Hooray for Mornings

My Brudder Ranger is not a morning dog. Not even a little bit. After we go outside and Mom gives us breakfast, he heads right back to bed. Mom or Dad covers him up and there he stays for at least a coupla more hours.

Not me! I LUVS mornings! As soon as my crate door is open, I’m like, “OHMIDOG! IT’S MORNING!” And I run down the stairs as fast as I can so I can go see if anything changed in the backyard overnight. Then we get BREAKFAST! I LUVS breakfast. I luvs it so much that I can hardly contain myself. I feel all bouncy and wiggly and I turn around in circles. And then I run real fast back to my crate so I can eat.

But the morning only gets better cause then it’s time to help mom and dad make their breakfast. Here’s me helping Dad. (It’s kinda dark, but you get the idea.)

And after they eat, I get to have to do the prerinse on their dishes. Then me and mom check the internets and look at some of our favorite blogs together. And right before mom goes to get in the shower, we have Luv Time. Luv Time is the best cuz she sits on the floor and I snuggle up real close to her and she hugs me and pets me and tells me I’m a very good girl (which I already knew but it’s nice to hear).

And Brudder Ranger misses out on almost all of this! I don’t get it. How could you NOT luvs the morningtime?



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4 responses to “Hooray for Mornings

  1. All that without even any coffee! I’m impressed!

    • Yeah. Mom says I definitely don’t need any caffeine! But did you know I luvs coffee? Mom only lets me lick her cup after she drinks it all becuz she says that “they” say caffeine is bad for me. Hmph. What do “they” know anyway?

  2. Jami

    Was dad making V for Vendetta eggs?

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