And one of the girls I went to middle school with was there! Her name is Tullah and she’s a soft-coated wheaten terrier and I’m pretty sure if she was in human high school, she’d be a cheerleader cuz she’s very bubbly and outgoing.

Brudder Ranger & Me practicing our downs. Brudder Ranger is excellent at this. I'd rather play dead.

Let’s see…there was a jack russell mix who was always trying to poke his head around my wall and kept disturbing my concentration. And a rat terrierist/red heeler mix that’s a 2-time high school dropout cuz he’s got anger management issues with other dogs. But he’s working on it so paws crossed that he gets to graduate this time. And a shepherd mix and a rhodesian ridgeback and a white fluffy dog. OH! And a chihuahua like my new friend Twinkie! I thought maybe it WAS Twinkie at first but it turned out that dog was named Peanut.

Oh yeah, and we learned some stuffs, too. And we got homework to do for the week. I LUVS homework so I can’t wait to get started!



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24 responses to “High School Rocks!

  1. Mango

    You are one strange little pup to like doing your homework. School sounds pretty fun. Lots of new pals. Although nursery school is the best because you get playtime.

    Where I go to school they have outside play areas and I usually arrive early for a half hour playdate with my pals.


  2. Frankie Furter

    I am sooooo glad that you like your H.S. When you GRADUATE you get to have a PAWty!!! Butt, then they send you to Graduate School.
    We have a lot of mutual FURENDS. I’m glad that we have finally met up.
    Study Hard!!

  3. Frankie Furter

    Hi AGAIN!! I just tried to put your bloggie into my Follower group and I can’t find where to click for that… I did see the email notice thingy butt I really don’t like to do that. Is there something that I am not seeing??
    Your bloggie thingy looks just like Wild Dingo’s does and I was able to put them into my follower thingy. Hope I can do it with yours too!!!!
    I love you lucky guys who get RESCUED into super FURever homes!!!

    • Hi Mr. Frankie! Thank you for visiting my bloggie! I asked my mom to try to figure out the “follower” thing and so she did a search and found out that WordPress doesn’t have a follower widget. (Teehee…I like that word!) Many peoples seem to want one but WordPress hasn’t done it yet. Mom sometimes wishes she had set my blog up on blogger but I guess it’s too late now. Oh, well.

  4. So make up your mind Mayzie, do you LUVS school or do you LUVS to play dead? See, I play dead so I don’t have to go to school. I’m afraid I might get stepped on, not by Peanut, but the others. Sorry about the rude wait in the car. What’s up with that?

  5. I’m so glad you like school, Mayzie. I remember when you were afraid of school and didn’t want to go in. Now it sounds like you’re doing smashingly well!

    • Thank you, Miss Samantha! I remember that first class like it was yesterday. I was so scared that I hid under a bench. Mom felt really bad. And it turns out, I didn’t need to be scared at all!

  6. Frankie Furter, you can try to add Mayzie’s blog and other WordPress blogs to your list by going to blogger.com, and go to your reading list and click Add Blogs, then just copy the URL web address.

    Mayzie, school sounds like a lot of fun! I hope the doggie with anger management issues does better this time. It is good that his mom or dad keeps taking him back to work on it. Good luck with your homework!

    • Thank you for good lucks! And thanks for helping Frankie. This whole bloggie thing keeps my head spinning sometimes. And yes, Anger Management Dog must have a Very Good Mommy. I wish all doggies did!

  7. I want to see what kind of homework you have. What are you learning in class?

    • Well, mom said this week our homework is to refresh what we learned in middle school. So just stuffs like wait and downs and stay on your mat. But then we’re gonna learn how to do stuffs like go backwards and freeze – which I don’t think I’m gonna like cuz the cold isn’t my favorite.

  8. School sounds great Mayzie! We’re not surprised that you have Dad wrapped around your paw. You’re way too cute bol

  9. Love your blog! We’ve never been to school, well, Sam went one day and said it wasn’t for him cuz he’s smart enough! So we are home schooled… but are still horrible boys!

    Sam and Pippen!

    • My Brudder Ranger is home schooled, too, cuz he’s kinda bossy with all the other students. Thank you for comin’ by to see me! I saw your blog and you boys are the cutest!

  10. Hi! Nice to meet you! I love school, too, but I haven’t taken any classes for a long time. But then again I’m very clever by now.. (And modest.)


  11. Shady

    Good luck in school Mayzie! I used to take classes too, but they stressed me out. I liked the homework but I don’t like driving in the car to get there, or being anywhere really, except my house. I liked the other dogs though, I am a dogs dog (as opposed ot a people person). Then I missed graduation because I ate some weird mushrooms growing in the yard and Mom had to rush me to the vet instead in case they were poison. Aaaah, memories…

    Have fun!

  12. Hello Mayzie we comes over here from Mango. High School sounds like fun. Our mommy says we’d have to start at kinneygarden whatever that is.

    Well so long -Bobo and Meja

  13. Hi, Mayzie!
    Mango told us about your blog and I wanted to come and say hello!
    High School sounds awesome! And I can see you love it!
    Kisses and hugs

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