Wordless Wednesday

So I’m pretty new to this doggie bloggie thing. But after reading some of my new friends’ blogs, I noticed they had this thing called “Wordless Wednesday” and I decided to give it a try. Hmmmm….does that make me a copycat…er…dog? Oh. Right. Wordless. Shhhhh…



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6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Yes, that is being very quiet. I like your brown eyes.

  2. So sweet … and silent!

  3. Hi Mayzie, thanks fur stopping by my blog. OMD, you are so cute! And your brudder Ranger is adorable. He looks like SO much fun to play wiff! I have no idea where the term “terrierist” comes from, BOL, BOL, BOL!


  4. Mango

    What a beautiful photo! Wordless Wednesday is for everybody for sure. You will see. Many doggies participate. It is a nice change of pace.


  5. OMG Mayzie! I saw you commenting someone else and I KNEW it had to be you. (It’s Sam and Marge, from the forum!)

    Welcome to blogging! I’ve been blogging for a year now and it’s the best.

  6. Great picture, you look very sweet! Did you get a cookie for posing so good?

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