And the award goes to…

Oh my goodness! We have some very exciting news! My Brudder Ranger won a really awesome award from The Most Wonderful Daisy the Dog! He got it for wearing his blankie like a hat. Upon receiving the news, he immediately sat down and dictated his acceptance speech to Mom. We already released it to Miss Daisy and her people. But I figured I would put it here, too. (Between you an’ me, even though my Brudder Ranger is the Most Awesomest Brudder That Ever Lived, he is kinda conceited very self-confident, so I hope this doesn’t go to his little spotted blankie-covered head!)

I am honored and humbled to accept this award. While I typically shun clothing for dogs, I have long been an advocate of bedding as headwear. As functional as they are attractive, blankets provide dogs with the best of both worlds. I hope to use this award to serve as a role model for future generations of blankie-wearing hounds.

In addition, I attempted to fulfill the “loudmouth” portion of this award today by yelling at a yellow lab who was clearly not conducting himself as a proper dog should.

Again, thank you for this award, dear Daisy. You are a real gem.


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