Super Sundays

Sundays are good days. Well, every day is pretty much a good day but Sundays are really, REALLY good.

Yesterday, we got to hang out with both mom and dad all the day long and we all went to run some errands together. We went to the grocery store and to Target and then mom and dad stopped to get lunch. Of course, me and Brudder Ranger couldn’t go in to any of those places. (What’s that about anyway?) But in between, mom and dad took us to two really cool places cuz we were so good.

First, there was Petsmart. Now, when I first came to live with mom and dad, I was plenty skeered of places like Petsmart. Gosh, it was so big and noisy and there were all these dogs and peoples and well, it made a country dog like me pretty nervous. So mom decided we should take it slow – which is what she learned you’re supposed to do with a dog who was deprived of Petsmart as a puppy.

Well, now I love it! I met a friendly medium-sized black dog and a small black dog who kind of looked like my Brudder Ranger. And when we went to the check-out place, I put my paws up on the counter and made big “pretty please” eyes at the lady and she gave me a treat.

Then we went to this other doggie place where mom and dad buys our nummy food. Well, it didn’t start out so good cuz as we were goin’ in, this man came out with his labbydor and wow! that dog was wild. He had this crazy look in his eye and kept sayin’, “Hey lady, you got a ball? Cuz I need a fix…like, real bad.” Well, Brudder Ranger started yellin’ at him to back off, settle down and get his mind right. All this made me pretty nervous.

But when we got inside, there were these really nice girls who work there that made up for it. They kneeled down and wanted to pet me and that made me feel better right away. Brudder Ranger says he doesn’t like to be petted by strangers but there he was…trying to horn in on the attention. And then they gave us treats and I gave one of the girls a little kiss to let her know how grateful I was for making me feel so appreciated and admired.

After we left, we walked along this little path outside the store. And we got to sniff around in the snow and I found a DEAD RABBIT! OMIDOG! It was so awesome! But mom was all like, “Ewww, Mayzie, ewww! Leave it!” Huh? Here’s a perfectly good dead rabbit and mom wants me to leave it? Pfsh. I love my humans but they are awfully weird sometimes. Anyway, cuz I’m a good girl, I left it but I wasn’t too happy about it, that’s for sure.

Then we came home and Ranger found out about his award and that made him happy so he wanted to go play chase in the backyard for awhile. Then mom paid us to do tricks for her, which was really fun. And we played some tug and then on top of everything, we got to have dinner!

Wow! It was such a great day that it’s hard to put into words. So maybe this picture will let you know how happy I felt inside…



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10 responses to “Super Sundays

  1. Mango

    OMG! You are totally the cutest little thing ever! I love your stripes and little white feet.

    Too bad about that rabbit, they are most nommy. Of course their poops are good too. I enjoy them every day in our yard because the rabbits leave them for me at night. So I guess Rabbits are our friends.


  2. Hello, Mayzie. I found your comment and came right over to say “hello”. You’re a rescue, like all of us in my pack, and you live with cats, like we do. Mayzie, you’re so not alone now… you just wait. You’re going to wish you were left alone soon BOL Actually, I doubt this will ever happen. We’re a pawesome community. Welcome!
    Twinkie and family

  3. Miss M. loves to go snow fishing too and she found a rat…I think a rabbit sounds a ton better.
    Thank goodness for Sunday family days.

  4. well howdy there
    we saw the comment you left ush in our bloggy and ran right over
    wanna be furryends???
    we send you lots of pibble sugars
    the houston pittie pack

  5. Nice to meet you Mayzie!

    We love rabbits too! They’re even better if you catch them yourself although Mom seems to think that’s even worse??

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